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2017 23rd Saturday Recap

5-Hollee X Benton_4942Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

A couple of nights ago we took Winnie for her first Gator ride. Sorry–we didn’t capture any photos of her in the Gator. At first, she was a little unsure of what was happening but very quickly she took to the idea. Of course, she was delighted when we stopped at the sanctuary and let her explore. It was not a training mission. This trip was just for the humans to chill a bit and Winnie (Next Generation OwyheeStar) got to join us. We have to spread the opportunities around. There is never enough time and opportunities to do all we would like to with the Weims.

Look at how much she has grown in the last 90 days. For those getting a puppy, consider this–the growth rate is staggering.


Lite Snackers_1149Cliff has been busy managing weeds. One day soon, we hope to have the Three Cliff’s sanctuary planted with grass. I am not sure the exact type of grass we will use, but something appropriate for this area. In the meantime, Cliff has mowed the natural weed-mix we have going. We don’t want the cheat grass to dry out and throw it’s barbed into our beloved Weims. Sadly, we went from a very green lush fauna to this dry floor covering. Nevertheless, it is better than what would be if Cliff had not gotten it mown. We will be using this area a lot in the next few weeks.

Dusty Endorses Chewy and Suggests This Healthier Snack <== Dusty Speaks!

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

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Thursday  — June 15 — Snacking

Friday  — June 16 — Laughing Again


On a very personal note

IMG_5822Cliff has been extremely busy around the Farmhouse and the farm in general. It is an overwhelming amount of things that need his attention. He constantly reminds himself that although the list is endless and demanding, he has accomplished an unbelievable amount of the project in two years. (Hurrah!) We are just not youngsters anymore. Anyone our age wants to function as they did at 30, and feel no consequences. (OMG) This week’s accomplishments might seem meager to some; however, to us we celebrate them. They include a paver walkway laid to the parking area, parking barriers, the utility bath got the last of the tile that we had installed, the lawns were mowed, fencing problems resolved, and other logistical issues were managed.


It is good to have a helper like Mr. Stackhouse


I managed to get a few things accomplished, but as always I am limited in what I can do. I wonder if the limitations will hold us back for the rest of my life. I don’t know. Regardless, it is not good to dwell on such a thought. With the summer heat pressing in, I have to manage the Lymphedema–so far, so good. Letting my left arm blow up would not be a good thing. It would require physical therapy and a lot of attention to get the swelling under control. Right now I have wrinkles–you might think wrinkles are a bad thing but look at your wrist area. There are wrinkles where you bend your wrist. Also, my veins show too! At one point the physical therapist said I might have to accept my left arm size to be the least it would ever get. I am happy to report (despite the 20 plus lymph node removal) the arm looks nearly the same as my right one. Regardless, I can never lose sight of the fact that the heat can trigger swelling in a moment. The arm actually talks to me, and I need to get out of the situation or pay the price. Right now, I am ever so thankful that it is doing well.

The (seemingly) ever-present wretched cough continues to cling on, but it is less of an issue. Every day I hope not to have the coughing spells. Improvement means more nighttime sleep which is vital to the healing process. It would be easy to grow weary of the process and to become discouraged. Attitude is the most important part of the healing process.

2017 22nd Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


Ben June 2017-7It never ceases to amaze me how fast things grow. The Weimaraner puppy becomes adult-looking sometime around 4-6 months. 4-Mequite X Stackhouse 2017 WK2-60They are still growing but to the untrained eye, they look like an adult. Unfortunately, they are expected act adult like too. Another thing that grows fast once the temperature is consistently warm is our local crops. This alfalfa field was baled not all that long ago but it heading toward the second cutting.

