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Happy To Be Dropped At Daycare


Lily’s Mom Writes…

Thank you so much to our awesome daycamp for the pic! I can’t believe how much @lily_the_weim loves day camp. Makes me so happy that even if I just have to run some errands, I can drop her off and she is so happy to play. She just loves it there. (Photocredit @petshotel2242 ) that face. ūüíöūüíö. I am such a sucker for that face.

When Lily’s Home

     ~ I am a Watchdog and a Gamer





Strategic Lookout is Lily’s Favorite¬†



Ping Pong Anyone?



Lily now wants to play ping pong every time anyone from our family does. It all leads to lots and lots of laughter from all. It has been super hot here lately and these little things keep her busy while also out of the heat.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Lily, for being you! The fun, as well as healing you bring everywhere you go, is inspirational. Girl–you are a much-loved fur family member. You are the first Weim we ever heard of that plays ping pong too! I think you are full of life and it oozes on everyone around you. Cliff and I love it!

A Dream Come True

We are Happy to have Blu in our Lives

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I am a huge dog-lover. As a kid, I grew up with Labs. As an adult (and as a¬†father) I had to take a back seat to what dogs my kids liked. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming for me to have “My Dog”. The kids are grown, that is except for our¬†four-year-old. She is not yet old enough to select her dog of choice. This time around it is my turn. I love the fact that they are friendly and feel part of the family. Have looked into this breed for years.

Blu is making his way into our home and hearts

Plenty of room for Blu to run around.   My youngest Daughter is in love with Blu, and he likewise with her.

Just Ducky

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DUCKY is fabulous soaking up the sun – living the California beach life. ¬†He’s 6 months and 3 days now. ¬†We will plan for him to get his rabies shot in the next few days. ¬†I also need to start thinking about neutering him.

Goodies from Grandparents

Lucy and the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Grandma and Grandpa bought me (Lucy)¬†¬†this new ball today. It is called a Wobble Wag Giggle. Gosh, don’t you just love grandparents?¬†¬†I like to push it with my nose–it makes these funny giggle sounds. I know how to capitalize on these moments. All you Weim kids reading this blog, remember when your grandparents, or your parents get you something new it is important to make a huge fuss about it. I did a great job this time (in part because I love it)–I went nuts with it!

Silly Mom thought that I might not care for the Giggler because it is made of hard plastic. I showed her how great it was, and demonstrated it by pushing it all over the living room. Well when Luigi came over to investigate I put him in his place (silly brother), and I pushed him out of the way. To be sure he didn’t steal any of my thunder; I quickly grabbed the ball and ran down the hall with it!!( Ha ha Luigi)03521B5E-F3DE-4F06-BC7F-94A79E81401E

Being on my best behavior during dinner is always a plus for Mom and Dad. I went and got the ball and brought it to my bed. Mom thought it was cute, so she took this picture. I was looking at Bob (oh I mean my Dad), and saying this is my Ball Dad. I am telling you no one else can play with it but me!!! LOL!! Mom invariably says, “Lucy is always so animated.” I will tell you she is easy to entertain–this is never truer than when she is tired.

Ghost @ 9 Weeks

Holistic for GhostGhost @ 9 WeeksGhost and the 9-Week Puppy Shot

He went in yesterday (it was either then or Friday for our vet)

No reaction here, not even stiffness at the injection site. He has a very minor ear infection so we had his little ears cleaned out deeper by the vet and got some ear drops to clear it up. I love our new vet, when I told her I didn’t want lepto or corona in the DPPV she said she doesn’t use those any way! And she’s made it clear she likes to keep treatment simple and holistic when possible.

I had a fecal exam done too, just to be safe because he had some soft stool that day any way, and just to be safe, it came back this morning negative. So, we are off to a great start.

At the Barn

Today was his first trip to the barn and he was magnificent. He has such a winning personality, cautious but not nervous, and he adapts to new people and places so quickly! He’s already begun to calm for non sleep/night time crate time pretty well.

He’s going to be such a wonderful man!

