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Lucee Relocates

At the beginning of 2019 we moved from the PNW to Southern California, Los Angeles. Lucee now 12 yrs old has gone on many journeys over the years with me and now the family, there hasn’t been one like this! We are all now settled into a new home, new surroundings, and all new adventures.

Lucee has been actively playing with the kids, swimming in the pool, going on hikes through poppy fields, and even running on the infamous sandy beaches (very much different than those of the Puget Sound). Pics below are of the fam. Jack (4), Taylor (2), and of course Lucee (12).

Breeder Comment

Thank you for this update–and the cute photos of Lucee’s life. We are looking forward to working with you again.

Pilikia in the Snow

~ With Kula Bleu

They dogs are loving their Carhartt jackets and they are getting used to their boots, although Kula will still only let me put them in his back paws!

Pilikia Wears All Four

Mahalo, Brent

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Brent–thanks for thinking of us; it means so much. We know everyone will love these photos of the two, and how Kula Bleu doesn’t wear all four boots.

Pilikia and Kula

~ Hot Tub Anyone?

Pilikia and Kula loving the hot tub.

Imagine if the cover was off

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Well, it looks like the perfect perch, too!

Water Anyone

Kula Bleu,

    “says Oh Yeah!”

Here is Kula doing what he loves, swimming after sticks in the river, even when the water gets cold, he is keen for a swim! He is super good at navigating the currents and rapids and knows the commands right or left when he loses track of a stick and I can direct him from the shore!

Many thanks,

Breeder Comment

It is excellent that Kula is an extraordinarily good swimmer. Maybe it is extra special that you share the love of the water so much. (Haha) Your two OwyheeStar’s have such an excellent life. Thanks ever so much for everything you do with and for them–as well as sending along the Emailed updates. For those that might not have caught the connection Kula Blue and his sister, Pilikia, were recently featured tucked under the covers enjoying the master’s bed. If you missed that blog–click hereIMG_1410


Our Turn

     ~Pilikia and Kula Bleu

The photo you posted yesterday made me send you this when April and I get up, they get in bed and take our place!

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How many OwyheeStar Weims like to crawl under the covers. We all know that this is a thing. Some share the bed with their owners. Others might not be able to take it over until their ‘hoomans’ get up. Either way, they take full advantage when given the opportunity. Isn’t this about the cutest thing ever?

Have Wheels

Going Places!


We figured Kula must be old enough to drive now, so we got him and Pilikia a van to drive around….. Brent

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This is not the first Weim Crime pair at the wheel. You might remember Ilsa and Indi the two Blue sisters who borrowed the camper while Mom and Dad went on vacation. Pilikia and Kula Bleu’s ride is pretty upscale, but the idea has not changed. Thanks for the fabulous share!

Kula Bleu

Cannot Get Enough

Kula can not get enough of the river and fetching sticks! when we go for a walk he practically drags me to the river to go for a swim, although when we are at the ocean, he hates the water because I think of the waves…..

Pilikia Has a Different Agenda

Rhune's Pilikia_8919Pilikia will swim, but only if we are going to the other side of the river and she will follow. She has no interest in fetching sticks, unless her brother has it in his mouth, then she will try to steal it!

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They both swim. One does it when she ( Pilikia ) deems it necessary. Otherwise, Kula can do the work. (funny) The Weimaraner is the type when they get an idea it is often an obsession. For those wanting an avid swimmer, it is important to get the idea ingrained early. Below from an uncommon casual Sunday morning–when winter was our blog topic.

Rhune's Two

One Sunday Morning of the Unusual Late Kind 



Hello From Kula and Pilikia

unknown-2Is your life crazier than usual? Do you wonder how you will get it all done–even when you love everything about the Holiday Season? Kula and Pilikia send greetings and talk about their many roles in the household. They have many things they see as the norm.

  • Their dad (Brent) goes away and sails all over the world. They have to wait at home with Mom in the home port for his return. They keep Mama safe.
  • Their Mama goes to work and sometimes they just have to watch the property. That can be a big job with nosy neighbors and whatnot.
  • There is staying in good shape mode in their household too! It involves hiking, running, biking, exploring, and whatever else the folks add to the agenda.
  • Finally, there is the sofa warmer responsibility.
  • We are the come with duo–we love taking the time to get away to our retreat at Downy. “Woof!”


PS: Dad wanted to make sure you knew we were keeping up our end of the deal here in California.


Life with Jack

~ And the Weims

Jack and Lucee.jpg

I wanted to share this pic with you and let you know that the new member of the family, our little boy Jack is doing great. Both Weims are taking quite the liking and coming up with their own responsibilities on how to participate.

Lucee is very watchful and makes sure that she knows where he is at all times. Levi has become more of a guard dog. The other day I got home from work, and Sarah put Jack in his bouncer near me on the floor. Levi took this opportunity to step over Lucee, who is, of course, laying next to him. Levi sniffs and kisses Jack and hastily prances off checking every window in the house peering out to make sure that no strangers are among us. Lol!

Another observation of Lucee is that she has become a lot more vocal since Jacks arrival. Which in return only frustrates Sarah during nap time. Hope you enjoy the pic, and that all is well at your home are going well this Summer.

Lucee and Levi

Back in Washington

Hello!! It’s been a few years since I have checked in with you guys and wanted to give an update.

We have traveled around a little bit with work and ended up in Northern California for a few years and got the pleasure of living on 52 acres. Which was such a blessing and both dogs loved it.

We are now back in Washington, Seattle area, but living on the peninsula. Bought a house that we are now all settled in and my wife (Sarah) and I are expecting our first child ( A Boy!!) any day now.

Lucee turns 8 this August and is still running and smiling and ready for the hunt as though she was 1 years of age. We did find a malignant tumor in her back upper right leg last year and had it removed. Should be getting the latest blood work back this week to see that it is all gone.

Levi is still Levi. He turned 5 in January and weighing in at 84 lbs. So fast, agile, and sporty looking with that amazing dark blue color. I cant take either of them anywhere with out them getting flattering comments and they always eat them up with smiles:)

Its surprising how different they are. Lucee is definitely the alpha and Levi her shadow. As she is very independent Levi is very dependent. As well as the biggest lover and snuggler. I would have to say that he is a bit accident prone which has cost him a few trips to the Vet for some stitches, I don’t think he feels pain. I have watched him on 2 different occasions wounded and still want to keep running and playing.

Over all as a family we are all doing well and very blessed. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of them. I am overcome with joy and happiness every time I come home to them everyday. Which they are both always at the door peering through the window.

I hope all is well with you two back home and all the dogs are doing great. Thank  you again and cant wait to hear back from you. Sorry it has been so long since the last correspondence. Time seems to be going faster as I get older.

Breeder Comments

We are happy to reconnect. Yes, life gets hectic and time flies all too quickly. We pray for good news. It is good you caught the issue sooner, rather than later. Each moment with these magnificent creatures is a gift. We know you agree.