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2017 — The 51st Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

The morning brings us to the season’s actual first snow at OwyheeStar. We have seen a few fleeting flakes before last evening’s deposit, but nothing that covered the ground. There was no overnight accumulation. We got just the frosted coverage that left some of the fields peeking through here and there. At 13-degrees (and the windchill factor putting us closer to well below 10-degrees) it chills our bones. When I got up, it was 16-degrees. The forecast for a high of 40-degrees. We can only hope for predictive accuracy. The good news is the sunshine is up and pushing against the dreary-gray overcast inversion of yesterday. Welcome, Mr. Sunshine. You brighten our day and lift our spirits.

I think we can safely say the farmers have put their equipment to bed. We see the neighbor depositing the after process onion liquid on their fields. The steam rises from the area even at a warmer temperature. The trucks come from Top Onion who produce highly concentrated essential onion oil. So, although the farmer is depositing the after production residue, it is in conjuncture with the manufacturer–rather than conventional farming. It means we have to be even more vigilant with the large tanker trucks on the roads between here and the south of Ontario.

We take heart against the bitter cold temperatures. They come, and they go. We bundle up as needed. We stay thankful for our little farmhouse and the heating system. We have the pellet stove for backup, and so far we have not ignited it, but coming soon for sure. As I arrive a few paragraphs later, things have changed. The beautiful Mr. Sunshine has gone into hiding. We are enveloped in a thick and prevailing fog. We sincerely hope the obscuration of the big globe in the sky is short-lived. Otherwise, there is no hope of seeing the promised warmer temperatures.

1-Dixie X Boone 2017 Week Four-19The landscape is beautiful; nevertheless, we love the puppy faces even more. The Happy Holiday basket was a gift filled with personal artwork, goodies, and other treasures. It arrived one Chrismas many years ago–about a decade. It is still a seasonal favorite. I continue to use and to love it!

This Week on the Blog

IMG_5155Here are the week’s posts. Special thanks to all of you have remembered us with great updates. These really saved my life this week. Thank you, every one who thought of us during their busy December schedule.

We hope you enjoyed hearing the news and seeing the photos as much as we did. Thank you, for the likes, the comments, and to the new subscribers. We have three this week.

Sunday— December 10 — When (Christmas comes early!)
Monday — December 11 — At Six

Tuesday — December 12 — Luna

Wednesday — December 13 — Growing like a Weed

Thursday —December 14 — The Sofa

Friday — December 15 — The Duo

On a very personal note

IMG_8839The week can best be described as super social for Cliff and Shela. In the last fifteen-plus months (especially with Shela’s health crisis) there have been only a handful of events where the both of us attended. This week alone–we went to our grandson’s basketball game, had dinner with our long-time friends–Danny and Shirley. We attended our small home group meeting on Thursday evening. Friday morning (bright and early) we met another couple from our past in Payette for breakfast–then our daughter dropped over for lunch. These events lifted our spirits and brightened our week. It wasn’t all planned. The week took on a life of its own such as they tend to do.

IMG_8847Cliff continued to work on the carport enclosure and did a few other repairs. He was called back to the doctor for another blood test last week, and we heard that his white cell count is higher than it should be and rising. So, we have a bit of concern there, too. We are hoping for improvement and covet your prayers. Thank you, each one for all you share with us. Your support means a lot.

Oh, and our friends Bob and Linda gave us a large container of local honey from their property as well as a beautiful poinsettia. We have even more color gracing our dining area. We are blessed, indeed.

2017 — The 50th Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~December 8, 2017

2-Bernie X Boone 2017 WK3-48

What do you mean it is going to be colder? The only thing worse would be rain.

It is 29-degrees. That is warmer than we expected. The prediction is for a high of 32. (OMG) The outdoor potty area is made so we can wash away the pooh and whatnot. Isn’t that a grand topic for this Saturday morning? Well, unless it gets warmer, and I hope it does–I will not be able to do the thing with the hose. It means chipping away and carting off rather than the washing. Ah, Winter has its challenges.

The farmers are tuning up their snowmobiles and thinking of escaping to the mountains. We live on a farm. I call it a hobby farm and some of you would wonder why. I am not sure how many acres it takes to make a living. It used to be around 300. It has to be a lot more than that, and we have what we call a short-forty. That means a few acres less. We won’t be escaping to the mountains anytime soon. The Weims would not appreciate our absence, and we don’t have anyone to cover for us.

