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Sunday Photos

–cute faces make me smile.

And here is the start of something

Christina was petting this pup after a quick check and some preventative medication to prepare for the upcoming After a quick check and some preventative medication, Christina was petting this pup to prepare for the upcoming exit–what do you think?

I think this pup is going to love neck rubs, tummy rubs, and butt scratches. It sounds about right. Don’t you agree?

Bella Rae, Bacchus and Taun

Here is a quick update on, “the gang.”

Everyone is doing well, Taun turns 9 in August.

The deerflies are giving everyone a hard time; fortunately, the black flies have moved on.

We think of you guys often.

Best,   Jon, Laura and the gang

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you updating us and we love this photo. They are so adorable.

Sunday Photos

The Tongue

Sometimes we get lucky and capture photos like these. Yesterday was such a day. So–if today you needed a smile, I hope this brings one to your face.

Sunday Photos

~ Juniper X Boone 2021 Day One

We thought you might enjoy these various captures taken right after the whelp and on Day One.

Puppy Photos

Each stage of puppy development brings new challenges and delights. We have always felt that our newborn photos were often not appreciated to the full extent. (Haha) It is incredible how resistive and strong the wee babies are and how difficult it is to hold even one. Yesterday we posted a video of these three Juniper babies. It is laughable–but typical, too. To see more photos and other video clips check out the current web page– .

Frank, Bo, and Lola

AT The Dog Park in Livermore, California

Like so many of you, we managed to add Frank to our family during the pandemic. Frank is ours, and you might remember we have been featured several times here on the OwyheeStar Blog. We met Cliff and Shela in Burns, Oregon, where we picked up Frank, Bo, and Lola. We agreed to transport the two extra pups because of the pandemic situation. It was a little crowded in our camper, but we managed to make it work. The plan at been to meet up again in the future. We recently had our reunion. We met at a dog park in Livermore, California.

It went pretty well–Frank declared it great fun. Lola had never been to a dog park before, so she was shy but warmed up to the idea. Bo is not good off-leash, but he had a good time even so. It was great to get together.

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Ben for sharing the photos and the news about this went.


Hi there, we are loving our gray male Weim Ghost. He is a few days before his six month birthday and getting so feisty with hormones and wanting to hump on anyone sitting down. Wanted to make an appointment to get him neutered in the next few weeks, but I have read many conflicting pieces of advice on waiting and good bone and joint health.

He is a very sweet guy but is very excited and not himself lately, wondering if we should wait two or three months for this time or just go ahead and get the surgery.He is a loyal family friend, just a bit out of control for last 3-4 weeks.Adding some photos, especially a few in some group walks with his doggie buddies. 

Breeder Comment

We suggest moving ahead with the neuter, given the saucy attitude. It is essential to have the Weimaraner under control–and doing whatever it takes to master the situation.


~Reporting from Chester Headquarters

It was so nice this weekend! The sun was shinning and it was perfect for sun bathing on the back deck. Mom and dad sat outside with me and they read books.

After mom was done reading she gave me a nice cold treat because I am a good boy. My mama says I’m spoiled but I think she could spoil me more and I wouldn’t even complain. Talk to you again soon!
Love Chester

Breeder Comment

Chester, you are so good to write us these updates. Yes, you are spoiled–too. Not a bad thing at all.