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The Question

Whiner or Weimar

     ~It kind of Goes Together



Someone says we Gray Ghosts are Whiners. Can you Believe it?

Recently, a friend who will remain anonymous sent we a list of reasons someone dropped a Weimaraner off at a shelter. It didn’t happen in America, but people are people worldwide, I think. This is not a joke. Here are the reasons for which he was being released.


  • He wakes up his masters at 7 in the morning moaning ‘ cause he wants to go out while their other dog never gets out before 9
  • The Weim sits moaning while they prepare his bowl while the other dog is silent
  • Also, he moans very loudly when he has to wait in front of the baker to the point that passers-by will return (the abandoned Weimar song! )
  • He also is moaning (loudly expresses his joy) when we put his leash to get out (I understand that the walk in the neighborhood was the only walk to get off)
  • He pulls too much — while madame has tendinitis
  • In every way, he moans too often and it doesn’t go well with Monsieur who has high blood pressure.

No reputable breeder wants a pup to end up in rescue. How do we avoid that? We screen applicants. Regardless, things happen. People sometimes say all the right things. As we often share with folks that say they have done their research, “there is no amount of research that will adequately prepare you for what could arise in the process of raising or living with the Weimaraner.” Honestly, this breed either suits you, or it doesn’t. It is demanding of your time and resources. They simply put are not the a-leave-in-the-yard type of dog.

Two Blue Gems

Troy and Macy

     ~(March 9, 2018)

Meyer's Troy and Macy_1773

Here’s a photo of Troy and Macy today!


I just wanted to see how you guys were doing since I haven’t spoken to you for so long. I also wanted to let you know how much we love Troy!  When we first got him from the guy in LA in 2009 I was sure it wasn’t going to work. But after keeping to Cliff’s advice of letting him learn from the other two dogs – he melted right in with our home, and into our hearts!  Just wanted to touch base with you. God bless!

Breeder Comment

It is nice to hear from longtime OwyheeStar Weimlovers! Brad has been a faithful fan for more years than we can remember. Troy was his third OwyheeStar. He took the risk to pick him up when things went sideways with his original family. Typically, we don’t do that kind of thing–ask for help. Nonetheless, everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. This rehome situation seemed like something that might be a win-win situation. We are so happy to hear our assessment was accurate. It is outstanding to get this photo and to learn they are doing well. Thank you!


Crazy hunting dogs!

Roxie's Porcupine-2

Can you spot the dark spot beyond the tire and the snow–it is a porcupine.

You know these critters we love and adore. Yes, I am speaking of the Weimaraner. We adopted a couple of adults from Cliff and Shela–one was Roxy. Let it suffice to say they each have their things–one chews plastic. There is the toting of gloves, shoes, etc. You know quite possibly for what I speak. A person has to be on alert always, and it seems never to end. Roxy had been restless for some time at night. Mothers hear the rustling and the moving because our ear is attuned to it. I had been wondering what might be the problem. Anyhow, I spotted this critter thanks to Roxy.



I am merely doing my job

Mike had to work yesterday, which is unusual for a Sunday.  There sat the porcupine gnawing on a log in our back “yard” about 30 feet or so from the house. This taunting action (that troubled Roxy to no end) went on for a couple of hours.  Roxy was very excited and drove me crazy.


I finally went out the front door and walked the two Weim kids (Roxy and Sage) because Mike was taking forever to get home.  He came home and got rid of it for me.  Now there are quills everywhere.  Roxy was on high alert up until she finally crashed for the night.

 Last night was the first night in a long time when Roxy wasn’t stirring…  Maybe this is what has been bothering her, though it could have been anything like deer, raccoons, coyotes, etc.  Putting up the 7-foot fence up was worth every penny.

I think we need to shut off the sensor light Mike put in at night, though if there is a full moon, it doesn’t matter.


