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The Blog, Posts, and Whatnot!

Dear OwyheeStar Faithful,

The Information Age has changed everything. Getting published and putting your story out there for the public has never been easier. The truth of it is startling when you think about how it has changed our world.

Every day we post a blog. That is 365 blogs a year. (Whew) Without our OwyheeStar Weimaraner clients sending us photos and their stories to post we would be lost. In this day, when everyone has their Facebook Page and possibly a blog, many of you share their story without us being in the loop. This self-publishing thing is a reality for us.

We have out OwyheeStar Weimaraner Group–a community where those who have a puppy from us can share their photos and news. They can exchange ideas. People seem to like that–and again, we appreciate your posts. Nevertheless, we depend upon the kindness of others for our blog fodder. It is a lifeline–that makes publishing everyday doable.

From the Archives Indi and Ilsa

A lot of folks are posting their stories — I find some of them on Facebook. Thank you–it means the world to see your OwyheeStar is cherished, celebrated, and an integral part of the family activities. Honestly, I am saddened when I look at a profile that doesn’t contain the Weimaraner. It makes me wonder what has become of the beloved Weimaraner puppy.

If you happened to have a cute story you would be willing to let me share please Email it to me. I will also need a photo. Frequently people send only a few words and some photos. I love them, but filling in the storyline is difficult–essentially impossible. So, let me thank those of you who update us annually or several times a year. I cannot thank you enough. If you have promised an update and not yet sent it, now would be a good time.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

April–need we say more?

DSC_4923DSC_4925A family traveled to the Treasure Valley, and remarked on this lush valley. Today, it is hard to imagine the dry hi-desert from which the farm land has been carved. It is almost as if we have moved west to wetter Western Oregon. Before we know it, we can expect the unrelenting summer sun to be drying things out. The constant irrigation in midst of the scorching dry summer heat is what we have grown accustomed to.

I have my kitchen bay window filled with started plants. I have various peppers, tomatoes, sunflowers, and Shasta daisies. I keep thinking we will have at least one hard freeze before they wave good-bye. I am not planning on using hot caps this year. My garden is calling, but I got my feet (and my heart) tangled up with the little puppies. They, and their future human companions, take a bit of time. :O)

Here are the links for this week’s blogs….


DSC_4696C3_9 Bubblex X Boomer Litter (2)We have had a lot of great help this spring. Ellen has smiled, and put in extra time helping us with whatever we needed. Lauren is able to come as well. She has been doing everything from cleaning, to dog training. Cliff is instructing her, so she learns the right technique–methodology. Other people have offered a helping hand on a one-time basis. Everyone’s effort makes a huge difference.

Cliff is about to embark on some intensive training sessions. I cannot say how much Lauren can, or will be involved. Nevertheless, having her help with the Weimaraners has benefited everyone.

One Day at a Time…

We tend to rush through life; most of us are very goal oriented. That is not a bad thing; however, the rushing-goal-oriented outlook can produce a lot of stress. Regardless of what is happening, we all must learn to take a deep breath, and tune-in to the moment. We sit in restaurants and watch adults and kids alike tuned-out, or engaged solely with their hand-held device. Those gadgets are a lot of fun, and they help us stay better connected–to a point. They can also help us to escape. The danger lies in escaping too often, and forgetting how to interact with the person standing (or sitting) right next to us. With the passing of an old friend, who departed this world at the very young age of 57, it makes you take pause. First, we need to be thankful for what we are given. Secondly, we need to remember to make the most of each moment. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever be found working too hard, or that you will never disengage to get away. It means that we need to remain engaged with our friends, our family, and those around us. To fail to do that could lead to regret. This is also true in our relationship with the Weimaraner. Failure to be alert, and connected will come to nothing good.


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!