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Bella, Again

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Here are some more pictures of Bella 😁 she honestly is the best dog.  It’s funny because I totally forgot some of the things she used to do (chewing, licking drywall) until I found old emails to you last night. We’ve been in this house for 9 years, so really the first 2-3 years are tricky and then after that it’s been pretty smooth. She does like to “nibble” my comforter, so I’ve had to replace that a few times over the years 😉  And really she was my first dog experience at all. But honestly, I feel like we’re spoiled now. I’d rather have an energetic dog who is super smart any day of the week. They are so much fun – almost like a person. 

She is so loving and also protective. And smart! She even knows the sounds of us getting ready to leave and will put herself to bed. If I start filling up my yeti cup, she knows she better run to the bed. And she has been amazing with the kids – gentle and patient … and she’s great at finding them during hide and seek 😁 We call her the queen because she will walk up to you and extend her paw, and she’s demanding that you pet her leg haha – it’s her signature move. We joke that she’s an 80 lb house cat – she would just really like to snuggle wherever you are. But she’s also protective. If my husband (who is a big loud guy) sounds agitated telling a story, she will get right up against me and start “talking” making sure I’m okay. It’s so funny. I have to tell her “I’m fine Bella!” 
Health wise she’s good – her only real issue is a bunch of fatty deposits we are watching. Our vet says they harmless, except she has one near her hip. So we have to watch that to make sure it’s not affecting her mobility. My hope is they just stay where they are for the long term!

Can you find her in this picture? She tries to blend in so no one notices she’s on the bed. Lol Here she is performing her after meal cleanup … apparently this day she needed to get completely on top of the table!

She loves being wherever we are … and enjoying warm grass!

Breeder Comment

The warmth sounds lovely–and the way she manages her little kingdom is admirable. Thank you for taking the time to update us.


~Twelve Years Later All is Well

I’ve been meaning to send you this picture of Bella! She turned 12 in November … where has the time gone?!? She is the best dog! We have three kids now (10,7 & 5) and Bella is the self-appointed lifeguard. LOL. Here she is living her best life in the Arizona September heat 😁 She decided this pool float looked like a great place to relax!  She still hasn’t realized that all of the kids can swim and anytime they are jumping off the diving board, she barks like crazy to alert everyone 😁 I’m pretty sure she considers them her babies too!

She’s doing great … definitely getting older and no longer jumps in the pool willingly, but still enjoys cruising counters and sneaking onto the couch for a nap 😁

Take care,
Sarah Langenhuizen 

Breeder Comment

Twelve years for Bella–we are happy to hear she is doing well. It sounds like she has a full-time job as a lifeguard and monitoring her family. Nothing could be more critically important. Counter-surfing continues at 12 — of course, it does. Thanks for this beautiful update. Readers watch for part two of Bella’s newsy update.

Run Away Kali Blue

~ Do You Remember?

I’ve been meaning to write something up for a blog on Kali but work has been busy….I guess army life won’t slow down until I retire!!!
Anyways here’s a quick update on my little run away Kali Blue.
She adapted well with the other animals in the home and as soon as I picked her up…there was no doubt she knew she was going home for good!  The smile on her face shows it all.

She still loves long walks in woods and playing ball.  Her pray drive is there but she lacks the field training to hunt.  She enjoys chasing rabbits and squirrels while on walks in the woods.  We attempted a few shed hunts this spring with no luck.

She still loves cuddles and I think the wife enjoys her company when I’m gone, I don’t think Kali enjoys it as much.

Anyhow happy holidays and hope all is well on the farm!!
I promise to write something up on the 1 year anniversary of our reuniting.
Phillip Smith

Breeder Comment

I remember like it was yesterday when you told me that Kali Blue would one day return to you. In my heart, I hoped against the odds. But you knew something–it was that kind of intuition that speaks to you in a time of trouble, and you heard the promise. When Kali Blue was found only a few blocks from where you live, I had mixed feelings. I was relieved but also disillusioned, knowing the search for her was more than a simple turning over of the rocks. There is no way they didn’t see the photos on every pole around that end of town. Who doesn’t look at the missing dog notice? Especially someone who just picked up one. (OMG)

Thank you, Phillip, for keeping us in the loop. I am sad that all that hunt preparation you put in her early on is not paying off, but who knows. I love these early photos of her in the field–click here. Nonetheless, she is home. This story has the underpinning of a good novel or movie.

