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From Ron

In The Kitchen

     ~With Tobryn and Tallyn

(02/12/2018) Have thought about you and Cliff many times in the last few weeks so that means I need to either email, call, etc.  The attached video is Tobryn and Tallyn having a moment in the kitchen.  Tobryn turned 5 last October and Tallyn will be 2 this June.  Yikes…….so true that time marches on.  Hope you have your health back and all is well with Cliff.


(02/13/2018) Great hearing back from you.  Winter has been frigid here, but my home is warm and with the boys in bed at night (under the covers) is sometimes too warm.  LOL

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Ron, for the update. We are glad you are staying warm this winter. The boys look happy and well-adjusted. I was thinking as I received your note, how we spoke about the possibility of getting two ten years before it became a reality. Like you say–time flies by too quickly.


Tobryn and Tallyn

Two Boys and Ron

       ~Here is Tallyn at 8 Months

The last 5 1/2 mo have been enlightening!!!  Tobryn is the dominate male (thanks to your advice) and I may have to have all the entry ways made larger if Tallyn continues to grow!  Which he will.  LOL LOL .  We are thriving and it has been a process.

Hope all is well at your end and email when you get a chance.  ~ Ron 

Two Weimaraners

Twice the Fun

nelsons-at-4-months-bRon had planned on getting two Weims at once. He had a dream. Over a period of years, one thing after another happened to prevent him from moving ahead. We stayed in touch on a casual basis for what seemed like a decade.

Nelson's at 4 months A.jpgHe spoke of getting Tallyn and Tobryn–two brothers. Ron had had two littermates–he was looking for a repeat experience. Cliff and I talked to him about considering the idea of getting one at a time. You know– with a bit of space between each one. Eventually, this is how things unfolded — with Tallyn (the second boy) joining the family earlier this year. He is now four-months-old, and Ron has kept us apprised of the process from the beginning. Click here to read more from a previous post.

Tallyn’s Adjustment

August 23, 2016

Did a “double take” when I walked into the living room!!!!  Tobryn has been amazing!  Shows his teeth multiple times during the day, but has never actually BIT Tallyn. I suspect that he is setting boundaries. We all are slowly evolving into the new norm.  But after talking to others at the dog park, I know I am way ahead of the curve. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your advice about making sure that everyone knows their “pecking order.”  When we go out, Tobryn gets into the front door of the car and Tallyn goes to the rear door. 

August 31, 2016

First puppy class starts tomorrow (Thursday) at 630p.  Tallyn has an IQ that probably rivals mine.  Tobryn and Tallyn now sleep in the same bed……….sometimes cheek to cheek.  The initial acceptance phase has progressed.  As we continue this journey, I’m forever grateful for you, Cliff, as well as the Mother and Father of Tallyn.

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear the transition is going well. It was the plan from the beginning to make it a duo (two males). Finding a second pup that fit well into the family was important. Nevertheless, it requires a bit of knack to incorporate a new pup with the resident Weimaraner. Many of our clients have two Weimaraners. It is doable, but having two alpha-acting types is never a good thing. Thank you, Ron, for keeping us in the loop.

Deja Vu

And Cliff

Kisses, Loves, and Contemplations.

Deja Vu

Goes to Town

 ~ D & B Supply (Ontario, OR)

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“Deja Vu” born August 1st, 2015 to Ginger’s litter sired by “Blue”. Sunday she made her first trip into town with us since she was pup visiting the Veterinary.

She was amazing! No previous leash training had been done with her–our schedule has been crazy! She didn’t get into things–even those at her eye (nose level). She greeted everyone with joy and was appreciated by all.

In Action

Deja is compact. She is also a happy and tail-wagging girl.  Here she is in action!

