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2019 Weekly Synopsis


  ~March 15, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The mornings are frosty, but soon it warms to Spring-like sunny weather almost every day. It is delightful. Our hay guy was working in the back field. I think they plan to get that alfalfa planted in the next couple of weeks. We are ever so happy to hear the news.

It is hard to believe that St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. Where has the time gone since it seems like yesterday we began spending bits of 2019?!? Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day tradition–we always think of the green as the color associated with the holiday. Historians say that St. Patrick’s color was blue, not green. The use of green on the holiday became common during the 1600s and 1700s, when the clover became a symbol of nationalism and wearing green on lapels became the norm.


Ashley and Ansell

We have been busy at OwyheeStar–just about in every way you can imagine. Cliff and Ashley laid a new puppy outdoor area with pavers and put up a nice-looking new fence. It may not be permanent fencing, but I love it. The paved area is going to be handy –and adaptable as it could be used for short term adult Weims.

Inside Christina and I have been busy with the business of puppies, cleaning, and paperwork–etc. Ashley and her two girls came to help us one day, too. I cannot say how much it means to have the help to spotlight a puppy or to spend time socializing them. Most importantly, Ansell found his forever home– he leaves Wednesday morning to begin his new life.

This Week On the Blog…

We put out a call for help with material for our blog, and a few of you came through big time. We do so appreciate you understanding our need. Of course, it is an ongoing need. (Haha) I will most likely continue to beg.

We wanted to draw your attention towards the Titer Test process– this the new option (for measuring immunity) that our Vet used for OwyheeStar’s Henri. It worked out great. Otherwise on the blog this week– there were a couple of mid-life Weims (Heidi and Lu) that made us smile. Of course, hearing about Luna was extraordinary. Every share is appreciated!

Sunday— March 10 — The Wait is Over

Monday–-March 11 — Lu Enjoys Winter

Tuesday — March 12 — Luna

Wednesday — March 13 — Polka Dot X Blue Gal

Thursday –- March 14 —  Henri’s (titer test)

Friday — March 15 — Blessings

On a very personal note

One of our grandkids and a great-grandkid had a birthday this week. It didn’t work out that we could see them for their birthday, but maybe soon. Next week is Christina’s birthday. It is interesting that two of five have their birthdays that close together–and the great-granddaughter is also tucked in the March birthday bouquet.

The garden is calling–but with other things pressing in Ashley and I have not gotten to work on it just yet. It must happen soon. Mostly our focus has been on cleanup and preparation for Spring. There is plenty to keep us busy.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


   ~March 9, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We are anxious for Spring’s arrival, but not so much for Day Light Savings. Tomorrow our clocks spring forward, and that means we rise an hour earlier. We have been working toward making the adjustment, but we have to bring along the Weims, too! They are experts at clock-watching.

We see farmers stirring–some are still avoiding the inevitable as long as possible. Soon enough the long hours will begin. We like to watch the process. Of course, our back field needs to be replanted as quickly as possible this spring. I am not sure when that will be exactly. (It is beyond my pay grade.)


It is training season–North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) guys have scheduled a training this morning. Of course, Cliff and I are club members–both with the local club (Treasure Valley NAVHDA) as well as the International NAVHDA group. We are blessed to have an active local group close to home.

Meet Harriette

We have had a couple of Gray Female Longhairs that needed the right placement. We are so happy that ‘Tilly’ has found what seems to be a perfect forever family–well, of course, it is with a long time OwyheeStar client. She should make an excellent adjustment–fit perfectly into their lifestyle. So, then there is the lovely Harriette (Harri) still available.

This Week On the Blog…

We put out a call for help with material for our blog, and a few of you came through big time. We do so appreciate you understanding our need. Of course, it is an ongoing need. (Haha) I will most likely continue to beg.

This week we featured three young Weims, as well as a couple of not so young girls–Porsche and Maizie. We also highlighted Henri–and talked about her titer test. We hope to have the results ready to share soon.

Sunday— March 3 — Mylo

Monday–-March 4 — Blue (with Stone)

Tuesday — March 5 — Seven (Maizie)

Wednesday — March 6 — Vaccine and the Weimaraner

Thursday –- March 7 —  We Are Busy (Ace)

Friday — March 8 — Shopping (Porsche)

On a very personal note

The last couple of days I have not been feeling great. I managed to miss the horrid flu situation–nearly everyone around me had it something terrible. Thursday late afternoon though, a horrid head cold took over. I mean I cannot remember having one that was so nasty–at least for a very long time. I am hoping Cliff can miss having a turn at this very uncomfortable situation.

