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2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

                and Happy St. Patrick’s Day

At OwyheeStar


March 2018 at OwyheeStar-11Cliff is making plans to train. He was out with Cypress working her on birds for the first time this week. She is bird-crazy. We hope she continues to train well and excel in the field. Otherwise, he has been working on improvements and repairs. This list includes making puppy yard repairs–he seeded and rolled the third yard. The other two just got broadcasted with fill-in seed. Thank goodness we don’t get rid of everything. The old retired lawn tractor started and worked great to pull the roller.

This Week on the Blog

We hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. We seemed to get a lot of interest, and some of you loved seeing our new Blue Stud Dog (Boone). Of course, Bo, Luke, and Schatizi are all from a litter he produced with Bettee (a Blue Longhair). (As you can see) The Bettee-Boone pups are quite stunning, and therefore the future looks bright. Nevertheless, it is excellent to delight in those from the past. It was especially remarkable to hear about Troy and Macy.

Sunday—March 11 — Two Blue Gems (Troy and Macy)
Monday — March 12 — Remy

Tuesday — March 13 — He Knows  (Reznor)

Wednesday — March 14— Our Blue Stud (Boone)

Thursday – March 15 — Bo and Luke

Friday — March 16 — Weimar Life (Schatzi)

On a very personal note

It is Spring on a small rural piece of property. There is a lot to get done. I won’t bore you with the entire list of must-do items. To many, it would not make sense anyhow. Rural life is hard to understand unless you lived it.

I had been thinking of this treasure that got stowed during the moving process. It kept coming to my heart, and I felt like I should give it to a friend. Funny–we are cleaning up the cabinets in the old carport area. Fixing them and moving them to a permanent location. I unloaded the second cabinet. When I opened this small box, there was the Art Deco Beer Stein. It had been a gift many years ago. Nonetheless, we cannot keep everything, and I felt a need to pass this along. It should be enjoyed not boxed away. So, finding that was so much fun. Cliff and I dropped it in the mail immediately. It arrived in LaGrande yesterday. My childhood friend was delighted. All the better. I don’t want to pass off things that are not wanted. Of course, I told her she was welcome to sell it, give it away, or keep it if she loved it.

March 2018 at OwyheeStar-15The greenhouse work continues–both the planting and the work on the building. The garden is starting to take shape. It is a raised bed affair–what do you call it? Sheik finds will be an integral theme throughout. We have two bathtubs we are incorporating–one is the original bathtub that was in the house when they moved here in 1952. The other was an old antique that was stowed here as well. Both will make a fabulous raised bed. You will have to wait and see what we come up with, but it is going to require a lot of work on our part, and patience on yours. (Ha!)


Our Blue Stud

Meet Boone

Boone at the Sanctuary.B-28Many of you are aware we have a new Blue Stud Dog–Dusty was our first and then we had Blue. Unfortunately, eventually, they are too old to produce litters. Long story made short–we found this lovely boy and we named him ‘OwyheeStar’s Boone’.

I’ve been bemoaning the lack of photos so we went to the sanctuary and captured a few.

What’s Not to Love?

‘Boone’ is unflappable, loving, happy and intelligent. He has already sired a couple of litters. Prior to using him, we did some health checks. More recently we got health certifications. These certified examiners submitted their tests to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

  1. Preliminary Hip Rating was Good with good elbows.
  2. No evidence of thyroid disease was recognized.
  3. No indication of congenital cardiac disease.
  4. He was found to be free of observable inherited eye disease.

We also sent off DNA to AKC to get him on file as a frequent used Stud as well as to DDC Veterinary to check to see if he carried the Longhair (or fluffy coat) DNA marker. He did not–which means no litter he sires will ever produce Longhair puppies.

To answer your question–no all these tests have not been completed on our females. Most of them we have owned for generations. Secondly, while this testing is beneficial, it doesn’t always prevent things from happening. Honestly, we have purchased two Weimaraners from parents with both excellent OFA ratings only to find their offspring had the worst hips ever! It was extremely discouraging. Twice this happened. Regardless, it is essential to have our Stud Dog tested. We are thrilled with the outcome for our beautiful ‘Boone’. Thanks to the Idaho Veterinary Hospital for making this possible via their Breeder’s Day.