This Week on the Blog


Here are the week’s posts. Special thanks to all of you have remembered us with great updates. Sunday opened the week with Charlie Mae’s annual wrapping of the Christmas lights. To her dismay, we enjoy this holiday event. She is a good girl and allows it to happen.

IMG_4089Friday and Wednesday’s blogs are connected. In case you didn’t know Lucy and Toby were adopted by the same extraordinary family. One interesting thing about this that might also be confusing. On Facebook (who has its own protocol) the one photo of Toby was selected represent Lucy. If you see the gray pup photo–it is not Lucy. She is the stunning Blue sister. Toby is wearing the scarf. Finally, we heard from Wellie’s family. It has been awhile since we had an update. He is quite the Companion on every level–netting birds in tough terrain. Special thanks to Tyler for the update. It is great to see Wellie is still at work and doing fantastic.

Sunday— December 3 — Draping Lights (Charlie Mae Christmas Tradition)
Monday — December 4 — Duke

Tuesday — December 5 — Wellie (Undaunted and Effective)

Wednesday — December 6 — Big Ears  (Toby)

Thursday —December 7 — Cypress (All Muscle)

Friday — December 8 — Happy Birthday (Lucy)

On a very personal note

We have scurried around this week because we have a litter exit today. We also were at Brad’s basketball games too! A Freshman wearing size 18 eighteen shoes and standing at least 6′ 2″. He is taller than the other listed teammates that are the same height. BTW-he is #42.

As for us, we are doing well. Nothing new to report.

2017 49th Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~December 2, 20171-Dixie X Boone Week Two-24


1-Dixie X Boone 2017 Newborn-7Hello December!

The week was a blur. At the same time, feelings and moments were ones of warmth and significance. For example, gazing at puppy faces, participating in family events, and anything with the grandkids. What could be better?

Last week Dixie’s baby looked like the photo to the left and below is the two-week snapshot. The eyes are opening. The difference in a week is startling. Each week’s development makes us smile. We hope you are equally enchanted.1-Dixie X Boone Week Two-24

December might be about a lot of things–many Americans get intense about their views. I doubt there is any other event that brings stronger feelings on either side of the fence than that of Christmas. On the one hand, we see those speaking of the reason for the reason. The opposers demand the removal of all that speaks to a God and the virgin birth. The complexities threaten to divide us as a people even more.

Whatever side you embrace, we sincerely hope you are found to be kind, generous, loving, and with a sizeable amount of joy. It is just sad to see something that once filled our homes with so much expectation become a battleground. Instead, may you know peace, love and all that is right and true with the holiday season.

Maybe we can agree that nearly everything in the universe and our lives point to the miracle of life. Puppies speak to my heart and remind me of this truth. We hope these cute faces delight you as well.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts. Special thanks to all of you have remembered us with great updates. We realize raising the Weimaraner can be a bit tricky and undaunting. It takes a bit of knack even with the proper approach and the must-have follow through. We appreciate you sharing your insights and journey–as do our readers. Sunday, we had a pleasant dose of puppy faces. Who knows–maybe this will be a December thing. Stress relief for times that demand a lot.

Sunday— November 26 — Just What You Need (Puppy Faces)
Monday — November 27 — Berkley (In the Groove)

Tuesday — November 28 — Two (Skeeter and Virgil the Longhair)

Wednesday — November 29 — The Human Element (Adding Tikka)

Thursday — November 30 — Moving up to Two (Tikka and Bill)

Friday — December 1 — Dasher (Healthy and Happy in California)

On a very personal note

Brad's 1st OHS High School Game-7

The tall blond-haired boy playing Post is our Grandson

Brad's 1st OHS High School Game-13We have received countless blessings this week. As I speak for some of them, they are not found in the order of significance. I can barely think where to start. I suppose I should start with our grandson’s basketball game. I got to attend. (OMG) I no longer got seated, and I had a terrible bout of coughing and spasms. I wondered if I could make it through without having to go to the Jeep and sit out the game. Things calmed. I was able to stay for the game’s entirety.

