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Vaccine and the Weimar

~We recommend the Titer Test


You might wonder if we follow our own recommendation–we do. Henri is coming up on her sixteen-week birthday. She is slated to have the titer test done at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital in Nampa thanks to Dr. Calhoun.

Click Here to learn more about this inexpensive Titer Test option. This particular test is a relatively new option. I think Henri will be the first client to give it a try. We are very excited.

Here are some random (unedited) photos Christina and I managed to capture yesterday. After this, she will not fit into the cabinet. (OMG) Weimaraner pups grow so fast. As you can see she is not thrilled with her Prom Dress.

Our Blue Stud

Meet Boone

Boone at the Sanctuary.B-28Many of you are aware we have a new Blue Stud Dog–Dusty was our first and then we had Blue. Unfortunately, eventually, they are too old to produce litters. Long story made short–we found this lovely boy and we named him ‘OwyheeStar’s Boone’.

I’ve been bemoaning the lack of photos so we went to the sanctuary and captured a few.

What’s Not to Love?

‘Boone’ is unflappable, loving, happy and intelligent. He has already sired a couple of litters. Prior to using him, we did some health checks. More recently we got health certifications. These certified examiners submitted their tests to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

  1. Preliminary Hip Rating was Good with good elbows.
  2. No evidence of thyroid disease was recognized.
  3. No indication of congenital cardiac disease.
  4. He was found to be free of observable inherited eye disease.

We also sent off DNA to AKC to get him on file as a frequent used Stud as well as to DDC Veterinary to check to see if he carried the Longhair (or fluffy coat) DNA marker. He did not–which means no litter he sires will ever produce Longhair puppies.

To answer your question–no all these tests have not been completed on our females. Most of them we have owned for generations. Secondly, while this testing is beneficial, it doesn’t always prevent things from happening. Honestly, we have purchased two Weimaraners from parents with both excellent OFA ratings only to find their offspring had the worst hips ever! It was extremely discouraging. Twice this happened. Regardless, it is essential to have our Stud Dog tested. We are thrilled with the outcome for our beautiful ‘Boone’. Thanks to the Idaho Veterinary Hospital for making this possible via their Breeder’s Day.


2017 23rd Saturday Recap

5-Hollee X Benton_4942Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

A couple of nights ago we took Winnie for her first Gator ride. Sorry–we didn’t capture any photos of her in the Gator. At first, she was a little unsure of what was happening but very quickly she took to the idea. Of course, she was delighted when we stopped at the sanctuary and let her explore. It was not a training mission. This trip was just for the humans to chill a bit and Winnie (Next Generation OwyheeStar) got to join us. We have to spread the opportunities around. There is never enough time and opportunities to do all we would like to with the Weims.

Look at how much she has grown in the last 90 days. For those getting a puppy, consider this–the growth rate is staggering.


Lite Snackers_1149Cliff has been busy managing weeds. One day soon, we hope to have the Three Cliff’s sanctuary planted with grass. I am not sure the exact type of grass we will use, but something appropriate for this area. In the meantime, Cliff has mowed the natural weed-mix we have going. We don’t want the cheat grass to dry out and throw it’s barbed into our beloved Weims. Sadly, we went from a very green lush fauna to this dry floor covering. Nevertheless, it is better than what would be if Cliff had not gotten it mown. We will be using this area a lot in the next few weeks.

Dusty Endorses Chewy and Suggests This Healthier Snack <== Dusty Speaks!

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

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On a very personal note

IMG_5822Cliff has been extremely busy around the Farmhouse and the farm in general. It is an overwhelming amount of things that need his attention. He constantly reminds himself that although the list is endless and demanding, he has accomplished an unbelievable amount of the project in two years. (Hurrah!) We are just not youngsters anymore. Anyone our age wants to function as they did at 30, and feel no consequences. (OMG) This week’s accomplishments might seem meager to some; however, to us we celebrate them. They include a paver walkway laid to the parking area, parking barriers, the utility bath got the last of the tile that we had installed, the lawns were mowed, fencing problems resolved, and other logistical issues were managed.


It is good to have a helper like Mr. Stackhouse


I managed to get a few things accomplished, but as always I am limited in what I can do. I wonder if the limitations will hold us back for the rest of my life. I don’t know. Regardless, it is not good to dwell on such a thought. With the summer heat pressing in, I have to manage the Lymphedema–so far, so good. Letting my left arm blow up would not be a good thing. It would require physical therapy and a lot of attention to get the swelling under control. Right now I have wrinkles–you might think wrinkles are a bad thing but look at your wrist area. There are wrinkles where you bend your wrist. Also, my veins show too! At one point the physical therapist said I might have to accept my left arm size to be the least it would ever get. I am happy to report (despite the 20 plus lymph node removal) the arm looks nearly the same as my right one. Regardless, I can never lose sight of the fact that the heat can trigger swelling in a moment. The arm actually talks to me, and I need to get out of the situation or pay the price. Right now, I am ever so thankful that it is doing well.

