The Passing of an Oracle


An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion; aninfallible authority, usually spiritual in nature. It may also be a revealed prediction or precognitionof the future, from deities, that is spoken through another object or life-form (e.g.: augury andauspice).Drooling_Dash

As a breeder you look for qualities in your foundation stock.  You need your primary or core group to have a quality that supercedes expectations. You need them to be undefinable and immeasurable.  Then you carefully weave these qualities throughout your lineages.  You keep a few for the future, but you hope today will not pass too quickly.

Last night as we drifted off we both had the same feeling.  We felt it was Dash’s last night.  His life had been a good one.  Recently, he had been prancing and dancing and doing well.  Last last evening, however, he was nauseous and it was evident he didn’t feel well.  By bedtime he was acting odd.  He was not suffering but he came to us for special attention.  The look he had on his face was one that said “Goodbye” and at the same time “Hold me” and “Help me feel better.”  We both lavished him with special attention and then he wanted to get in his crate.  Normally he sleeps on his orthopedic bed near us but last night he crawled into his crate and settled.  Shortly thereafter he passed without a whimper or evidence of pain.

This morning our hearts know both sadness and pain…………that feeling of loss that many of you know all too well.  He was 12 years old.  The good news for us is that he was doing well until the end.  Then the end came quickly and seemingly painlessly.  The sad news is our lives will never be the same.  Yes, we have other Weims but we cannot replace Dash.  It will be difficult to share Dash’s passing with our extended family.  Everyone and especially the grandchildren adored him.  He will live on here at OwyheeStar in our hearts as well as in his offspring.  He will be missed by many………..Dash  June 23 2007_1225

He was awesome in the water.  He taught Dusty and Zee to Swim.  Last week he went swimming in the pond. We are glad he was able to take one last swim before departing here.Water Ret Feb 2006_0115sm

Above:   He is retrieving a dummy.  Right:  He and Dusty water retrieve together.

We will never forget Dash the puppy.  We will never forget how he loved the whelping process and the tiny pups. He always watched vigilantly over the young pups. On one occasion Dash even came to find us to save a pup’s life.

Did we say he loved the water?  He could swim at Lake Owyhee until Cliff’s arm could no longer toss the dummy.  Then we bought a rocket launcher.  We still had to limit the number of retrieves.  He could go on forever!  We will never forget how he swam with ease, power, and grace.  We will never forget his love towards us.  We will never forget how he changed our lives.

  1. Matthew and Carlin Stein

    We are sorry to hear about the loss of Dash. He was Lola’s daddy and will always live on through her. She shares many of the wonderful traits you listed above. We are happy to hear that he was strong to the end.

    Take care,

    -Matthew and Carlin Stein

  2. Thank you for those kind thoughts. We are thankful you have Lola to love. I knew when she was born that she was going to extraordinary……something in the gene-pool connection. I remember saying that and you inquiry as to what I meant. I struggled to put words to my thoughts. I just knew that the litter was going to have special qualities. Now, you have Byron too! He is also very special in different ways. Hug those Weim kids for us!

  3. What a beautiful weimaraner and thank you for the beautiful remembering of Dash. I am happy to let you know how happy we are with Izzy forgive the spelling I gave her she is the most energetic weimaraner we have ever had. She is a joy for us and the other two senior weimaraner’s that will be 10 years next month. I hope for them to have such a nice departure from this world healthy to the end. So sorry for your loss Susan Williams West Richland WA.

  4. These beautiful creatures never live long enough–ever. They give us so much. Each day is a gift. We are thrilled you love your Izzy, and we sincerely hope she lives long. Yes, a nice departure, is the preferred method. Watching our beloved friends suffer, is not something any of us want.

  5. Has Blue died? I have Benson and he is almost 4 Next month June 6 is the date. Benson is great loves running in our open places here in Enterprise. Thanks again for him. He and I are great companions. Marsha

  6. I have not heard from Blue’s Golden Year family –possibly he is around 13 years old. Wow–time flies

  7. Nice to meet you
    I’m looking for a blue weimaraner long haired
    Are there any dogs on sale now?
    When will the next dog give birth?

  8. As far as I know, there are not any Blue Longhairs available–please read the last paragraph http://www.owyheestarlonghairweimaraners.com/winnie-delivers.html. We have an application process and require a deposit to get on the Waitlist. I cannot say when we will have a Blue Longhair born–sorry, there are too many variables.

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