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Tiga and Lotte

Their Companionship

     ~ and So Much More

40768612_10216859279859502_4020557931333287936_oThe neighbors, hogs, deer and especially the neighborhood foxes will be thankful the dogs are headed back to Seattle (me not so much). Thanking two dogs for their friendship over the last few months might sound odd to some, but until you learn the love of not only one, but two Weimaraners you just can’t comprehend their healing nature despite the high energy approach. Have fun with the kids Tiga and Lotte and GO HAWKS!

Breeder Comment

Dear Mike, we thank you for your service and the sacrifices made. We are glad that Tiga and Lotte are much loved. We understand what you mean about the healing nature of such a relationship–so happy that you can benefit from all they have to offer.

For those reading this update–Tiga and Lotte have been residing in Germany with Mike, but they will be returning to the Pacific NW again soon. He will sorely miss them, but the demands of life require them to go home to Mama and the kids.

Our Life With

Bella and Daisy

Our adventures and love continue each day!

Breeder Comment

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the Weimaraner (or like in the case–the Weimaraners) engaged in life and all it brings? At the beach, checking out the water, playing in the snow and snuggling. Zonked (tongue out) making us smile. As one person on the Wait List wrote us yesterday, the shared experiences are a joy. Thanks to this great Pacific NW family for sharing their life with us.

Here it is their own words–

Shela and Cliff, I so enjoy your daily blog, it seems like we already have a pup with the opportunity we get by viewing all the wonderful dogs who have been placed. ~ Don

Day of Rest

Weimar Lessons

quinns-two1We can learn a lot from the Weimaraner. How to play. How to be loyal. How to rest.

Breeder Comment

In our experience, the Weimaraner has two speeds–on and off. Do not be mistaken, on is full speed ahead and grab that table lamp before it goes flying.

The mellow Weimaraner request is pretty much an oxymoron. True, some are less energetic; however, the energy is not the big issue. It always comes back to your relationship and the very nature of how it works. A right relationship is one where the Weimaraner respects you (and of course, you respect them). It is ideal that the Weimaraner wants to please you, and that you have found a way to get them into compliance.

Obedience on the loose walking lead as well as a reliable recall (them coming when you call) is essential. All Weims are happiest when they are in control–they love being off leash, and it is nice to be able to have this luxury. Nevertheless, if the Weim is not in absolute leash compliance (on the leash), they are at risk. There is nothing worse than having the Weimaraner that pulls you down the street or lunges at everything as you try to walk them. It is bad manners and ultimately dangerous for you and them. Avoid this scenario. Getting off the tether also requires that achieving the strong recall. If they only come when they get around to it, it is again a dangerous situation.

Many people struggle with these two disciplines. They ask for everyone’s advice and often end up using a head halter, front clipping harness, or the Gentle Leader scenario. Others opt for a prong collar. None of these are things we can recommend in good conscience yet a goodly number of Weim folks rely on them. The underlying danger (when using these devices) is that you do not have a compliant and willingly obedient Weimaraner. You gain control using the device, but your Weimaraner is only deferring because the device (special harness or lead) prevents them from pulling and lunging. This scenario is not ideal. We recommend getting these disciplines mastered early, so you have a better and safer outcome. It is a plus for you as well as the Weimaraner.






He’s a Cute Boy


Many thanks to Ray and Nancy for all their updates. They love their OwyheeStar boys; this is Cooper (upside down). He is a happy and busy boy. He runs many miles, hikes, walks, and retrieves birds. He is excellent in the water and chasing upland birds. His primary job is to be a lover-boy. We think you know what we mean.

Daisy and Bella

Two Weim Family

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We have received two beautiful Weims from Cliff and Shela! They were able to match us up great. Bella (3yrs old in November) and Daisy (1yrs old in October). They are truly the best, thank you two for all that you have done for Darilyn and me!

Breeder’s Comment

Dear Friends and Fellow Weimlovers!

We thank you for the endorsement on Facebook as well as the loyalty you generously have bestowed on us. People like you make the work and effort (raising the Weimaraner) well worth it. Bringing joy to others is no small thing. We also realize the effort it has taken to raise the two and to get to this point. Thank you for following through and digging deep to get the job done. 

Water Work for the Weimaraner

Versatile Means there is More than Water…

We have always preached the importance of achieving the water retrieve. Some folks never achieve it, but if you get on it early and stick with the process, your Weimaraner can swim too. The hiccup happens once the adversity to water, or the idea that they don’t swim is ingrained.