Two Blue Gems

Troy and Macy

     ~(March 9, 2018)

Meyer's Troy and Macy_1773

Here’s a photo of Troy and Macy today!


I just wanted to see how you guys were doing since I haven’t spoken to you for so long. I also wanted to let you know how much we love Troy!  When we first got him from the guy in LA in 2009 I was sure it wasn’t going to work. But after keeping to Cliff’s advice of letting him learn from the other two dogs – he melted right in with our home, and into our hearts!  Just wanted to touch base with you. God bless!

Breeder Comment

It is nice to hear from longtime OwyheeStar Weimlovers! Brad has been a faithful fan for more years than we can remember. Troy was his third OwyheeStar. He took the risk to pick him up when things went sideways with his original family. Typically, we don’t do that kind of thing–ask for help. Nonetheless, everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. This rehome situation seemed like something that might be a win-win situation. We are so happy to hear our assessment was accurate. It is outstanding to get this photo and to learn they are doing well. Thank you!

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

We sit waiting and monitoring the girls we mated in hope of getting a spring litter. Predictions can be fickle like spring weather. We still hope to have babies born. In the meantime, we are doing repairs to the grass as well as to anything else that catches our attention.

This Week on the Blog

We hope you enjoyed this week’s posts. It seems there was quite a bit of variety. More than sometimes. Once again, I am running a bit low on updates. I am confident it will all come together. I could dig around on Facebook. Many folks only post them there. :O)

Sunday—March 4 — Busted (Maizie)
Monday — March 5 — Talking About (Longhairs, Again)

Tuesday — March 6 — Gone  (Devo)

Wednesday — March 7— The Celebrated (Reznor)

Thursday – March 8 — We All Know Her (Jan Magnuson)

Friday — March 9 — Are You Wondering (Coat Color Info)

On a very personal note


Cliff has gotten the greenhouse functional. Ashley and I are going to work on sealing up some of the gaps, etc. Tractor work is calling Cliff.

Ashley and I did shop for seeds. We spent some time planting a couple of trays–tomatoes, peppers, etc. We also planted a box of leaf lettuce. More lettuce and greens are slated to go out in our raised beds. First, we have to find the old raised beds and get them ready to plant. I think they were taken apart when we moved two years ago this coming May. We have some other building materials stashed that we can use for new beds. We will need more that is for sure.

Cliff had another blood draw on Wednesday we await further news. I am still doing the same–I continue having some spasms every day. Regardless, we are thrilled to be as healthy as we seem to be. We feel like we are 20 or 30 at heart, but we realize that is just a pipe dream. Nevertheless, we work harder than a lot of folks half our age. We don’t feel that is a bad thing. One day, though, it would be nice to work a little less. Anyhow, life is sweet!



We all Know her

But Do We Really?

~Can We Comprehend the work she does? Probably not!


Jan and Willow we know them. Willow’s official Name: UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Novice Trick Dog, UKC Rally Obedience I, UKC Agility I, Therapy Dog International certified!

When Jan isn’t showing Willow, she can be found out and about the community where she works for Des Moines Police Department as an Animal Control Officer. In her spare time, she teaches obedience classes, visits her mother at a care facility, and volunteers. We are honored to know her and to call her a good friend. Our Weim business has factored into our relationship. We have joint-ventured on a couple of things. All of this might be of interest to you, but did you know she is a local town hero? I am sure she would blush at that description–forgive us Jan. The only bigger hero here is Rex, the German Shepherd. What a heartwarming story. Thank you, Jan, for your service. We are all blessed indeed to share the love of the Weimaraner with you.

Q13Fox News Reports

Click here to read the whole story.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

Pearson's Remy Arrives

Yesterday afternoon was sunny and pleasant. All too soon, the temperature dropped dramatically. I made quick work of winterizing the hose and the washing system. Ah, the ups and downs of March are a reality.

We are receiving news from those who recently picked up their OwyheeStar Winter puppy. It is always heartwarming to get a good report. If you are a faithful reader, then you know that two updates were on the blog this week. How fun is that? Meanwhile, we prepare for Spring pups. Of course, we have not a clue as to what will arrive. It is the always the same. The frustration for us as well as for our folks who Wait patiently for a puppy is palpable. Can’t you at least give us some idea they ask? These folks have no idea the complexities of such a prediction and how little control we have. (OMG) Honestly, it is inexplicable.

