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The Blog, Posts, and Whatnot!

Dear OwyheeStar Faithful,

The Information Age has changed everything. Getting published and putting your story out there for the public has never been easier. The truth of it is startling when you think about how it has changed our world.

Every day we post a blog. That is 365 blogs a year. (Whew) Without our OwyheeStar Weimaraner clients sending us photos and their stories to post we would be lost. In this day, when everyone has their Facebook Page and possibly a blog, many of you share their story without us being in the loop. This self-publishing thing is a reality for us.

We have out OwyheeStar Weimaraner Group–a community where those who have a puppy from us can share their photos and news. They can exchange ideas. People seem to like that–and again, we appreciate your posts. Nevertheless, we depend upon the kindness of others for our blog fodder. It is a lifeline–that makes publishing everyday doable.

From the Archives Indi and Ilsa

A lot of folks are posting their stories — I find some of them on Facebook. Thank you–it means the world to see your OwyheeStar is cherished, celebrated, and an integral part of the family activities. Honestly, I am saddened when I look at a profile that doesn’t contain the Weimaraner. It makes me wonder what has become of the beloved Weimaraner puppy.

If you happened to have a cute story you would be willing to let me share please Email it to me. I will also need a photo. Frequently people send only a few words and some photos. I love them, but filling in the storyline is difficult–essentially impossible. So, let me thank those of you who update us annually or several times a year. I cannot thank you enough. If you have promised an update and not yet sent it, now would be a good time.

Understanding the Application Process

Dear OwyheeStar Applicants

14711261_10154671211567300_6666669904620206790_oCommunication is tricky–no matter whether you are writing, texting or having a discussion. The goal is communicating our idea or thought, or possibly trying to educate someone. I reply to a lot of emails. Then too, there are the application responses. Sometimes this involves a follow-up query to clarify the applicant’s answer or to fill in something left blank. A recent encounter left me feeling cold and licking more than a few wounds; however, I am sure my intent was misunderstood. Maybe I should have added some emojis–honestly, I am not too skilled at using those cute add-ins. That would set a tone rather than leaving the recipient to guess what I mean and the voice behind the ink. says, “If there’s controversy around emojis in business communication, then why do we feel compelled to use them? Why not forego them altogether? The simple answer: we want to be better understood. Email communication is notoriously problematic in that it lacks the emotional cues we rely on with face-to-face or phone conversations. Without tone of voice or facial expressions to guide us, there’s a lot of room for misunderstanding when we read an email. Messages meant to be positive are often interpreted as neutral, and neutral messages are interpreted as negative”.

Setting a Positive Tone

Well then, that leaves me being negative sounding a lot. Our application process is an area where I am positive more than a few persons have been miffed by the questions. In fact, someone said they were sick of my interrogation techniques–I was shocked because I was merely asking one question about a two-part question–the second part was left blank. I think the question is valid; they see my asking them as intrusive and are offended. In all honesty, I could have prefaced the question more tactfully–and the addition of emoji may have set a more friendly tone. Would that family have made a good puppy home? We will never know. Of course, I want to avoid these types of scenarios, but when it comes to matters of the heart a lot of things can go sideways. I was scolded and let know their money is good and their character the same. I am sure both things are true; however, that was not what was in question.


Delays Happen

Bradford's Lily Arrives_2616.jpg

Eventually, if all goes as planned there is this!

A delay may seem like I don’t value you or our application. It is in truth, nothing like that. Rather I am engaged with the must-do and the most pressing things. Some of these cannot wait. Each day I am amazed at the workload for both Cliff and I. At the same time, we give thanks for this opportunity to provide a service so many appreciate.

We Take This Process Serious

The importance of our application process cannot be understated. Asking clear and concise questions to get the information that will clue us about the pup’s future seems valid. Nevertheless, communication issues (being misunderstood) will probably always be an issue. There other factors behind the scene too!