The Pocket Door Works Great!

(Speaking of Cliff) He has been working on trim. We do so need the trim. He got the pocket door trim done. Soon, when I take a photo, there won’t be the unfinished trim staring back at me. (Haha) Anyhow, the old Farmhouse is a fun but arduous task. (Haha) I suppose we could say it is taking us a long time for a lot of reasons–our busyness with the Weimaraner thing, our status that puts us closer to 70-years than we wish to admit, the fact that we are doing all the work, and limited time, funds, and energy.

Vaccine and the Weimar

~We recommend the Titer Test


You might wonder if we follow our own recommendation–we do. Henri is coming up on her sixteen-week birthday. She is slated to have the titer test done at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital in Nampa thanks to Dr. Calhoun.

Click Here to learn more about this inexpensive Titer Test option. This particular test is a relatively new option. I think Henri will be the first client to give it a try. We are very excited.

Here are some random (unedited) photos Christina and I managed to capture yesterday. After this, she will not fit into the cabinet. (OMG) Weimaraner pups grow so fast. As you can see she is not thrilled with her Prom Dress.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~March 2, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

We have not had much snow this winter–what we did get didn’t last. Meanwhile even driving toward Boise, we noticed they had more than we received. And, well in the news–Soldier Mountain Ski Resort in Central Idaho is closed due to too much snow. Idaho snowpack is 300% of what is considered normal. (OMG) In Southern Oregon, barns are collapsing under the weight of this wet snow.

We are not short on mud–every week I keep mentioning it. The winter wheat that was planted between here and town is up–and pleasant to my heart. The promise of Spring is everywhere. Store shelves are filling with gardening supplies, etc.


Our helpers were back–what great help they are too! The happy screams filled the airwaves. I wasn’t sure who was going to tire out first–the sheer energy exuded was spectacular. Finally, we crashed on the lawn, and this happened.

And just think–these two young girls believe this is the norm–Grannie raises puppies with Grandpa Cliff, and probably nearly every grandparent does this, right?

This Week On the Blog…

We put out a call for help with material for our blog, and a few of you came through big time. We do so appreciate you understanding our need. Of course, it is an ongoing need. (Haha) I will most likely continue to beg.

This week a lot centered on adventures in the February Snow.

Sunday— February 24 — Speaking of Beauty

Monday–-February 25 — Yesterday

Tuesday — February 26 — A Service Dog

Wednesday — February 27 — Snow Anyone

Thursday –- February 28—  Colorado OwyheeStar

Friday — March 1 — Stone

On a very personal note

Cliff finished the trim and the gate installation last week, and now he is working on a pocket door. Unfortunately, it is a bit too long so he has to take it down and shorten it.

I picked up a few pieces of pottery at the TVCC Art Department. I also trimmed a few more and have about seven or so glazed and ready for the next firing. I am enjoying the process and working on my skill level. I am happy with the improvement.

I met up with Lynda at the Art Department Thursday–we finished our work and then registered for the Spring Term. After that, we treated ourselves to lunch. So, I had coffee with a long time friend this week, and lunch with my pottery mentor. I call it a good week.

You might remember one of my goals for doing pottery was to create some bulb-forcing pots. I did make quite a few. I will need for next year as I gave away several set up and ready to bloom. I am enjoying a few of the blooms right now, myself.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 23, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

Recent blogs have discussed the unseasonal muddy situation. Typically, the mud becomes an issue during the Spring thaw–not a January or February thing. (Haha) Thursday we were driving south on Hwy 201 to our grandson’s basketball game–heading to Homedale, Idaho. That journey took us through Nyssa, Oregon, and south–as we pulled out of Nyssa, Cliff spotted some tractors in a field. He was quick to point out some farmer was out working their field. Well, this soon ended with a massive burst of laughter as we got close enough to spot that the tractor was buried in mud. I must admit I begged to turn around and go back so I could capture a picture. Cliff was not stopping or turning around. (Haha)

We have had some snow, but it never lasts long. As we drove East towards Nampa, Idaho yesterday we saw something we can see on the surrounding mountains. They had snow–not a lot but enough to draw our attention. Spring is around the corner, but Winter is not done with us.


Our helpers were here again this week. Ashley (and her two lovely daughters)–Evie and River, are so much fun. They love to grab Grandpa’s stethoscope so that they can listen to the puppy’s heart–whether they can hear anything or not is a good question. Regardless, the handling by the girls is a plus.

