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I hope you and yours are well especially after this last year. Our family has an Owyheestar blue from Blue and Elle’s December 2011 litter. We LOVE Autobahn and are thinking about adding another blue to our family.

As you will see from the attached pics Auto likes to be right in the middle of everything! If you could please let us know what the current application process is we would appreciate it. Many thanks and have a great weekend.

Cathy and Shawn

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled that Autobahn is beloved, and look forward to working with you, again.

Tikka and Luna

~Resting Up While they Wait for Company to Arrive

~Christina and Shela got us a new ball

Luna claimed the ball–but a game of tug-o-war is looming large.

Breeder Comment

Christina and I made a trip west — and we are going to admit that the only Weim clients we planned to see were the Garin family–with Tikka and Luna. That was because they were gracious enough to offer us a bed. (Haha) We needed to keep our exposure to a minimum because some of the folks we were slated to meet, (well most of them) were very high-risk), and we needed to make sure we were not exposed to COVID. We were vaccinated but also took a rapid test. We took every possible precaution –but we did get to play with Luna and Tikka. We bought the girls this tug-o-war ball before we left.

A Couple of Days Ago

~Luna and Tikka in Western Oregon

We are getting our first snow of the season and the girls are ready to go play! It never lasts here so we have to enjoy it while we can!

Breeder Comment

We always love hearing from our friend, Nancy–many of you also are friends with her and her husband. They have done so much for the Weimaraner community–and before COVID, they hosted a monthly playdate. We appreciate you and thank you for all the referrals.


Ten Years –Time Flies

I continue to enjoy your Weimareiner updates – blog all of these many years! It’s been 10 years of blissful years with our dog Opal.

She is such a comfort and joy in our lives! We can’t imagine our lives without her and have begun to start discussing how to head off that eventual situation.

Towards that end I wanted to reach out to you and see what the future looks like in terms of securing another Weimaraner. I’m sure that the demand must be very high given the many people working at home during this ongoing pandemic situation. 

David Updike

(Two of the photos above are Opal with her litter mate Coco owned by Brianne Edwards)

Breeder Comment

We look forward to working with you again later this year. Thank you for getting a hold of us and for following us faithfully for ten years. It is great to also see Coco in some of these photos–knowing the two are close to each other is sweet.

Raein (Elle X Blue 2011)

~Overall Good News

It seems a lot is going on in the world but we always have our Weimaraners love. With that said, Raein had a bump on her butt. Had surgery, sent it out to do a biopsy and it came back benign. As she gets older, her doctor put her on some meds for incontinence.  Lol poor baby. But she is doing well.

She is still chasing and catching sky raisins in the house as the warmer weather is here. I try and walk her 3 to 4 miles a few times a week, weather depending. I think the older she gets, her body can’t tolerate the hot weather like she used to. Other than that, she is well. Thank you for all you do. I love reading about other Owyheestar Weimaraners. Shelli Rasmussen 

Breeder Comment

We are glad that Raein’s bump was benign–always a good thing. Thank you, for the update and for staying in touch over the years. Keep doing what you are doing–it works.


~Have You Heard of a Soft-Mouth?

Tikka and Luna

(8/15/2019) I have to tell you guys about Tikka today! We’re camping on a lake and we paddled out to an island, well Tikka obviously “found something ” she was super excited and kind of lounged then it looked like she tossed something but kept after what ever it was. I noticed a mama bird that was upset so I called her off. As we were leaving she ran back that way and started swimming away from us and wouldn’t come when called. When she finally came back it was obvious that she had something in her mouth (dang it a dead baby bird!) . She was swimming differently, slow and careful. She swam directly to me and gave me a live baby bird that I returned to it’s nest

😊Here are some photos from our recent adventure.

Breeder Comment

Supposedly, the Weimaraner is not naturally soft-mouthed. Small game and game birds frequently don’t fair well–but having said that, Cliff had had many a retrieved bird fly out of an OwyheeStar Weimaraner’s mouth. A soft-mouthed dog is a good thing.

Thank you, for sharing your story–and all these great photos. We know everyone loves seeing Tikka and Luna.


~It’s Been Awhile

I just read your post about running out of things to post so here is a small update on Raein. I can’t believe she is 8 this year. Where has the time gone?

