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Power Nap

~A Great Way to Escape the Heat

It’s hot here in New Hampshire and sometimes everyone just needs a quick power nap.

 Crazy times…..our three Weims keep us sane, entertained, loved and amused.  Kilroy family, Taun, Bacchus and Bella Rae❤️

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Keep hydrated, rested, and cool for the rest of the summer. Thanks for the newsy update.

Berry Pickers Wanted–Or Not

~ We Are At Your Service

In Oregon, Pushkin and Zula Blue have been eating their share of blueberries. And most of us spotted Dink with the strawberry. What more do we say?

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It is not the first trip to the berries or the garden–in fact, Zula and Pushkin were featured with the blueberries before.

Steel and Slate

~ Chilling with Family for the 4th

We are loving these OwyheeStar Weims, that we got from you folks.   All the extended family is here. Everyone can’t believe how well behaved and good mannered they are.  ~ Dave (Nampa, Idaho)

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It makes us super happy to know you are doing so well with the two Blue Boys. Stay well, and please think of us with any story you might have that we can share on the blog.


~Our Bigger than Average Girl

Pepper just turned a year in November. (Dixie x Boone) She’s a big girl at 72 pounds and still thinks shes a lap dog of course. Staying active, playing with her 10 pound Yorkie brother and wanting to be anywhere her human baby sister is. Before Covid, we were able to go to Nancy’s and have a big Weimaraner playdate with a couple of her half siblings. It was fun to see some similar traits! Thanks again for our girl! 

The Beutlers 

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What great photos, and what a great life Pepper is enjoying. Thank you!


~Part Two

Mando has been one of our best/easiest all-time pups (So Far!).  He does great in his crate (as long as we are near), and has been sleeping longer and longer in his crate at night without needing to go outside.  Even when he does wake up and let me know he needs to go outside, he comes back and goes right back into his crate and goes back to sleep.  Just couldn’t be happier with our little blue baby.

For anyone that’s wondering, “Mando” is short for a new family favorite TV Show character called the “Mandalorian”.   We are a Star Wars Family for-sure!

Thanks again for all that you and Cliff do for so many people like us!  I’ve included an array of photos snapped over the 1.5 months that we’ve had him.  

One last note about the photo at the top of this post. It is a special one that we submitted to our Vet Office. Mando won our Vet’s May “Pet Picture of the Month” :). The Vet let Facebook “Likes” determine the winner, but considering the picture they put on their logo, I think they let us know which picture they liked the most 🙂 ~ Will

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Mando is rocking his world. Thanks, Will for making life so excellent for this little guy. Keep up the good work.


~ Part One

On April 30th 2020, we met “Mando” for the first time and it’s been an amazing journey we’ve been having together ever since!!  Our little Covid-19 blessing is not going to know what to do when “Dad” actually goes back to work!  The entire family has been working/schooling from home his whole life so far.

Micron (where I work) has had all of the Boise team working from home (that didn’t absolutely have to be on-site to do their job) for almost 3 months months now.  All of the time we’ve had with Mando so far has been during this unusual time for us, but totally the normal for him now!  

I get up in the AM, get ready for work and Mando goes along with me throughout the entire process (get ready locked in the bathroom with me, make coffee and get him breakfast in the kitchen with me, etc.) eventually ending with us both upstairs (while I tell him “let’s go to work Mando” as we head upstairs).  We end up in my office (baby gate in place to keep him in with me) and I log into work.  Of course we take breaks for him to get outside and get his meals, but all day (7-4) is me and Mando working together upstairs.  For the first several weeks that meant him curled up in my lap, but the last week or so he’s just gotten too big to be comfortable in my lap and has moved to his bed for his AM naps.


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We could not be happier for Mando–he has a great start with his ‘Forever Family,’ and all is well. Watch for part two –coming tomorrow.

Enso Boone

~ The Cuteness Factor

It’s been a week already so I thought I’d send you an update. We took Enso (We named him Enso Boone) to the vet on Wednesday for an introduction and there were no concerns overall from the vet other than Enso distracting the entire veterinary office with his cuteness! haha!

I’ve attached a few photos – mostly of him sleeping. It’s tricky to get a photo when he’s awake as he’s usually going 90mph like the typical weim! We got his AKC registration finalized and his microchip registered so we’ve had a good first week. Enso is quite the cuddle-bug. If you’ve got a blanket and a lap to lay on he’s there!  🙂

I hope the rest of the pups are doing well. Perhaps you and Cliff are able to get some rest.


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We can agree that it is hard to capture the moment–the Weimaraner has two speeds. 1–Full speed ahead or also called on. 2. Crashed out–sleeping. We are glad things are going well–and we agree he is darned cute.


~Not Something you See Every Day

Here is our Dasher, our Weimaraner version for Snoopy on his doghouse!

He has grown into such handsome lad.

We are quarantined but also enjoying our boys antics. 

Hope you and Cliff are staying safe and sound. 

Dave &  Audrey 

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What a guy–Dasher put a smile on my heart. Thank you for remembering us and sharing your sweet photo.


This inside stuff is too much–

Pushkin is very needy this morning. He has tried to crawl into my lap twice. I think the isolation and the rain are beginning to wear on him a bit as they are with me. Unfortunately there is no end in sight for either the rain or the isolation.

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Rain, rain go away come again another day. We are still asking for sunshine.

Play Date

~at Luna and Tikka’s

Chester and Pushkin

On Saturday mom took my to see my friends at Luna and Tikka’s house again for our play date. It was so much fun playing with my friends in the mud. Mom looked like she was pretty cold but she let me play for hours. I also got to meet my half brother Pushkin. We have the same dad! Our Mom’s say we look like twins so they kept trying to take our pictures together, but Pushkin and I decided not to  cooperate don’t they know we just want to play not sit still. Lol silly mommy’s. At the end mom gave me a new toy from the gift exchange I love it a lot and I play with it all the time. I cant wait until we get to go play again.

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Special thanks to Nancy and Bill for hosting these very popular events–we are happy so many OwyheeStar clients get to participate. It was great to read about Pushkin and Winchester (Chester).