Touch is essential for a pup’s socialization. From their earliest days, as well as throughout the first couple of years, meeting various types of people and experiencing their touch helps the Weimaraner to become more accepting and adaptable. Not every dog, and certainly not every Weimaraner, is going to like everyone. Nonetheless, they should be somewhat user-friendly. These kinds of lessons help lay a good foundation.

This Week On the Blog…

We put out a call for help with material for our blog, and a few of you came through big time. We do so appreciate you understanding our need. Of course, it is an ongoing need. (Haha) I will most likely continue to beg.

I know someone will bail us out, again.

Sunday— February 17 — How Things Unfold

Monday–-February 18 — The Blog, Posts, and Whatnot

Tuesday — February 19 — Elle and Her Preparation

Wednesday — February 20 — House Rules

Thursday –- February 21—  Things Like This

Friday — February 21 — Greetings from Sonoma County!

On a very personal note

Cliff has been tackling an inside project this week–a bit of trim happened. Then he installed the old walk-through gate that we brought along when we moved–we had never gotten it installed because we hadn’t finished our trim. (Go figure) Seriously, whatever thing is calling gets our attention. Sometimes we have to fix things, and other times he is working on a longterm project such as the new puppy nursery annex.

Basketball is still a thing–Bradley’s season is over, but his younger brother is still playing. Nick has been doing excellent–in one of the games, he has 20 points. He didn’t have as many points in the win over Homedale, but it was a very hard-fought game. I would say it was brutal and extremely physical. The two teams meet again, Monday in Parma. I hope they can repeat the win.

The Blog, Posts, and Whatnot!

Dear OwyheeStar Faithful,

The Information Age has changed everything. Getting published and putting your story out there for the public has never been easier. The truth of it is startling when you think about how it has changed our world.

Every day we post a blog. That is 365 blogs a year. (Whew) Without our OwyheeStar Weimaraner clients sending us photos and their stories to post we would be lost. In this day, when everyone has their Facebook Page and possibly a blog, many of you share their story without us being in the loop. This self-publishing thing is a reality for us.

We have out OwyheeStar Weimaraner Group–a community where those who have a puppy from us can share their photos and news. They can exchange ideas. People seem to like that–and again, we appreciate your posts. Nevertheless, we depend upon the kindness of others for our blog fodder. It is a lifeline–that makes publishing everyday doable.

From the Archives Indi and Ilsa

A lot of folks are posting their stories — I find some of them on Facebook. Thank you–it means the world to see your OwyheeStar is cherished, celebrated, and an integral part of the family activities. Honestly, I am saddened when I look at a profile that doesn’t contain the Weimaraner. It makes me wonder what has become of the beloved Weimaraner puppy.

If you happened to have a cute story you would be willing to let me share please Email it to me. I will also need a photo. Frequently people send only a few words and some photos. I love them, but filling in the storyline is difficult–essentially impossible. So, let me thank those of you who update us annually or several times a year. I cannot thank you enough. If you have promised an update and not yet sent it, now would be a good time.

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 16, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The pervasive muddy wetness was our biggest issue. In town, the drains failed to keep up causing minor flooding here and there. For the Western Oregon folks that see this much rain as their norm, it must seem odd to read we are challenged by it–nonetheless, we are.

Storms resulting in dangerous driving conditions caused the Interstate to be closed. There are all kind of road closures in Idaho–if you are traveling there is is a mystery how you can get to certain locations. Nonetheless, shortly these travel issues will be forgotten as Spring unfolds in all her glory.


We had some overlapping with the early Spring litters. It has kept us busy. When combined with the muck and mud have been a sizeable challenge. As someone said–there is ideal, and there is what happens. Typically, they don’t look quite the same. In the end, you can maybe only control your attitude and the choices you make in response.

We are focusing on the task at hand–it is the key to everything. Looking a bit ahead, I expect to have many hands onboard this week. Ashley has promised to be here with the two Great-granddaughters in tow. (Hurrah!) There will be squeaks, and shouts of joy–no doubt tears of disappointment in the occasion puppy nip–or if one won’t comply with their wishes. (Haha)

This Week On the Blog…

Sage and Roxy wanting back inside

We are ever so thankful to have material to share on the blog. Week in and week out, it seems someone has something to offer in support.

