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Over the Rainbow Bridge

~ We weep with you

Hi this is Ron Weatherman now in Mesquite, Nevada. 

On December 15th at 5:15 in the morning Sadie passed in my arms.  She had come into the bedroom and laid on her bed next to me.  She began breathing fast.  I got up and held her in my arms as she gasped her last breath.  I lost my best, most loving friend ever right then. 

Nothing has ever hit us harder than losing her.  She was 11 and a half years old and large for the breed.  49 inches tall and weighing in at 95 that was all muscle.  She was covered with large tumors in the last year and was having a little difficulty getting up.  Her hind legs would hardly lift her.  We could see the end was near and thankful I guess that she went so easily.  

Want to thank you for her, she was one of your best.  She and I were inseparable for her whole life, spending all our time every day together.  We miss her terribly.    Sincerely Ron and Sandy Weatherman in Sadie’s memory.

Breeder Comment

We remember so vividly how Sadie came in like a storm. It might have been a push for you to get her raised, but you did it. Cliff helped you achieve the swim–possibly, that was a turning point. She adapted to life as it changed--including golf. Thank you for all you did for and with her–what an extraordinary life you shared. No words will ever cover this loss, but we send our condolences.

I Was Confused

~ About Who Was Driving or Who Should Be at the Wheel

Tripp has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, and recently he made a journey that included Yellowstone and other noted locations. Clearly, he would be fine if his mother road in the backseat–but getting his paws on the wheel –no telling where that would lead.

Breeder Comment

Oh, the life of Tripp–he has had the most exciting adventures. Seen places about which some of us can only dream. Thanks to his ever so faithful Mama.


With Tripp

Companion Weims are the best! We can agree on that can we not?


Rachel says, Tripp is amazing, I am so thankful to have him in my life! As you can see, he shares life with me on every level.

Tripp is such a great travel companion and water buddy. Lol as soon as I put my paddle board in the water Tripp jumps right on and is ready to go! Once we’re out in the water he feels so comfortable he gets up walks around, hangs out on the back of the board for awhile and then comes back up to the front and lays down! He’s amazing and I’m very lucky to have e him!

Thank you for Tripp! He truly is an amazing dog, he has so much personality and has adapted to my lifestyle for sure! He loves the outdoors and I’m so happy he loves the water as much as I do!

(lol) I still remember you (Shela) laughing at me through an email that I bought him a life jacket! You were absolutely right, he’s an amazing swimmer! (Lol, again) he swims better than I do and faster too!

I wish you could see him on the paddle board, he’s so good and I don’t even have to encourage him to get on the board, as soon as I put the paddle board in the water he runs over and jumps on, ready to go!

Breeder Comment

Tripp was rehomed with Rachel when his original family suffered a brutal loss during the last economic downturn. They lost their home and were struggling on every level. It was heartbreaking, but they felt finding him another family was in his best interest. We could not have gotten more fortunate for him.

Tripp is a companion Weimaraner sharing life on every level with his Mama. He is the best kind of friend–one who keeps all the secrets, keeps up with you, and celebrates everything you do together.


Living The Good LifeWeatherman's Sadie- 016 1

The rough life of the number one member of our family. Whatever Sadie wants, Sadie gets. After a tough start with Sadie, she became the finest Weim I have ever had. You have said her dad wasn’t the best hunter, well she got the genes somewhere, she is terrific. We all had a rough winter here in Northeast Washington as the snow was often and deep. Sadie wonders what ever happened to her brother ole Boomer, she never hears from him.

Sadie has been steady at her weight of 95 pounds for several years now. No fat, all muscle. She still gets comments about her beauty almost every day from any of those that see her. She had a battle recently with a large Marmot. The marmot fought like a miniature grizzly but when the battle was over, Sadie was unscathed and the marmot was deceased!

Weatherman's Sadie-_20170409_008 2She loves eating strawberries from my garden along with the raspberries.

Weatherman's Sadie- 012 2Thank you for such a great animal, we love her like she was our daughter, oops she is.                                                                           ~Ron

Breeder Comment

Boomer is still with us at OwyheeStar. Sadie’s father (Blue) is coming up on retirement. Although he was not our top hunter, he was good. ( Click here to read more about Blue. ) We cannot say enough good things about Blue; he has produced some awesome offspring.

Sadie’s mother Mollie (Deli X Dash) came from excellent hunt lineage. Dash hunted but never won any titles. Deli came from a highly celebrated field lineage. Sadie has good DNA, to say the least.

We are so happy that Sadie is doing well and you enjoy her so much. We agree she is a lovely Weimaraner princess. Thank you, for the update.

We’ve Moved

In DC with Roca

IMG_1815Some time ago we moved from Chicago to Washington DC–life is active for us.

Roca has a few bumps. We have a vet appointment on Wednesday to get one of her bumps checked out, and also to see what’s going on with her eye. Her eye has been bothering her the last few weeks.

We feed her Fromm. That seems to work the best with her, and that is also I think what you had recommended back in the day when we got her.

Besides that, Roca is doing great. She does not like the DC heat and humidity at all, so we do our walks early in the morning and later in the evening. I come home at lunch to give her a quick walk and a treat. 

Birthday photos, relaxing and playing with her friends.

Breeder Comment

We have never used or recommended the Fromm products. We looked it up on the Dog Food Advisor–click here. It comes with an excellent recommendation.You might explore the possibility of incorporating turmeric powder into the diet. People are giving it to their pets to help prevent or manage tumor growth. Those who practice Chinese medicine combine a mix of herbs (etc.) that many find beneficial. We are not experts on this topic; however, you may want to explore these options. We are all after longevity and healthy vigor for as long as possible.

