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Pepper Ann

~ At One

Heres some updated pictures of Pepper Ann. She just turned a year old and still loves adventuring with mom and dad and now her little sister we just welcomed to the family a week ago. She’s been pretty gentle and seems to understand her baby is fragile.

Thanks again for such a great pup

The Beutlers 

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It is so great to see Pepper is doing great. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your newest addition.


~Cats and Dogs

What To Do?

It’s raining and princesses don’t want to get wet even with their raincoats on!!!

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It looks like Skye and Haze are covered. What a gorgeous color on the two blue girls.


~Hello from WA State


My how time flies! It’s been two years since we adopted Freyja. She has been such a great addition to our little family. I wish I could share all our experiences but it would become a novel…lol I have heard that it is quite challenge having one weim but to have two?! Actually we are pretty lucky. Our older weim took Freyja in stride and is such a great big brother. They are quite close! Freyja definitely keeps us all on our toes. She loves belly rubs, looking out for birds & bunnies n the yard, and keeping an eye out for the neighbors. My nickname for her is Mrs. Kravitz…lol. nothing gets by her! I wonder what the neighbors think, she just watches them…lol.

Freyja has appointed herself the family time keeper. Somehow she knows when to wake us up before our alarm goes off in the morning, it’s too funny but she has ulterior motives- she wants breakfast!. She now gives her paw and loves snuggles with dad! She is really coming into her own and look forward to many more birthdays to celebrate!

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Thank you, we do so appreciate this update. May she live on, do well, and bring you a bushel of joy.

Koda and Mylo

~Yin/Yang Couple

I hope this finds you and Cliff doing well.  I’m behind on getting you updated on how Koda (Sadie X Stackhouse) and Mylo ( Dixie X Boone) are doing.  

Even though he just turned one on 11/2, Mylo is taller than Koda.  Koda is the more muscular of the two though.  The are both incredible boys!  Very different personalities which is great.  They are a Yin/Yang couple.  Koda is wound a bit tight, typical Weim, while Mylo is very laid back.  Definitely a puppy still but he takes life a lot more at ease. LOL!  

The pictures of them hanging out the window are on our way to go hiking.  Something about having their head out the window and lips flying is so funny!  The other pictures are of the boys just after finishing up the hiking trip.  We went with my buddy and his Rhodesian, Niko.  I’d say we went about 4 miles but I’m sure these guys were well over that!  😊  Sniffing and running around to check out all that nature had to offer.

Thank you and Cliff both so very much for helping add so much love to our family!  They are such fun, intelligent, unique boys.  We love them with all of our hearts!

The Hartung Family

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We are ever so happy to receive the news. Unique and different seems to be a good thing–but I suppose the two are co-conspirators too. Haha


~A Weim and His Boy

Hello! Our OwyheeStar Blue Boy is maturing–We loved the post featuring Loki from the same parents (Dixie X Boone).

Also, I have not forgotten our previous discussion about one day getting s long hair Veim.  They are unique and pretty.  Please keep me in mind.

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Hello, again. We are happy to learn that CW is doing well. We look forward to working with you once again, when you are ready for your first Longhair.

Baby Faces

Well, I am having trouble with the planned morning post, so in lieu of it–let’s have baby faces. I especially like them sticking out their tongue.


~ PJs with Style

Knobby got his new PJ’s, now he’s truly the Knobigator 🐊

I found an Etsy store (majStyle) that specializes in Weimaraner, Vizsla, Greyhound body types. She make pj’s, hats, shirts, and neck-warmers based on your pups measurements. Took about 4 weeks but worth the wait.
Knobby looks adorable and has received many compliments. I love dressing him up and he’s getting really good about it. Hats are still a little questionable. 

Christmas attiring coming soon…
Knobby (Flo x Boone) March 2019

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We are speechless –just kidding. Well, I think this is just what the doctored order for today.

Willow the Ambassador

~ Wearing her OwyheeStar Cap

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Willow, we love you are wearing the OwyheeStar cap –you are so adorable, as always. You are a rockstar!


~ What a Good Boy

Our Run Today

We got a kitten today. I just wanted to send you evidence of how GOOD Edgar is!!

Ed also loves to run. Above is a picture of him on our run today and this picture shows how happy he is after running


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Thank you–for the photos, the videos, and the news. What a great life you have together.

Kennel Cough

~Not Welcome Here

I recently had to make a quick trip to my mother’s home in Arizona. Because my purpose for going was to take her car, and bring it back to Oregon, I had to fly down and could not take the dogs. I boarded them in a kennel that I have used for 21 years with no problem. I picked up the dogs on Sunday, and both Push and Zoo have kennel cough. Both dogs have been vaccinated against Bordetella but as you know that is only one of many types of kennel cough. Zoo coughed so hard that she ruptured a small blood vein in her throat. Push has a cough and massive amounts of snot (sorry about the colloquialism) coming out of his nose. Kennel cough is airborne and extremely contagious. Dr. Welch gave me a cough suppressant to give them but said no antibiotics since most strains are viral. He also said to keep the dogs quiet which at this point has not been difficult as neither one of them seems to feel very well. 

I thought you might want to share some information about kennel cough in your blog since you reach so many Weimaraner owners.

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We are so dreadfully sorry to hear the news. Kennel Cough is like the human cold–easily shared and not welcome. Click here to read how your pet can contract Kennel Cough –or other upper respiratory infections. When there is an outbreak, it is wise to limit exposure–but not always possible. Get well soon!