Preparation includes checking our supplies and making sure the whelping area is sanitary. There are Whelp records to be created. Longhairs expected in at least one of the projected litters. Therefore, it is essential to have the DNA testing kits on hand. That is an expedited process. Without the materials to take the samples, we would be at a loss. Finally, looking outside, I need to get some grass seed sowed in the yards to see if we can fill in where the pups stomped out the lawn. If not, then we will have to purchase some turf. There is no turf available yet. We hope the seed comes up and flourishes before there is the puppy feet stomping scenario. It is likely we will need sod sometime between now and summer.

This Week on the Blog

skyeemmaDid we say how much we appreciate these updates? If not, please know they mean more than you could possibly know. Our readers are somewhat addicted to living vicariously through others. How often can you add the Weimaraner to the household? Indeed–it is not practical and getting them acclimated is a lot of work. Even when things go as expected, there are challenges. Thank you, for sharing your experience and for keeping us apprised.

Sunday—February 18— Our Mantra (Freedom Earned)
Monday —February 19— Skye and Haze (Part Two)

Tuesday —February 20— How Important is It? (the Fetch)

Wednesday —February 21— Skye and Haze (Part Three)

Thursday –February 22 — Life Changing (Velcro Dog)

Friday — February 23 — Introducing (Bear)

On a very personal note

IMG_9811Cliff was out working on the greenhouse as the sun was preparing to set. After dinner, we took a look together joined by Cliff’s flashlight. I am loving the progress. I dream of being out there working and enjoying my fill of seeing the seedlings develop. I ordered horseradish. I have never grown it before. It is on the list of garden additions (which also includes a spiral herb garden). It arrived much earlier than expected. I found a container and cut off the top and planted it a couple of weeks ago. It seems it is going to thrive. It looked like nothing upon arriving here; however, it already has the sign of being prolific.

IMG_9820This week was special. We had been trying to get together (since before the February 18th birthday) with our son to celebrate his 48th years. Life has been challenging on his side of the fence, too! Finally, we were able to make and keep the date on Wednesday evening. He and his friend joined us at Brewsky’s Broiler. The meal and the time of sharing were outstanding. It was good to spend time together rather than opting for a gift of another sort.

We continue to tend to little upgrades and repairs in the old farmhouse. I bought some organizers to see if we could improve the kitchen situation. Cliff put them up. I love the difference they made. Making the most of the space we have is essential. I am nowhere near done with the process, but each improvement helps.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

Evie and River with Puppy-18

Our sweet little guest, Evangeline, played with a little blue female pup. Her little sister, River, joined in the fun, too! Mostly it was Evie with the puppy.

They snuggled and wrestled around. The puppy allowed herself to positioned awkwardly. Evie’s face was kissed, and her hair tugged. All was beautiful until puppy nibbled the ear. (OMG) There were the makings of crocodile tears–the storm soon passed. No evidence of damage–no blood or wounds other than one to the heart. Oh, she is such a sweet girl, but puppies nibble and bite those they adore. (oops)

This Week on the Blog



OwyheeStar’s Stackhouse

Here are the week’s posts. We began the week with Stackhouse, our infamous Gray Longhair Stud. He is very popular. Monday, we opened a series where we are talking about the Longhair. I cannot say for sure how many segments we will post; therefore, you will have to travel along until we get to the end. We felt it was apropos to share the story of Charlie Mae’s sock fiasco. Her family just adores her antics. The Longhair series is not the only series. We began a fabulous update featuring Skye and Haze–watch for the next two segments. Finally, we finished with ‘Blue’ who joined his family on Thursday. We appreciate his family for sharing the joy with everyone.

Sunday—February 18— Stackhouse (Helping Cliff)
Monday —February 19— Talking About (The Longhair; Part One)

Tuesday —February 20— Feathering (the Longhair; Part Two)

Wednesday —February 21— Socks (with Charlie Mae)

Thursday –February 22 — Skye and Haze (Part one of a series of three)

Friday — February 23 — Little Blue (and it begins)

On a very personal note

Cliff continues to work on the greenhouse project–it is the same opening statement for the last three weeks. (OMG) Today he put the final glass panel on the roof. I am not sure what else he might have to do on the roof, but it looks like he is about to start the east side–where we will have the little red door. He says the next thing is to get me a bucket of dirt on the floor. It needs to be filled and leveled. Then we will put down the tile, and once they are down, I will sweep sand to fill in the spaces. I am waiting for the scoop of dirt, and then I have to get to work.

