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This inside stuff is too much–

Pushkin is very needy this morning. He has tried to crawl into my lap twice. I think the isolation and the rain are beginning to wear on him a bit as they are with me. Unfortunately there is no end in sight for either the rain or the isolation.

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Rain, rain go away come again another day. We are still asking for sunshine.

Play Date

~at Luna and Tikka’s

Chester and Pushkin

On Saturday mom took my to see my friends at Luna and Tikka’s house again for our play date. It was so much fun playing with my friends in the mud. Mom looked like she was pretty cold but she let me play for hours. I also got to meet my half brother Pushkin. We have the same dad! Our Mom’s say we look like twins so they kept trying to take our pictures together, but Pushkin and I decided not to  cooperate don’t they know we just want to play not sit still. Lol silly mommy’s. At the end mom gave me a new toy from the gift exchange I love it a lot and I play with it all the time. I cant wait until we get to go play again.

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Special thanks to Nancy and Bill for hosting these very popular events–we are happy so many OwyheeStar clients get to participate. It was great to read about Pushkin and Winchester (Chester).

Loki and I

~Training While We Wait for Snow

The snow has been slow to come in our neck of the woods this year, and Loki and I are waiting quite impatiently. This is a shot from when we were training for lift evacuation in October– we had about as much snow then as we do now…

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Dear Erica–no one can get enough of Loki–we welcome the great photos, news, or anything you can share. The two of you are doing amazing things.

For you readers who would like to read about (or review) previous blogs featuring Loki and Erica–here you go:

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~Running Through the snow

Hello Everyone!

We hope you enjoy this video of Dasher, dashing through the snow. He’s a happy pup and a bundle of energy all year round!

Happy Holidays ~ Audrey and Dave

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Dasher some time ago

This video seemed perfect for our Sunday post. Thank you, Dave and Audrey, for the cute video of your Dasher playing in the snow.

Pepper Ann

~ At One

Heres some updated pictures of Pepper Ann. She just turned a year old and still loves adventuring with mom and dad and now her little sister we just welcomed to the family a week ago. She’s been pretty gentle and seems to understand her baby is fragile.

Thanks again for such a great pup

The Beutlers 

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It is so great to see Pepper is doing great. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your newest addition.


~Hello from WA State


My how time flies! It’s been two years since we adopted Freyja. She has been such a great addition to our little family. I wish I could share all our experiences but it would become a novel…lol I have heard that it is quite challenge having one weim but to have two?! Actually we are pretty lucky. Our older weim took Freyja in stride and is such a great big brother. They are quite close! Freyja definitely keeps us all on our toes. She loves belly rubs, looking out for birds & bunnies n the yard, and keeping an eye out for the neighbors. My nickname for her is Mrs. Kravitz…lol. nothing gets by her! I wonder what the neighbors think, she just watches them…lol.

Freyja has appointed herself the family time keeper. Somehow she knows when to wake us up before our alarm goes off in the morning, it’s too funny but she has ulterior motives- she wants breakfast!. She now gives her paw and loves snuggles with dad! She is really coming into her own and look forward to many more birthdays to celebrate!

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Thank you, we do so appreciate this update. May she live on, do well, and bring you a bushel of joy.

Koda and Mylo

~Yin/Yang Couple

I hope this finds you and Cliff doing well.  I’m behind on getting you updated on how Koda (Sadie X Stackhouse) and Mylo ( Dixie X Boone) are doing.  

Even though he just turned one on 11/2, Mylo is taller than Koda.  Koda is the more muscular of the two though.  The are both incredible boys!  Very different personalities which is great.  They are a Yin/Yang couple.  Koda is wound a bit tight, typical Weim, while Mylo is very laid back.  Definitely a puppy still but he takes life a lot more at ease. LOL!  

The pictures of them hanging out the window are on our way to go hiking.  Something about having their head out the window and lips flying is so funny!  The other pictures are of the boys just after finishing up the hiking trip.  We went with my buddy and his Rhodesian, Niko.  I’d say we went about 4 miles but I’m sure these guys were well over that!  😊  Sniffing and running around to check out all that nature had to offer.

Thank you and Cliff both so very much for helping add so much love to our family!  They are such fun, intelligent, unique boys.  We love them with all of our hearts!

The Hartung Family

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We are ever so happy to receive the news. Unique and different seems to be a good thing–but I suppose the two are co-conspirators too. Haha


~A Weim and His Boy

Hello! Our OwyheeStar Blue Boy is maturing–We loved the post featuring Loki from the same parents (Dixie X Boone).

Also, I have not forgotten our previous discussion about one day getting s long hair Veim.  They are unique and pretty.  Please keep me in mind.

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Hello, again. We are happy to learn that CW is doing well. We look forward to working with you once again, when you are ready for your first Longhair.

Kennel Cough

~Not Welcome Here

I recently had to make a quick trip to my mother’s home in Arizona. Because my purpose for going was to take her car, and bring it back to Oregon, I had to fly down and could not take the dogs. I boarded them in a kennel that I have used for 21 years with no problem. I picked up the dogs on Sunday, and both Push and Zoo have kennel cough. Both dogs have been vaccinated against Bordetella but as you know that is only one of many types of kennel cough. Zoo coughed so hard that she ruptured a small blood vein in her throat. Push has a cough and massive amounts of snot (sorry about the colloquialism) coming out of his nose. Kennel cough is airborne and extremely contagious. Dr. Welch gave me a cough suppressant to give them but said no antibiotics since most strains are viral. He also said to keep the dogs quiet which at this point has not been difficult as neither one of them seems to feel very well. 

I thought you might want to share some information about kennel cough in your blog since you reach so many Weimaraner owners.

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We are so dreadfully sorry to hear the news. Kennel Cough is like the human cold–easily shared and not welcome. Click here to read how your pet can contract Kennel Cough –or other upper respiratory infections. When there is an outbreak, it is wise to limit exposure–but not always possible. Get well soon!

Pushkin and Zula

~ The Ups and Downs

It has been a while since I have sent an update. Both dogs are doing well. Zula continues to be her normal feisty self. Her muzzle is turning white but she still has the energy of a much younger dog.When she sees me putting a jacket on she is immediately by my side wiggling not just her tail but her entire body. She knows a jacket means that we are going outside or perhaps even for a ride in the car.

Pushkin continues to be a puppy, even though he is almost 2 years old. He is a sweet boy but is continually pushing my limits.  This morning he came in from outside with tremendously muddy feet. Upon inspection of the yard, I found a large hole where the recently planted grass used to be. He had discovered a gopher mound and apparently decided to see if he could catch it’s inhabitant. I scolded him but no real punishment as he is only doing what Weims are bred to do……hunt. 

We continue with the nose work. It is a game to Push. I have been taking him to Home Depot where I will go in and hide several containers of a scent in different places and then take him in to find them. The folks at Home Depot are great. I would like to take him through the truffle hunting training the next time it comes to Oregon.

I took both Push and Zula to Terri Jacobson‘s to have their picture taken with Santa. Push was not very co-operative so we shall see how the pictures turn out. Both Terri and Santa are blessed with a tremendous amount of patience.

I hope that you and Cliff are doing well.

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Zula and Pushkin are extraordinarily lucky–and that includes their Santa photos with Terri Jacobson.