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Longhair Referral

Another Chance Encounter

     ~ From Olli’s Mom Mary

Hi Shela & Cliff,
I just read your post on the application process and realized that I forgot to mention a chance encounter that happened last Sunday.  I was out with Olli and this young man stopped me and asked me where I got my Longhair. First of all, he is probably the 3rd person in 12+ years that knew a longhair and recognized they existed!!!  At any rate, we chatted a bit and I gave him the Owyheestar name. Apparently, he and his wife previously owned 2 shorthairs and are potentially looking to try and find a Longhair some time in the future.  I told him that you have a process and there are no guarantees :). They have an infant so are looking to the future–not quite ready.
At any rate, if someone reaches out to you in Mpls about seeing a woman with a gorgeous LH then you will know that it was Olli that he saw and I gave him your name.
Olli May 2016.jpgHere’s a pic from Olli last Sunday.  He is one intense little guy!!  Love reading your updates!!!  Hope all is well.

Breeder Comment

A goodly number of our puppy exits are to one of three types:

  1. Repeat client

  2. Referrals

  3. Those who had always had and loved the Weimaraner

We thank all of you for your loyalty and friendship. We can always agree on one thing–we are tied together by the love of the Weimaraner.