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Our Life With

Bella and Daisy

Our adventures and love continue each day!

Breeder Comment

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the Weimaraner (or like in the case–the Weimaraners) engaged in life and all it brings? At the beach, checking out the water, playing in the snow and snuggling. Zonked (tongue out) making us smile. As one person on the Wait List wrote us yesterday, the shared experiences are a joy. Thanks to this great Pacific NW family for sharing their life with us.

Here it is their own words–

Shela and Cliff, I so enjoy your daily blog, it seems like we already have a pup with the opportunity we get by viewing all the wonderful dogs who have been placed. ~ Don



Treasure Valley Tuesday


(Nampa, Idaho) Even Charlie Mae and Murphy are wondering WHY are we getting more of this snow!!

Meanwhile at OwyheeStar

~ Western Treasure Valley–Oregon

Blanket Boy

Magnum Under Wraps


Michael put Magnum in the truck and he came back a bit later and this is how he for him   He had rolled himself up in his blanket. What a smart boy.😊

Hope you both are well and want you to know we think of you often.

~Mike & Monica

Time For


Murphy Ready for TVMurphy says


Ok Dad, time to watch TV now right?!?!  I’m sitting like you and everything!!!

Charlie Mae and Elle

Charlie Mae Enjoying TV.jpg

Time Watchers

Does anyone at your house tell time? Our Weims know when it is bedtime, mealtime and the general routine we keep. They are not happy about us not keeping on schedule. Evidently there is television time and place too. Murphy and Charlie Mae know their routine. They might know how to work things to their advantage too.


Got Birds


      ~Do you see those birds outside????

We’re chasing them with our mind RIGHT NOW!!!!

Breeder Comment

Charlie Mae (Gray Longhair Female) and her Blue Ghost brother (Murphy) have more than their eyes on these interloping birds. They come; we chase. They have excellent manners. The blinds are intact. They are so focused they stayed with their tracking project while Will snapped these photos. The Weimaraner–either they are so entertaining that we spend a great deal of time watching them or we are easily entertained. Then too–there is the fact you need to know what is going on with them. The silence of the Weims is rarely a good thing.

Bed Hog

Humans want 1/4 of the Bed 


It is unthinkable for some to share their bed; however, the Weim folks often do snuggle with their Weims. Or they might more aptly wrestle for space on the bed.

Breeder Comment

This Weimaraner is a Longhair on the bed. Did you wonder if you could deal with the extra fluff? It is not so bad as fluff goes; some Weimlovers are addicted to the feathering.


Kind of Like Off Grid


Why is a frequently asked question at the home of the Weimaraner. What is the point? Why are we doing this? Why should I stay off the counter? Have you seen the finds I make?

These are all valid questions in the eyes of the Weimar. They like to find a way to get their way–if one way doesn’t work another will. Try, try, try again is an overused motto. Nevertheless, it seems to work for them.

Stackhouse, who has never netted a steal, did so last Friday. The hamburger pattie was resting on the paper skillet-ready, tasted delicious. Cliff didn’t know where Stack got the paper until I said more than paper was missing.  (Oops) Off-bed sounds pretty innocent don’t you agree?

Princess Charlie Mae

Not so Pleased

12705407_10207677661931476_6345842911567328434_n.jpgGetting the look can mean many things; however, there is no getting around the fact that the Weimaraner-owned human knows full well it means.

Charlie Mae

“I am sitting here waiting.”

“Did you happen to see the time?”

“How long do I have to wait?”

“Clearly, I am the only one that can tell time.”

“This better be good for the extra snack cake.”

“I am trying not to be indignant here.”

Breeder’s Comment

Charlie Mae’s family has its own dynamic. She has a less fluffy Blue Weimaraner brother (Murphy) and one of the coolest humanoid sisters–Elle. They go on awesome vacations–when possible the Weims come with; if not they have a sitter. The only questionable issue you might hear from Charlie Mae is the Christmas Light tradition. She just figures it is a Longhair thing–at least for her humans.


Hemi, Magnum, and Zoey

From Camino Island

It is quieter than usual. The fur babies are resting after a long cold day. Magnum and Zoey are the best of friends. They love each other–just as we hoped.


I am happy to report that Hemi is still with us too. She is on Rimadyl and one pan-pill at night but is doing pretty good. She is a bit lumpy, but she still likes to go for two walks a day and is still eating well. She was getting pretty irritable with the younger dogs so figured she was not feeling all that well. She is better now and not so grumpy. I know it is only a matter of time, but we take one day at a time with her. We have had the talk with the vet about coming to the house when the time comes. But we are enjoying each day we are blessed to have her.

Facing the Loss

We have a cat-loving neighbor. They had five cats up until a few months ago. One of their cats was lost due to heart problems–she was 15 years old. Then they found out one of their other cats has eye cancer and is affecting the one side of the face. They have never had to deal with the loss of a pet until now. It has hit them hard. We have talked a lot on the subject of when is the right time to put a beloved family member to sleep. The best I could tell her was “when your pet has more bad days than good days, it might be time.”  It also is different I feel with each person and pet. You just got to enjoy them while you have them,😊 because they are each a special gift from God. They make our lives more special because they are in them.
                                          We Think of you guys often and hope all is well with you guys. Happy New Year! ~ Monica and Mike

Breeder’s Note

We know first hand the dangers that Rimadyl (an anti-inflammatory drug) holds for this breed; therefore, it is our recommendation to avoid using it if possible. We have Deli (Hemi’s grandma) on Meloxicam (the generic to Metacam). It is a trail to see how it works for her; but yes, Deli is still with us and her birthday is Friday. Other than this drug we firmly believe in the Duralactin Joint Plus Chews. They are not inexpensive; however, the kids love, and it seems to make a real difference. We only have Ms Deli on that right night. Until a few weeks ago it (the Duralactin) appeared to be holding back the inevitable. We want her to have the most comfortable best quality life possible. Nonetheless, we also wish to avoid the risk of seizure or having the Rimadyl build up in the internal organs and take her before her time. We are sure you understand. No, we do not know much about the Meloxicam, but instead of using the Rimadyl It seemed like a good idea. In the last twenty years, we have known of three Weimaraners who died within a short while after having the Rimadyl–each it was due to uncontrollable seizures. Personally, we lost a very young Stud Dog in a flash. It is always smart to avoid drugs when possible–stay holistic for your Weimaraner’s best health prognosis. Every person has to make a decision about what is right for them and their fur family members.


Let’s Celebrate!12033175_10204250919027208_5166849377019633282_n

Yesterday was this crazy pup’s birthday. She finally made it to a year old (I had my doubts). I can not believe that it was a year ago we got a call from OwyheeStar Weimaraners (Shela and Cliff Nielsen), and we started the process of bringing Lexi home with us. Who knew she would become as important to us as some people’s kids are? ( lol) We could not have asked for a better pal than Lexi. We love this crazy little dog and we are excited to look forward to many more adventures together!!!
Therefore, we did what any good parents would do and threw her a birthday party, with a cake and treats for all her doggy friends!!!

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Breeder’s Comment We are happy to hear Lexi has celebrated her birthday in style. There is no way to understand just how life changing the Weimaraner experience is until you take the journey. Thank you for remembering us and for loving Miss Lexi so much. We sincerely hope she brings you years of joy.