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Water Work for the Weimaraner

Versatile Means there is More than Water…

We have always preached the importance of achieving the water retrieve. Some folks never achieve it, but if you get on it early and stick with the process, your Weimaraner can swim too. The hiccup happens once the adversity to water, or the idea that they don’t swim is ingrained.

We can still hear Ray asking us if Cooper would swim, and retrieve ducks. We think that question has been answered. Here is Cooper doing his water work.

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Versatile slips over into other areas

A true versatile Weimaraner is more to the family than an all-purpose hunting dog. Nancy and Ray have a multi-facet life of the best kind. Gus (the old guy) and Cooper join them in nearly aspect; they don’t travel to the tropical vacations. Nonetheless, they spend a lot of time hanging out, and doing grand stuff. Nancy is a dedicated runner with a closet full of ribbons, and medals. You know what I mean. She gets it done. These guys have joined in her during training.

Ray and Nancy can be seen hiking, and involved in community projects. Almost always (when appropriate) you will find the Weim kids with them. Hunting, hiking, traveling, exercising, and resting are done together. Here are a few of the most recent moments when they took the time to capture a photo of their adventure. We send you (Ray and Nancy) a huge thank you on every level. We are blessed to know you, and to share our love of this breed with a family like yours.

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OwyheeStar Fan Club

Good Morning

Jan and Willow July 2012

Jan and Willow July 2012

Cliff and I did not start out to make a name for ourselves. We actually just loved the breed, and quietly kept doing what we do. We had a plan, and in all honesty, we didn’t expect it to get this involved. Sometimes things take on a life of their own. They pull you through to the unexpected. Here we are many years later penning a note to you this morning.

There are many things that prompt this heartfelt note. Recent inquires are among them, but old friendships rekindled plan a huge part. Faithful fans who drop us a note, photos, and send others to us build a platform for us to operate. Jan and Willow have caused a stir in their corner of the world, and they have sent us many referrals. Thank You Jan! There are many others who also constantly write that they tell everyone about us. Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude. Here is a short note we received (without a photo). Like Willow, Leo is engaged with dog-training clients. These are certainly not the only two with an OwyheeStar Weim they use in this manner, but today we mention them. Here is what Susan from Bainbridge Island, WA wrote us…..

Prince Leo, what a man!  He has become my daughter’s teaching dog in her new career as a dog trainer with the
Brooklyn Dog Trainer here on Bainbridge.  It’s pretty cool for Leo to  work and to provide distraction
for her many clients.    There is a mighty thirst here for dog training and she is well paid!  Her opera career has become secondary.
Leo is in a house with 3 generations, someone always around to throw a ball or train.  He loves it
Thank you for being who you are and for caring so much about the Weimie.
Washington State is a hot-spot for us. Beyond Jan and Susan’s Daughter, we have Jean and Nancy–near Spokane–in the Idaho Panhandle. The afore mentioned two (Leo and Willow) are Silver Gray Ghost Weims); however, the pair near Spokane sport the blue coat. They have a very cool set of names too — Skye and Haze. They have various nicknames. We don’t have the time to go down that rabbit trail today. Here they are as babies. Skye and Hazey
We are truly grateful we found you all.    Susan, Bainbridge Island

Patriot Fans Celebrate During the Superbowl


Haze Waiting For the Game……have flag will throw it!

Who says the Cowboys are American’s Team?

Cheerleader Skye complete with pompoms... oh yeah!

Cheerleader Skye complete with pompoms… oh yeah!

We put on our attire to root for our team–yes we know you Seahawk fans don’t want to hear about us being for the opponent. Here is how we spent our day.

Superbowl Fun with Skye...

Superbowl Fun with Skye…yes, we did deflate the ball to make it easier…..but not in the real game.


My Ball--don't touch it!

My Ball–don’t touch it!

Flagged--No Cheerleaders on the field Skye

Flagged–No Cheerleaders on the field Skye

Flagged Again....The Rufferree is calling it close

Flagged Again….The Rufferee is calling it close


How much do they count?

Callie Christmas 2007_0050sm

Lovely Callie

The two parents are important. Nevertheless. Any dog breeder worth their salt, (and experienced) has discovered mating the same two Weims doesn’t produce carbon-copy pups. We understand that many folks want to see the parents; however, seeing the parents really doesn’t always mean you learn much. Somehow, they imagine that the DNA is going to weave and turn out something very similar. The looks might be close, but a person needs to remember that unless the breeder is linebreeding, the DNA pool is going to have a larger selection.A Callie June 22 2009_0024

Inbreeding and Linebreeding

To understand the developing of the purebred it is important to remember that a lot of inbreeding happened to create the desired traits. Foundation stock, as it is called, normally had varied desired elements. The developer would keep only the pups produced that had the desired traits. Along the path to today’s Weimaraner, a lot of inbreeding (as well as linebreeding) happened). OwyheeStar feels to continue this cousin-mating approach would be a mistake.

What does inbreeding (in the genetic sense) do? Basically, it increase the probability that the two copies of any given gene will be identical and derived from the same ancestor. Click here to read more about linebreeding, and inbreeding.


OwyheeStar doesn’t inbreed, or linebreed. This can lead to less uniformity; however, there is less risk of health issues pulling through. The variances are not huge, but could be seen in size, or body structure, etc.  It takes work, time, savvy, and some luck to weave the DNA to get the desired results. There is always an element of risk. We like to believe it is as simple as healthy parents make for healthy pups. There is truth in that philosophy, but at the same time, it is not quite that simple.