Kali Blue

~Home Again

Maybe you remember Kali Blue and her story. Yesterday, she was reunited with Phillip. We all know what these wonderful creatures mean to us–in some cases, they literally save our lives. Quite possibly there are no words to cover how they touch our soul.

The time lost–cannot be gotten back. Nonetheless, each day they have is a precious gift.

Let’s all remember Phillip and Kali Blue and pray that she can make a quick adjustment. After all, we are talking about the Weimaraner–change is very hard. We wish her all the best from here on out.

Today–we join in the celebration of her return. Uh–thank God for microchips, too! Folks –be sure to register those microchips. Every OwyheeStar puppy leaves with the AKC Reunite Microchip.

Struck Gold, Again

Our Quinn

    ~He is Amazing!

We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and Cliff for this amazing little guy. He’s the perfect addition to our family, and makes us laugh daily with his goofy personality.

image3I think we struck gold again because Quinn is just as mellow as Jake was as a pup. He house trained quickly, is very smart, and goes right along with the rest of the pack as you thought he would. Our girls absolutely adore him.
We’re so grateful for the work that you and Cliff have done to give our boys the best foundation! Hope you are well.
Lindsay and Quinn’s Human family
Breeder Comment
We appreciate loyal clients like you–and we are beyond happy that your second OwyheeStar worked into the family so well.
We truly appreciate the update. Thanks, ever so much.
PS: You know how we feel about calling any Weimaraner mellow–Mellow Weimaraner qualifies as an oxymoron. (Haha)

Connecting Again

Jake is 10

     ~and Much Loved!


Jake_7941This is Lindsay, and we purchased our wonderful dog Jake (Pepper x Blue litter)  from you in Fall of 2008. He’s almost 10 now, and we just love him to pieces. We’re considering adding another pup to the family and of course, wanted to come back to you. Our daughters are 6 and 8 this year and they absolutely adore Jake. He’s the best dog we’ve ever had!

I’ve attached a couple of Jake’s agility pictures from last summer too. He seemed to really enjoy it.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lindsay. We look forward to working with you again. We hope the experience is equally rewarding. We are thrilled Jake has been such a great family member. We especially love the agility photos, but all four photos are excellent.

Ashley, Cody, and Lola in the Big Apple


In the Big Apple

We are happy to report that life is going well for Ashley, Lola and me (Cody) here in the Big Apple. We live on a quiet brown stone street less than a block from Central Park. As far as Lola knows, she lives on a quiet street with a 800 acre back yard.

1382820_800636516286_199420574_n[1]Surprisingly, and to our satisfaction, New York is a very dog-friendly city. Every morning from dawn to 9:00 am the entire park is an off leash zone, and all the local dogs come out to play. Seeing how Lola gets along with other dogs so well, she has made many friends, one of which is another blue Weimaraner – I swear they could be sisters.

Lola is still a head-turner, and it’s not often that we receive less than eight comments in a single outing. Ashley and I realize everyday how lucky we are to have such a loving and loyal companion; she has truly impacted our lives. As such, Ashley and I feel that this is the perfect time to expand our family by one (Weimaraner). : )

We want another

I don’t know what you have available in the coming months, but we are very much interested in getting another blue female. Let us know what our prospects are for getting a new pup before the end of the year, if possible. We love reading your blog, and seeing what the different lives that these dogs have. I think that is one of the best parts about your blog!

Yes, we can travel– I would be able to fly into Boise to pick her up.

Breeder’s Note: We are delighted you want to add another OwyheeStar Weimaraner to your family. We look forward to the opportunity to make this happen again.

Relocating with Lola’s Best Interest at Heart

From Camera 532Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast

As we fast approach our move to the East Coast, we are trying to decide the best way to transport ourselves. We are basing our comparisons on price, travel time, but mostly, the stress it will put on Lola girl. We are wondering your opinion on flying dogs. If we do choose to fly, we will be taking a direct flight from Seattle to Newark, NJ with Alaska Airlines which is approximately a 5 1/2-6 hour flight. We would get a thunder shirt for her, and we have heard there is a sedative that you can get from the vet to help ease the stress of travel.

Is it safe and OK to travel with Lola on the airplane?

