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Triple Weimar Life

~Weim craziness is our sanity

Just to let you know we are thinking of you all; you are in our thoughts and prayers

In these upside down times … its our faith and these three that keep us sane.

Thank you for all the joy and sanity that you bring to so many.

Jon, Laura and Grace (Bella Rae, Bacchus and Taun)

Breeder Comment

We meet the best people through the Weims. Thank you for being a loyal client–and remembering us with this thought. It means the world to us. We know the great lengths you went to acquire the three from us–no words cover it.

Power Nap

~A Great Way to Escape the Heat

It’s hot here in New Hampshire and sometimes everyone just needs a quick power nap.

 Crazy times…..our three Weims keep us sane, entertained, loved and amused.  Kilroy family, Taun, Bacchus and Bella Rae❤️

Breeder Comment

Keep hydrated, rested, and cool for the rest of the summer. Thanks for the newsy update.

Stone Relocated

17 hour drive with Two Weims in the car and 100 degree weather. Not fun. 
But, we made it! Stone cannot complain about his daily beach romps! He’s taken to the sea and sand like a champ! Nights he finds little nooks and crannies to burrow into – like the couch! 
Hope you are all safe and healthy.

Breeder Comment

Thanks, Victoria, for updating us on how things went. We know you must be insanely busy with the recent move.


~AKA Big George

So of course he likes the usual puppy stuff, treats, being a bandit etc.

A few interesting things…he loves fresh watermelon and He was 32.2 pounds Wednesday this week, having gained .2 pounds in 24 hours.

Breeder Comment

We are sincerely glad to read more about George today–we are totally biased but agree he is adorable. That list of attributes is something others can identify with–and will be appreciated.

Big George

~of course there is this at home, too!

He’s quite a lady’s man.

When we walk him he wants to go over and see women walking alone. If they have a dog or are with a man he isn’t interested! Not sure where this came from, but it’s a pretty pattern clear to see.

Breeder Comment

Dear Friends, some people have met their life partner with a Weimaraner. I have teased them about their being a dating tax, but these guys are funny about their choice and how they interact. The boys often seem to love women–I find that not only interesting but perplexing. When we get a new Stud Dog, Cliff likes them to bond to him. He has big plans–but almost always they gravitate to me anyhow. Haha

I arrived safely

–special delivery to LA

Hannah is doing well, playing hard and  energetic. Hope you enjoy our pictures.

Breeder Comment

COVID-19 messed with puppy exit plans–even flying into Boise and carrying the pup home on the airplane is not a viable option. Flights are being canceled, and there are few options from which to choose. We ended up using ground transport–Kevin did a marvelous job getting this sweet little package to Los Angeles.

Strutting Your Stuff

~ Meet Kip (Dutch’s Shadow)

Yes, Kip’s pointing. Both Sam and Bonney have gotten him on point with the wing.

Breeder Comment

And so, it begins. What more is there to say?


~ And Company

Bacchus – green vest.  Bella Rae – pink.  Taun – orange

Just wanted to send a couple of clips of the pack, Bacchus (Boone x Juniper) turned two on Monday.  Everyone enjoyed winter and all its snow but now that the ice has melted on the pond we are celebrating Spring.  Jon and I so enjoy our three Weim’s, endless entertainment and loving Joy.

Very Best to you both, be well, stay well

Love, Jon, Laura, Grace and all the kids

Breeder Comment

Happy Birthday, Bacchus–you are looking good! What a pleasant place you have to share with your family.

Look Who’s Two!

~”it’s me, Chester–“

(April 14, 2020) For my birthday Mom and Dad got me some great presents and a cookie. My mom and Dad love me so much. It’s because I am so awesome and they just can’t help but to spoil me. Mom wasn’t feeling very good on my birthday so we just cuddled on the couch in the morning until dad woke up then he played with me. My parents have the best fur son and they are so lucky to get to love me everyday. 

Breeder Comment

Thank you for keeping us apprised and in the loop, Winchester. Over the last two years, you have acquired a faithful fan base. We appreciate your photos, the newsy notes, and how you make us smile. Oh–and how you take such good care of your Mama.

Social Distancing Sucks

~Looking Out My Window

Mom hasn’t taken me to play with my friends in a while. I miss them all so much. Dad has been working from home and it’s the best. I get to spend so much time with him, he takes me for runs but it’s not nearly as fun as going to the park. I wonder when things will go back to normal.

Breeder Comment

We appreciate this update–it speaks to our situation. We feel your frustration.