We can still hear Ray asking us if Cooper would swim, and retrieve ducks. We think that question has been answered. Here is Cooper doing his water work.

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Versatile slips over into other areas

A true versatile Weimaraner is more to the family than an all-purpose hunting dog. Nancy and Ray have a multi-facet life of the best kind. Gus (the old guy) and Cooper join them in nearly aspect; they don’t travel to the tropical vacations. Nonetheless, they spend a lot of time hanging out, and doing grand stuff. Nancy is a dedicated runner with a closet full of ribbons, and medals. You know what I mean. She gets it done. These guys have joined in her during training.

Ray and Nancy can be seen hiking, and involved in community projects. Almost always (when appropriate) you will find the Weim kids with them. Hunting, hiking, traveling, exercising, and resting are done together. Here are a few of the most recent moments when they took the time to capture a photo of their adventure. We send you (Ray and Nancy) a huge thank you on every level. We are blessed to know you, and to share our love of this breed with a family like yours.

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 Bella and Daisy

Tutu Fun, Swimming, and Camping Plans

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Bella still doesn’t swim but Daisy loves too!  I’m hoping that Bella with follow her younger sister some day….we also played a little dress up with Daisy….don’t know if you remember Bella wearing here tutu, but this is the same one!  Hope all is well with you guys.  We are going on our first camping trip with the girls this year…wish us luck!
Cliff’s Comment: Do not give up. Miss Bella can swim, it is a matter of getting her to want to. A lot of patience, and optimistic posturing can overcome their concrete idea that they don’t do that. It is great you have Daisy Swimming!

One of Each

A Smooth Coat + A Longhair

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We are doing fine since we have added Daisy (our longhair girl) to the family. I retired from the Navy on 16 January and I start my new career on 9 February. The weims have been keeping me busy.

Daisy had a check up today and she weighs 23.6 lbs and Bella weighs 67.4 lbs. Darilyn is working hard and I’ve been doing a little relaxing.

I read your blog news about your last treatment and we are so happy for you! How are you feeling?

Comment From Shela: Thank you for asking. Yes, we are thrilled that the actual treatment is done. Of course, the doctors are never done–that is a good thing. I have appointments tomorrow, and next week. It is nothing huge, but it will be on-going. I am doing some special massage to relieve the swelling in the arm caused by the surgical removal of the lymph nodes. I am also doing acupuncture–the first treatment didn’t fix me per say; however, I am amazed that it made a difference. The external damage from the radiation is healing; there is less pain every day. They tell me that the effects of radiation keep giving for about two weeks. Of course, we know there are further consequences, but sometimes you have to do what needs to be done. It seemed like the right choice. Overall, we are doing a lot better. Thank you for asking!

Doing Her Best

Filling the Previous Empty Nest

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Just a quick picture of Bella. She is two now and runs the house. She has filled the house now that it’s an empty nest! She is the best.


Saluti da Napoli

Wow, what an adventure this has been.  We started the long process back in June with packing up the house, shipping the car and having renters take over our home for our move to Naples, Italy.  Tiga, throughout the preparation process was a little nervous but really did quite well despite all the changes.  He stayed with our neighbors for about 3 weeks as we were “Homeless”, but we reunited a few days before our flight to make sure he still loved us and to get all the USDA health data taken care of.

On the morning of July 14th, the shuttle van picked us up, our 12 suitcases and 1 nervous dog in a kennel and off we went  to Seatac to begin our 18 hour trip.  Tiga did really well throughout the process, in fact he did not go potty in his kennel for the entire trip.  Man was he ready to get out as soon as we landed, but I am so glad we did kennel training from the start.

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Making the adjustment

So now that we have arrived at our new assignment, Tiga has ventured out a little bit, but the acclimation process for the heat has been difficult for him so far (man is it hot!!!!!).  He is also getting used to the unfortunate military leash law and not liking it much.  We visited a ancient Roman Burial Site on the base we live on, and have made visual contact with too many cats, a few foxes and a Weimaraner that looks just like him.  The kids and Tiga think the three flights of stairs are pretty fun to run up and down, so we are sure this is going to be a great opportunity for all of us.

Breeder’s Comment: We are so happy to learn that the entire family made is safely to Italy. Tiga’s adjustment is a testament to how well you have done at raising your first Weimaraner. We look forward to following your adventures. Thanks for the update. We know you are very busy.