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What Easter

~Looks Like to Some of Us!

Special Thanks to Patti (Henry’s Mama) for sharing this photo with us!

Breeder Comment

We sincerely hope your Easter Sunday is spectacular. We are sure you will enjoy seeing Easter Bunny Henry as much as we did.

PS: Patti has also promised photos of Henry from his Nosework. She says he got a 3/4–honestly, I am not sure what that means but possibly we will learn more. So, we can look forward to more lovely photos of Henry.

A Natural

Extremely Nosey

   ~In a Good Way

Bien's Henry_155416

I didn’ t realize that Henry has only been learning scent-work since March.  We got involved because being an energetic, 3-year-old Weim, with a flair for being extreme nosey, it seemed to be fit.  Also, I  found the science behind a dogs nose fascinating.

What We Accomplished

Henry has completed Level 1, 2, 3 and working in level 4.  More than anything though, it has been an experience for me!   I have learned more about myself in the last few months and for that, I am most grateful to my handsome Blue boy.  Scentwork is a team trust sport.

Your dog knows what to do, however until dogs and humans can speak the same language, the sport is much more about learning patience, watching your dogs every move, and even more important, trust.   We have had good trials and not so good, one thing is certain Henry loves this sport and so do I.  We take away something new from each practice or trial.  We figure a way through false alerts and keep rewarding the sourced odor.

Henry’s hard work has left us with 3 titles, Level 1 and 2 C-WAGS, Level 1 ABC games, Noteworthy, in our seemingly short period of time.  I am very  lucky to have Henry enjoy this sport as much as I do.  It’s a special bond with a Weimaraner, I’m finding out truly how extraordinary Henry is.  Thank-you Cliff and Shela!!

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear about your continued success. Congratulations to you Patti–what a great team the two of you make. Fun–that is something that is so important. If you are having a good time more than likely, the Weimaraner is as well. At least in Henry’s case, this seems to be his element. Keep up the good work!


Taking to the Water

Thought you’d like to see a short video. Freyja really loves the water. She’s on the right trying to take the stick away from Odin…lol. She’s a love!! Have a great day😊


Jeremy with Freya and Odin


Wearing his Win!


Henry’s Mama writes…

 And SOG, noteworthy in ABC games! He’s a busy boy!

Breeder Comment

In honor of Sunday shortness, let’s enjoy the moment’s success. We have been promised a detailed report/story. We could not wait to post this on the blog. Isn’t he adorable?



    ~From Fellig

Fellig Parcel-6

Fellig Parcel-5In all the flurry of yesterday, the mail arrived. The yellow parcel gave me a clue right from the start that it was something spectacular. The bump as well as the return address another clue.

A lovely commissioned Blue Weimaraner ‘Fellig’ pin. Isn’t it just adorable? What else would I expect from the extraordinarily talented Fellig Mama–Jill.

Thank you, Fellig and Jill for the lovely crafted pin. I am speechless!

Also–you might note that Fellig’s Mama was the lovely Zula Blue. She is retired–I am hoping to find her the perfect Golden Year Placement where she gets lavished with the good stuff. If you happen to be seriously interested in her, please drop me an Email. It would be in her best interest and we are looking for a win-win situation. Thanks!

Skye and Haze

You might remember reading about Skye and Haze a few days ago–Part One of the Three Part Series. Then Part Two featured Skye. Here is the final segment featuring the lovely Haze. It is good news that there are not two dominant (run-the-show) girls.

About Nancy’s Haze

        ~ Part Three

IMG_8148 (1)Haze is very submissive and larger.  She weighs about 70 pounds.  Hazey loves to hunt… her instincts are incredible.  She will track the smallest feather on the ground.  She stalks and catches birds… woodpeckers on our decks, turkeys in the yard. It’s too bad we aren’t people that hunt with dogs!!


Haze competes in Rally as well and also is working on completing her Excellent title by this summer.

