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~ Daddy’s Boy (part two)

Indiana has also been spending time going for walks through out our neighborhood where he has grown quite the fan club from other dogs and neighbors. I always get someone commenting on how beautiful he is or try and pronounce the name Weimaraner as we walk by.

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At home Indiana loves to sleep on my bed, under the covers. Any time he gets excited he will grab a pillow, his blanket or something and parade around the house with it. I can’t tell you how many times I would have to clean these things or my shirts and others clothes from his kennel.

Other than that what Indiana loves most of all is to give me kisses and be by my side. Right next to me, no matter where I go! He is such a Daddy’s boy.

Breeder Comment

Rick, thank you for all the effort you put into giving us this update on Indiana. From the beginning, you made him an integral part of your life, watched out for him in ways some fall short. It didn’t go unnoticed. I think you will agree that the Weimaraner is life-changing and somewhat addictive. Here’s to eleven candles–deep breath. May he live on and do well.


~ Daddy’s Boy (part one)

Indiana just turned 12 years old! (Topper/Dusty) 

2020 has been quite the year for our boy. In early march we had to pay a visit to his vet after Indi some how broke open a small growth on the side of his head and had to have it removed. He is not a big fan of going to the vet or having to wear a cone but he pulled through it just fine.

Because of our states Covid restrictions our adventures were limited this year but we did manage to go camping where Indiana liked to spend his time sniffing along the beach, taking long walks and trying to get the squirrels.

He also loves to play ball, climb on top of the picnic table and keep watch over the camp site as well as playing the never ending game of throw the stick into the water! 

Breeder Comment

Rick–we appreciate reading about Indiana. It reminds us of the two great parents–Dusty and Topper, who have departed planet earth and are running wild. What a remarkable life Indy has shared with you–and we are thankful for every moment, knowing how life-changing it was. May he live on for more adventures, and we hope 2021 is kinder.

Loki and Erica

~Modified Training/Staying Positive

Loki and I are making the best of things during these unusual times. Modified training moves forward, and this summer Loki got to try out the ATV’S. Apparently it’s not so different from the snowmobile– a couple of treats, and we were off! The goggles (RexSpecs) are not his favorite, but they were helpful in the dust. 

One of the biggest things we worked on this summer was obedience. I’ve learned a lot in my time with Loki, and we’re getting close to where we want to be, which is strong off-leash reliability. One of the most important things we have to do is a remote down, which we use as an emergency stop. I use a voice command and a hand signal that he can see at a distance, and no matter what he is doing he must immediately drop into a down. We really struggled with this until I figured out to use his ball as motivation, and we made it into a game with fetch as his reward. I’ve learned for Loki that his obedience training needs a balance of games, while also firmly enforcing the commands when needed.

We had a nice little adventure this summer on a backpacking trip. Loki has his own pack so that he can carry his bulky (but light) sleeping bag and pad. The best part is that he can now carry out his own poop bags!

Happy early Thanksgiving 🙂
Erica + Loki

Breeder Comment

As you might remember, Loki is involved with Search and Rescue; therefore, absolute obedience is a must. While he is in training, nothing could be more accurate than Erica is also growing and learning how to get compliance. Their journey together is different than the average pet person–but every experience is fraught with potential issues. It is nothing short of amazing to see what they have achieved together. We know it has required a lot of dedication and hard work. Erica, thank you for what you and for remembering us with the update.

First Snow

~Sugar Snow-Nose is a Weim Thing

Gracie (Greta and Blue) and Harley (our rescue) were back in their fleece for the first snow here a few weeks ago! Gracie loves to put her nose in snow – Sugar-nose – I think it’s a Weim thing. We love all the baby dog photos. I say “ohhhhh they are so cute”, Tony says “shark biters”!

Best to you, Nancy & Tony

Breeder Comment

We agree the Sugar Snow-Nose is a Weim-thing. I hope some OwyheeStar folks will share their Sugar Snow-Nose captures. Thanks for the great photos and this fun update. We know our readers will love hearing about Gracie and her Rescue Brother enjoying this year’s opening snow event.

Faces Make Me Happy

~ At Least these faces do!