Sunday— February 10 — Longhair Loves

Monday–-February 11 — Lyle and Mesquite

Tuesday — February 12 — The Ocean

Wednesday — February 13 — Kimber

Thursday –- February 14 —  Parvo Paranoia

Friday — February 15 — Snow Fun

On a very personal note

The week was not kind to us–both Christina and Cliff have had an encounter with the flu bug. Cliff is still feeling weak, but over the initial ravages that came along with the nasty occurrence. So far, I have not been toppled. We are hoping my good fortune continues.

Before the flu arrived, we made it to our grandson’s basketball games–first in Payette and then in Weiser. A win and then a loss respectively for the Ontario Middle School Seventh Graders. Brad’s twice-canceled game (due to road conditions) ended is a loss as well. No surprise as MacHi is at home is a tough venue. Other than our typical work, these were our only diversions. On Valentine’s Day, Cliff went down the first thing that morning.

Longhair Loves

~Someone Who Understands

All the right stuff and kisses, too!

2019 Weekly Synopsis


    ~February 9, 2019

Sunrise October 21 2017

The February Fickle weather (as I call it) is a thing. Yesterday, snow arrived. Well, as this kind of thing goes, I hardly think we can call this snow. It is more of a skiff which is windblown to bare spots here, and there. It is hard to believe that a couple of days ago we were running around without a coat–because it seemed like Spring. Of course, we knew it wouldn’t last forever.


We were blessed with little helpers this week. I cannot say what it means, but there is no doubt it makes our process even better. We are thankful for our Granddaughter (Ashley) who takes the time and effort to help us–and this includes her bringing the little ones along–Evangeline and River. Their cute faces and personalities light up any room. The pups adore them.

Below Evangeline holds as many as it was possible.

This Week On the Blog…

Our OwyheeStar faithful know and love Dusty–even if they never met him face-to-face. His genes run through many of the well-known lineages. We started the week honoring his 14th birthday –celebrating all he has brought to our program.

Thank you, Dusty, for being a good sport!

We want to thank Whitney for making such an effort to help us with the Blog– everyone enjoyed her update featuring Winchester in the snow. It was great to hear that Ohren made a move to Florida –and adjusted well. Pepper is off to great start, too!

Sunday— February 3 — Milestone (Dusty @ 14)

Monday–-February 4 — Every Breath You Take

Tuesday — February 5 — Snuggling

Wednesday — February 6 — Pepper

Thursday –- February 7 —  Our Girl

Friday — February 8 — What’s This?

On a very personal note

My friend, Lynda, making a lid for the pet urn she is creating.

There has been little time for anything extra–we have the basketball games, my pottery, and the farm stuff. A lot of what we would like to do is not possible with the winter weather. Cliff has been cutting shop wood–a fire is still a must most days.

Basketball will run almost to the end of February. We try to make all the games possible–sometimes when there are two games we get to both. I won’t get as much pottery made this term. I have needed more time on the homefront–and once I made something, then I have to get back in time to trim. So, a couple of times so far it has meant missing. There are only four more weeks to work–and then this term is done. (OMG)

Every Breath You Take

~ Sounds Like

I often wonder how we do it. You know–raise a puppy. We bring the little bundle home and hover over them. It is essential to do the hovering thing–otherwise, how can you accomplish the housebreaking, etc.? But this obsession with our new fur baby runs deep–some of this never goes away.

Their every sound–a rattling, a snore, a hacking sound is cause for alarm. We watch breath-abated wondering if we need to run to the Vet. Ah–it is hard to know sometimes. We always suggest you wait and watch a bit–possibly take their temperature. Remember that a pet’s temperature is much higher than ours–typically around 101 degrees. Anything above 104 degrees is emergent. Of course, if you were monitoring their temperature and it was 102 degrees and then within an hour 103 degrees, there might be cause for alarm. Always err on the side of caution–but rushing to the Vet for everything is probably not necessary. In fact, your alarm will be internalized by the puppy increasing the stress-factor. Try to stay calm.

A lot–and I do mean a lot, of our concerns, are for nothing. Puppies can cough, they snort, the sneeze, they can reverse sneeze (something we recently learned), they choke, and create a myriad of noises. Many of which are concerning. Most of which are in the end nothing at all. Thank goodness.

Keep your eye on them. A pup can ingest something in quick order–so despite saying not to overreact, there is vigilance. Recently, Henri went under my recliner and came out with a packet –that must have been attached underneath the chair. We didn’t realize it was there, but Henri found two–probably toxic packets. Oh my gosh–it is good we heard the crackling sound and asked what she had. We retrieved each package and tossed them in the trash. Thankfully they were not broken open.