In the kitchen, I am working on improving and organizing. I may find that I need to eliminate a few things. I think it is a given since I cannot seem to get everything there that I need. I ordered a new casserole too. (oops) I want to purchase fabric to curtain the bottom boxes until we get back to work in the kitchen. First, we have the greenhouse and the Weim parlor/puppy palace area. Then I hope we can go to work on the master bath, and before the kitchen gets our attention, it will be the trim work. There is a lot of detailed finishes that need Cliff’s attention. One thing at a time.

Pig NotWe made a trip to Juntura on Thursday. Did I ever mention the hole-in-wall cafe there? If not, excuse me. The Oasis Cafe affords some outstanding menu offerings. Cliff and I ordered the same thing–a bacon cheeseburger with fries–no bun. Uh, the burger was delicious. Where else can you get the homemade fries? At Lakey’s for one, but who serves them like this? We still have some leftover fries that I think we will be sharing with the Weims. Pig-4We love homemade french fries. (Yum!)

I am sure Cliff would have been happy to escape paying except for our meal; however, I spotted a Pig that was a must-have. It now resides on our dining table. He needs a name–something clever. (hmmm) No, I don’t think ‘Porky’ is going to work.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

Dusty Treat on Nose-2Dusty was not doing well. After his birthday, we realized he is getting old. (OMG) We don’t look at this as borrowed time, but the reality is we don’t know how much time we have left. When he took ill I suddenly realized that a senior doesn’t have the strength of recovery that a young person does. It is just a fact. So, seeing him with a bounce in his step is super great.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts. Pictured are Hemi and Dakota who said their goodbyes. We all send their families our thoughts and prayers for healing. There is mention of Clyde who passed on about three years ago in the segment featuring Luke. These wonder creatures get in our heart and soul in a way it is hard to explain. Finally, we closed with new from Ron about his two Weimaraners. Again, we are incredibly thankful for all of you who faithfully stay in touch and share your experience.

Sunday—February 11— The Hope
Monday —February 12— Dakota

Tuesday —February 13— Things to Know (about Parvovirus)

Wednesday —February 14— News (Luke in SanFrancisco)

Thursday –February 15 — Now (Hemi)

Friday — February 16 — From Ron (About Tobryn and Tallyn)


On a very personal note


IMG_0033.JPGCliff continues to work on the greenhouse project. As with anything, it is always more involved than a person plans. This situation requires inspiration and more than a bit of knack. We are making it up as we go. Cliff says it is a fun project. I am glad he is having fun with it. I know he needs to get it buttoned up so he can move to other things. I also need to be able to get our seeds started. No rush, right?

Basketball is over. I will share this one last video of clips taken from the last game we were able to attend. They came away with a win. This team is the JV which Bradley moved up to because they are trying to develop him early. He is in the white jersey–#42. Brad is the youngest on the team but the tallest by a smidge, I think. Most certainly, he wears the largest tennis shoe size–at 18. (OMG) No, Cliff doesn’t have large feet. He requires a 10.5 or 11.

I continue eliminating and going through things. (OMG) We have been in the farmhouse two years come the first of May. Yesterday, I went through a box of cassettes–boxed up the must save family videos that need to be converted. I reserved a very few others from our past; many went into the trash. This sorting seems to be endless, but I am hoping come May 2019 that there will be a much more manageable amount of belongings. I think I have been brutal but then I look, and there is yet another box that needs to be gone through. We want to minimalize as much as possible and end up with what we need and want. Of course, we have treasures stowed away.


2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar


We are preparing for a litter departure that will happen before the end of February. A lot is going on here. The above video was taken on Thursday when Christina and I drove the Patriot down to the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary. We carried the pups in two bags and hiked in across the ditch because Cliff has been working on the road–it is worked up. We are not as confident as he is in our driving. (Ha!)

A good time was had by all as you can see. We are blessed to have a little place to escape with the pups — it is a natural environment. You can see the salt lick is going down after this winter. Evidently, the deer and other critters have made good use of it. That was our goal.