Breeder’s Note: For more information on how to keep the Weimaraner puppy safe, check out our blogHolistic for the Weimaraner.’

Ducky tops Eighteen Pounds

Ducky had his 12 week booster yesterday and weighed in at 18.6lbs. ¬†He’s so big it’ll be a challenge to pick him up in the near future. ¬†Training around the house is going well although he hates the ‘Gentle Leader.’ ¬†:)))

 Charming and Handsome

In the meantime, I wanted to share these photos.  Everyone marvels at how gorgeous he is!

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 Pet Insurance

Also, just an FYI – the states of California and NY do not allow ‘complimentary pet insurance’ in the case of the AKC 60-Day Trial included in your packet. ¬†We ended up going with TruPanion as we found that to be the most popular pet insurance here.

Breeder’s Comment: Thank you Mindy for the wonderful update. Everyone (us included) hopes to read about some their pup’s litter-mates. Some folks are frequent contributors; others mean to get me an update, but they forget. Life is eventful. We suspect that sending us a note about the pup is a pretty low priority for a lot of folks; reasons will vary–not good on the computer, working hard with the pup, obligations, other interests, etc.

Pet Insurance: A few years back we didn‚Äôt think pet insurance was a must. Recently, it is more clear that a lot of pets have been put down due to lack of funds. The Weimaraner might not see that happen, but when a person is facing $ 4,000 plus, and there is no guarantee‚Äďanything can happen. DNA weaves through. Despite efforts to eliminate or eradicate problems, it is impossible to avoid all problems. The Weimaraner is prone to bloat, and athletic. The first could lead to an emergency situation. We have not seen many of the OwyheeStar pups lost to bloat, nor have we lot one of our Weims. Nevertheless, it is always a risk. Secondly, the athletic Weimaraner can easily tear an ACL, injure a limb, or do serious structural damage in one of their antics. Yes, we did say antics‚Äďthose living with these wonderful creatures may well know what we mean. Therefore, we recommend carrying some kind of insurance. The down-side of having insurance is the vet may recommend too many chemicals, shots, etc. for the Weim if you don‚Äôt hold the line. They mean well, but the Weimaraner is not tolerant of anything other than a holistic approach. Problems are best avoided when possible.

Our Vet recommends Pets Best Insurance–click here to learn more. It is good to compare policies. The AKC insurance is another option, and of course in your puppy packet comes a trial version. This is meant to get you to keep their insurance, and we are positive they make a little kick-back. Supporting AKC is not necessarily a bad thing. Regardless, we recommend you compare the policies, and talk to someone at your vet office. Certainly, a major medical type policy would be good to have if something untoward knocks on the door. We have seen reports that show where the first year the cost of the insurance is a wash–there are a lot of factors, and expenses in the first twelve-months. Some of these probably are not covered, but many are, and a lot of policies help with the spay/neuter expense.


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We are having a great time with Blu, she loves to have open area to run. She has her stubborn side,  she will come to you when she wants ( working on that ).

20140110_120800_resizedBreeder’s Comment: Remember when not so long ago she was in your arms? It doesn’t take long to go to adult-looking yet puppy acting. Expect the Weimaraner to retain some of their puppy behavior for life. Then too, you will face challenges as to whom is sailing the ship. This is all normal. Keep up the great work!

Whatever a person does…

It is important not to get discouraged, and to keep your special relationship. This relationship needs to be respectful, and it is important to develop the Weimaraner’s desire to want to please you.

The Weimaraner will exploit any weakness they uncover. They read your attitude and play off it–set the tone on the fun-side; at the same time, get compliance. This involves extraordinary leadership skills. Find a way to discourage mouthing–it is an attempt to gain the upper paw. Even gently holding your arm is giving them the leadership role. Avoid doing that. Mouthing, and puppy-biting is such a pain with this breed. As you move forward you will have to require they not continue this behavior; however, overreacting (or the opposite extreme of ignoring it) leads to on-going issues. Blu’s family has the right balance. They are working on achieving compliance-with the recall. Blu is going to want to comply. Keep up the great work, and thanks for thinking of us.¬†

Here are a couple of former posts featuring Blu..