Grandpa and I enjoyed the game immensely. Returning to our high school gym for the first time since we memorialized my classmate (Michael Maeda) brought mixed feeling to the surface. I was thinking how Mike was always an Ontario Tiger. He would have found us to say something about Brad’s game had he been here in body, but we are sure he was with the Tigers and us from the great beyond. Secondly, the overwhelming reality of how long it has been since we sat in the student section and participated in the events of our day. Then too, the joy of watching Brad (wear #42) make some clutch plays. He was rewarded with playing time in the second game and did well there too–this we learned from our son.

Eleanor who has been a friend for decades presented me with a gift I could never repay in kind. See the huge bag? It was filled with her original creations for us. She has gifted me the exclusive right to use this art and market it any way I choose. This includes the owning of the originals. I am humbled and speechless by this sizeable gift. You will see more of this in the days ahead.

The carport enclosure is progressing. Next week I will include some photos of the progress. Cliff has the backside (the west) and the end (the south end) completed. He is starting across the front. He plans one overhead door so he can drive the Gator inside. Then we will have some barn doors and probably some walk-in doors on the south end. I am not sure exactly, and some of what he is doing has to be figured out as he goes along. There has been a lot of progress this week.











Just What You Need

Puppy Faces

Are you down and out with the holiday season in full bloom? We certainly hope not. We hear and understand that for some this can be a depressing time. Let’s say no to letting the pressure and (for some) the seeming isolation take hold. Positive thoughts help us buoy to the surface; however, we wonder if there is anything more therapeutic than the Weimaraner. Of course, we all know that Cliff and Shela are anything but without bias.

2017 46th Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

 ~November 25, 2017

It is unbelievable that Thanksgiving is past and yesterday was the notorious Black Friday. Nevertheless, what is impressive is the temperate weather we have been enjoying. Temperature highs in the sixties at the end of November is a pretty nice perk. We know the cold is coming. Frosty was at work painting the hay, the windshields, etc. last night.


Stackhouse enjoyed the watchdog position. He was; however, not so impressed he couldn’t wander around and spend the time troubling the kittens who live nearby. I am confident he doesn’t think it fair that they are allowed to taunt him.
Locally the winter wheat is looking green. Ours was planted a bit later, so we are still awaiting it to peek out of the dirt. Maybe we will see the green before the white covers it up. We are in no rush for snow’s arrival. It will be on the valley floor soon enough. As you can see, Cliff is engaged in another project–siding the old carport.

This Week on the Blog

Frisch Christmas Tree_3643Here are the week’s posts.

Special thanks to our contributing OwyheeStar Weim parents. We know everyone is super busy this time of year. The blog was varied in content. Wednesday and Thursday were related to Christmas and Thanksgiving, perspectively. Friday, we spoke a bit about the importance of registering and keeping your AKC Reunite contact information updated.

We sincerely hope you found something of interest or helpful in these posts. Thank you, for contributing and reading our blog.

Sunday— November 19 — Innocent
Monday — November 20 — Cypress

Tuesday — November 21 — Mesquite

Wednesday — November 22 — Here’s A Thought

Thursday — November 23 — Pumpkin Pie Diversions

Friday — November 24 — Did You Move?

On a very personal note

IMG_8436Thanksgiving was the focus of the week. We hurried along the work to have time to prepare. We were blessed to spend time with family. Our granddaughter (Ashley) hosted those of us who gather.


And we danced

Everything was lovely, and the focal point (of course) were the two great-granddaughters who danced and shared moments of delight. Don’t they bring life to any event? Of course, while Mama was busy with the last minute preparation, they chose to fix their face.


We painted our face. Don’t we look great?


Pumpkin Pie Diversions

Happy Thanksgiving!

      ~What’s for the Weimar?

Whatever they can nab.

Hook's Kirby-6467515_o

While you are eating your pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream, don’t forget us fur kids. We are on holiday alert. No plate goes uncleaned or unclaimed. We are no respecter of leaving the food. We take it and then we will deal with the consequences.

Did you say Whipped Cream?

Hey-there peeps–remember the list of stuff that will take us on a trip to the Emergency Room. Try to selective in the counter surfing. I don’t want to be reading about an emergency surgery, stomach pumping, or pancreatitis.

