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Who Says Santas Not Real?

~Your daily posts are so important to me I wanted to give you content if I could help. ~ Collette

We took Layna a couple years ago to go see Santa Claus, she got scared and wouldn’t go all the way up the stairs because they were open to below, so Santa came to her. She was a little more interested in the mounts hanging on the wall though. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Many of you would not know, but the lovely Layna has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. That makes this post even sweeter, don’t you agree? We never know how long our precious fur babies will be with us–for sure, not long enough. Thank you, Collette, for this contribution to our blog. We know our readers will love it so much.

First Snow

~Sugar Snow-Nose is a Weim Thing

Gracie (Greta and Blue) and Harley (our rescue) were back in their fleece for the first snow here a few weeks ago! Gracie loves to put her nose in snow – Sugar-nose – I think it’s a Weim thing. We love all the baby dog photos. I say “ohhhhh they are so cute”, Tony says “shark biters”!

Best to you, Nancy & Tony

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We agree the Sugar Snow-Nose is a Weim-thing. I hope some OwyheeStar folks will share their Sugar Snow-Nose captures. Thanks for the great photos and this fun update. We know our readers will love hearing about Gracie and her Rescue Brother enjoying this year’s opening snow event.

Bella’s Birthday

Miss Bella turned 6️⃣ today 🥳🥳 July 14, 2020

I made her a doggie friendly cake 🐾 🎂 (peanut butter, carrot with coconut yogurt frosting) and popcorn as decoration 😂. She loves popcorn 🍿!
Happy birthday sweet girl 👑🎂🍿🍉

She is sweet, get along with other dogs but she likes to bark at neighbors from the window 😂 also at any delivery guys 🙄😂.

Popcorn is her fav treats!!! We spoil her, she sleeps on our bed and on my pillow! 🤷‍♀️😂

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What a life Miss Bella enjoys with her family. I can tell you that I have never had such a birthday celebration in my entire life. (Wow!)


Six Candles and a Cupcake

Just wanted to send you some pictures of our beautiful girl turning 6. It’s times like this it’s nice to slow down, and focus on things that matter and that are precious to us.

Collette Bauer & Family –Kalispell, Montana.

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Thank you–we love these photos and the video. I know everyone will enjoy it. We desperately need positive upbeat news in light of COVID-19.

Kirby G. is SIX!!!

He loves to be curled up on my lap (all of his 87 pounds), peanut butter Kong’s, long walks, car rides for a puppuccino, roughhousing with his human brothers and all the cookies his cuteness can buy!

His world was rocked 3 1/2 years ago when his dad moved out. It was sad to see his reaction to something I could not explain to him. Kirby still loves his dad and sees him every other weekend when his dad stops by for the human brothers. It is his new normal. Between my injuries and health issues the past 3 years, Kirby has been my couch buddy after 5 different surgeries. I could not have made it through these times without him. He is so calm, loving and full of personality. Hoping to have so many more years with this charming boy!! Happy 6th birthday to all of the 3/03/14 Greta X Blue puppies ❤️ 

Many thanks to you, Cliff and Shela, for this beautiful boy.


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We are glad the Kirby G is so loved–and that he adapted to the family change. It is great to have such a buddy to keep you company during the times when you find yourself down. Thank you–, and yes, we hope for more time. It is never enough–no one can prevent every illness or threat to their well-being. Oh, how we wish we could. Thanks–


~No Birthday Party–Just Sweet Sunshine

She had her sixth birthday. No hats-no cake! She prefers her daily sunbath. She doesn’t like to share the sun with Harley. She will take his dog bed and stack it on top of her bed and then climb on top looking very satisfied. She is a character and makes us smile every day. She is a beautiful happy girl.

Best to you–Tony and Nancy


~Aging Beautifully

Looking at your new little fur balls it’s hard to believe they will turn into beautiful serene dogs. Gracie (Greta and Blue) born in March, 5 years ago is always collecting complements and praise.

She is our beautiful girl. I wonder what her bothers and sisters are doing these days.

Best to you, Nancy and Tony

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She is lovely–as are the littermates we have heard from over the last few years. Thank you for this lovely note with two extraordinary photos. Well, if anyone with a littermate reads this post–we hope you send us an update–with at least one photo.

Speaking of Beauty

~Sri and Bella

We appreciate seeing you with the Weimaraner. Sometimes words are not necessary to feel the love. Today–we go with the shorter version. Tomorrow, the blog will require more. (Haha)

23 Days

Costume Or Not

~Halloween is Coming


St. Denis's Bella Halloween 2016

What’s your take on the costume thing? Do you insist they put on the garb, trot around, and act silly? Two of the three is a given with this breed, don’t you agree? Do they trick or treat with you?

Are they spooked by the costume attired visitors–if you have them coming to your door. I seriously don’t know what people do in this day and age. There are community events. Some churches host the Trunk or Treat thing–filling the trunk of the cars with goodies to pass out. Some folks turn off the lights, lock the door, and pretend to be gone.

Typically, we only get Trick or Treat callers that we know–last year it was our two Great Granddaughters. We have neighbor kids living less than a mile from here. I suppose it is always a possibility that they might show up. We will be prepared. Maybe Stackhouse needs to dress for the evening. I will have to think about that. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts. Feel free to share photos from previous years. This one of Bella is from 2016. I still love it. I bet you do too!



Feeling a Little Irish


Frisch's Gracie_3930
Had to send this along to you! We got such a laugh today when I picked up Gracie (R) and Harley (L) at daycare. St Patrick’s Day crafts for all.
Gracie just turned 4. It has flown by. She is such an elegant sweet girl!
Best to you  –Nancy and Tony

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Thank you, Nancy and Tony, for remembering us and sharing this lovely snapshot. For those not familiar with Gracie click here. Along the way her family rescued Harley.