1. Each inquiry has an agenda–sometimes these are hidden (you would be surprised).
2. Everyone has done research; however, no one can guess how deep you are going to be required to dig to get through the Weimaraner puppy phase.
3. Each person comes with experience–this is all too often not going to apply to the Weimaraner. It is hard for a diehard Labrador person to believe this breed is different.
4. Each candidate believes they are ideal. Implying anything less or inquiring about something is offensive. We understand.
5. Dog savvy persons fail with this breed–it happens for a myriad of reasons. Let’s not place blame; instead, let’s agree it happens too often.
6. First-time Weim folks sometimes succeed beyond our wildest expectations. A pattern seems apparent to us. Most of these listen to our advice on how to raise the Weimaraner and do their best to follow it.
7. Honestly, it takes patience and a measure of trust to work with us. We typically have a Wait List. We cannot guess exactly how things will unfold–whether a mating will result in a litter, how many pups will be born, what sex or what coat color they will be. Yes, we sometimes have an all blue litter or an all gray litter; however, most of our litters have mixed coat colors. Some litters will produce a few Longhairs–how many is always in question. There are statistics, but we have learned the hard way that it is an average. The same parents might only produce two Longhair (of eight) pups one year. The next they may yield six of eight. Therefore, when statistically it says you will get 50% or 25% depending on the situation, the percentage can vary more than we expected in a specific litter.

From our side of the Fence

14715557_10154671175832300_446631710715652189_oWe must consider the pup’s welfare first and foremost. If we don’t have peace about a situation, it might not reflect on you at all. It may mean that we are not the right breeder for you. Sometimes we dare to tell applicants that we feel another breed choice would better suit their needs. Should we ever say that? I think we should. It is our opinion. A person can take it or leave. They can buy the Weimaraner from someone else. If all else fails, they can get one online.

Despite Communication Hiccups

Over time we have forged some beautiful relationships with OwyheeStar clients. If we had passed on the street we might not have given each other more than a nod or a smile; however, our hearts are forever joined. It is amazing how a fur family member can impact our lives in ways we would never have imagined. So, when we delve into the ticky-tacky details we sincerely hope you understand our motive. We are not interested in how much money you have–just that you have enough to give adequate care. Yes, we realize having money means better food and unlimited veterinary care. Nevertheless, even when a person has plenty of money and the desire, it is not a rock-solid guarantee that things will not go sideways.

We thank you for your patience and your understanding. We are honored to think of some many of you are friends. Some of you are more like family. We share things others would never understand.

~ Shela (and Cliff)

2017 25th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

           ~July 1st, 2017 

Early summer and all that comes with demands celebration. We kind of get started with a bang! It is fortunate that Independence Day is the 4th of July. The BBQ, watersports, camping, etc. is combined with fireworks. The only hesitation we have is the safety and well-being of our beloved Weimaraners. We sincerely hope to learn that everyone and their pets made it through this holiday without incident.

As The Saying Goes

IMG_6050The expectation is to find Treasure Valley crops almost visibly growing from day to day during the longer, heat-filled perfect growing conditions. Old timers used to say regarding their corn crops that they would be ‘Head high by the 4th of July.’ We stopped along the road yesterday and took a couple of snapshots to show you how things look only days before. The wheat is turning golden and pushing towards harvest ready. Some of the fields were even dryer than this one. Oh, and this is where I should mention our alfalfa is happily growing back almost as we watch out our window. It is the most amazing thing.


This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  Of course, we had two on the topic of fireworks and preventing issues with our beloved Weimaraners. I want to say a special thank you to everyone who has sent and update recently. We know how busy summer can be. We absolutely appreciate you taking the time and effort!Lite Snackers_1145

Sunday—June 25 Jorga

Monday —June 26 It Begins

Tuesday —June 27 — Fireworks Sensitivity

Wednesday — June 28 — Spock

Thursday  — June 29 — Sadie

Friday  — June 30 — Maizie Knows

Dusty Endorses Chewy and Suggests This Healthier Snack<== Dusty Speaks!

Coming Soon! Watch for the next product review featuring Sadie. 

