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Frank, Bo, and Lola

AT The Dog Park in Livermore, California

Like so many of you, we managed to add Frank to our family during the pandemic. Frank is ours, and you might remember we have been featured several times here on the OwyheeStar Blog. We met Cliff and Shela in Burns, Oregon, where we picked up Frank, Bo, and Lola. We agreed to transport the two extra pups because of the pandemic situation. It was a little crowded in our camper, but we managed to make it work. The plan at been to meet up again in the future. We recently had our reunion. We met at a dog park in Livermore, California.

It went pretty well–Frank declared it great fun. Lola had never been to a dog park before, so she was shy but warmed up to the idea. Bo is not good off-leash, but he had a good time even so. It was great to get together.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Ben for sharing the photos and the news about this went.


We have had our pup Auggie for a little over a year now (he was in the BoonexFlo litter of 2020) and we absolutely adore him and like to think he adores us too.

We were thinking of maybe getting another one, and were wondering if we could get access to the application. Again, we hope you and Cliff are doing well, and I’ve attached some pictures of Auggie as well!

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear from you and to learn that Auggie is doing well. The photos are great. We also look forward to working with you, again.

From Frank’s Family

I hope you’re doing well! Frank is his staff are doing well– we welcomed a baby girl into our family back in December. Julia loves her big brother Frank, and he’s super sweet with her.

Our GSP Penny is starting to show her age (we think she’s 13 now) and is finally really starting to bond with Frank. She took a while to mesh with our Hans before he passed too.

We’re trying to set up a playdate with the other two pups we brought back to the Bay area last year. We love the idea of the reunion.

Frank loves sleeping on his back with his legs stretched in the air. He’s passed obedience and agility classes already! He’s spent a lot of time with my parents rescue basset hound, and has adopted his bark. He still has a big weim voice, but he likes to howl like a basset. 🙂 He’ll only eat his food after he tips over the bowl and dumps the food out all over the ground. Messy eater!  We love him so much.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate the update, and look forward to hearing how the meet up goes. It is great that Frank is good with the newest addition.


~Celebrating Two Years

Our sweet boy, Knobby, turned 2 this past week! We had a quiet day as he’s recovering from his neuter and gastropexy from March 4th but he thoroughly enjoyed his “pupcakes” and  ice cream.

He even shared with Gabby,  our mini dachshund.  We did remove his donut and recovery suit for the pictures, haha! ~ Darlene

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to see these lovely photos of ‘Knobby’ on his second birthday. Thanks for taking such excellent care of him, and for sharing with us.


~Our Emergency Vet Visit

Had to run Knobby to the emergency vet because he got into my daughter’s purse and chew up her gum package, she was sure how much he ingested so our vet said to take him to the emergency vet. Gum can be a bad thing because most sugar-free gum contains xylitol. Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs, even small amounts of xylitol can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure or even death.

Keep anything with Xylitol where your Weimaraner cannot snatch it–

After $399.59, the pet poison hotline and induced vomiting at the hospital he’s fine. Luckily that brand and flavor of gum didn’t have xylitol. They also found several paper towels, he must’ve got into the trash also and one partial dissolved Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic chew. He doesn’t get dinner tonight so hopefully he’ll remember, probably not. If you like gum and have pets, stick to Wrigley’s Extra Cinnamon. Oh and get pet insurance, I also have that too, now I get to learn how to bill to it. 

Breeder Comment

Since we are virtually sugar-free at our home, we have Xylitol around. Anything baked with it, sugar-free gum, etc., must be kept out of reach of the Weimaraner. Click Here to get some idea of products that might be in your home that could contain Xylitol.

Dyson’s Big Win

It’s not your typical hunting dog brag but Dyson won a cover photo contest for Oregon, Washington and Idaho Weimaraners Facebook group with this double derp picture.  He was waiting intensely for a ball to be thrown.  He’s such a lovable clown. 

Cheers. ~Mardo

Breeder Comment

Mardo–thanks for sending this along to us. What a fun and funny photo capture. Way to go, Dyson. You are a winner!

I’m A Traveling Weim , yes I am

~ Frank is in Victor, Idaho

We’ve been to 19 states this trip (all social distanced from our RV!) “Woof”

I am doing so well! We decided to take a month long RV trip and we’ve been hiking and loving the outdoors. That’s me in victor, Idaho after we did some off leash creek stomping 🙂 

Here I am in Yellowstone enjoying our campfire and then on a walk with my BF Penny while we were in the Badlands. There is always a lot of fresh air and we play hard where ever we stop–then we crash in the RV.

Breeder Comment

Hello Frank! We are delighted that you and your family are having fun this summer. It is good that you are such a good boy for them. Thanks for the report.

Steel and Slate

~ Chilling with Family for the 4th

We are loving these OwyheeStar Weims, that we got from you folks.   All the extended family is here. Everyone can’t believe how well behaved and good mannered they are.  ~ Dave (Nampa, Idaho)

Breeder Comment

It makes us super happy to know you are doing so well with the two Blue Boys. Stay well, and please think of us with any story you might have that we can share on the blog.


~Is he a Beaver or what?

Knobby absolutely loves sticks, always has but he is in “stick heaven” now that dad is cutting the trees in the backyard. He’s making kindling for us and dragging branches all around the yard. Mom will be happy when all the sticks are gone!

Breeder Comment

We hear your pain. There is little doubt he is alone, but for some Weims, the wood gnawing also becomes a tummy upsetting situation. More than one person has written asking how they keep their Weimaraner out of the woodpile–the only thing we know is to fence it off.

At Home with Frank

Frank has really settled in! He has a vet appointment this morning for a vaccine, stool sample, etc. Crate training is going well and he’s such an adventurous little guy.

We’re working through potty training (he seemed to regress a bit after we settled in at home) and nipping at our toddler (normal puppy stuff!) but we’re working on it and we’re so thankful for Frankie!

Breeder Comment

You are doing great. What great photos of your new Weimar family member. Keep us posted. We truly appreciate it.