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Have Wheels

Going Places!


We figured Kula must be old enough to drive now, so we got him and Pilikia a van to drive around….. Brent

Breeder Comment


This is not the first Weim Crime pair at the wheel. You might remember Ilsa and Indi the two Blue sisters who borrowed the camper while Mom and Dad went on vacation. Pilikia and Kula Bleu’s ride is pretty upscale, but the idea has not changed. Thanks for the fabulous share!

When Dinner’s Late

You Might have seen this Look


The Weimaraner likes routine. Even better, they like to be in control. Ilsa’s family remembered her bed but where is the dinner. Seriously, a late meal is never a popular event. Who can put on the miffed look better than a Weim?

They had to learn how to be adaptable. If not, there are a lot of these looks. They don’t like their crate moved; their schedule changed, etc. It is as if they say, “you humans don’t get it.”

Dusty-4356-BW-2We do suggest that despite the put-off pouting experience, it is important that they learn how to adapt to change. If not, then worse things than the evil-eye glare are sure to happen. We are not speaking of the typical Weim mischief. Nor the freak-out (separation anxiety induced) you forgot me acting out behavior. We are talking more about the I am going to make-you-pay-thing. Oh, yes it happens. Some of you know exactly of what we speak. Dusty says, “Woof.”




On the Edge


Anyone down for a little Hells Canyon jump? Ilsa was living on the edge!

Breeder Comment

Zimmerman's Pole Dangers8205_nIndi stayed home while Ilsa made the trip to this interesting location (near Culver, OR) with her papa. The sisters are quite a pair but apparently they can be seen separately on certain occasions. 12002056_10207643497916095_6838050307054098955_n

Four Years

Then The Two Blue Sisters

Zimmerman's Blue Girl

Thank You — For Adopting Me 

Four years ago we rescued this beautiful girl–a sister to our first OwyheeStar. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. When Cliff and Shela let us know they might get her back, we asked for the first chance to adopt her. We had met her and her mother on several occasions at the dog park, etc. It has been a beautiful, entertaining, and wacky journey.

Going Places

Ilsa and Indi

You might remember this from Facebook, or not. 25 Abandoned Places in Oregon has an interesting mix of locations. The photo above features the Zimmerman Family with their two OwyheeStar girls visiting #22


Jake writes

Here’s a pic of us and the weims at Opal creek! This is one if the 25 abandoned places in Oregon! Shela Nielsen , thought you would like this! We know this is not a great pic of Indy as she is out of frame and Ilsa is headed into the mine! 

Breeder’s Comment

Ilsa and Indi have been spotted nearly everywhere in and around the Portland area. They frequent the Oregon Coast and are known for the snow-escapades. The point is this family spends a lot of time together–the family includes the fur family members. We thank them for sharing so many great photos and adventures with us all. (Below are a few of the fun snapshots they have graciously shared with us all. Do you have something interesting to share?????

Weimar Winter Fun

Snow Fun


Apparently some Weims adore playing in the snow. Maybe they take after their humans. Ilsa and Indi are blue sisters. You won’t lose them in a snow storm.

We think you will enjoy the photos. We hope you have found a way to enjoy winter too!


FacesZimmerman's Ilsa9123_n

Who can say what is in a look? Some Weims smile and other just get their lip caught on a tooth. This snapshot is of a smug looking duo who by all appearances are totally innocent. Why would I doubt that?

Ilsa usually has a different co-conspirator–her sister Indi. Shenanigans are commonplace at their household and on the road too!

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Weims in a Tree

This Story is For Real!

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Ginger, Ilsa, and Indi up the Tree

Just when you thought you didn’t have anything new to worry about along comes tree climbing Weims. We suspect they got the idea from the Internet. After all, it is the Information Age. They suggested a trip to Morroco; however, the Oregon Coast provided ample opportunity to practice their skill. Check out the tree-climbing goats. They are an Internet sensation.

