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Hemi, Magnum, and Zoey

From Camino Island

It is quieter than usual. The fur babies are resting after a long cold day. Magnum and Zoey are the best of friends. They love each other–just as we hoped.


I am happy to report that Hemi is still with us too. She is on Rimadyl and one pan-pill at night but is doing pretty good. She is a bit lumpy, but she still likes to go for two walks a day and is still eating well. She was getting pretty irritable with the younger dogs so figured she was not feeling all that well. She is better now and not so grumpy. I know it is only a matter of time, but we take one day at a time with her. We have had the talk with the vet about coming to the house when the time comes. But we are enjoying each day we are blessed to have her.

Facing the Loss

We have a cat-loving neighbor. They had five cats up until a few months ago. One of their cats was lost due to heart problems–she was 15 years old. Then they found out one of their other cats has eye cancer and is affecting the one side of the face. They have never had to deal with the loss of a pet until now. It has hit them hard. We have talked a lot on the subject of when is the right time to put a beloved family member to sleep. The best I could tell her was “when your pet has more bad days than good days, it might be time.”  It also is different I feel with each person and pet. You just got to enjoy them while you have them,😊 because they are each a special gift from God. They make our lives more special because they are in them.
                                          We Think of you guys often and hope all is well with you guys. Happy New Year! ~ Monica and Mike

Breeder’s Note

We know first hand the dangers that Rimadyl (an anti-inflammatory drug) holds for this breed; therefore, it is our recommendation to avoid using it if possible. We have Deli (Hemi’s grandma) on Meloxicam (the generic to Metacam). It is a trail to see how it works for her; but yes, Deli is still with us and her birthday is Friday. Other than this drug we firmly believe in the Duralactin Joint Plus Chews. They are not inexpensive; however, the kids love, and it seems to make a real difference. We only have Ms Deli on that right night. Until a few weeks ago it (the Duralactin) appeared to be holding back the inevitable. We want her to have the most comfortable best quality life possible. Nonetheless, we also wish to avoid the risk of seizure or having the Rimadyl build up in the internal organs and take her before her time. We are sure you understand. No, we do not know much about the Meloxicam, but instead of using the Rimadyl It seemed like a good idea. In the last twenty years, we have known of three Weimaraners who died within a short while after having the Rimadyl–each it was due to uncontrollable seizures. Personally, we lost a very young Stud Dog in a flash. It is always smart to avoid drugs when possible–stay holistic for your Weimaraner’s best health prognosis. Every person has to make a decision about what is right for them and their fur family members.