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Some Friends You Choose

       ~Others Select You


Davidson's Ellie Shares 1


This darn thing won’t leave me alone!




Davidson's Ellie Stays Warm2


Also, it’s cold outside




Breeder Comment

Dear Ellie, I see your kitty is still stalking you—or more aptly getting in your space in your previous report ( click here to see Ellie and her kitty in an earlier OwyheeStar Blog).

It is hard to imagine how life could be more to your liking even though you share your space. The furniture looks comfortable, the blankets cozy. We know the stove will soon be lite to keep you toasty warm. What more could a girl want?


Edgar Celebrates One


It’s Edgar’s first birthday 🎉
Happy ONE, Ed We love you!


Doug Writes

He and the kids are so close, it’s really neat to see how he treats each of the three a little differently. Thanks, Shela and Cliff! He’s a cool dog.

Breeder Comment

This makes us happy. The impact of these relationships will change the future. Isn’t it awesome?

What About Cats?

Who Can Say What Will Happen?

IMG_0636Cliff and I rescued two farm cats a couple of years ago. They have lived in the house with all the usual hoopla (and more because we have the Weimaraner). We have been reticent to turn them free thinking they would not be OK. We have quite a few farm cats. They roam the place and find shelter here and there. They mouse, but we also feed them.

Our two rescues (‘Paws’ and ‘Sylvie’) are littermates. Nevertheless, they couldn’t look more different. “Paws’ has the markings of the Siamese, and ‘Sylvia’ is a gorgeous silver-gray tiger stripe. There are other differences too! Paws had always been the more clingy and friendly of the two with Sylvia being fiercely independent.

We procrastinated when it came to moving the cats outside. We feared the worst. A Weimaraner might chase and catch them–it could be a swift end to their life. They two are not farm savvy and instead of avoiding the Weims they were totally intrigued by them. Nonetheless, with Shela’s recent prolonged health situation, the cats seemed to make her worse. That forced the issue and Cliff began making a provision for them in the equipment room allowing for an outside exit. Once they moved Cliff watched closely. ‘Paws’ disappeared and we feared the worst. ‘Sylvie’ refused to leave the equipment room initially. Then, ‘Paws’ made his appearance and began hanging out near out back entrance. Over time ‘Sylvie’ has joined him roaming the backyard. It has been amazing to watch this process unfold.

Cats and the Weimaraner

More than half of the OwyheeStar folks also have cats–some indoor cats and others live outside roaming the field or yard. The Weimaraner that joins a family with the resident cat (typically) views this as the norm. They tend to take charge of the cat as if it is their property. Nevertheless, it is wise to error on the side of caution. This idea of being careful is especially true when bringing home a rescue. Also, keep in mind that a feral cat might not make out the same as a resident cat. The Weimaraner may give chase, and it could end badly for the pursued.


The Best of Maggie

Happy New Year

img_1332Hope all is well in your neck of the OwyheeStar world!  Just wanted to touch base as I try to do every year around Maggie’s birthday.   Love the fall photo of her playing in the leaves (at the top here).

img_1294Things got a bit hectic during that time, so now I will take some time to send some of our “Best of Maggie” photos from 2016.  Maggie and our cat Smokie are now the best of buds.  They even cuddle up together to sleep-and Smokie even crawls into Maggie’s crate with her.

She loves playing catch with anything you toss her way-including snowballs.  Finally, Maggie loves her Christmas sweater.  She even goes so far as to bring it to you when she wants to wear it!  She continues to fill our lives with so much love and laughter.

Love, From The Family of Maggie

Breeder Comment

Thank you, for making it a priority to get us news regarding Maggie. It would be impossible to say what made us smile more. We love all the photos; however, possibly the one of her and Smokie is our favorite. You captured her smiling–that is adorable.


In The Kitchen with Jazz

As you can see the corner cabinet didn’t get shut all the way. Our cat, Annabelle, made this discovery and decided to do a little exploring. She climbed in and proceeded to make enough noise that Jazz came to check it out. When the cat peeked out and saw the dog, she reached around the door and closed it. Jazz continued to be enthralled by this new “game” and she was ready to play; much to Annabelle’s displeasure.

Not the Norm

Before the beloved Koda

~There Was Tucker


Koda @ 4.5 YrsKoda is much loved and celebrated within his family. He is about 4.5 years old. Nonetheless, like so many Weimaraners, he came to his family with huge paw prints to fill. There are always the hopes and then we have our expectations.

Tucker’s shadow had cast a special spell upon his domain. Koda walked into this family’s heart and household as young pup without reservation. He didn’t know of Tucker, but Tucker had left this family taking a piece of their heart with him. At the same time, he set them up with a void that left a much need place for Koda. Somehow it seems Tucker was looking down with an approving smile and maybe a smirk too! How can you hope to fill my paws, little man?