Lessons Learned

A Moxie_0047


Along the way to getting here, we have learned a few things. Some of these lessons were heartbreaking. For example, putting countless energy, cash, and love into weaving a couple of lineages, and ending up with less than hoped for, (and in some cases nothing). They don’t produce litters consistently–or they produce only a few pups. This might not seem like a problem from the outside, but if you are counting on the litter, and you don’t get it; it is disheartening. It is hard to tell someone they must wait for another litter to arrive.

Moxie and Callie share the same parents (Deli X Zeke). Callie was the first pup saved from this (Deli X Zeke) mating. She was about the perfect size for a female (weighing about 65 Lbs). We liked her looks, and her disposition. Her health seemed good on every level. Health testing backed up our decision to save her for the future. We did, and a year later, we decided we to save another pup from the next litter born to the same parents. This time we named her Moxie. Soon, the difference was evident. Moxie weighed all of 47 Lbs when soaking wet. She has a similar look, but her body was extremely petite.

Similar is not the Same

Long story-short — Callie and Moxie were similar, but not as alike as we had hoped. We raised pups with both, and we used the same sire (as well as a different sire on occasion). The pups were nice, but the litters were small. Sometimes Callie didn’t produce a litter. We kept offspring from Callie for the future. Cliff worked for five years to get pups sired by Zee (OwyheeStar’s Zum Ziel) with Callie. When he produced four pups he kept them all, because he could not decide which would be the best to keep. Vidalia is lovely, but although she has been mated several times, she has never produced a pup. Ginger and Mousse have produced litters–one each. Cindee also produced a litter with Stackhouse. Regardless, this lineage has been impossible to count on when we mate them. We love their sweet faces, and their disposition. Nevertheless, it is hard to mate and get nothing. A breeder cannot control every aspect of the process. The differences between Moxie and Callie are more evident, than the differences might have been. They could have had a different temperament, coat variance, or something else not eye-evident.

Knowing is not Fully-Informed

The information age leads us to believe we can be well-informed about nearly every topic. “I have done my research,” people write. We are glad they have, but you cannot begin to know certain things. Some areas of study require time, and experience. The dedication to understanding the Weimaraner is more involved than reading about them, or even living with a few. It takes years, and a wealth of information to have expertise. Even then, you can be surprised. From our side of the fence, when people act as if they know more about the process than we do, it is unnerving. Nonetheless, it is they way it often comes across. Yesterday, someone asked to see photos of the parents. I sent them, and then thought to myself, that they can in no way look at this like we do. We know the parents, the grandparents, etc. We have made this lineage, or associated lineages more than a few times. What we see is different, but the person looking for a puppy wants to believe they are doing due diligence in assessing us (as well as their choice). We understand, but we share this information to shed a little light on the behind-the-scenes complexities. Brothers, sisters, and cousins will be very different, and yet at the same time similar.  Another case in point is the two girls (Skye and Haze–half-sisters). They same a nearly identical gene-pool.  It has been noted often that they are very different on so many levels; however, a delightful challenge of the best kind. Click Here to read a bit about these two blue girls. ❤ Thanks to Jean and Nancy for all they are doing with them, and for them!1507329_10203429366276388_1696832782_o

Skye and Haze Keep Busy

We thought it was about time for an update on the girls!

Skye just turned 8 months old (purple collar) and Haze just turned 6 months (pink collar).

 Life Changing 

Life has definitely been non-stop with these two wild Weims! They have entered their “teen” phase- with all the changes and trials that brings.  Although they share the same father, they definitely have their own unique temperaments, traits and quirks.

Skye — The Pewter Princess Doggie Diva

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Skye is still the Pewter Princess Doggie Diva- thinks she must be in control of her environment at all times.  She is intense to say the least and keeps us on our toes. Yet she is the cuddliest of the two and her antics are quite comical. She has a smaller build than Haze, actually very petite, fast and agile. Skye weighs 49 pounds now. Skye does everything with great gusto. We hope one day she’ll get great speed ratings in agility. Skye controls all toys and must know where her mom is at all times.


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Haze on the other hand is more laid back in nature. She takes everything in stride and doesn’t seem to get too frazzled over changes. She also is constantly on the go, she appears to be serious and goofy at the same time.. she thinks about things before reacting. When Haze is bored in class, she just lays down on her side and tries to sleep. Haze now out weighs her older sister- she weighs 55 pounds and is of solid build with large feet and ears. She is actually 20 pounds heavier at six months now than Skye her “big sister” was!

Training is going well

Both girls have done exceptional with crate training, potty training, car riding and are now in Home Companion Training and just beginning Rally. We have posted a couple of Rally videos of them on Facebook —click here and click again here.

Haze sports the Pink collar and green jacket. Skye sports the purple collar and purple jacket.

We hope you (and other enjoy this update, because we sure are!! ~Jean & Nancy and the “Blue Sista’s”

Breeder’s Note: We need to disclose that these two blue females each has their own family; however, their lives are intertwined in ways most of us cannot imagine. Jean and Nancy are business partners, (and their living situation is such that their homes are located on a small working farm). Their business is a service business, and this includes helping folks with their pets. Jean and Nancy are not the typical pet owner (or Weim owner). Yes, this is their first Weimaraner experience. Finally, it would not be practical for most folks to have two females–especially not two so close in age. Nevertheless, for every rule of thumb, there are exceptions. It remains to be seen what they will accomplish, but they are off to a fabulous start. Raising the Weimaraner is an experience. We thank them for their continued support, updates, and referrals.