Breeder Comment


The Weimaraner has an incredible scenting ability. They also seem to be able to spot critters. Who can guess if the night light turning on is her alert? Maybe not, but quite possibly. In our experience, it doesn’t take much to trigger the sensor lights, and they flip on. Many a night I have gotten up to see what triggered our light to find nothing and to conclude it was probably a night prowling kitty.




My Life



Don’t you love my  visibility coat ?


Hey you guys!  I just want to let you know how things are going on the other side of the world …
Having a best with my new family.  They have some weird rules like … “out of the kitchen Taun.”  I don’t get that one ‘cause that’s where all the good food is.
Anyway, we’ve settled into a consistent routine with lots of fun stuff mixed in.  It’s Fall now and it is really pretty.
1-Pretty walk[2]
I go out on walks every day, lots of times out in the woods. I have to wear this really LOUD coat now since it’s hunting season but that’s OK since it’s nice and warm.
2-Country road[1]
One thing we never had out West … ticks !!   lots of ticks.   Dad is always looking for them on me.
My family has cats … I didn’t grow up with cats and personally, they look a lot like squirrels to me but they are part of our family so Mom and Dad say I need to get used to them.   Speaking of squirrels, there are a lot of them out here.   Dad says I lose my mind when I see one.


I get to help do chores.

5-Tough Life I like my life out here !

Best to all out West,  Taun and Family.

AKC Reunite

12118694_10207854403023060_2111145103347060670_nThe Importance of registering your microchip cannot be overstated. Halloween saw a Boise man’s dog end up at the shelter. He struggled to get his dog home. Click here to read his story. It ended well, but we want to remind all our clients to get their microchip registered.

Today Trigger is an integral part of his family’s life. He goes on most vacations and spends a lot of time hanging out. There are walks with Mom too!

What If???

Your Beloved Weimaraner Went Missing?

Would You Get Them Back?

Dear OwyheeStar Client,

IMG_0077Question–Did you register your pet’s AKC Reunite Microchip with AKC?

Almost two years ago we upgraded to this fabulous program called AKC Reunite. Anytime after spring 2014, your OwyheeStar Weimaraner Puppy came home with the AKC Reunite Microchip installed There was also paperwork in your packet to help you register that microchip.  If you have not registered the AKC Reunite Microchip with the AKC Reunite Organization we urge you to do so.

Cliff is aware of the number of chips registered, but not to whom they were registered. If you have lost your paperwork just have your Vet office scan for the microchip and use the number to get them registered. Having them associated with the AKC Reunite Program might pay off in ways you never dream. Please read on about Trigger’s recent experience.

Trigger Went Missing


Here he is on his way home after we got him back!

Thank you, thank you thank you for microchipping your pups before they leave your home. Our Trigger is now safe at home. Our daughter accidently left.our gate open and we couldn’t find him. So relieved to get a text saying our pet has been found. What a blessing. I don’t know what we would’ve done. We all cried when we picked him up. They think a female is in heat and that’s why he took off. Time to invest in an invisible fence since the vet suggested waiting to neuter him till he’s a year old. Whew. Crisis averted thanks to Owyheestar!

~Natalie (12/22/2015)

Do You Want to Know More?

I registered him with the AKC reunite with the paperwork you sent home with him. The humane society scanned him and my info came up. He wasn’t in their database, but he is now so if it happens again, they will have him.

The AKC reunite is who sent me a notification that he was found and gave me a number to call. The humane society also called me. So I had two different people  helping him get home. Yes!  Please use our story on the blog so it will help others. ~ Natalie

Here is the notification…Screenshot_2015-12-22-21-07-04[2]

Make A Part of the New Year–Get Them Listed with AKC Reunite Please!


Young's Cador at home(7/16/2016) Home safe and sound. He slept the whole way and is exploring the yard now. Thank you so much! I attached a picture with Luke, Cador, and Lilly.

Breeder Comment

This lovely family adopted Luke a return/rescue that could not be kept by a senior family. Isn’t it grand that he has a Blue Longhair brother? He might not love it at the moment; however, soon they will be co-conspirators and inseparable.