Finally, we love the more simple dog food not touting all the supplements. Supplements deteriorate quickly, and not everyone is high-quality. We feel that knowing what you are giving the Weimaraner is important. For some time, we have recommended the Diamond Naturals with the NuVet Supplements. It makes for a good combination. We realize that not any one food will be ideal across the board for every Weimaraner; however, we feed all our Weims with this one–everyone more than tolerates it. Click here to learn more about the NuVet Supplements. 

Adventures with Tripp

My Friend

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Tripp is an amazing and truly wonderful dog. (LOL) Although I sometimes, (most of the time) I think he thinks he’s a person. I’m sure this is partially my fault. I treat him like he’s a little person. Tripp has been so good for me in many ways. He’s allowed me to learn how to be alone and to still do the things I really enjoy. We’ve enjoyed taking many trips–just the two of us– me and Tripp.

The Oregon Coast

We’ve been to the coast many times–several have been in the last few months. We also went to the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Area. It seems like you are on top of the world, (lol) Well, maybe not the top of the world, but you find yourself at the top  of a mountain. Travels also include Bolan Mountain and the Steens Mountain.  I can honestly say that without Tripp, I never would have been able to to take these getaways. With him (my Weimaraner, Tripp)  I’m never alone. It is so amazing all the things that we explore together.


I love that while are just hanging out at home, he’s totally a goofball. Have you heard of the game of Twister? Tripp makes a habit of twisting himself into the weirdest position ever. He does this so he can squeeze in next to me on the chair. When it’s time for breakfast or dinner he’s so excited he tap dances and goes in circles. He truly has a unique and loving personality. Oh, when I take him into a store, he’s a complete ham. This Weimaraner really know’s how to put on a show. Together we make a great pair and I couldn’t imagine my life without him 🙂

Breeder’s Comment: Tripp is one of those Weimaraners who got a second chance placement. The problem (of needing a new home) was not his doing. Here is a previous update if you care to read it tooclick here.

Sometimes You Gotta Getaway

Mom and I at the Beach

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Mom and I do a lot of Stuff Together!

Yup–sometimes we are the best of friends–the kind that means the most. Ya know what I am saying? ~ Tripp

Sadie is Glorious

Golfing with Sadie

golfer sadie 001

As Sadie nears her sixth birthday this month she has decided to take up golf.  Here you can see her checking her score card and deciding what clubs to use next.  She is the greatest of all of your fine animals.  Ron

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The Battle of the Weimlovers

057_first-pitch4It is great that you love your Sadie so much. We are positive others will take exception with your statement that she is the best, and we have no idea what to say. (Lol) There are those that write the same thing almost every day about their Longhair. We know Ron, doesn’t see the attraction; or the point to them.

Goldee’s Mama lives and breathes for their time together. Every day is an event. She is photographed by grandma Terri Jacobsen a Northwest Pet Photographer extraordinaire. We have been blessed to have several professional shutterbugs, but she is certainly one of the best. She keeps Goldee covered with masterfully captured snapshots; Holly, the mama, posts something they are doing at least once a day. Often, she has numerous photos and silly captions.

Whatever you prefer–the tradition gray ghost smooth-coat, the blue color, or a Longhair, the passionate are crazy for their relationship. Holly is frantic for the fluff, and she celebrates every tuft; Ron is adamant about sticking to his traditional Gray Ghost variety. Preferences run deep; however, there is a growing group of folks that want one of each. This is not the norm, but it is trending.


Happy Birthday Sadie

Today (June 26, 2014) is our big girl’s 5th birthday.  It seems like just yesterday she came home curled up in Sandy’s lap. Sadie at 5 Years of Age

A Full-Figure Gal

She was a big pup but has grown into a nice large lady.  She is the essence of our lives.  Everything every day revolves around her.  This month has been a big month for her.  She added two squirrels and a large marmot to her list of retrieved violators of her property.  She protects Sandy’s strawberry patch as well as the entire yard.  She is 90 pounds and 29 inches tall at her shoulders.  Not an inch of fat any where on her.  She runs like the wind and swims like a fish.  I asked Shela for a dog with great hunting instincts, I have never seen one with greater instincts and ability than our Sadie.  So Happy Birthday Sadie and thanks Shela and Cliff for our great family member on her 5th birthday.

Pumpkin Sunday

Sadie likes pumpkin and apple

You are telling the whole world what???

You are telling the whole world what???

This is Ron with exciting news about an outstanding product we stumbled upon.  You might know all about it but if not it’s good to check it out and recommend to clients.
Prior to finding this product, we had been feeding Sadie yogurt with her morning meal, and pumpkin with her evening meal. 

Got BlanketWe came across a dry product that is excellent.  It’s dehydrated pumpkin and apple in a granule powdery form that can be mixed with their feed.  It is so fuss-free–there is no opening of cans, no mess, and it’s better than canned pumpkin.  The product is called Firm Up by Diggin; their website is

It’s 100 percent pure product, and all made in the USA. They are based in Reno, Nevada.
Since Sadie has been on it her stools, which mostly were good, are all now firm and perfect tootsie rolls like you said was optimal.

Breeder’s Note: We have not tried this product, but it seems to be a great one. We like recommending pumpkin, but this (USA-manufactured) product seems fuss-free. There is a lot to be said about quality, and convenience.