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Dyson’s Big Win

It’s not your typical hunting dog brag but Dyson won a cover photo contest for Oregon, Washington and Idaho Weimaraners Facebook group with this double derp picture.  He was waiting intensely for a ball to be thrown.  He’s such a lovable clown. 

Cheers. ~Mardo

Breeder Comment

Mardo–thanks for sending this along to us. What a fun and funny photo capture. Way to go, Dyson. You are a winner!

I’m A Traveling Weim , yes I am

~ Frank is in Victor, Idaho

We’ve been to 19 states this trip (all social distanced from our RV!) “Woof”

I am doing so well! We decided to take a month long RV trip and we’ve been hiking and loving the outdoors. That’s me in victor, Idaho after we did some off leash creek stomping 🙂 

Here I am in Yellowstone enjoying our campfire and then on a walk with my BF Penny while we were in the Badlands. There is always a lot of fresh air and we play hard where ever we stop–then we crash in the RV.

Breeder Comment

Hello Frank! We are delighted that you and your family are having fun this summer. It is good that you are such a good boy for them. Thanks for the report.

Steel and Slate

~ Chilling with Family for the 4th

We are loving these OwyheeStar Weims, that we got from you folks.   All the extended family is here. Everyone can’t believe how well behaved and good mannered they are.  ~ Dave (Nampa, Idaho)

Breeder Comment

It makes us super happy to know you are doing so well with the two Blue Boys. Stay well, and please think of us with any story you might have that we can share on the blog.


~Is he a Beaver or what?

Knobby absolutely loves sticks, always has but he is in “stick heaven” now that dad is cutting the trees in the backyard. He’s making kindling for us and dragging branches all around the yard. Mom will be happy when all the sticks are gone!

Breeder Comment

We hear your pain. There is little doubt he is alone, but for some Weims, the wood gnawing also becomes a tummy upsetting situation. More than one person has written asking how they keep their Weimaraner out of the woodpile–the only thing we know is to fence it off.

At Home with Frank

Frank has really settled in! He has a vet appointment this morning for a vaccine, stool sample, etc. Crate training is going well and he’s such an adventurous little guy.

We’re working through potty training (he seemed to regress a bit after we settled in at home) and nipping at our toddler (normal puppy stuff!) but we’re working on it and we’re so thankful for Frankie!

Breeder Comment

You are doing great. What great photos of your new Weimar family member. Keep us posted. We truly appreciate it.

Hope’s First Swim

Hope is 13 months old, and yesterday was the first time she had been to the pond since she was a pup. I don’t remember exactly, but I am reasonably sure she did the puppy swim about a year ago.

Regardless, she has not been acclimated to the water until now. Cliff took her out to the pond on Monday evening. She got into the water chest high but didn’t swim. Tuesday, a whole different thing happened. Remember when we say to ingrain the love of the retrieve. Here is why–

We Are a Two Weim Household, Again.

~Casey is not too sure about Luna

We decide to name Flo’s pup (#6), Luna. She made herself at home quickly and is doing well, but Casey is still not sure about her. Even her potty training is going well at this very early stage. We call the Nuvet powder ‘puppy crack’…she loves her food with this on it!! She keeps going back in her crate to lick the empty bowl! She isn’t enjoying the crate, but it’s only day 3 and everything is new for her. Feeding and putting toys in the crate is encouraging her go in herself and spend more time so I think she doing good so far…it is a process 🙂

This is the Life–

Again…thank you and Cliff for all the care you put into these pups…your weims have improved the quality of our lives over the past 14 years! Nikita was my best running partner ever for the better part of 12 years.

I can’t wait until next year when Luna can join me as my new running partner! I hope you both take care of yourself and stay well!!!!
Linda & Bob

Breeder Comment

Luna is a popular name–it has worked well for a few other OwyheeStar notables. (Haha) She looks quite content and willing to help Casey adjust to her settling in–taking over the running of things. (OMG) Well, if she is anything like our ‘Hope’ you are going to be so happy with her.


~ We Made It Home

Probably off to a bad start as he slept with us last night. Slept about 7 hours. No accidents, had breakfast this morning and a solid poop outside. Every time he drinks water we take him out and praise him when he does his business.  He is a little clingy but that was expected. He wants to be on a lap. Crate training starts today.

He will actively try to play with the other two boys with varying degrees of success. Our other weim ignores him still and the lab tolerates him till he gets underfoot then requests his space with a growl.  We Supervise him closely as the lab could easily break the little guy. He loves exploring the back yard and is showing more of his personality every hour. Thanks again.  

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to hear the news. It is a bit more tricky to incorporate a puppy into a home with two adult resident dogs–and many things are to be expected. One for sure–is the extra work to monitor interaction to ensure the pup’s safety.

More importantly, we have to guard our feelings about the things we see. The very intuitive Weimaraner picks up on your unspoken signals–your concern, any disappointment, or whatever. Sometimes a resident Weimar has their nose out of joint and tries to manipulate you into getting rid of the new interloper. The best approach is to keep things the same as before the pup arrived–and make sure the resident Weimaraner still believes they are in control of their universe. Lavishing the newest family member with too much attention and displacing other fur family members can drag out the process. Eventually, the dust will settle (feelings will adjust), and they will, at a minimum, tolerate the new arrival–more than likely, they will become inseparable.


(01/23/2020) My kids have been doing their best to distract me after having to put our little mini dachshund, Roxy, down last Friday. So on Saturday the boys were chopping wood, Knobby was so thrilled everyone was outside (it’s been really rainy lately) he was running around the yard and leaped on top of the big stump. Tyler was able to capture the moment. This dog is a parkour king! . You should see him when he get the zoomies… He can leap over every gate in the house if he wants to, the stump was easy.

Knobby and Gabby warming themselves by the fireplace. They are adjusting to life without their sister, Roxy.

Breeder Comment

RIP dear Roxy–your loss is felt deeply. We find a way to travel forward, but this type of loss hits us hard. We send you positive thoughts and vibes–and we know Roxy is running free–kicking up dirt and making new friends.


~ First Christmas

I was so worried how Knobby would act around the Christmas tree. The decision was made to put up an undecorated tree for about a week just get him used to it. He was curious but didn’t mess with it. We decorated the tree, paying special attention to the type of ornaments on the bottom, just in case. The stockings were hung and cherished decor was put out. I am happy to report no “Weim Crimes”, although he really likes the standing Santa. He may have knocked Santa over a few times, no harm, no foul.🎄🎅❄Now we are looking forward to 2020 and a 1st birthday party in March. 🎂🎉


Breeder Comment

We love hearing how you managed the first Christmas with Knobby.