Breeder’s Comment

We at OwyheeStar wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. No matter what is happening in our lives, we have much to give thanks for without question. Please do keep an eye on your opportunist Weimaraner. Remember not everyone is going to follow the rules. Keep them safe.

2017 45th Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~November 18, 2017

1-Dixie X Boone 2017 Newborn-7The week rolled by in quick order. We were caught doing all the typical OwyheeStar things. The more temperate weather (above freezing) is welcome. It allows us to use the hose for cleanup. That is much easier in many situations.

Our winter wheat is planted thanks to Chris Payne. The haystack is gone as well.

Dixie’s whelp was the big event of the week. She had a projected due date of November 14th–Tuesday. She kept her appointment with destiny but only by a bit. The first pup arrives at 11:09 PM. You can guess what we did early Wednesday morning. The cuteness helps overcome the exhaustion associated with the lack of sleep.

This Week on the Blog

Crane's Toby Fall 2017Here are the week’s posts. Special thanks to our contributing OwyheeStar Weim parents.

Sunday— November 5 — Service Dog (Porche)
Monday — November 6 — Lap Dog (Ari)

Tuesday — November 7 — Blast From the Past

Wednesday — November 8 — Lucy and Toby

Thursday — November 9 — The Question

Friday — November 10 — Gobble Gobble

On a very personal note

Cyclamen Nov 2017-4IMG_8396

I counted fifty blossoms and buds–surely I missed some in the count. Eleanor, you sure picked a great gift. This cyclamen has produced thousands of blooms since June 2012 despite the abuse suffered. The extreme cold has not taken the last outdoor blooms either. It was 26 degrees when I got up. The temperature has risen, but when I checked out front, these little gems continue to soak up the sunshine. Lesson learned–despite harsh and unkind circumstances we sometimes survive and maybe even thrive. It is a good lesson. I take hope in it.

Rainbow Nov 2017-2Sky Nov 2017-2The rainbow also brings a message in the sky. God’s promise. We must not forget that despite the trend to disregard it. The beautiful sky looking from the valley to the mountains lifts our spirit too. In many ways, the week was quiet except for the arrival of Dixie’s babies. Cliff is at work in the old farmhouse carport. It was probably constructed sometime around 1957 or 1958. There was no such thing as pressure-treated wood. Cliff’s father was by no means a carpenter sort, but he did a great job on this structure. Nonetheless, Cliff is replacing wood at the foundation and doing as much straightening as possible. Our home is smaller than the previous one. Thus, we need this area for the Weimaraners. Once the work is completed, it will help us a great deal. Regardless, there will still be fencing and pasture to finish to make it fully functional. Honestly, there is no end. We are focusing on the most important things and doing what we can.

The dental and medical are a part of our lives. Cliff is supposed to go back to the doctor about his hand. They are researching what options are covered by our Medicare and supplemental insurance. He is slated for a full dental exam the first week of December–it will be great to have a follow-up visit too. We will celebrate Thanksgiving with family at Ashley’s home on the hill. We so look forward to this time together.

2017 43rd Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon
 ~November 4, 2017

Winter Wheat November 2017-27Cliff joked that another deer just went by on it’s way to the backfield–I laughed. I knew he meant the big green John Deere type again.  (funny!) We do have deer that migrate through the property –especially during the fall and winter. This deer is ripping up the ground. It looks like the winter wheat will be planted before too long.
There is a lot of tractor traffic on the roads between here town. Farmers are busy even though nearly all the harvest is complete. We saw the trucks lined up awaiting the combines arrival to harvest a cornfield to the west on Onion Avenue. Virtually everything is being worked up or is already planted.
1-Bettee X Boone Week Two-31The folks on our 2017 Wait List know all too well there were no early year pups. We kind of had to go with the flow of things. We have blamed the lack of pups on the crazy heat cycles (the girls have to come into season to be mated).
We believe these heat cycles were directly affected by last winter’s extreme conditions–typically our winters do not last as long, nor is there that much snow. With predictions of a repeat, we don’t know what 2018 will bring.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts. I feel we had a good mix of updates. Roy is a lovely boy that is also challenging–keep in mind, his parents are managing things better than this note expresses; however, we absolutely believe everyone needs to get leash compliance mastered. Well, you need the Weimaraner to want to obey.