People fly with their large breed dogs all the time. Some people travel to dog shows with multiple dogs (all riding in the belly of the plane in separate kennels). People relocate overseas, and bring their dog with them in the same manner. This is another instance when having a crate-trained (and crate-friendly) Weimaraner is a plus. Check with the airline of your choice to make sure they can accommodate you, and be sure to get all the regulations and requirements. Usually, there is a fee, and you are required to have a current health certificate.


Preparing the Weimaraner for any scenario is wise. They need to be used to traveling in the crate. Take them in the car or pickup truck. Try to have some jostling, etc. The Thundershirt is a good idea. Check with the airline as to whether they will allow you to sedate the Weimaraner. The six-hour flight seems very reasonable; it is less time than an eight-hour night.

 Basic Crate Training Pays Off

We feel as long as she is crate trained, and you work on adding a bit more stress in the crate, that flying would be the ideal situation. There are fewer risks in the direct flight, as compared to making a trip across the country.

Check with your Airline

Not every airline offers pet service. Some offer carry-on pets only. Alaska-Horizon, Delta, and United are three airlines we have used. You might consider sleeping on some old pillowcases, and then filling them with shredded paper. Seal them in an airtight bag until you fill them just prior to the trip. That way, they retain your scent. Feed and water her awhile before she is going to fly, and keep her meal light. You don’t want her to suffer travel sickness.

Pups can fly as your carry-on

For small pets, or for Weimaraner puppies (8-10 weeks of age) that qualify as carry-on luggage, check out the guaranteed on board program (click here). You can also find other information regarding traveling with your pet here, such as links to pet-friendly airline websites.

Final Thoughts

One reason to crate train the Weimaraner is that you cannot predict what might happen. The crate can save your Weimaraner a lot of unnecessary stress. Initially, a lot of folks struggle to get their Weim crate-trained, but this helps with housebreaking, and prepares them for situations you cannot otherwise manage. When considering flying with your Weimaraner, there are many considerations. The crate-trained Weimaraner is going to be able to cope with the trip, whereas the Weim that has not embraced the crate will not think of it a safe place. Weighing a long road trip against a flight is a personal decision. In considering whether the Weimaraner can deal with the flight, and adjust well, only you can know.

Please Help Phillip Find Kali

Phillip writes that he has posted this ad on Craig’s List.

Please help me find my dog. She went missing Sunday, June 30th. She is my pride and joy and hunting buddy. She is very friendly and her family misses her dearly. $100 reward if you bring her home, no questions asked!!! I just want my baby girl back.Name: Kali
Breed: Weimaraner
Color: Blue (Coat is dark grayish in color or a gun metal blue-gray color-like this photo)Size: 55 lbs
Age: 2 yrs

She is licensed (M71323) and microchiped (AVID*066*622*532) She has an OSU collar on with both her license and microchip tag. She was last seen Sunday afternoon around MacLeay and Connecticut near WINCO and the middle school. Please contact me if you have any info, 503-510-3059. I am willing to give a reward for anyone who can bring me my dog. Please she is missed dearly!!!

Thanks, Phill (Salem, Oregon)

20120816_193246“Woof, Woof” I just went out the yard to look for my Daddy. He left, and the guys were busy. I thought maybe he got lost, so I went to find him.

OwyheeStar thanks you for your help……we pray for Kali’s safe (and swift) return!

NOTE: OwyheeStar holds your personal information in the strictest of confidence. Phillip’s name, and contact information has been posted at his request.

Featured Weimaraner — Lola

A Summer of Change

I hope all is well. Life has been a whirlwind for Ashley, Lola, and myself. We got married this summer, went on a wonderful honeymoon to Kauai, and I passed the Washington State Bar exam.

Ashley and Lola have been holding down the fort. I’m so thankful for Lola, especially in times like this where I am away from Ashley. It brings me a great deal of comfort to know that they have each other. I miss both of them very much.

Lola has been doing great. We have a dog walker four times a week while Ashley is at work and once a week she goes to doggy daycare (a whole day affair). The dog walker is a wonderful woman and she loves Lola. Ashley began running with Lola and sometimes they go up to 10 miles. Ashley spent Thanksgiving with me in NYC and my mom looked after Lola (Lola loves my mother) for the week and she had a great time with the family at the beach. Ashley said that Lola was a little depressed after leaving my mother.

Lola is a happy, healthy and well mannered companion.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Lola is doing great. We hope you enjoy the photos of Lola taken over the summer.There are some from a play date that we had with Coco and Opal (Elle x Blue) over the summer.