Tucker’s Kitty Sister

Amy writes

I keep hoping she will convince Koda 100% they should be this loving. Koda is good with her most of the time, but he does get a bit rough occasionally. We haven’t really seen this type of snuggly love in the driveway yet, but keep hoping! She is determined!

Breeder Comment

Most Weims who grow up with a kitty accept them; however, not all them lay around and snuggle. Not every Weim scoops the kitty up and embraces them. Sometimes they tolerate the household cat. Other times they pretend they don’t exist. There is no one scenario. Bringing an adult Weimaraner into such a situation is precarious and could end badly. Please take caution.

Koda has made a previous appearance on our blog. You might enjoy that post–click here!











The Weimaraner and Sophie

How will the family cat fare?


I thought you would find this funny.  Ellie likes to groom our cat Sofie, and Sofie really enjoys it. ~ Bob

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Breeder’s Comment: Ellie and other OwyheeStar Weims have done well with family (household) cats. They often will chase a feral cat out of their yard, but embrace the one they consider their own. Some cats will align with the household Weim; others watch from a distance. This kind of relationship is not a given. Most Weims that grow up with a household kitty will forge some kind of relationship. Introducing the new puppy to the kitty takes some skill, and supervision. Not every situation is the same. We suggest monitoring the situation; and making sure your kitty can find a place to escape the Weim’s vices. In Ellie and Sophia’s case, clearly that they have a sophisticated relationship. 

Maggie Updated

Time Slips By…Maggie's Headshot

Crate TrainingI’ve been trying to get an update out to you for a while and as you know time keeps slipping by.  Maggie has been fun and a challenge.  She has been getting better with crating training, but still has slight separation anxiety.  She’s potty trained with the bell on the door.  She now knows sit, lay down, roll over and she brings me her food dish when she’s done.  But best of all she’s sleeping through the night!!

Weim Ears

Her 9 week vet check was fun, the vet rarely sees a Weim so a blue one caught the eye of the whole staff.  Maggie was taken to the back to be weighed and became a show and tell.   Her vet check went well, she did however have a bacterial infection in both ears which was an easy fix.  All in all, she’s been fun- and the family, including the cat, are really enjoying her.  She has become a really joyful addition to our family.

I love My Kitty Pillow

I love My Kitty Pillow

Breeder’s Comment: First, we want to take this opportunity to remind our clients to check out the ear-care section of the Website we gave you. Flop-eared dogs have a tendency toward ear issues. Over the years, we have found several little tricks, (and products) that work better than spend cash at the vet’s office. 🙂 🙂

We also want to remind you to stick to the suggested vaccine protocol. Raising the puppy you will find yourself in the thick of things. It is easy to rely on your vet for direction. We have the greatest respect for our friends in that profession; however, their vaccine protocol is meant to cover a broad-based practice. They must operate in this manner. We (Weimlovers) have to remember to do things a bit different for the benefit of our Weimaraner. That means getting the titer test in lieu of a sixteen-week shot, and when you get a puppy shot, it should not contain Lepto or Corona. If Leptospirosis is endemic to your area, please do the shot separately. Vaccinating in this manner, you get better protection, as well as less risk of a vaccine reaction (some of which can be life-threatening.

Finally, any number of small things can go awry. Bacteria, parasites, and general health issues can pop up. This doesn’t mean the pup is sickly, but the developing immune system can get overwhelmed. Be as holistic in your approach as possible. Raising the Weimaraner takes work. Regardless, they have a growing fan club.

Otis in Oregon

Sept 2013

Otis Before being relocated

Otis at home

Otis at home

Breeder’s Note: Life happens. Sometimes the twists and turns of life do not treat a person (and their beloved Weimaraner) well. Such was the case of Otis. Through a series of events, he found himself coming full circle back to OwyheeStar (reluctantly dropped off) because his family was no longer able to keep him. Cliff and Shela would rather forego this type of thing altogether, but rehoming a Weimaraner is not something to be taken lightly. It is unthinkable to have such a wonderful family member find themselves being passed along from household to household, and ending up who knows where? (Shelters, Rescue, for sale on Craig’s List, or worse are things that come to mind.) OwyheeStar is committed to not letting something like this happen. Otis has found a wonderful home, where he fits–is beloved by the entire family. He is thriving! Much of his on-going success is due to his family’s effort toward taking the right approach. Other factors that helped Otis transition smoother than some (Weims) were many, including his temperament, his former families care and training, his time spent with Cliff preparing for the transition, and did we mention his new family’s ability not to let him run things. He knows the boundaries and like any good Weim, he pushes them. He is in a good place. :O)

Hello Cliff and Shela,

I just wanted to tell you how very much we appreciate this wonderful doggie!! He is just a big INTELLIGENT, AFFECTIONATE baby! We still have some minor things that need work but overall, what a terrific doggie. Patrick and MIKEY rough house with him. (Otis always wins). We all throw balls or toys for him to retrieve and he runs his heart out.