Things are Going Well

(7/19/2016) So far housebreaking and crate training have been pretty easy. Luke is scared of Cador, though. It’s pretty funny.

Four Years

Then The Two Blue Sisters

Zimmerman's Blue Girl

Thank You — For Adopting Me 

Four years ago we rescued this beautiful girl–a sister to our first OwyheeStar. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. When Cliff and Shela let us know they might get her back, we asked for the first chance to adopt her. We had met her and her mother on several occasions at the dog park, etc. It has been a beautiful, entertaining, and wacky journey.

The Weimaraner

Returns and Rescues




Luke–he has been here a long time; however, his new family will be picking him up soon!

Kudos to those who diligently work to save the Weimaraner from living situations that might be worse than death. This thought is a sad one, indeed. It is a less often reality because of those who love this breed. A Weimaraner placed on Craig’s List is all too often snatched up and soon cast off again. This cycle can lead to nothing good. Thank you, Rescue workers and individuals who look out for the displaced Weimarer to make sure they do not fall through the cracks. This work often cost you on every level, but you keep at, and the Weimaraner is made safer for your effort. This is no small matter. :O)


Recent News

Many of you know that we recently discussed a 4.5-year-old Weimaraner that has a behavior the family cannot abide. He is not able to stay along–even in the crate, he is beyond anxious and acting out. Let us just say that the importance of doing the basics cannot be overstated. We belabor the topics again and again because we want to forego this as a trend. Even the occasional event is upsetting to us who cherish this breed. No, it is not unique to the Weimaraner; however, they may well be more at risk due to certain traits (in this case it is separation anxiety).

 Jan’s Comment

It always makes me so sad when someone talks about getting rid of their adult Weimaraner due to behavior issues. As a 40-year Weimaraner owner and all-breed dog trainer, I can tell you that most severe behavior issues (in any type of dog) could likely have been avoided or solved with the owner doing the right things. Being a kind, calm, confident leader, setting the house rules immediately, tons of fun socialization, and being pro-active in training, are all very important. To avoid or reduce separation anxiety, leave the puppy with trusted people and in trusted places often right from the start, to teach them everything is fine when you are not there- because dogs don’t have the same understanding of time that humans do, leaving a puppy with someone for only ten short minutes and then returning to get them is really helpful; don’t make a big deal out of coming or going, just act nonchalant and calm. We all have training challenges with our puppies and dogs, but it helps to see them as challenges and not problems- dogs are just being dogs, we as humans have the bigger brain and it is OUR responsibility to train them and teach them what is expected of them. LOVE our Weimars! :-) Jan

Breeder Comment

Jan and Willow9562_oJan Magnuson is a Master Animal Control Officer at Des Moines (WA) Police Department and she also has her private dog training classes. Check her out at Sunstar All Breed Dog Training. As you might imagine, she sees a lot of this type of thing. We appreciate the fact that she works diligently to try to intervene and solve issues. She has resources and in addition, she teaches classes. This is an ideal way to get off to a good start. Jan shows her OwyheeStar and together they have earned titles as well as attained the status of Therapy Dog.

The 4.5-year-old Weimaraner will be coming to us soon. Eventually, we will have the assessment and more information after he settles into our routine. Once he is acclimated you find him by clicking here.

Dry Land Mushing

Ruger and Willow

I wanted to give you an update on dry land mushing training. They are doing great, Ruger more than Willow. Ruger is wiped out after the run. I’m pretty sure it was less than a mile, but they did great and also jumped right into the creek 1/2 way back. I should’ve taken a picture. Next time… 🙂 I’ve included a couple of pictures of our progress. Today I figured out which side Ruger goes best on. Love my babies; I can’t thank you enough.

In Him, Jenny


 Her and Her Sisters 

(Left to Right)--Mousse, Vidalia, Giligan, Ginger, and Cindee.

(Left to Right)–Mousse, Vidalia, Gilligan, Ginger, and Cindee.