The (seemingly) ever-present wretched cough continues to cling on, but it is less of an issue. Every day I hope not to have the coughing spells. Improvement means more nighttime sleep which is vital to the healing process. It would be easy to grow weary of the process and to become discouraged. Attitude is the most important part of the healing process.


Pondering the Future

Goldee 4

Yesterday, we left off with Goldee wondering about the new arrival and the baby preparations. The Queen Bee Diva of Western Oregon may not be quite as thrilled to see the new baby upstaging her. In truth, it is an excellent idea not to let that happen. Lavish your resident Weimaraner with additional attention and at the same time, the new pup should get what they need. Every effort should be made not to displace Goldee. Of course, we know that will never happen.

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Goldee loves Grandma’s camera. Terri has blessed us with an abundance of photographic captures. They are a delight. No doubt Maverick will learn to play along. Are you wondering which one is Maverick? He is the smallest Blue Male born to the Sadie X Stackhouse 2015 litter. The one on top. Hello, Maverick!

Maverick the world is awaiting your face captured by Terri’s Weimloving camera.


And Probabilities

Sunday Jan 24, 2016_-14The Weimaraner puppy presents both possibilities and probabilities. They come packed with mischief, full of life, and a lot of that thing called potential. What you become together takes time. The journey has twists and turns. There are pitfalls, potholes and a wealth of distractions.

What you become together is about having the right relationship. Remember these puppy eyes and sweet kisses can melt you into an ineffective do-nothing leader. (Oops) We may excuse the accidents and problems as puppyhood; however, there is a balance. Too many excuses and it might be time to look in the mirror and see if you are failing to follow through. The other extreme is being too harsh and demanding. The confident non-reactive leader is one who capitalizes on the opportunity to build a respectful relationship.

Respect is Important

What does respect look like? That is an excellent question. Keep in mind there are variables in a successful outcome. You and your Weimaraner have a unique relationship; however, there are some constants. For example

  1. Achieving the recall. Your Weimaraner needs to come when called.
  2. Achieving the loose lead walk–at a heel.
  3. Not allowing the Weim to mouth you or jump on you–or others.

Gaining Compliance

While it may be a relief to put on a head halter or front hooking harness to stop the pulling on the leash, it should not be a long term solution. Leaning on these devices instead of getting compliance is not in your best interest. Nor is it to your Weimaraner’s benefit either. Devices to initiate the first two listed disciplines are OK for a season; however, your ultimate goal is to achieve willing compliance. Here is Cliff’s advice.

The Weimaraner who is only compliant when they are in control (for example–off-leash) is not a trained and obediant companion. Off leash should be reward for compliance. This type of compliance involves all three disciplines listed above. Otherwise, in my opinion, they should be kept on the leash. Don’t we all want the freedom. Let’s work toward earning that together.

The bottom line is nothing is more important than your relationship. Be the right kind of leader and remember this is a journey. It is not about proving you are dog savvy or your Weimaraner is the smartest ever. It is about what you can become together.




Gabriel began her life (on February 28, 2012) at OwyheeStar. She was one of seven pups born to Livee’s litter (which was sired by OwyheeStar’s Once In A Blue Moon). Some of her littermates have made an OwyheeStar Blog News appearance; none more than the amazing Maizie. There are some other pups from the same parents; however, they were born a year later. Possibly, the most famous of these lives in Idaho (Charlie Blue). Gabriel was the first blue to arrive in Russia. She traveled via courier and arrived safely. Of course, there was a huge adjustment period after the relocation. Nevertheless, she came through and shines bright. The judges like her beauty and conformation. Two participations and two positive outcomes. You can read more on Igor’s website (click here )!

We look forward to hearing more about Gabriel and her successful offspring– The Blue Girl O’Hara which netted the BJB (Best of Junior Breed).


Useful abbreviations


CW – Class Winner

CAC ( National Dog Show  Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat. Your dog will need 1-6 CAC certificates to become a National Champion. The number depends on the country of issue.

CACIB ( International Dog Show) Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beaute. Your dog will need 2-3 CACIB certificates which are highly compatible in order to become and International CH.

BOB – Best of Breed

BIS – Best in Show



Deja Vu

And Cliff

Kisses, Loves, and Contemplations.

Deja Vu

Goes to Town

 ~ D & B Supply (Ontario, OR)

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“Deja Vu” born August 1st, 2015 to Ginger’s litter sired by “Blue”. Sunday she made her first trip into town with us since she was pup visiting the Veterinary.

She was amazing! No previous leash training had been done with her–our schedule has been crazy! She didn’t get into things–even those at her eye (nose level). She greeted everyone with joy and was appreciated by all.

In Action

Deja is compact. She is also a happy and tail-wagging girl.  Here she is in action!

UK Events and News

Making us Proud

Note: In 2011, after months of work (by Cliff), Bolt and Pete traveled with a courier to their new British home. That type of endeavor is challenging in every which way. Whether you are exporting, or importing, there are many things that could go awry. Marie-Claire is not average; she worked hard to get her new charges adjusted. In short order, they were making the transition–soon they were working. We appreciate her efforts, and her continued dedication to them. From time-to-time we have been blessed to hear from folks who have a pup from these lineages. Breeding entails the big picture–health, conformation, and temperament. Some Weimaraners are easier to live with, and train. We are delighted with the UK reports, and Marie Claire’s results. Here are some recent comments and results from Bolt and Pete’s offspring. 

