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In Command

Here is how the shop foreman dozer runs the show 

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We were working on one of our semi trucks and it had a forty foot long beaver trail trailer hooked up to it and we pulled it in the shop and had other equipment in there at the time so we couldn’t shut the shop door and he decided he was going to jump up there and sunbathe while we worked on the truck. He laid like that for a good couple of hours looking and jumping off the deck to make sure we didn’t forget about him and to make sure we were doing the job right. Here’s another picture of him helping me haul our mini excavator

At the end of the Day

Here are a couple more pictures of Dozer at the shop working and ready to head home for the night

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It is only a couple of days until we bring the new Weimaraner home (Natty), and I am so excited.

An Unthinkable Loss Cuts Deep

Happy thoughts are our favorite thing.

B Mike and Turbo

The sorely missed Turbo

No one wants to think of the day when they will  have to say good-bye to a faithful companion, and friend. Honestly, the loss of a fur friend/family member sometimes causes unexpected agony of the worst kind. We are haunted by their absence. We continue on to think of getting them a toy, a treat, or taking them for a walk–only to remember they are no longer there.

They comforted us. They kept our secrets. They loved us when we were not so lovely. They shared our moments, and doted on our every move. Sometimes this was to our chagrin; this is especially true when they destroyed something due to separation-anxiety.

Our Mailbox


Our Beloved Happy Boomer We Miss You!

We receive a number of messages from folks who are facing a loss. Some know it is on the horizon, and coming their way at lightening speed. Others have returned from making a decision they would have preferred to never have had to face. Then there are those caught short in the blink of an eye who saw their beloved Weimaraner pass over the rainbow bridge.

No matter how the good-bye happens, it is not easy. Such was the case of a person whom we will call Devastated. We recently received a note from them during one of their darkest hours.

Please read on, but first grab yourself a tissue….

Please share this  with your clients. The importance of good voice control, especially with “heel” and “down” are critical, even in places you think are safe. It only took one instance of stubbornness and one frustrated electrician driving too fast down your private lane for disaster to strike. Earlier today we lost my best friend, Boomer. To say I am devastated is an understatement. It doesn’t seem real, and I desperately wish that it wasn’t. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to face tomorrow without my Boo but wanted to share this just in case one person gets the message, and it saves them from this unbearable pain.

Please know that I loved Boomer more than anything and really don’t know what I’m going to do without his warm breath in the morning, the weight of his head on my lap, his gentle pawing to let me know it’s time to go for a walk, and countless other little things. He truly was my best friend.

No one is Immune

Having permission to post these comments didn’t mean we were in any hurry to so. There are no words to say that cover this sort of loss. A person who has not experienced such a thing must stop, and take pause. It happens to some of the best folks. Danger is lurking about; it is a monster who awaits a single lax moment. No one is immune. This kind of thing has happened to dog trainers, show people, and very vigilant types. Our heart goes out to you.

Dear Devastated, we know but by the grace of God there we might find ourselves. Thank you for sharing in your time of need; we know it was because you didn’t want another person to fall victim to such a loss.

Dozer Grows Up

Companion Hunter

Hello Cliff and Shela

I just wanted to share a few pictures; we had a good day of hunting with Dozer. Three birds and this included crossing the river to make the retrieve.

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Breeder’s Comment: Thank You Greg for the great update on Dozer. It is always fun to hear of your success. Dozer has become a true versatile hunting companion. Thank you for your great work. We have included your previous photos too! People will enjoy seeing your early beginnings.

Happy Birthday Ceniza

Hi Cliff and Shela,

Here is a a quick update on our Ceniza.


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Ceniza turned 2 years old on Friday.

We celebrated with a fun adventure and some yummy treats. We took her to a lake, strapped her life jacket on and she had a blast swimming between our stand up paddleboard and kayak. As soon as she got onto one, she’d turn around and jump back in and swim to the other. Once she tired a bit, she would stand at the helm and take in all the scenery as we floated along. We had a little birthday celebration in the evening complete with peanut butter cake topped with a dog biscuit – she was a very happy girl.

We understand each other…

Overall, she is doing great. We can see the ways in which she is maturing. She understands us, as we do her. Her personality is so fun and spunky. Her athleticism often impresses us and she is an avid adventurer. She has brought us loads of joy and has made us better humans. We want to thank Owyheestar Weimaraners for the wonderful addition she has been.


Hope you all are doing well. Best wishes, ~Meghan

Mr. Peabody is relocating to the Portland area

Hello Pacific Northwest!

Mr. Peabody's Last Look

Making a mental note of the view….

 The circle of life

Oregon, here I come! My Mom and Dad felt it best we leave our beautiful sunny California (pacific ocean overlook) nest. It was the perfect world for me to grow and learn new things. We are moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon. It is about six miles south of Portland. We have visited there recently; I know where we are going, but I don’t totally know why. So, I was born in Oregon, and I return to Oregon. It is funny how life works.

