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First Christmas

At Her New Home

      ~Christmas 2017

Mesquite Christmas 2017_0379

Many of you remember that Mesquite was fortunate to find a fabulous golden-year-placement. She is soaking up the experience inside and out. There are the walks as well as field work where she loves pointing rabbits. She is a bit reluctant to leave sight of Lyle in search of the elusive pheasant, but she does love birds as well.

This year she sits Christmas Tree poised as asked while Lyle snaps a photo. What a good girl. As you can tell, she is much loved and well cared for too! Her eyes speak volumes. OK—I wear the scarf and sit by the tree. Now, can we do something else–snuggle, go for a run, or play a game?

Previous News

We cannot thank Mesquite’s family enough for all they have done and are doing for this delightful retired OwyheeStar girl. It means the world to us. I guess this is what you call a win-win situation. She went to work at her new position–filling a big hole left in a Washington family’s heart. Good job Mesquite!


Older Girl Learning New TricksDSC_0679

Here are a few pictures of Mesquite out in the field today, south of Prosser in the Horse Heaven Hills.  I have been waiting to be sure the snakes are in for the winter.

She is having a good time.  She loves to get out.
Everything is going well. She eats good. Just to be sure, she reminds me when it is time to eat! We both love her dearly and are very happy with her.  She has adjusted
very well.  I think she has trained us.
I still don’t have her dialed in on hunting pheasants yet, butshe is coming
along.  I have been using pheasant wings, which I hide in the tall grass and
weeds.  She has no trouble finding them at all.  I hide them and tell her to
find the pheasant, and that light the burner and she is off.  I can’t figure
out how to get her to range out from me farther.  She has trouble with a
running bird when she gets the scent she thinks the bird is right there,
but of course, the bird has moved on.  She has trouble telling fresh scent from an old
scent.  That may be a drawback of using old wings.  She will figure it out
one of these days.  Mesquite loves to go hunting.  I get a kick out of her,
when I go somewhere and don’t take her when I get home, she goes around and
smells the tires on my Tahoe.  I guess she is checking to be sure I haven’t
been out hunting.  She is sharp as a tac.  She will click one of these days.
A big problem is there aren’t enough birds around.

Breeder Comment

Cliff says to keep working on it. You’ll get it. It is amazing how well you are doing in a very short period of time. Her lineage is well known for their ability to hunt. Thanks for loving her so much!

Golden Year Placement

Mesquite Finds A Home!

Mesquite and Babies @ 3 Weeks-10

It is with a sweet-sad note we mention that Mesquite has found a Golden Year Placement of the best kind. Early in our experience, we wrestled with the idea of placing one of our beloved Weims with another family. It wasn’t long until we discovered this was a win-win situation. Doing what is best for them and their future is the right thing.

This decision may offend some of you. Nonetheless, we have a different situation. Females only produce for 2-3 years; sometimes they produce a fourth litter. Regardless, they deserve all the best for the remainder of their life. Some are more adaptable to the change than others. We believe Mesquite will make a good transition.

Thank You,!

     ~ for Welcoming our OwyheeStar Weims

We decided to take her to town for an outing. The two places we frequent with a Weim tag-along are Home Depot and D & B Supply. Other local businesses welcome pets as well; however, in our experience, both of these have worked well.

Mesquite's last day at OwyheeStar-15The first aisle we traversed could have been tempting. There were boxes of treats and pigs ears at Mesquite’s eye (and nose) level. She was a little unsure of where we were taking her. She had never been in a store setting. She has been with people and out and about in the past; however, it had been some time since she left the farm. She was quite excited about the trip around town–the people and cars didn’t faze her in the least. She kept a watchful eye but never barked. She did kiss me every once in awhile–a wet sloppy one too!

Mesquite's last day at OwyheeStar-7Most people ignored her but one of the employees asked to greet her, and of course, we said yes. She was well mannered. As we approached home, she took notice of the approaching homestead. It seemed to please her.

Mesquite's last day at OwyheeStar-9

Mesquite and Cliff Leaving D & B Supply in Ontario, OR


Everything is New and Different!

Mesquite’s family were delighted to meet her and to discover she was not large. She is the more compact body style Weimaraner, and they loved it as they are used to living with the Vizsla. They also were delighted she was not quite as wild as some Weims previously encountered.

We hope for an easy inclusion into her new family. Almost nothing will be the same–the location, the humans, the way of doing things, etc. She is going to have to learn where to potty, where to eat, where she is allowed–maybe everywhere.

The beginning is about forging a respectful relationship. We suggest putting expectations on the shelf until much later. Then take this one step at a time–seeing what you can do together. Often the relocated Weimaraner needs a couple of weeks to chill and adjust. The change is ultra shocking. Others are more adaptable and enticed easily. Even the most well-trained Weimaraner may not come or follow a command until the new relationship gels. Gel is a good word too! There is a little give and take in the healthy relationship–wiggle if you will. Big expectations will often result in frustration and breed additional problems.

The person who rehomes a Weimaraner needs to be uber patient. Each step of the process takes as long as it takes. No one can predict what might happen. Nonetheless, each accomplishment should be celebrated, and in time you will have laid a foundation for your future together. It remains to be seen what Mesquite and her new family can become together. We have a good feeling about it–great vibes. May it be fun for her family and her as well. Live long sweet girl and enjoy!

