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Moving Up to Two

The Bonding Process

     ~ Nancy Reports



Tikka and Bill on the SUP (Luna rides with Nancy)


The Bonding Process

Garin's Tikka_3134

Shared Moment

Bill is working very hard to help his bond with Tikka. He gets up very early (twice a week he’s up at 2:30 AM). Now he has added Tikka to his morning routine; he gets her up with him (which isn’t too hard since she sleeps in bed with him!). He feeds her, plays with her then before he leaves he brings her back to bed & tucks her in beside me (and Luna :).

When he gets home after working 10 to 14 hours he spends more time with her. Puppies are exhausting and require quite a bit more energy than older well-trained dogs do, but he’s determined. I do coach him and remind him to do things sometimes, but she does seem drawn to him. If she comes up with a stray sock it’s always his, she also enjoys getting into his work bag and dragging out his work items, not to chew on just to carry around.

Tikka likes the grandkids and other critters too!

When You Drop the Ball

     ~ or change doesn’t work well

Also (along the bonding line) last week Bill broke his routine with Tikka and it messed her up! He put her back to bed right after going potty, instead of letting her stay up to do whatever they do when they get up in the wee hours of the morning. She tried & tried to get comfortable (she usually goes right to sleep). Luna ended up moving to the end of the bed. Teek was being entirely too squirmy! All of the sudden she heard the coffee grinder and sat straight up. I said, “do you want to go see dad?” She was off the bed and at the door,  before I could blink an eye, when I opened the door she was full speed to see dad! 😊

Breeder Comment

Tikka is very fortunate to slide into your family without a hitch. Luna has adapted about as well as anyone could ask. We realize that a lot of this occurred due to the human element.

Typically a Weimaraner gravitates to one of two persons in the family and picks them. They might have a very different relationship with each family member. We have known of a Weim that would only play ball with the son, would just hunt with the father, and only snuggled in bed with Mama. Not every family structure works out like that, but it does make you laugh. Bonding with the Weimaraner implies more than being friends. In this case, you would be their human of choice. Not that Tikka doesn’t love Nancy and she is glad to be with her when Bill is gone, but when he comes home it is a different story. Why? It is because he made it fun. Not only that, he was able to get her to want to please him. We are delighted to hear about his investment in the relationship. The story speaks for itself. Bill put a lot of work into the relationship. I guess all relationships require such an investment to thrive.

The Human Element

Behind the Scenes

     ~ Luna and Me (Nancy)

The backdrop–we wanted to add another Weimaraner. I admit contacting Shela many times wanting to get our next puppy; however, behind the scenes I had some apprehension. As Shela knows, I shared with her my reluctance regarding the addition of a second weim. Of course, I kept that to myself until Tikka was safely in our home. But as the day approached and then it became a reality I worried. One significant concern I had was about the household relationships. Luna is bonded to me, and Bill wanted the next (as I did) to bond with him. Now, we faced our plight to influence who the new pup’s “person” would be.

Then There Was Tikka

Garin's Tikka_3189
We’ve had Tikka in our home for almost a month and a half. As I stated, I had two major concerns about adding Tikka to our pack. First and foremost Luna. I didn’t want to compromise or change her status or our relationship. Secondly, I wondered if and how we could we actually “make her” Bill’s dog.

~ Here is how that worked out


Garin_3154Luna and Tikka are awesome together! I still spend a lot of time with Luna and our relationship hasn’t changed much, she is and always will be my #1 dog and seems to know that. Tikka is learning some things just from watching Luna. This second Weimaraner learning from the first makes a lot of things easier. But we also want Tikka to be her own dog, (or person) so we ensure sure that Tikka gets to do her “own things.”

Luna is obsessed with her chuck it balls no other dogs get to play with or retrieve her balls, so every few throws Luna is put in a sit stay, and Tikka is allowed to retrieve the ball, good for both dogs! One of the first “cute tricks” we teach our dogs for treats is a sit stay. Tikka who isn’t even four months yet has a pretty decent sit stay already; I am currently working on having them sit together and releasing them individually.

Tikka and Bill are doing pretty well, things that are a habit for me (like every time I go anywhere Luna goes with me), Bill has to be reminded, but he’s learning too! He has realized how much work and patience go into raising a well-balanced puppy.