Sunday—October 29 — Our Naughty Weim (Roy)
Monday —October 30 — Young Addy
Tuesday —October 31 — At the Pumpkin Patch (with Asher)
Wednesday —November 1 — Stella
Thursday —November 2 — Jager (Just think Pheasants)
Friday — November 3 — Priorities (At Home with Three)

On a very personal note

Beau with River Rose HalloweenCliff’s attention is focused on the old carport. He is making some major renovations with our Weims forefront in our minds. We need space for them–we have a plan to adapt and adjust the carport into something enclosed. There is no end to the remodel and improvements needed.

Some of you are wild about the Halloween thing; others not so much. We don’t get the Trick or Treaters at our door; however, our two Great Granddaughters and our Oldest Granddaughter and the youngest Grandson stopped by. We had a fabulous visit.









2017 42nd Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon
~October 28, 2017

Late Oct 2017-3

As I walked to the Jeep this morning–out the door to pick up my helper, Christina.


The promise of another lovely fall day looms large. The morning work was done in darkness, but by the time I left to get Christina, the sun was emerging ever so slightly. Lately, we have been not only dark but engulfed in a bank of fog. I would drive out of it a mile or so down the road. This morning, the fog bank was exclusively reserved for the banks of the Snake River. IMG_8102You can see (the river fog) it if you look closely at the second photo. By the time I got back, the farmers were either in the field or heading towards one. We saw one of the Kamishige’s on the road and the other brother already working the adjacent field. When the work awaits, and winter is knocking, they cannot afford to put off what must be done. Speaking of fog–look at the mist hanging over the harvested corn (across the road). It seems Halloween worthy.

Soon, our wheat will be planted. Then, we will wait and see what it brings early next year. I love winter wheat in that it greens up early–green cannot come soon enough after winter promises to give way to spring. Each season has its benefits–they are essential. We live in an actual four season area–each season dramatic.

This Week on the Blog

Haegar's Shiny_3285Here are the week’s posts. We had a bit of an International flavor to the blog–Jorja just returned from Belgium where she has always lived since leaving OwyheeStar. Winston reported in that he has moved to Ireland. It is fun to see a few OwyheeStars sprinkled around the globe. We don’t make a practice of sending our pups out; however, some of you take them with. We celebrated a birthday and read about the amazing Henry who has some tricks that make life fun. Of course, Shiny and Luey’s nosework was an incredible read–congratulations Shiny on the earned title. We also thank Julia for sharing this news and information with our readers. It has prompted interest from others including Marika (in New Zealand) who recently signed up for Spring 2018 Nosework Competition on the South Island. Finally, we ended with the smelly feet question. There was a little bit of everything with no puppy updates. We have them coming soon. Anyhow, we thank the contributors who are invested in helping us with our material. We love spotlighting various OwyheeStar Weims and sharing helpful information. We couldn’t do it without you!

Sunday—October 22 — Jorga
Monday —October 23 — Birthday Boy (Zeus)
Tuesday —October 24 — Winston (In Ireland)
Wednesday —October 25 — Nosework (Shiny Titles)
Thursday —October 26 — Henry (newest trick)
Friday — October 27 — Lu (smelly paws)

On a very personal note

     ~ The Utility Bath Awaits Shela

Cliff has made a concerted effort to finish the Utility Bath. I could not appreciate his sacrifice and attention to this project more. We are enjoying the various upgrades. Now, the monkey is on my (Shela’s) back. I have a bit of painting, cleaning, and fill work. Sadly, I may need to ask Cliff for something else–to cut some additional shelving. I need to pick up another small trashcan.

Yesterday, we met a client at Costco in Nampa. It was a two-fold purpose which included buying some household supplies. With all the storage in utility, there is enough room for an ample amount of toilet paper, extra laundry products, and all the essentials. I got most of this stocked in. (Hurrah!)

Cliff has been working so hard on things around this farm–it is endless. He has been moving dirt, and that just takes time. The old carport is being revamped–of course, this project is Weim-related. What isn’t? There is a little of this and that because we know snow and freezing temperatures are on the way.