On a very personal note

IMG_3128We took me to the Holistic Care Provider yesterday. I have yet another supplement to take, and we will see what it does for me. Friday was the best day I have had in months. Regaining my strength and getting into a full recovery state appears to be a longer trip than I would hope. Regardless, I am encouraged. Cliff went along with me today. I am so very blessed to have a supportive, loving husband. You know, having a wife that ill for months is not easy.

Cliff got the end puppy yard rototilled and planted. He has been working on the future lawn located on the east side of the farmhouse. We wanted to taper the dirt gradually so that any runoff would run away from the foundation. This last winter we wished that it had been like that with all the snow piled high along the eaves. Oh, and he has the Utility Bath tile up except for the last piece. Then he has a section to grout and the trim to put up. Don’t worry; there is more to be done before we can call the Utility Bath remodel finished. Nonetheless, we are getting there.


Cyclamen Lessons

If you follow me on Facebook or the blog, you know about the cyclamen that my friend (Ellen) gave me May 2012. She brought it to me at the hospital when I had a major surgery–what I jokingly refer to as one of hospital spa visits. You might remember that I never replanted the cyclamen and yet it produced a constant abundance of flowers year round. In fact, it had at least one blossom all but for a two-week period about a year-and-a-half ago when I thought maybe it was done giving me the joy. What could I expect from one plant that never got fertilizer or repotted?

About two weeks ago, I decided I had to do something about my treasure. So, I tried to remove it from the small glass square container (which had no drainage). I decided to use the same outer ceramic pot (which has drainage) and to put a couple of big rocks in the bottom with some fresh potting soil. I probably should have broken the glass container but being me, I tried to extract the plant and to keep the glass vase intact. I did; however, in the process, the beautiful cyclamen foliage broke off entirely, and I was left with a wad of leaves, etc. and the separated root mass. I poked it all into the flower pot. It was clear I might have killed my baby.


The original leaf –can you see the bud to the right?


A few days later, I had a single leaf which gave me hope. I looked closer and discovered what looked like some potential stem development. Sure enough, yesterday I counted ten green shoots–one carries a bud. I am watching it entirely too close. I suppose it is a bit like watching boiled water, but I cannot help myself. When I consider the neglect–it causes me to shake my head. I cannot help but marvel. I wonder how many plants are killed each year with the best of intentions. To me, this plant speaks–it has a lot to say. It whispers truth about friendship, endurance, hope, and never giving up. Even when something appears to be dead, sometimes new life emerges. It is God’s law of the universe. We do not create life. We can kill something but not always. I found myself in cautious anticipation wondering what would happen. Contemplating if I replaced this plant with another cyclamen if I could have such good fortune.

IMG_6062I cannot speak as to why the plant more than overcomes and blossoms despite minimal care. If you want to consider bits of tea as fertilizer, I did empty the occasional leftover various tea bits in the mix. Regardless, there is no accounting for the thousands of blossoms smiling at me over the years. Sometimes adversity creates more than the ideal conditions. This phenomenon is true in our personal lives. When we are forced to dig deep and make the most of what we have, and at the same time we are compelled to appreciate each moment allotted our perspective changes. We bloom if you will. I am not sure I could ever perform like my cyclamen, but I sincerely hope the challenges have produced growth and something beautiful. Nonetheless, in my human frailty, I openly admit I would prefer to reside in the ideal conditions without all the challenges.





It Begins


graphics-fireworks-769931Yes, folks, we are at the juncture of the two-week nerve-racking celebration of our Independence. All too many Weimaraners shake and hide during the hoopla. Most Weim parents do the exact opposite of what will help prevent this horrid situation. It is good to keep in mind that the most natural response is typically the wrong one. Here are some suggestions for survival and if your Weimaraner is not afraid of noise–to prevent ingraining a fear of loud sounds.