An Update; Healing Thoughts….

Bliss and I wish you the best and hope the “cone-head” days of healing are soon behind you.

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The cone-head photo was taken in Bliss’ first year. She has had to wear it again on numerous occasions in the last three years, but Thank God nothing too serious. She needed stitches after catching a wild turkey that fought back, a run-in with barbed wire, and numerous encounters of poison oak.

While she doesn’t care for the cone, it doesn’t get her down and she uses it to her advantage like a battering ram. Male groins beware!

Thank you so much for all that you do, we would be bereft without our Bliss! She has given us so much joy and plenty of stories of her adventures and antics. I have many pages to write and share another day.

Wishing you cone free days ahead soon,

Katherine and Bliss —¬† (Maggie x Zee 2011)

Kula and Pilikia

 Brent Reported: I just took Kula and Pilikia to the vet for their annual shots, and the Vet said that Pilikia was about as perfect of a dog she has ever seen!!!!

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Breeder’s Note: We meet the most interesting folks via the Weims. Kula and¬†Pilikia reside with a couple who put a lot of effort into everything they do. It is not surprising the Kula was featured in the¬†Whole Dog Journal, and accomplished so much more. Then¬†Pilikia joined the family, and it was a good fit all the way around. This athletic family could be spotted in any number of locations–running, biking, or sailing. Brent recently described himself as a professional dog-walker who sails now and then;-) Brent¬†has been sailing professionally for 23 years. We loved these photos he shared ¬†with us of boats he sailed on (in various capacities). Honestly, we don’t think the Weims made any of these trips.¬†

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A hole in one, or not….

Hummmm I wonder what happened here?!!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Lucy discusses what happened in their backyard…

If it looks like a hole and smells like a hole could it really be a hole?!! I think it is!!! But…. Who would dig a hole in my backyard?!!

Seriously, what happened here?

Seriously, what happened here?


¬†I am not taking the wrap for this…

I sits, and I am innocent. It was the neighbor's dog.

I sits, and I am innocent. It was the neighbor’s dog.

Oh now I know!!! It’s my bratty baby brother Luigi!!

He really irritates me at times and I must do something to set him off in a frenzy. The next thing I know is I see him digging a big hole!!

He likes to dig deep enough to expose all the white sprinkler pipes. You see all the evidence on his face and his feet?!!! Will he ever grow out of this? Not as long as I’m around….. But isn’t that what brothers and sisters do antagonize each other?… Ha Ha!!!!

Note: I am not a racist, but I want to point out that Luigi is not a Weimaraner. He is not a longhair Weimaraner. He is a Golden, or as he points out to me–he is Mom and Dad’s Golden Boy. I say uhuh whatever. You are taking the wrap for this buddy!

Idelle  has some thoughts on the topic too!

This is what we came home to today after leaving the kids outside while we went to Costco.

I don’t think Luigi will ever grow out of digging. For years we used to blame Lucy because with Luigi’s bad elbows we didn’t think he could power dig those big holes. But as time went on we discovered that the dirt was always all over him and not Lucy. That’s not to say that she is all innocent but we now think he does all the digging and she watches. I have seen her give him a look or bump into him and then he will go into a frenzy and zoom around the house or yard. Well I guess Lucy is keeping him young huh? Ha Ha!! Here is the damage we came home to…..

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"I gots my toy, and I am truly innocent." ~Lucy

“I gots my toy, and I am truly innocent.” ~Lucy

Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner can be a digging machine. We have seen a Weim dig a hole large enough to park a jeep in less than 20 minutes.

We have cautioned people who are raising the Weimaraner puppy, not to let the digging (chewing on the house siding, or other unwanted behaviors) to begin. That is the best way to avoid a lifetime of issues.

The Weimaraner that is a serious digger cannot be left access to the yard, or a lot of freedom. Some have been known to dig in the carpet. The pup that is supervised, and doesn’t get the notion that they want to dig for fun is going to be a lot easier to manage.¬†