Tikka loves us both (as does Luna). Last night both dogs were asleep (On the couch!!), and Bill went outside for something; Luna didn’t bat an eye, but Tikka got up and went to the door wanting to go with her dad! It may not be a monumental sign, but I think we are all heading in the right direction 🙂 ~ Nancy

Watch for More on Bill and Tikka and how they are bonding.

Last of Summer

Not Long Ago


The Weimaraner is going to love the water if they feel at home in and on it. Tikka and Bill are off to a great start together. garins-sup-4Big Sister ( Luna) does the Standup Paddle Board too! When watersports are something you love and want to share with the Weimaraner the introduction to water is essential.

Achieving the water retrieve might take patience. Some Weims are more natural swimmers than other. Nonetheless, they all have webbed toes and can become proficient swimmers. garins-luna-nails

Luna Sets the Standard

Tikka has a lot to learn, and Luna will be sharing the inside secrets. Nail grooming is key to being girlie. Other tips are important to such as how to cover up properly. The undercover Weim-mode is crucial to the Weimar person.Garin under-cover1


A Tired Weim is a Good Weim

       ~Thank God, it’s Friday!


Garin's Luna Exhausting_1330

“Woof!” I tell you something, being good is exhausting!


Seriously, that saying is one that is commonplace. It has merit. With the high-energy young Weimaraner, you may find yourself challenged to find age appropriate exercise ideas.

Consider Caution 

Seriously, that saying (about how exhaustion is directly related to the Weim’s behavior) is one that is commonplace. It has merit. With the high-energy young Weimaraner, you may find yourself challenged to find age appropriate exercise ideas. For the long distance runner, the obvious seems to be to hit the trails. Nevertheless, caution is in order. If you are a serious athlete (who goes the distance), you want to get longevity from your Weim’s hips and joints. Therefore, you need to be careful not to overrun the pup’s development and growth–their growth plates do not close until about 15 months. That is a sobering thought.

Other Considerations

Age-appropriate exercise is up for interpretation–like all things subjective. Nevertheless, the high-impact frisbee, agility-type activity, and distances of more than 3 miles should be limited. The latter is most important if the run is on the pavement; however, even pounding the dirt trail can be damaging to those developing joints. We have always suggested you set the Weimaraner up for the longer distances once they are done growing by making better choices–swimming is a favorite. The high-energy Weimaraner can always benefit from being able to water retrieve. Long after the growth plates have closed they will have plenty of energy. If they love to fetch and swim this will be a plus in so many ways.


Insurance for your Weimaraner is a good idea–at least major medical. This is especially true for the serious athlete. A torn ACL is expensive to surgically repair. It is said if a ligament problem develops on the left side, the other side may also suffer the same fate. There are other injuries that are equally expensive to treat. Lurking in the background is the risk of bloat–thank goodness, we have only known of a couple of cases in the OwyheeStar Weims. Nevertheless, it is always a risk with this breed. It is also very costly to treat. Should it strike, it is an emergency situation–which may not end well. No one can guarantee such a fate will not visit your household, but to have it do so would (most assuredly) mean to wish you had gotten the insurance.

The Weimaraner can go the distance once they have finished growing. Your faithful running companion should be by your side for a goodly number of years. Consider that hip replacement and other repairs are an option. You might check the insurance to see what it covers and discuss this with your Veterinary office professionals. The person that does the billing will know which insurance pays best and typically have a recommendation.

Luna– does it all!

13529143_1262289560478659_3909295587421553350_nLuna, pictured above and at the top, has many favored activities on land as well as water. She does it all. She is kid friendly and the hostess with the mostest (if you know what we mean). To say she is popular would be a vast understatement. Her life is indeed exhausting. She has a myriad of responsibilities that is mind-boggling. We thank her for all she does for her family and others.






Didi, Part Two

A Family Affair

     ~ From Didi’s Grandma

Dear Shela and Cliff,
A long overdue message from Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Didi has been in our lives now for almost 6 years (Elle and Blue) and we truly can’t imagine a life without her. I have been hounding my son and daughter-in-law, Blake and Lily, Didi’s “Dad and Mom” to send you a message for quite some time. I told them that it was important to let you know how much we all love Didi and how grateful we are to you! In our opinion, there are no better Weimaraner Breeders than you, Shela and Cliff!message_1437935452891

Wherever Didi goes, people stop to tell us how beautiful she is!!! And – on a recent trip to Seattle to visit her uncle, Sean, my son was asked if Didi was an Owyheestar Weimaraner; speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Here are some of our favorite Didi moments:

We love her “freedom” runs; seeing her run- with weim power, ears flying in the wind!