Rupert Requires the Thundershirt


Fireworks are a Thing

  • Even if you hate them, stay calm and unfazed by the fireworks. Your Weimaraner takes their cue from you, and they are a reader of their human’s deepest thoughts.
  • Work on desensitizing them to the noise. You might even try some small explosions –staged with you doing something fun. Possibly, you sit on the sofa, and you have a neighbor light off a smaller explosion. Hopefully, your Weim will not take notice. As with preparing the Weimaraner to accept gunfire, a gradual increase is the best approach.
  • If they are staying in you might consider very thunderous music and putting them in a small inner location (crated). For example, move a crate to the laundry and set up a radio that blasts music (rather than calming music consider something like Rock with ups and downs to cover the outdoor blasts.)
  • Some of you might want to plan a trip to the mountains (or the beach) away from the city.
  • Others might opt for a daycare situation that has this covered. That would not be something we would suggest unless your pet uses the daycare on a regular basis.
  • The Thundershirt, worn by Rupert (Topper X Dusty) is always a good option. Many folks, report it helps a lot. You still have time to get one shipped if you act today. Chewy is amazingly fast–click here to order one!
  • Make sure your pet’s microchip is registered with AKC Reunite. Every 4th of July Holiday, the shelters see an influx of lost pets. Should the unthinkable happen, be sure you will receive the phone call that retrieves them quickly back to you.
  • Finally, you may want to consider anti-anxiety medication for this particular situation. Discuss this with your Veterinarian.

There are countless posts that address helping your pet cope with this holiday–for a good reason. It is a tough one. Even some gundogs do not like the fireworks, while they are unfazed by working in the field. No matter how you feel about any of this, one thing you can do is to remain calm. You may want to escape with your pet or pets. Try to find a place that fireworks are not allowed. Be safe and enjoy the festivities. Thank you, for thinking of your Weimaraner’s best interest.

Memorial Day

It is Day When we Remember

Bill Whitford Oct 1943 Denver, Co._2507 11.11.41 AMAs much as we long for peace, war is always with us. We don’t have to look too far to find it. Nevertheless, each generation has their military conflict that its toll. Shela’s father served in WWII. Can you imagine being called to service like this generation of young men and women were? Even those who could not serve were called to sacrifice and to help with the effort on the home front. Cliff’s father was one who was stateside farming. A German POW from the Nyssa camp worked on this farm during the war. My mother followed dad around as much as she could and later while he was deployed she worked for the government in San Francisco to be closer to port.

Our Generation


It was Vietnam that changed so many lives. It left gaping wounds and racked up losses we never imagined possible a short time before. We were busy being young and the things that teens do. It was the sixties, and there was unrest on college campuses and protests against the war. We have those fleeing to Canada to escape the draft. Others waited and hoped their number wasn’t called, while some enlisted in the fight against Communism. To this day, this war is controversial. Regardless, those who served in Vietnam deserve our respect.

A Break From the Norm

This Blog focuses on the OwyheeStar Weimaraner and the Weimaraner in general. Today, we break from that for a moment to pay our respects to those who served and to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Let us not forget those who loved these soldiers and waited for their return. The paid the price too! These are life-changing situations. We cannot sit on this side and guess how it would have been different had the war not occurred. We have to frame the conflict within the historical moment and even then it is impossible to grasp the full extent of what thrust our country into taking action at such a huge cost. So, while you enjoy the good life, friends, and your family take a moment and just remember someone paid the price for your freedom. Thank you!

Memorial Day

Yesterday I borrowed Wendy’s photo of her Rupert at the beach to create this sentiment. I hope you appreciated it and I hope the day at the beach, your picnic, or whatever you are doing is a lovely one too! Anyhow, we could not have the blog without the face of a Weimaraner, right!?!


What Can We Say?

             ~ Always the same question; rarely a definite answer.

IMG_0183 11.10.45 AM 11.10.45 AM 11.10.45 AM 11.10.45 AM 11.10.45 AM 11.10.45 AM

Our Mailbox

We receive many inquiries regarding the Weimaraner puppies. Of course, people want us to answer a simple question. Sometimes they say, “when in your next litter.” Even if we know, which we most likely do not, we might not have a puppy available for placement from the litter. The vast majority of our pups are promised before the arrive. More often than not, people are willing to wait regardless of how long it takes.