Otis and Mikey’s Cat

MIKEY brought his cat who is nonplussed with Otis and Hector still hisses and smacks Otis daily:-) Otis is fascinated with the cats!! Cannot figure that one out! Here is the most recent scenario regarding Otis and Mikey’s cat. Otis and I walked into house. Otis went right for Mikey’s cat on couch. Otis stared and cat did not move. Otis just put his paw on cat and started licking his head!!!! Cat simply laid there like rubber kitty!! Is he entertaining or what?!?

Otis and his Orchard Walks

Everyone takes him out for walks. He loves running the filbert orchard and he likes playing with Shorty (the Beagle). At night  (when we are out for the orchard walk)  I cannot see him but he stays close to me in the dark so off with the leash. Otis only has this amazing freedom because we sit in an orchard and back up to farmland and trees with fencing.

Otis and the Crate, etc.

He likes his crate and it is a good place for him out of the traffic pattern. Funny thing is: when he wants out , he makes a noise so out we go.  I figure we must spend several hours a day out exploring. He hasn’t caught one yet but he really enjoys chasing squirrels. Sure helps keeping them away from the chickens and free food.


Maris Reports on Cats and Her Weimaraner

Breeder’s Note: Maris and Chris are not our average Weimaraner family. In previous years, they have given their hearts to rescue–in particular Greyhound rescue. Not to say that prepares a person for the Weimaraner, but they do have a lot of animal savvy and patience. Read on about their critters and how they have managed to merge a family of cats and dogs. If you missed yesterday’s blog, here is the link to it as well as the link to previous blogs on this topic! Yesterday’s blog contained an explanation by Maris of why they have gone to such lengths to introduce and monitor their pet situation.

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  • Click Here to read yesterday’s Rowan’s Kitty story

From Maris: I thought it might be helpful to you to have a description of how we’ve been introducing the animals.

Chris, with Rosco, Rowan, and Kita in 2010

We have the two big cats, Daisy and Bubba, and then the two big dogs, Rowan and Kita (or Kitty, in case I slip and call her that). 

Roscoe, Rowan, and Kita

Kita is really the one who found the kitten, who we have been calling Bumble for convenience, since she still doesn’t have a real name.

Even though the dogs had Bumble in the yard and were licking and mothering her, we have been carefully supervising interactions.  We moved the big cat litterbox out of the bathroom and into the laundry (they eat there anyway), and put all Bumble’s food and litter in the bathroom.  We left the door closed whenever we weren’t home, and a baby gate up even when we were.  So everyone got to see each other through the baby gate and have a good sniff. This was also good for keeping the kitten quarantined when she first came home- the dogs wanted to clean her EVERYWHERE and I really needed to make sure she didn’t have worms first, plus we needed to handle the fleas she came in with.  UGH.

Right now, we are at a point where we have moved the baby gate up a couple inches off the floor, making a hole the kitten can get through but the dogs can’t. When we’re not home, we leave the kitten in her room with the door closed, but when we’re here the door is open so she can come out and play as much as she wants, but still have a safe retreat.  We have “safe places” for the cats in every room, but Bumble’s not big enough to get to some of them yet.

Probably all our care is overdoing it a little, since we found the kitten IN ROWAN’S CRATE, where nobody is allowed to go but Rowan and me… she really doesn’t like having Chris in there, although she tolerates it, she’s sure he’s in there to eat her hidden bones and chewies!  But the kitten was in there, sleeping cheerfully on Rowan’s feet… sigh.  Still, better to be overcareful than have an accident, and while she’s so tiny, even gentle play from such big dogs can be dangerous for her if unsupervised.

They have already begun figuring out how to play- Rowan will nose the kitten over onto her back and lick her belly, and the kitten will swat at Rowan’s nose with all her claws still retracted, just smacking at her.  Poor Rowan- her play-bow is still too intimidating, but as Bumble puts on size and weight (the vet says she’s gonna be huge, he thought she was a 10-week old by size, then he saw her walk and said “no, 7 weeks, but a huge 7 weeks”) it will work out better.

Daisy and Bubba are both indoor-outdoor cats, so we’ve been careful introducing them- Bumble only got her first set of kitten shots Friday, and they’ve both reached an age where our super-cool vet has pointed out they’ve got their immunities up and probably don’t need a ton of yearly shots anymore… but of course kittens are more fragile.  Both cats have already brought mice- she horrifies Bubba but Daisy seems willing to introduce herself.  All the cats are still very much on opposite sides of the baby gate right now, though!

So there’s the last of my promised batch of Weims and cats… we’ll keep you updated, though! 

Note: It goes without saying, that not everyone is going to have the same knack as Maris and Chris. It also is understood that Weims are hunting dogs, who retrieve and hunt fur and feather critters. Most of our Weims are very soft-mouthed. We have seen live birds fly right out of their mouth when released. Nothing is a given, and Maris describes this as overkill on their part, but we think it is wise.  Eventually Bumble will be able to escape to a safe place if needed, for now being extra cautious is the smart choice.