We keep the girls in weekly classes at our dog training club to keep them socialized, and to give them something for their minds to work on. We are delighted with our pups and can’t imagine life without them!  Blessings to you!   ~ Jean & Nancy

Skye & Haze

The Blue’s Sisters

      ~ Part One

Skye & Haze will be 5 years old this year!  Time has flown by with them,.. it seems like yesterday we were doing the puppy thing. They are spending most of their winter days lounging around the house… on the furniture of course! We take them out for a good run every day, even if they have to plow through the snow…. they look forward to their outdoor play time, and can’t wait for spring!

Competing and Winning Ribbons

Skye and Haze3

Skye loves to compete in AKC Rally competitions and also AKC Nosework competitions. Haze competes in Rally as well and also is working on completing her Excellent title (like Skye) by this summer. Watch for more on Skye and Haze–coming soon to the blog.

We keep the girls in weekly classes at our dog training club to keep them socialized, and to give them something for their minds to work on. We are delighted with our pups and can’t imagine life without them!  Blessings to you!   ~ Jean & Nancy


Breeder Comment

Cliff and I are so very proud of all you two (or maybe we should say four) have achieved. It is no small thing. We know what a huge challenge this breed can bring. As you once explained to me Jean–AKC Rally is like Agility on Steriods. What more do we need to say?

Please watch for the two segments — one featuring Skye and the other Haze. Although they are rarely out of each other’s shadow, for a brief moment they will be a star on our blog. We think you will be interested to learn more about them.


With Henry! 

     ~A fabulous Traveler

Henry's First Flight_483904_nAaron and I have taken Henry pretty much everywhere with us.  We usually drive and he’s remarkably good in the car, no car sickness. Henry is generally a fairly relaxed Weim, no issues with separation anxiety and has been crate trained since being a puppy.  He even will just hang out in his ‘ house’ for a nap or downtime.

Flying –A New Adventure

We finally decided to fly with him.  Henry went shopping for his new igloo style–airline approved crate.  Also, got a warm and comfy sheepskin pad for inside, and of course, his stylish and cozy vest to keep him warm. Before the trip we had him try out his new crate to make sure he was just as happy and comfortable in the new one. Yeah! Happy dance!!.. No issues surfaced with the new crate.  Next, we called the vet about medication.  The medication is the one thing we were completely conflicted about.  We consulted EVERYONE!  His vet, Cliff and Shela, my sister the pharmacy tech, and the people whom normally board Henry ( they just got their 4th Weim!).  Thankfully, all were full of information so we could make the best choice for Henry.


This first flight was a short one, only about an hour and a half from putting him through to the plane until we picked him up at oversize baggage.  Two things. We didn’t want, a sick dog from side effects or a dopey dog from too high of a dose.  After many emails, phone calls, and deliberations we decided to test out a smaller dose of the prescription. Since the flight was short, we tried out 1/3 of the pill which was an anti-anxiety medication, Trazodone, one evening and monitored him.  It made him a bit ‘ chilled-out,’ but he wasn’t overly sleepy or dazed, and there were no tummy problems!   Whewwww!  We didn’t kill our dog!

The original prescription was for 1 pill every 8 hours, up to 3 pills per day.  Logically, the medication lasts 8 hours, and this is why we decided to give him a partial dose as the flight was short.  Here we are the day of the flight, after our test, we noted that Henry would probably need a bit more and increased to 2/3 of the pill. Success!

At the Airport

Still fairly normal Henry, sniffing around the airport making friends/ flirting with all the nice Westjet girls but definitely very calm.  ( And we all know that calm and Weim DO NOT usually go in the same sentence.) The airline we flew with ( Westjet) was wonderful. They were quite considerate of Henry. We waited with him until about 1 hour before the flight; we tapped the top of his crate, which he knows is his command to get inside and gave him his favorite treats.  No noises, nothing, just our happy Henry getting first class service as his ‘valet’ wheeled him away personally!  Before the plane departed, one of the flight attendants gave us this slip of paper that confirmed Henry was on board!  (Let out a sigh of relief here!)