This Week on the Blog

SAR pupHere are the week’s posts. Speaking of Wonky, Cliff and I remember me writing the Thursday blog, but evidently I didn’t get it published. It sat there until Friday morning. Friday morning blog was ready–that should have been a clue. (Oops)

This week was dominated by news of Loki, the pup we hope will become an excellent Search and Rescue Weimaraner. Of course, we talked about the Weimaraner’s age in human years as well as heard from the love Toby who lives in the Spokane area. It was a full week, although we missed one day.

Sunday—February 4— Loki (Part One)
Monday —February 5— Age (How Old is your Weimaraner?)

Tuesday —February 6— Loki (Part Two)

Wednesday —February 7— Toby Reports

Friday — February 9— Loki (Part Three)

On a very personal note


Cliff continues to work on the greenhouse project. There was a little hiccup yesterday. He placed the second roof panel to discover when he lightly bumped the edge it shattered. (Oh, no!) He is going to get it down in one piece hopefully–spidery lines when throughout the glass but it is tempered so we hope he can get it down without losing pieces. If not, you might drive by seeing me vacuum our front yard. At least the neighbors would have something to talk about. (Ha!) I am sure there is already plenty for them to wonder about the crazy Weim folks.

The greenhouse windows on the south side are two old patio doors cutoff to fit–they have Weim scratches galore. How does that happen? We checked for alternative roofing material in case we need it. There is a plan should we find these castoff doors don’t work. Most of the greenhouse is castoff materials, except what is not. (Ha!) Building supplies are not selling at bargain prices. We are fortunate that Cliff is skilled or this would not be possible. Eventually, the outer part will be all glass, transparent panels, or cedar except the two small paned doors you see. We will let the cedar weather naturally. For now, the goal is to get this enclosure made and a bench in so we can go to work. We want to get our seedlings growing. I am sure there will be news of our success (or of our failures should they happen) coming along in the future blogs.

My health is improving, but still, we face challenges. Cliff received some concerning news that we need to explore further. Nonetheless, we are of the mind and spirit to face whatever comes our direction. There is no need to have a meltdown–at least not yet.


2018 Weekly Synopsis

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

At OwyheeStar

Dusty-4263-2 1.jpgDusty celebrated his birthday yesterday. He turned 13. Where has the time gone? Above is a favorite photo of him taken the summer of 2012. Below are two recent snapshots. We sincerely appreciate the birthday notices. He didn’t get a big fancy cake or a lot of toys. He did finish off the treats and spent some special time with us. We so adore him.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts. What a variety–beginning with the lovely ‘Dottie’. So many of can relate. Henry traveled with his parents rather than staying behind. Most of us would want to avoid flying with the Weimaraner; however, in some cases, it becomes import to have them airline friendly. Most OwyheeStar adults will not be flying; however, it is interesting to hear Henry’s story.

Sunday— January 28 — Never Too Big
Monday — January 29 — Mine (Roxy Claims them all)

Tuesday — January 30 — Flying (Henry’s First)

Wednesday — January 31 — Jaeger

Thursday — February 1 — Addy

Friday — February 2 — Supervisor (Stackhouse)

On a very personal note


Brad's 1st OHS High School Game-9

Brad wears #42–he is the tallest on the team. The blonde on the far side next to the coach.

High School Basketball is about finished for this year. I hear there is summer basketball, but I am not sure what that entails. Possibly there are no games. Anyhow, probably next week will be the end of it unless there is a tournament. We heard there is most likely something, but who can guess it will be held? The last one was in Nampa, Idaho.

IMG_9510The carport and other things are on hold. Cliff is working on the greenhouse so that Ashley and I can have it for our spring garden adventure. I am calling it Garden 369 (or possibly Gran’s Garden 369). We are building it from mostly castoff material–or leftover building supplies. Of course, we will revive some of what we brought from the old garden, and we have a few other items of interest that will become part of the garden. The roof is made from scavenged patio door panels, and the south wall is two ten panel light vintage doors. So far, the base is constructed of cedar fencing material.

I am hoping Christina will join in the fun–she says she kills plants. I know she can grow something given a chance. The granddaughter who wants to do the garden with me says she has a Black Thumb. Am I in trouble? I most certainly hope not. What fun we are going to have with the vegetable garden this year.