We have had medical and dental things. Who doesn’t and we are not getting younger. My health crisis continues. Each day I am a tiny bit better–or at least I choose to believe I am. I can tell by the products I need to maintain. There were months when I was never without a cough drop. I thought I should invest in cough drop stock. I thought maybe I should try to purchase a case of lozenges. Alas, I have not been buying them of late. What is left is the obnoxious spasms and an occasional cough that travels along randomly. The spasms are often painful–imagine a very sour throat and unstopping hiccups. (ouch) Nonetheless, it is better. After a year of trying to get into a specific doctor Cliff and I, both managed to see him. We are delighted, and he gave me hope. He also has referred Cliff to the hand doctor–he has a condition that must be surgically corrected. I suppose he will be facing that soon.

IMG_8084My encounter this week with two of the medical professionals was not ideal. The blood draw didn’t come easy–not unusual, but sometimes I get someone with excellent skills. I was not so fortunate as I was left with was some pain and battle scars. The good news is that she had sense enough to call someone else sooner rather than later. I came away with red marks but no real bruising despite the soreness. I was not so lucky with the typically painless acupuncturist. She accidentally hit a vein and left me with a sizeable bruise.

IMG_8075Hope pervades even in the midst of the obstacles. I have looked at the cyclamen and talked about how it almost died earlier this year. I feel it mimics my journey. Yes, I stated on Facebook there is a plethora of blossoms and buds. Every moment it seems there is development. This photo was taken yesterday, but this morning there are new shoots loaded with buds preparing to open. Each one speaks to my heart and soul about the importance of hope. I leave you with this one question. What do we have without hope?





We so enjoy the morning blog! Thank you again.

  ~ Our Lu (Yours Truly x Thunder Duster)–6 yrs. 9 months old (born 1/21/2011

LU, 6 yrs 9 mos

Taken during the late afternoon run, watching her main man for a ball toss!

Smelly Feet?

So, here is a question on behalf of LU, in Sisters Oregon. Haven’t seen this addressed on the blog – but may have missed it.

For the past few years, Lu has developed TERRIBLE smelling feet! She is mostly an indoor dog, but outside for runs about an hour in the morning and 1 1/2 in the afternoon evening – not running continuously, but lots of smelling around on the 2+ acres of our house and neighbors who use their home as a vaca home….we watch over it for them. Plus, Steve spends a lot of time outside with chores etc. As she is 7 1/2 now, she enjoys her naps in the sun wherever she can find it and moves her nap location when upstairs where the skylight’s sunspot moves!

Running surface is typical high desert – dust, gravel/rocks, sage, desert grass, and the green grass we have around our house. When/if it rains, she gets a foot-rinse and is groomed regularly. When we’re over at the coast, she swims regularly in the lake.

She just had a vet check a couple of weeks ago, no issues except cracked tooth which we’ll be attending to soon. Is this a Weim thing? Our Golden traveled the same territory (but not the same speed, of course!), rarely had that problem…

~ Thanks!! Sharyl

 Breeder Comment

Thank you, for raising this question. First, let us say thank you for giving Lu such a great life. We are truly blessed to know she is much-loved.

Honestly, on occasion, I have noticed the smelly feet (or maybe we should call them paws), but then I figure we smell more like a Weimaraner than human too! When it comes to smells, people usually talk about gas. So, this was new. I had not even thought about it. I did some research and learned it is not the only Weimaraner to have smelly feet, nor is it uncommon in dogs.

The most prominent culprit appears to yeast, but a combination of bacteria can also cause foot odor. A simple rinse will not control this issue. I have some thought on what I would consider as a preventative measure.

1. I would mix up a solution of  50% cider vinegar and water and spritz the feet with it or dunk them. I think once you use this the feet need some moisturizer at least once a week.
2. Another thought instead of cider vinegar would be to use the Vetericyn Wound Spray on their feet every few days. Again, this has a drying action so I would suggest a moisturizer.
3. Consider using paw cream or paw wax–once the feet are cleaned and moist. It might even be better to use coconut oil and a tiny bit of essential oil and make yourself some paw cream. There are many paw creams, waxes, etc. that you can purchase. I wish we could try them all and evaluate them.

Here is a link that talks about smelly dog feet–