OwyheeStar fans have heard of Ginger. She didn’t produce many pups in her short OwyheeStar career, but those she did are cherished. Her litters were always sired by the noteworthy ‘OwyheeStar Once In A Blue Moon‘ (Blue). We worked many years to get a mating between Callie and Zee. When we did have a mating that produced a litter, we kept all four females she produced. It was impossible to know which one might produce pups. This is a lineage that produces small litters at best–sometimes a mating produces nothing. Vidalia, Cindee, Mousse, and Ginger were the names we chose for Callie’s four pups. Vidalia and Ginger are both already busy about their second career. A lovely Western Oregon Woman, who spends a great deal of time with her grandson, adopted Vidalia (Vi). He thought grandma was calling her Chai, and thus Vi became Chai. Isn’t that adorable? Cindee resides in Central Oregon where she has a Weim brother, but her primary duty is to be Mama’s Weim. Reports of her relationship are nothing short of heartwarming. They wrote to us saying were it possible for them to be a three-Weim family, they would take Ginger in a heartbeat. They are so happy that Ginger found a wonder life purpose. Mousse has been the best producing of the four. Vi refused to mate and never produced a puppy. Cindee has a very few pups, and Ginger a few more than Cindee. It was good (despite Shela’s objection) that Cliff had the wisdom to keep all four. What if the choice had been Vidalia? The many years of trying to get pups from a Callie X Zee mating would have been for naught.

Ginger’s New Purpose

IMG_1550.JPGGinger is a sensitive, sweet, and loving girl. Nonetheless, she is extremely tender-spirited. If you raise your voice, she squats in an automatic submissive act as if she had been abusive. All the while she is squatting she is also waging her tail. She doesn’t do the submissive pee thing, but she is anything but dominant. She is not quick to trust people she doesn’t know. The right home for Ginger was vitally important. It always is; however, this was even more imperative than the usual re-home considerations.

The Right Home for Ginger

A woman (Stacy) who has a heart for critters kept thinking Ethan needed a dog. She is always matching up people with a dog that needs a home. Many times we talked about the various Weims we have at OwyheeStar, who could benefit from finding a placement. Stacy is someone special to all of us involved. She is Becca’s close friend and Shela’s physical therapist. Ethan needed the right dog. Ginger had to have the right place to blossom and to enjoy her golden years in style. It was also a consideration that Ethan’s family had not had a dog. They liked them and grew up with them, but sometimes the timing is not right. Adding to the consideration, Ethan is not a typical young man. He has a big heart, is very engaging, and faces many challenges. He does all this with a smile. Unfortunately, he had a severe vaccine reaction that targeted his coccyx region that left him with a lifetime disability. Barring a miracle, he will always need crutches.

IMG_1540Ginger had no previous experience with crutches. We could not be sure she would not be fearful of them. Nevertheless, when introduced, she didn’t even seem to take notice of Ethan’s crutches. She was friendly but less than her usual shy self. Before Ginger’s departure, she was spayed. Therefore, there was a couple week delay. We tried working with her a bit to help her prepare; however, we all know change is difficult for the Weimaraner. At first, her new family was worried. She would not eat or drink much at all. In turn, she wasn’t going to the bathroom much which is also a concern. She stole a blanket and would hide in the bathroom using it like an oversized safe spot. We problem solved on several occasions to help them get through the transition.

Ginger More than Coping

IMG_0520.JPG.jpegTwenty-one days after Ginger and Ethan left OwyheeStar they are in the mountains of North Georgia. Her new family travels for their work. Ethan home schools and Ginger is with him 24 X 7. IMG_1559The transition was tricky, but she is much-loved and adjusting well to her new life. She has a friend and a purpose. Did you see that smile? Becka, Ethan, and Ginger enjoy a moment together in above photo. There will be a lot of travel moving from job to job, but Ginger will be riding next to Ethan as an integral part of the family life.

We are so excited for Ginger. We are thrilled for Ethan too! They have each other, and they are off on the memory-making-adventure of boyhood dreams. The kind that boys remember forever. We are thankful that Becka has kept us updated as it was possible. We look forward to hearing from them as the journey unfolds.