Once we arrived, Henry was actually delivered before our luggage!  Again, no noises, a bit of panting from being jostled about, but he was all in one piece!  (Another sign of relief and time for a glass of wine! I think mom should have taken some of those anti-anxiety meds.)  Overall, we were lucky that things went as smoothly as they did.  Our advice, get your pet ready a few days before and make sure they are comfortable.  Give yourself extra time at the airport and ASK! Whether it’s the airline, vet, etc.  Everyone was more than willing to ensure the safety and well-being of Henry.  WHERE did Henry go, you may be wondering? Well to visit grandmaw and grandpaw of course!

-Patti (aka Henry’s mom)

Breeder Comment

We are happy to hear the experience was a positive one. Of course, Henry is not the first OwyheeStar Weimaraner to fly; however, it is great to get the personalized report. We also want to caution that each Weimaraner is a bit different. It is always smart to be careful with medication. Some airlines will not allow you board with a dog who has been given a sedative.

Be sure to get all the facts before planning a trip. Different airlines have different protocols. Preparation is equally important. Of course, having the Weimaraner crate friendly is a huge plus. Henry’s parents went to a lot of trouble to ensure he would be safe and comfortable. Some of the choices were hard to make–you just don’t know how something will work out. Nevertheless, Henry had his first flight, and I am sure everyone enjoyed his visit.


Edgar Celebrates One


It’s Edgar’s first birthday 🎉
Happy ONE, Ed We love you!


Doug Writes

He and the kids are so close, it’s really neat to see how he treats each of the three a little differently. Thanks, Shela and Cliff! He’s a cool dog.

Breeder Comment

This makes us happy. The impact of these relationships will change the future. Isn’t it awesome?

What Could Be Better?

Fellig Updates Us

           ~He is on Facebook Too!

Fee's first nightIt’s quickly coming up to the two-year anniversary of meeting The Mummy at Boise airport and knowing she was all MINE! She has given me all kinds of loving nicknames – Monster, Fidgety Fee, The Terrorist, Worse Dog EVER, and in exchange I have shown my appreciation by biting, body slams, practicing my ‘downward dog’ on her thighs when she least expects it, ripping out the screen door, and reworking the garden’s landscaping. I know she’s just joking when she says she’s going to send me back to The Grandma or put me to sleep.

But a few months ago she took me to a big warehouse in the eastern reaches of the Coachella Valley and introduced me to a life-changing activity. Now, I must admit that despite everything, I have the best The Mummy. She has spent thousands of those dollar thingies sending me to an amazing day camp facility, gives me the BEST dead animal parts, and puts up with me hogging the bed, but this is beyond anything she has done and has quickly made me want to give up my less desirable habits.

Fellig Agility_6959.MOV

The warehouse is full of this amazing equipment – tires to jump through, planks to walk along, tables to sit on, A frames to launch over, and a curious device called a teeter-totter. While the other dogs shied away from using the equipment, I embraced it – show me how it works, The Mummy, and I will conquer the concept on the second go! Don’t bother about baiting me with treats – I’ll do it for FREE!

Fee and his agility toy prize

I cannot WAIT for each Sunday! Last week we brought home two certificates that prove I am the BOMB! And guess what? Last week The Mummy took me to my first ‘scent’ class! A bunch boxes and puzzles strew around the warehouse where the trainer thinks she is hiding treats from me. Pah! Doesn’t she know I can smell a drop of blood in five gallons of water?!  I’m going to LOVE this!Fellig and chip

Breeder Comment

Wow! Another Agility Weimar report. This time a Blue Boy! And now you are moving into the nose work–excellent stuff. A lot better than the garden bulldozer status you were excelling at. Every Weimaraner needs a job, and it can vary according to the lifestyle and temperament of the Weim and their human. Thank you, Fellig for taking the time to write with your busy schedule.