She has been a great running partner but I have retired her has my running partner due to her age. I want her joints to last as long as possible. She is now the official couch buddy with my boyfriend.

Raein has a new boyfriend and my boyfriend is now taken by Raein. 🤣🤣 she always lays next to him and it’s a struggle to get her away from him so I can sit beside my boyfriend on the couch. 😂 not sure if she loves me anymore. 😜

Raein’s little brother, Tikaani…..well they do well together. Tikaani is a wuss so Raein takes the lead as alpha female no problem. My boyfriend’s little dog, Rico is right in the middle. Big heart in a small body. Lol all three dogs get along well overall. 

Thank you for all you do–Shelli

Breeder Comment

We are so happy to hear from you Shelli–it has been quite the journey since we first met. Employment changes–you following your dream, as well as moving across the country. Thank you–for keeping us apprised and staying a part of the OwyheeStar Community.

In Town

~With Tikka and Luna

I had the girls in Lowes today and talked to a man who was taken by my beautiful girls, I gave him your card 😊

BTW-I can take both girls into the store by myself and they are so good!! I’m always so proud 😊

You bet your booties we got new babies today!

They got new babies today. Love my girls, Nancy

Breeder Comment

Well, hello to you two girls–glad your Mom dropped me a quick update. I am glad the man at Lowe’s loved you (Tikka and Luna) Who doesn’t? Thank you, Nancy, for the endorsement–and for being you!

Things Like This


Maybe you frequent Facebook and follow Luna, Tikka, and Maizie Weim. I know quite of few of you are connected via social media. Anyhow, not all that long ago–in mid-January Lunna tweaked a toe. I believe that is correct. So, we saw the photos of the various casts, etc.

Nancy reported –She broke one of her weight-bearing toes, not sure how…

Then news of Maize’s injury surfaced. (OMG)

Linda Writes –Yesterday at the Mary S. Young Dog Park, Maizie chased a ball—at high speed, thrown by the powerful toss of her Master with a Chuck-it. Coming after the ball too, was a large Labrador. They collided and Maizie got t-boned which broke her rib.😰. She is not feeling perky today. Gotta keep her quiet for a couple weeks. 🚫NO Squirrels.

Breeder Comment

We were sorry to hear about these injuries. The athletic Weimaraner sometimes finds trouble–even when they are being well-behaved.

My Two OwyheeStars

Sheds, Upland Game Birds–

All Around CompanionWeims

Bailee does good with upland game birds and great with sheds.  She used to love the water until my adopted weim, Abel (which we lost in February) convinced Bailee that water is scary.  I am still working with her to get her back into it.  She loves going out hunting with me, and no matter what I’m out hunting for, she seems to find a shed 🙂 

She also likes to go fishing with me whether it be in the boat, or on the paddle board.  

Not Abel, my old buddy–tell me again why we need this guy?

When we lost Abel, Bailee was very depressed and even gained some weight.  But since adding Bodey to the mix, she is hyper and back to herself again.  As you can see in this pic, she was not impressed initially (lol), but she warmed up quickly.  Bodey keeps her busy with constant tug of war with the chew toys and always stealing her antlers cause his just aren’t as interesting.  They are inseparable. 

Bodey is picking up smaller sheds and I think he will do well this season.  I’ve got him to bark at the sheds that are too large for him to pick up which I have never got Bailee to do, so I’m excited about that.  

And of course, they are both professional Grade cuddlers.  They are both crate trained and LOVE their kennel, but they typically sleep on my bed with me.  If they aren’t on my bed cuddled with me, they are in their crate with the door wide open curled up with each other 🙂 

Look At Me Now!


Bodey has been such an incredible addition for Bailee and me, thanks for raising such great pups! 🙂 ~ Damon

Breeder Comment

Honestly, I have a very difficult time getting updates from my hunter-type guys. Well, you know—they would rather do almost anything else. I get it.

I am sure you can work her back into the water—Weims get an idea, and it is tough to change their mind but if you act like water is the norm and work he back into it with the retrieve I think you can do this one thing. Bless you, my friend. I do so hope that Brandon follows through. I would be excited to place a puppy with him as well.