Breeder Comment

This litter is a very busy and driven group — as we would expect. A couple of exceptions, but even those will find ways to get into trouble. (OMG) We cannot tell a lie–it is why the Weimaraner is too much for some people. It is why the why Weimaraner is perfect for others.

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

~Compliments of Jan Magnuson

We like to say “a Tired Dog is a Good Dog”- DAILY exercise like walks, playtime, and training help keep our dogs (and us too!) healthy and happy!  
My dog trainer friends and I all agree that a majority of dog owners we deal with do not provide enough daily exercise for their dogs, hence why they have so many behavior and training issues.  There are many aspects to having a well-behaved and well-trained canine companion, the first and foremost is tiring them out each day!  When dogs are sufficiently exercised, mentally and physically, they are less inclined to misbehave like jumping up on people, chewing inappropriate articles, and running away…keeping them “pooped out” makes them better pets!     

Pictured above are my three sweet girls all tuckered out and snuggled in after a fun, busy day~

Jan Magnuson~SUNSTARAll-Breed Dog Training
P.O. Box 98072Des Moines, WA 98198206 241 2908

Breeder Comment

Most of you know Jan and Willow. We are so blessed to have her expertise to share, and as a friend–fellow Weimlover. If you are not familiar with their accomplishments–Click Here.

Also–keep in mind that a young Weimaraner is challenging to raise for a lot of reasons–they have endless energy. They also have limitations–they cannot be run hard until those growth plates close. Click Here to learn more!


~Tarmac not so long ago

You should see how he races around the yard. By the way Tarmac and Serena both know “ tennis” even when my husband spells it… not actual tennis… he’ll get them chasing four tennis balls at once.

Tarmac and the sticks… he’s dragged in tree limbs and been very possessive. We have a vacant lot next door and he acts like we’re tossing his best friends over there. We get a lot of deer over there and he likes to perch on a little high spit in our yard and he just watches them eat. Right now wild plums by the ton over there… the deer love them.

Breeder Comment

This post is a little delayed in getting posted–it may be timely. We are all in need of sunshine and news of sunny weather. (Haha) Tarmac has a lot of work–cleaning up limbs and branches is exhausting. OMG

Flo and Dazee

~Our Kingdom, Our Rules

Flo caught her 2nd squirrel last week. About 3 weeks ago they killed 4 rats. They (Dazee and Flo) are incessant hunters.

I had a woodpile that’s barely a pile anymore as there were little fuzzy things living in it. They were obsessed with the pile & dragging pieces all around. They spent hours at it. I went out after dark with LED flashlight & could see eyes not theirs. (Haha). I didn’t care as other than unpiling the pile no harm.

They’ve been skunked 3 times now with the last time last week. Each time less intense so perhaps they’re figuring that one out. Yes, getting the rats is ok with me. 

Breeder Comment

Many can relate to the activities that seem to keep Flo and Dazee busy–and groan when they hear about the encounters with skunks. Can the Weimaraner learn to leave the striped kitty alone? What a nuisance these feral odor-anointing critters are–I am sure they do good, as well, but oh my gosh.

We have more Flo and Dazee news coming soon–they keep Sena busy but also grounded. For some, the Weimaraner is essential on so many levels. We appreciate hearing about these two Golden Year Placement Girls and their antics.

Soaking Up Sunshine

~Ava Blue

Ava Blue enjoying the sunshine in the bedroom with our cat. I think she likes being an indoor dog 💞

Breeder Comment

Well, sunshine makes me happy, right?!? Other Weims without a floor hotspot flop on the heat register, crawl under the covers or find warm clothing –fresh out of the clothes dryer.


~ Still doing well in Calgary

It’s been a while but i thought I would send along a picture of Oscar.  He is 8 now and still thinks he is a puppy but sure loves his cuddles with mom and dad.  

Other than a few lumps of fat he has been healthy as an ox and an absolute joy.  I hope you and your family are keeping well and staying safe during these times.

Breeder Comment

Everyone realizes that we don’t know how many days we get with our beloved fur-family members. Each moment is precious. We are so happy to learn that Oscar is still puppy-like and cuddling with his favorite humans. Thanks for the update.