The Waiting Game

We are waiting for the girls to come into season. It is like watching a pot boil. You understand though; we have less control over this process than a kettle on the stove. We know the heat cycle will happen. When it does, there are many factors to consider. It is far too complicated to put into a few short sentences. For example, some matings will only produce Longhair pups. If we are not looking for a litter (or partial litter) of Longhairs, then we need to wait for a different female.

We Thank You!

We appreciate the interest and the inquiry. We are particularly grateful for the return clients and the referrals. Then there are those that hold tight on the Wait List awaiting the arrival of a puppy. There again it is complicated. You might be high on the list, but if we don’t have the puppy born that correlates to your specific needs, then the waiting continues. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated. The trust our Weim folks bestow on us is not taken lightly. We know everyone is anxious when their timeframe arrives, but it might not always happen as planned.

Please enjoy the puppy photos taken from our archives. Have a beautiful day.

Not A Weim

Giving Back to Those Who Serve

~ Gus Thrives as part of the pack

Melinda sent along this note with a photo of one of her charges. You might remember she lives with Winchester, Opus, and Stanley–all OwyheeStar Weims. She and her family have also taken in a retired K9 officer. Many of you have extended your household to include a rescue Weimaraner or other needy pet. Kudos to you! It if not something that everyone can do, or even should do. Adding a rescue to the household should be approached with great caution. Not everyone has the skill to manage their needs. Not every rescue will slide into your family. People sometimes complain that rescue organizations are too particular. The second chance home needs to be one that works. It is a great responsibility to place the displaced as well as to take one’s care upon yourself. Here (below) is what Melinda has to say.

Sweet friends.

Rosario's Gus the K9 Rescue
This is Gus-he is a retired k9 officer. He was stabbed in the face by a felon. (Unfortunately his handler was killed). He still has an open wound, so he lives his days out by napping on leather couches, eating as many treats as he can beg for, strolls in the neighborhood. The vet said he has thrived being part of a pack. He’s the first lab I’ve owned and GOSH the HAIR!  But we love him and he’s a very good boy. I just have to keep an eye on playtime. ~ Melinda

2017 10th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~ it is looking good

At The Sanctuary_ View North_1040.JPG

At The Three Cliff’s Sanctuary

Cliff said I should report that he has toured the entire farm and there is no snow left. Nevertheless, passing through town today we see piles of snow (that was removed) remains. The Middle School parking lot had substantial mounds of the dirty melting leftovers. The fields are drying and tractors and gearing up to go to work. The reservoirs are water-ready. Unlike recent history when farmers were wondering if they would get enough water.

We are looking forward to trips to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary on the southeast corner of the property. We were there this week, and clearly, it is evident that there is a lot of cleanup to be done.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  This week the most popular post was regarding our friend’s ordeal. The second most visited and shared post was the one that featured Stackhouse and the two resident cats. 

Sunday—March 12 — Jorga

Monday —March 13 — JuneAnn

Tuesday —March 14 — Walking Through the Fire

Wednesday —March 15 — What about Cats?

Thursday  —March 16 — Not Long Ago

Friday  — March 17 — Thoughts

On a very personal note

Cliff is laying tile in the utility bath. It is a pretty messy affair right now, but it will soon be a vast improvement. I am still battling the health crisis. I am getting better, but the six-month battle has taken its toll. I am trying acupuncture, and it seems to be providing some relief and a small spark. I am going to continue the treatment.

Spring and the improved weather is beneficial. We will have more to report come next week.


2017 8th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ We still have snow


The snow is still with us, but it slowly makes a reluctant departure. The left-hand photo was taken yesterday morning. The other was from a week ago–the same that appeared on last Saturday’s blog. Around Ontario, there are piles of dirty, ugly snow here and there. Soon it will be only a memory.

We said goodbye to February and hello March. So far, it has been much as the adage would have us to believe–out with a Lion attitude and in with the Lamb. March has been kinder, and it reminds us of the hope of spring’s imminent arrival. First, we face the daylight savings spring forward event. Who is looking forward to it? March 12th is not that far off and might we suggest you be working to change the time a bit earlier. It will make the transition for the Weimaraner easier. Some of you know what I mean. Others have no clue that this fur family member is more reliable than some of the old time clocks.