At Home

We received a phone call saying all is well. Mesquite is eating and drinking and checking out the new location. The trip home went well. They stopped near Baker City where there was some open ground. She brought back a find–a dead Magpie. Her new family hopes she will want to hunt–maybe this is a good omen.


More Than A Hunting Partner

Unknown-1Happy National Dog Day G2 🐶 I got you to be a new hunting buddy for daddy but you’ve become so much more than that! Unknown-8

You’re mommy’s lap dog, play dolls and dress up with the Destiny, take selfie hacks with Lexi, help Justyce with her homework(sorry my dog ate my homework), know the rules of the house-so I want to be clean too(please vacuum me), love being sung to and opening your gifts, and so cool you got to watch the solar eclipse with us. You’re the best doggy ever so today we celebrate YOU!!

Breeder Comment

G2 you are amazing. Thank you, for being so great at everything. You are a true all-around Weimaraner. And–you do everything well. This scenario is what we hope for every OwyheeStar–to have the family and life you are living. Thanks to your Mama for writing this post about you.

Inseparable and Intwined

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Coco Chanel was Heartbroken

After a very difficult loss of our almost 16 year old Weimie, Chivas, in October, 2014 our baby Weimie, CoCo Chanel, was devastated. She stopped eating and got very ill.  Our Vet encouraged us to get her a buddy ASAP to heal from her loss.  As Weimie lovers know, they are drama queens, high maintenance, neurotic and highly anxious, so you can imagine what CoCo was going through.
We were blessed to hear from Cliff and Shela that baby Weimies were born on October 21, 2014 and the first born was Our NEW Baby!
On December 13, 2014 my husband pulls up to our driveway, busts open the door and this Angel was laying sprawled out on the extra front seat content and alert.  I grabbed our new baby and rushed him into our home.  The name given to his was “Remy Martin.”
From the second CoCo Chanel saw him she trained him to ring the hanging bell to go outside to go potty, when to eat, how to alert us our cat needs tom come inside, how to obey and most importantly – PLAY!.
They sleep together with the cat and play from about 4:00 AM until late evening.
CoCo Chanel, a sad and depressed beautiful Weimie who was a bit of a Diva and hard to handle, NOW has a PURPOSE! She is a Lady who tends to her new best friend, she comforts him and loves him AND puts him in his place when she has had enough of him bitng her butt, legs and face, climbing all over her and taking her toys.
Both of our Weimies are from Cliff and Shela’s Camp and we are so grateful.
Breeder’s Note: Traditional wisdom would recommend introductions be done on neutral ground; however, as you can see Coco was in a place where home was what she needed. This is a heartwarming story, and not typical in the least. Many people struggle to incorporate the new Weimaraner into their family. It happens, but often, it is not as easy as they would hope. Isn’t this just beautiful? Thank you Rebecca for remembering us, and sharing this story (as well as the photos). 

Remy and Coco

Hello Shela and Cliff!

Happy New Year.

FullSizeRenderJust wanted to update you on Remy…As you see in the attached photos– He is perfect – heaven!

He is feisty, has NO fear, tail is always up and he is a prancer!

He is beautiful and CoCo has been amazing welcoming him into our home and training him.

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He is going to be a big boy – already 19 lbs. We love them both — Coco and Remy ~ Rebecca

G2 Nets Birds

The Family that Hunts Together……..Family of Hunters

A few Christmases ago……G2 and John met for the first time. Shortly thereafter, we began getting updates. John and Lorina wrote:

We thought you might enjoy this video of our dog G2 retrieving a duck out of the Colorado river. We had a great family hunting trip in Blythe.  Below there are some other photos of my husband John, our daughters, and of course G2. Hope you enjoy.

 G2 and the Family


Waiting for Mama10665691_10152672570515027_4511489983787103464_n

Britt and I have not given you an update on Toby in a long time… Sorry for that. What awesome dogs you and cliff being into this world though… I have never seen another dog with as much personality as Toby has. He is our little man. We sure do love him.

John, G2, and Duck Hunting

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Hi there! I finally got some pics of G2 in the field. They were taken on a recent duck hunt with my dad and I. The other dog you see is my dad’s lab Toby. G2 and Toby are like brothers they get along and hunt together so well.

Breeder’s Note: We know it is no small thing for a hunter to take the time to get field photos. When you are hunting, (unless you have a Go-pro, or something like that) your attention is focused in another direction. We appreciate John’s effort to show their success, and how the sport of hunting brings their family together.

Hunting Doves in California

It’s hunting season again, and we hunted for dove out in Blythe California this past weekend.

sneaking up on the girlsTemperatures were hot but he did great! We always hunt next to or very close to a canal so he can stay nice and wet and cooled off. He did great finding and retrieving our downed birds. Sorry, we didn’t get any video or action photos. the retrieve

Here (on the left) is a photo of G2 on a retrieve with the girls and my dad John Nicols Sr. Kinda fuzzy sorry about that.Blythe Ca dove hunting

Some would say the family that hunts together stays together. For sure, this is a fun experience that affords a special bonding experience.

Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled to receive word that G2 continues to be a great family member, and awesome hunting companion. Recently John, John Sr., and the kids all went out to hunt doves. Here are some photos from their trip.