Ethical Sale of Pups Raised


The owner/breeder shall:

1. Not breed, sell or consign puppies or adults to pet shops or other commercial dealers.

2. Screen all prospective new owners to assure that puppies will have a safe and loving home.

3. Urge the new puppy owners to spay or neuter all pets which for any reason will not be used for breeding. Breeders should also provide information on the potential negative impacts of premature sterilization on the late maturing Weimaraner, especially those destined for competitive careers.

4. Use a written contract to clearly explain all expectations for both the breeder and new owner.

5. Honestly evaluate the quality of the Weimaraner sold/placed and fairly represent that evaluation. Not release puppies before they are seven weeks of age and furnish details on feeding, general care, medical inoculations and care, pedigrees, etc.

6. Readily take back or re-home puppies that do not work out for one reason or another. Make every effort in finding a new forever home, even with dogs placed in Rescue programs.

7. Follow up on puppies after placement to insure their continuing care and to encourage the owners to become involved in Weimaraner activities in show, obedience, agility, field and tracking.

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