Getting an OwyheeStar Puppy

Getting an OwyheeStar Puppy

Current Availability!

May 20, 2018

– Now and Looking Forward

We are accepting applications!

Spring Puppies are about to join their ‘Forever Families.’ It will be a busy three weeks at OwyheeStar. Regardless, we appreciate your interest.

If you stopped by seeking information on availability–which we expect you did, then here is the scoop. Depending on what is born (between now and the end of the year), we still have a Wait-list weighted heavily towards those seeking the female. Some of these folks are willing to accept a male. There is almost certainly going to be a wait to get an OwyheeStar pup. Keep in mind if we mated today, it would be four months until those pups would join their carefully selected families. There is no avoiding this. We also tie our process to the Wait List–our placement process prority follows the Wait List order. There are many factors out of our control. If you are interested, please read our blog on Availability. Thank you!

Availability can change without notice. There are many reasons for this phenomena. Of course, we cannot predict precisely how this will shake out.  If you are committed to the OwyheeStar puppy and our process, as well as willing to wait, we would love to hear from you.

Our screening process is important to us. We want to make sure every puppy gets to the best possible placement. The good news is the right choice for the pup, is also going to be a good one for you. We do not take this process lightly. So if you want to bring home an OwyheeStar Weim, the best approach is to complete the application process. Our screening process must be completed to discuss availability in detail. Thank you for understanding. You can get more information above on the FAQs page–click here to access that page.

The first step is to request the application link. The OwyheeStar application is an online application, and it will come as an invite from our primary website ( To get the invite, please write Shela ( a brief inquiry.

The approved application and a small deposit will lock in a place on the OwyheeStar Waiting List

 The OwyheeStar

            Application Process!

Changes in our mode of Handling the Applications

1_Elle X Blue 5 Weeks-17

We have made a change in the way we manage the application process. The link comes directly from our website as an invitation. Write Shela ( a brief note to request an invite to complete our OwyheeStar application.

This invite will not only give you access to the application but a couple of other informational pages. In many cases, you will have to search for the link. If your computer settings mark it as junk or spam, it will not make it to your inbox. There is nothing we can do to prevent this, and resending the link will not change the outcome. 99% of the would-be applicants have no problem locating the invite, albeit sometimes found in other-than-the-inbox.

1-Zula Blue X Blue 2016 D & P-15.jpgOnce you are approved, you can then secure a place on the OwyheeStar Formal Waiting List. The deposit ensures that when a puppy comes available (that fits your criteria and timeframe), you have priority. We also garner valuable information that helps us plan. For example, we can then decide which females to mate (to whom), and plan toward specific needs. Even then, there is always the unknown. We cannot know for sure we will get the litter we are trying to produce. There is no way to determine how many pups will be in any given litter. Color, coat length, temperament, etc. will also vary from litter-to-litter (as well as from pup-to-pup). Nonetheless, with your information in hand, and our experience, we can make better decisions–based on an educated guess.

We look forward to hearing from you! We make dreams come true!

~  If you wish to begin the journey, please email us ( The Formal Application Link is not available online. You must write and ask for the link.

Thank you for your interest!

  Puppies Placed in pre-approved homes only!


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