Ilsa and Indi 

They are a dynamic duo — sisters. One was a rescue that joined the family later, but both are cemented firmly into the Western Oregon family life. They have been featured many times on the OwyheeStar News Blog. You won’t want to check out these cute photos of the girls doing their thing.

Zula Blue

Whatcha Lookin At?

Whatcha Lookin At?

She is the expectant mother, with a lot of followers hanging breath-abated. You could also say that inquiring minds want to know what she is carrying in there. There is no guessing–only waiting. Someone will be happy; someone will be sad, and others will take it in stride. We cannot begin to guess.

What we know

Alice (Zula Blue X Blue) Halloween 2013

Alice (Zula Blue X Blue) Halloween 2013

She has had one previous litter. It was born July 2013. In that litter, there were eight pups–seven were blue. There were three males, and five females. It remains to be seen if she follows suit again, and produces a predominantly blue litter. Our best guess is this will be the case; therefore, those folks hoping for a silver gray (or gray) pup have a lower chance of getting their dream pup this year. For them, we will be looking toward early 2015. Dave and Cheryl keep us update on Alice (one of Zula’s first litter pups). They also have Emma (Penny X Dusty) who has been a part of their family for several years. Click here to read about Emma meeting Alice; click here to read the most-recent post about Emma and Alice. Of course, there are also the Facebook connections.

Don't Blame Me, Mom is a great cook...the bowl is here!

Don’t Blame Me, Mom is a great cook…the bowl is here next to my tongue!

Waiting is not easy. If you are awaiting the arrival notice, we are almost certain to have news. We believe with a 99% certainty that we know what we will be doing today. The good news for Cliff is it is trying to rain, so he could not finish the painting anyhow. We always prefer the daytime deliveries. Staying up all night is not something we would ever choose. There are more photos from yesterday posted on our primary website. Click Here to see those photos now! For the puppy addicts, I am posting a link to the page where I am planning to record the litter news as it unfolds. Click here to follow the news! We sincerely hope this brings sunshine to your heart and home. The type that is the best kind for the Weimar-addict.

Have a great day. ~ Shela and Cliff

Apollo’s Changing Landscape

The Ever Handsome Blue Boy–Our Apollo

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Apollo at Five Year of Age

~Change Happens

We hope this email finds you well!  Our wonderful Apollo recently turned 5. This hass been another exciting year for Apollo.  We moved into our new home last Summer, so he’s been busy adjusting to his new surroundings.  We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly he settled into a new routine.  And judging by his constant requests to play outside, I’m guessing he approves of his new yard 🙂  Our two year old son Nolan also keeps him busy, always wanting to play or snuggle.  Apollo handles it well and they’ve grown to be good buddies. He’s in for more changes next month when we welcome our second son, Lucas.  I look forward to seeing them bond, just as he has with Nolan.

We Appreciate OwyheeStar–Cliff & Shela

Thank you for being there, and for Apollo!  Yes this is a wonderful, blessed time in our lives 🙂  And we are grateful to have crossed paths with you and Cliff along the way as we can’t imagine not sharing these moments with Apollo.

Congratulations on the pending arrival of your first great-grandchild!  That’s a beautiful name 🙂  Great grandparents are incredibly special…I was blessed with 19 years of wonderful memories with mine, and they are moments that will stay with me always.  Anyway, best wishes to your family on her arrival…enjoy every second with her!


~Sincerely, Catherine


Cliff with Doc the Original Nielsen Weim


Breeder’s Note:  We are thrilled that Nolan and Apollo enjoy each other so much. We see a time when the memories (etched upon his heart) during this time of his life are found to be too precious for words. This photo of a young Cliff (taken in about 1958) with his first Weimaraner–Doc, is a case in point. Cliff never forgot this dog, and their time together. 

Thank you for remembering us. We look forward to meeting Lucas, and seeing photos of him with Apollo. Congratulations are in order–on the new home, and your expanding family.