This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  It is a fun week I think you will agree. 16903455_1181464675256469_144163915201259349_o

Sunday—February 26 — Weimar Games

Monday —February 27 — Stella Blue

Tuesday —February 28 — Our Winnie

Wednesday —March 1 — Gus

Thursday  —March 2 — Happy Boy

Friday  — March 3 — Progress

On a very personal note


We ordered a second area rug for our living room floor. The rug should work to preserve the hardwood flooring from our farm lifestyle. We don’t take off our shoes–we do try to be as clean as it is possible. Our effort is often not so evident. I am still working on getting things to feel right–if you understand. The house is long and narrow–the living room is the same. I want the atmosphere comfortable and livable–nothing elegant or that takes a lot to maintain. I guess I can be either considered practical or lazy.

My lungs appear to be the ongoing topic. There is new medication to control the radiation-induced inflammation. Another medical appointment today as well as acupuncture. I feel better tonight so either the medication is working, or I was getting better anyhow. I have a new physician, and I feel good about her. Don’t feel sorry for me. This illness is far harder on Cliff.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are in need of a few stories to get through the December blogging. Several of you have promised; however, we understand how busy you might be–nevertheless if you can send along something we would greatly appreciate it. Without you, this would be impossible.

You Are Invited

Labor Day Weimie Play Date!!

This is LONG overdue!  I wanted to get a post out about our next Weimie play date, since it’s a holiday weekend Nancy and I are hoping for a big turn out =)  Let me set the scene for anyone on the fence about coming or newcomers.

Imagine this, a peaceful drive through the country with your weim panting in anticipation of what’s to come.  New smells, new sounds, and what’s that two acres of fenced space just waiting for a Weimie romp.  This is just the beginning of what you get when you join in on the monthly Weimie play date co-hosted by Nancy and Holly in Salem, Oregon.  As your Weimie makes their rounds, meeting their new best friends and their chauffeurs(that’s us humans), we get to kick back, grab a glass of fresh ice tea or maybe a brewski and chat with fellow weim lovers.  The conversations usually begin a quick run down of who belongs to who, stories of weim crimes(we can all relate), and mentions of your favorite weim quirks.     

Here’s a brief introduction of the regulars:

Luna, our Hostess with the Mostest

LunaParents: Nancy and Bill

Dog Parents: Blue x Elle, 12/22/14

Fave snack: Morning dollop of whipped cream and mom’s leftover egg yolk

Hidden talent: Stay, even when taunted by her BF Rudy

Jaeger, Disco Man Extraordinaire

JaegerParents: Shannon

Dog Parents: Boomer and Bubbles

Fave Snack: Turkey or Ice Cream

Hidden Talent: Take a Bow

Arliss, the Leader of the A Pack

ArlissParents: Arleen

Dog Parents: Dusty x Megan, 12/01/06

Siblings: Big brother to Auto, the Welsh Terrier

Goldee & Maverick, Fluff Masters


Parents: Holly and Joe

Dog Parents: Greta x Stackhouse, 04/19/14 & Sadie x Stackhouse, 12/16/15

Hidden Talent: Mind control over their mom

Weim Crime: “Helping” with the dishes in the sink

Buck, the Big Brother

BuckParents: Beth

Dog Parents: Sadie x Stackhouse, 12/16/15 

Hidden Talent:

Favorite Party Pass Time: Hanging in the sand pit

Kirby, The Snack Sneaker

KirbyParents: Rhonda and Jim

Dog Parents: Greta x Blue (Shela, will you double check these are the correct parents?)

Hidden Talent: Sitting on anyone’s lap

Favorite Treat: Nancy’s Strawberry Cake =)

For more information about the monthly weim play dates reach out to Holly at or find Holly Haffey and/or Nancy Fortune Garin on Facebook!  

Come for the fun, stay for the exhausted weim!!