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Marie-Claire wrote: “”Pete” Baileys dad .. (Blue , imported from Cliff and Shela Nielsen Owyheestar Weimaraners 2011 , he carries the long hair gene ) hes a quiet friendly stud dog a complete mummy’s boy now with my friend in Wales continuing his stud duties on a lovely farm.”

 “”Bolt ” mum to Bailey another Blue from Cliff and Shela Nielsen, really friendly and affectionate girl with a fantastic working pedigree with many Field trial Champions including Aztec’s American Pie .”



OwyheeStar Next Generation

Introducing OwyheeStar’s Ginger Ale

Next Generation OwyheeStar ~ OwyheeStar's Ginger Ale

Note: We never tie out our Weims, however, we do use a supervised tie-out (stake-out) system to teach them about restraint. During temperate weather we can hook them up along the front Veranda and work with several young Weims one at a time.

Some of these photos were taken during a summer session. As you can see they have learned not to pull.

Pictured left is “Ginger” who is from a mating with “Callie” and “Zee”. This is a long awaited event. “Callie” has produced only a few quality pups in her entire breeding career if you will.

Her personality is pleasing and engaging. We are thrilled with the outcome of this mating. We kept all four girls to train and assess. “Ginger” has a bubbly, fun-loving, and exciting personality much like the drink for which she was named. She has her own twist among this group of litter-mates. In addition to “Ginger” we have “Mousse”, “Vidalia”, and “Cindee”.

Winston, Mousse, and Gilligan

Above you can see three Weims awaiting their turn with Cliff. “Winston” and “Gilligan” eventually went to their own forever homes. Reports have been good for both. “Gilligan’s” family has sent multiple updates with great photos of his progress and for this reason he has been featured on the blog several times already. Sitting front and center, is our Next Generation “OwyheeStar’s Mousse”. Originally, “Mousse” was dubbed “Moose” because she was the largest pup in the litter. Eventually, others surpassed her in size and she ended being “Mousse”. Her name depicts the dessert that is a light airy due to incorporated air bubbles. Again, she has a light and bubbly personality.

Ontario, Oregon is the Onion Capital of the world (or at least billed that way due to the fact that they ship more winter Onions from this region that anywhere else in the world).  We live on Onion Avenue which was renamed for the area’s biggest cash crop. With onions such a popular item here locally we decided to name one of “Callie’s” four pups “Vidalia”. “Vi” as she is affectionately known adds spice to our lives. She is yet another fun-loving girl with aspirations for the future. “Cindee” is just her own person. Each pup within a litter has their own temperament and personality. “Cindee” from early on could scale a fence at will. She often would climb the fence and sit in another section of the backyard and tease her litter-mates. We watched her climb the fence in front of us on many occasions.

Mousse, Ginger, Gilligan, Cindee, and Vidalia at Pumpkin Vine

Here are the five (including “Gilligan” this summer at the fence near the pumpkin vine. The back side of the pumpkin was nibbled away. We turned it around and moved it away from the fence. They also nibbled the center from several nice-sized early tomatoes. Evidently their noses and tongues fit between the fencing perfectly and the helped themselves to our chagrin.

Retirement happens….and in truth you can only mate a girl so many times. Number of litters and pups produced can vary, however, no one can keep raising pups from the same females endlessly. Usually a breeder figures to get 3-5 litters depending upon how things work–age of the mother at her first litter, number of pups born in litters, and litter spacing. At times litters are more than a year apart. Normally a litter happens once a year with a skipped heat cycle for rest.

This celebrated litter from “Callie” had been attempted on many occasions with no issue. Until these four pups arrived our “Callie” had produced only 4 pups since 2006. With clear health screens and knowing she was prime for production this year we hoped beyond hope. Now having these potential gems it is important to realize we are early in the process. It would be at least 2012 before any of these four could be considered breeding age appropriate. As they are not related to Blue or Benton we have three awesome options when the time is right.

As we said retirement happens..

and we will talk more about this in the days ahead. At this time we want to celebrate “Callie”

“Callie” (“Deli X Zeke”) has brought a lot to our breeding program. She is a delight to our hearts. Now she has given us more of her for the future…….

There was never a planned mating (“Callie” X ??) that we didn’t have more requests for her pups than we could ever fill.

Her sweet face, personality, and general appearance drew a fan club. Those who did happen to get one of her pups counted themselves fortunate as we likewise do.

We are thankful for the “Callie’s” Next Generation OwyheeStar contributions. Cliff will be busy working the girls. They will be seeing Dr. Calhoun for Veterinary screening and assessments. Eventually, each should have their own Web Page and be featured on occasion.

In closing, we just wanted to share our success with you. We knew that should she not produce a litter with “Zee” this time around it was most likely our last opportunity. Despite her health being great as with human’s the window of opportunity is limited.

As you can see the outcome was splendid and we have much to be thankful for………thanks for sharing with us today!

~ Shela and Cliff