A Dream Come True

We are Happy to have Blu in our Lives

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I am a huge dog-lover. As a kid, I grew up with Labs. As an adult (and as a father) I had to take a back seat to what dogs my kids liked. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming for me to have “My Dog”. The kids are grown, that is except for our four-year-old. She is not yet old enough to select her dog of choice. This time around it is my turn. I love the fact that they are friendly and feel part of the family. Have looked into this breed for years.

Blu is making his way into our home and hearts

Plenty of room for Blu to run around.   My youngest Daughter is in love with Blu, and he likewise with her.

Tobryn is great; we need a brother for him

Hi Shela and Cliff,

Today, the 6th of December, marks the one year anniversary since Tobryn came into my life.

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It has been an extraordinary year of growth and adventures.  He continues to amaze me each and every day. Tobryn has topped out at about 55 lbs and as weims go, you were right, he is not a large weim, but he is perfect in every way.

After the holidays, I will get back in touch with you and I hope discuss the possibility of  Tallyn arriving in the spring. May your holidays be filled with family and friends and may your New Year be blessed with health and continued prosperity.

Breeder’s Note: We look forward to getting you a second Weim. Ron, it has been almost a decade we have been talking about you having two OwyheeStar male Weims. We are happy to help you fulfill that dream. Thanks for updating us on Tobtyn. We are glad he brings you challenges, as well as enjoyment. You have done great with him.

Mr. Beasley Celebrates his first birthday

Hello World!

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I have been busy from day one here. These are pretty good humans you found for my entertainment. I have Weimar to play with too! I am reporting that life is good. Thank you for finding me the perfect placement. “WooF”

Featured Weimaraner — Sylvie

Sylvie speaks (she can chortle, bark, and howl a good tune)!

In the arms of love cropped

Yes, I can walk–I like to be carried a lot!

Finally I have a home….

I stayed an extra-long time with Cliff and Shela. I thought I might stay forever, but they kept telling me my training was for a reason. I had to be super great at the crate-training before I left. I later learned this was because I was going on this big bird in the sky.

Flying on the Big Airplane…

I flew a one-hop flight from Boise, Idaho to Seattle. I slept the whole way, because I actually liked the crated. Please do not tell my new Mom and Dad. Upon arriving at my new home I quickly tried to manipulate the situation, and gain total control. I only wanted what I want. I don’t see the harm in getting it, but it has not worked quite like I thought it would. They tell me, they have my number–whatever that means.

Arriving in crateAlaska-Horizon my flight of choice….

I live near Seattle, and I have become a Seahawk fan by proxy. I am now all about everything Seattle. These folks at the airline took such great care of me. In fact, I got to Mom and Dad quickly after the bird landed in Seattle.

I hear some Weims travel in a Sherpa bag as carry-on luggage. I was too big for that. Honestly, it was no big deal. My first scent was good news. I knew that smell. My favorite blanket smelled just like that finger. I knew at that moment; I was home. The next step was to find a place to potty
Potty at Airport

I live at Puppy Dog Toys R Us!

You might know me as ‘Bunny Slayer’ if you have read some of Shela’s Facebook Posts. Well, I admit I did amputate those long bunny-legs, but that bunny looked silly. I flew home with my well-used bunny, and I am still working on it. Regardless, these folks have more toys than Cliff and Shela have for everyone.

I don’t know where they keep getting the toys, but I am positive there must be a store attached to our house!

I like human attention …..

I am a Weimaraner go figure!

Here is my new ring....

Here is my new ring….

As you see above, I like being carried places. I like to snuggle and love a lot. I wag my tail, and my whole-body waves. It makes my parents smiles.

I like being on a lap too! Life is going pretty well, and I miss Shela and Cliff but not very much. I think I won the lottery!lap dog

Mom and Dad like that I am sweet, and loving. I plan to use the tail wagging, the kisses, and general cute antics to smooze (is that even a word?) myself into the best position possible.

I am employed full time!

I got to run. I have to see what the humans are doing. They are so entertaining. Oh, sorry that is me. I make them smile. That is my job!