Portland Weimars 

I am told there are a lot of Weimaraners in the Portland area, and many are OwyheeStar Weims. Maybe I will connect with a few of you. Who can say?  So, it is good-bye California, and hello Oregon.

Will the furniture be off-limits?

It's my birthday, and this is a perfect treat...

It’s my birthday, and this is a perfect treat…

Here I am making the most of an opportunity to use the furniture. I am not supposed to get on the furniture, but seeing my bed perched there (when Mom was doing the floors), I capitalized on the moment.

My bed on the chair…

I thought it was a sign, and meant to be. Mom thought it was funny, and snapped these photos.

Maybe we will have a different set of rules when we get to Oregon.peabody 2

Featured Weimaraner — Mr. Peabody

It seems right to me...

It seems right to me…

Yesterday (07/11/2013) Mr. Peabody had a birthday. He and Dudley shared an Akmak cracker with peanut butter (I had cake!)

Peabody b-dayYou said to use the bed..

The housekeeper was here yesterday so I moved his pillow from the floor to a chair so that she could mop the wood floors. Look who found his pillow. He’s not allowed in that chair but he figured if his pillow was there and it was his birthday, it must be OK…

Featured Weimaraner — Peabody

P1070943P1070429Mr. Peabody–at almost a year!

Can’t believe Mr. Peabody is 11 months old already. I have never had kids but often hear people talk about the “stages” they go through. He seems to change every week.

Mr. Peabody Chews and Eats Anything/EverythingP1070952

Right now he is ALL legs and really a love bug but wants to chew and eat everything in site. He chewed the piping off of one of our couch cushions but more alarming is what this dog eats seemingly with no ill effects. We provide all the chew toys that weirs love including Nylabones, treats-in-a-toy, and everything else under the sun.

Peabody is a demolishing crew in one

Mr. Peabody and his puppy!

Mr. Peabody and his puppy!

He chews them up (them being all these grand toys and chews we get him) until there is nothing left except for his puppy, of course. That one is still in one piece minus an ear. He loves it.

Featured Weimaraner — Betsy

“Woof Woof (or I meant hello there) !family game night

You probably read my Mom’s message about me, and the changes. Yes, Mom went away and brought home a baby. I was really worried at first, and the baby was crying and crying. I didn’t know what to do or think. I got sick, and Mom was worried about me. Since then, things with me and the baby have changed a lot. (“Woof”)

Laughter comes naturally when there is a Weimaraner 

One day, some time after the first projectile-crying-homecoming-event, my services we needed in a big way. After weeks of Mom trying everything she could imagine to get the baby to laugh, she asked for my help. She took her outside to play ball with me, and just the sight of me with a ball in my mouth made her giggle like crazy. Baby Blair is just 4 months old here 🙂 in this video. I think I do pretty good baby work don’t you?

I work with Dad, and do a little modeling too!

Betsy as a modelYes, I am an official greeter, but my duties have expanded.  I have been asked to take on more responsibility.  I’ve been working to earn my keep as a model. If you want, check me out in the Bogs catalog! I am not on the online catalog yet. Please buy some of my dad’s great boots, and make me smile too!

Featured Weimaraner — Betsy

Betsy is about to turn 3

Betsy vigilant and watchful

Betsy vigilant and watchful

It’s been forever since we sent an update of Betsy. She’s just a few days away from her third birthday and has definitely matured in the last year to a grown-up.

Betsy is busy–we have had a big change!

It was a tough transition going from an only child to having to take care of an infant. Betsy has learned to pitch in and help, and she’s been really busy raising our baby.The night we came home from the hospital, the baby wouldn’t stop crying and Betsy threw up all over the carpet.


`family game night

We knew adding a baby would mean change!

We made sure to give Betsy a lot of extra attention (so she would not feel displaced). Over the months, she’s grown to understand that raising this baby is her responsibility. She immediately lets me know whenever the baby wakes up, cleans her up after meals, and plays keep away with her.

Betsy still goes to work with her Dad..

We can tell that the responsibility wears her down at home, so she still gets to go to work every day with her dad to get a break. News of her work at our company will come in a later post. Betsy has written in from her perspective. She never ceases to amaze us. 🙂

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Breeder’s Note: It is especially important to keep your Weimaraner wormed when you have a baby (or small children) in residence. Roundworms and hookworms are the most common problems, but a broad-based worming program is important. Please discuss the proper protocol with your veterinary of choice.

Featured Weimaraners — Rocky and the new girl

Bringing home a second Weimaraner 

Sleeping Beauty's 1st Night

Sleeping Beauty’s 1st Night

  • Is exciting
  • Means potential new challenges
  • Takes a knack
  • Multiplies the fun/joy
  • You might want to read our blog on the topic ( click here )

    Rocky and her new sister -- too cute!

    Rocky and her new sister — too cute!