We love what a great hiking partner she is; always up to any hiking challenge!

message_1447454524482We love watching her swim; so powerful – with her chest high out of the water!

message_1433375874166We love watching her roll around in the sand or snow, clearly loving every moment!

We love her weim craziness; how easy it is to get her excited and how she is always ready to play!

We love how neurotic she is; how she’ll jump back at the sight of a feather, or hunker down if she has to walk across a slippery floor!

We love how friendly and gentle she is; she loves people so much!

We love how she jumps into bed after breakfast, to get a few more hours of beauty rest! She particularly loves her aunt, Sarah’s, bed.

We love how she is always ready to pose for picture; no costume or piece of jewelry that Sarah puts on her is too outrageous for her!

message_1445560830334We love how she follows us from room to room; our “velcro dog”, always wanting to be close to her family.

We love that she is a “cuddler”; that she loves human contact-always putting a head on a lap, or a paw on a leg or arm!

Shela and Cliff: thank you so very much for bringing us our beloved Didi! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Didi’s “grandmother”, Andree

Didi, Part One

At 6 Years

message_1437935452891Hi, this is Blake, my wife and I got our Didi from you and Cliff in early 2011. I apologize for not writing in ages, but we wanted to drop a line to let you know that Didi is great, in very good health and is still energetic as ever, even as a 6 year old girl now. Lily and I don’t have any children so Didi is our baby and we can’t imagine life without her. She loves any type of activity we do, but definitely swimming and hiking are her favourites and we can’t keep her out of the water. I’ve put together a bunch of photos of Didi around Vancouver and the surrounding mountains and ocean.

Mom Loves Didi

My mother has also written a little piece about how much she loves your Weims, and how much Didi means to her and my sister, so I will send that along as a separate email. She has been urging me to write and send pictures because she reads your blog on a regular basis.
I hope you and Cliff are well and I hope you enjoy the pictures of our little girl.
~Many thanks, Blake and All

Breeder Comment

Didi’s grandma has written a lengthy report. We love it! We have more photos too! So, expect Didi’s continuing update to follow in the days ahead.

I don’t think so

This Ain’t Happening




Raein says,

“Let’s skip the dog park and get a Puppacino.” 

On the Lake

Then This

Gatsby is a well-behaved boat dog, settling down and sleeping when we speed along. He and his dog buddy, Humphrey, enjoy hanging at the campsite at Lake Powell.


Cheers!  ~Adria

Breeder Comment

Whatever you are doing we love to see the Weimaraner along with…


Comes in Various Packages


Luna’s costume is a laugh. She is dressed as a Gray Ghost Weimar. How cute is that?

Sometimes it is more a BooHoo

st-deniss-bella-halloween-2016Not every cutie loves the idea of wearing a costume. This girl wasn’t thrilled but just say it–Oh my Gosh! We are so glad her Mama insisted she sport this costume.

Hope your Halloween is fun!

Losses Happen

The Two of Us!

As you probably  heard, my old dog was put to sleep on Oct 11, 2016. I was concerned  for Raein at first, but I believe she knew he was sick and is taking  it quite well.

She has been my backbone  for this past week. I strongly recommend always to have two dogs. When one gets sick you have another one to cry on. Raein even might like  it better now that she is the only dog and can get all the attention for herself. Lol Raein and I have been back at running this past week also. We haven’t  been out due to a sick dog but things are looking better. Thank you for a dog that needs attention. Because she is soaking it all up right now. Lol


Breeder Comment

Dear Shelli

We have known each other for some time. I don’t remember exactly how many years ago you got Raein from us–some time ago, though. At the time, you needed a running partner. The two of you have run more than a few miles. I always worry about the Weimaraner holding up to the long distance running, but amazingly they seem to do it. They are prone to ACL tears and joint damage just like their human counterparts. I always recommend insurance to cover such an issue because the cost is in the thousands. We have heard of people putting down their running companions because they could not afford the surgery. Oh my gosh–so sad.

Anyhow–for now the two of you back to running. The memories of your departed family member are fresh on your mind. It seems running in honor of Riley is a good thing. We send our heartfelt condolences (and I believe we also posted on Facebook–but that is less personal). There simply are no adequate words to cover such a loss. Our hearts go out to you and Raein. You have each other during this time and it is a good thing.

Memories of your Journey