We are hoping that summer smooth coat pups will be arriving before long. We all have waited (breath abated) for too long. Too many are hoping for Gray or Silver Gray Female. We can hope along with them that we get several. Of course, we are well aware that we have very little control over the process. Despite everything, we have come to believe that things work out as they are meant to be in the end. Those wanting a Blue or a Male are in a good position, and we will be adding some more names to the Wait List for this grouping.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

Sunday—June — Bring on the Candle

Monday —June 5 Dakota Blue

Tuesday —June 6Willow and Jan

Wednesday — June 7 — Availability

Thursday  — June 8 — Tallyn

Friday  — June 9 — Not Expected

On a very personal note

The Utility Bath saw a little work again this week. I long for it to be completed but others thing call Cliff away. He has done some serious tractor work and quite a bit of mowing this week. He also installed some parking barriers. With us changing the entrance to the farm, adjusting the front makes sense. What once was a road is no longer being used as such. Next, we have some blocks to lay down for a walk to the front door. A little here and a little there does add up to something.

Our Pastors have a large flock. They were not aware of how ill I had been and when they learned of the struggle they came to visit and pray for us. Living on a dead end road means there are only four residences beyond us. At the end of the road– last two places, we saw the rescue rig and an ambulance. We learned our one neighbor was taken to the hospital. We all know that Cliff and Shela are not young by any means, but the residents at the end of the road are both older than us. We heard Alan will be returning home tomorrow. We are glad to learn of his quick recovery.

Willow and Jan

Winning Again

        ~ Jan writes

Jan &amp; Willow UKC BIS June 2017AWillow is amazing!!! She won TWO Altered Best-In-Show awards yesterday (Saturday June 3rd) at the UKC shows in Chehalis, we are all so excited! Big Thanks to judges Judy and Jim Jones for the wins and the nice comments, to Julie Lechuga for putting on the wonderful shows, and to Hillary Tregillus for the fabulous pro photos! Jan &amp; Willow UKC BIS June 2017B
Willow is such a gorgeous, sound girl, and is so sweet- she enjoys visiting with everyone at ringside, getting petting and giving kisses to little kids!

Breeder Comments

Congratulations to Jan and Willow. They continue to net ribbons and titles as well as to make friends wherever they journey. This is most certainly not the last of their adventure. They have competitions slated for this summer.

2017 21st Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

June Alfalfa_5807This week we said goodbye to May, and it’s fickle weather and hello to June. Not too many are unhappy about moving forward, but some of you reported needing a fire a few days ago. There is plenty of snow left in the mountains. One of our classmates was trying to drive into a location near McCall, Idaho. The road was closed due to snow. We know there are a lot of places still not accessible. Meanwhile, in the Treasure Valley, we have summer-like temperatures. Farmers are pouring the water to the crops. Everything is greening up nicely. Gardeners have planted tomatoes and other veggies in anticipation of the table-ripe bounty that will soon perk up our meals.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

Sunday— May 28 — Memorial Day

Monday — May 29 — Memorial Day

Tuesday — May 30 — Mama’s Girl (Francee)

Wednesday — May 31 — Chloe

Thursday  — June 1 — George NAVHDA

Friday  — June 2 — Planned

On a very personal note

IMG_5804The Utility Bath painting is done. Well, is it ever totally finished? Now there is a cabinet that needs white paint. Nonetheless, the room is as painted as it is going to get. Before we can call this project a wrap, there are others things that need finished–tile and trim for one. Our cabinet door is still off due to our paint project. It will get back on today.

Cliff has been busy watering–the fields and our lawns. He has been busy mowing the lawn as well as some of the weedy areas.

I look forward to the day when we need not mention my health crisis or health issues. I am improving, but progress is very slow. Thank you, for your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate your patience as well. Some of you have been so gracious to understand we have more than the usual limitations. I desire to be rid of this cough before the cold and flu season comes again. Sooner is better than later because coughing is exhausting. Anyhow, I am improving little-by-little. I will be thankful for each tiny bit I get.


Natural Ability

Dealy's George_0084Hi guys, just wanted to touch base.  George had his NA (NAVHDA Natural Ability) test last weekend.  He pointed 3 chukars during the field search (even grabbed one on the wing) and, taking after Stackhouse it sounds like, has turned into an enthusiastic and strong swimmer, but blew the tracking phase.  Dea;y's George_0113He’s tracked dozens, maybe hundreds of birds this year so that was disappointing.  I have my theories but it is what it is.  only took home a Prize III and we were hoping for more but it’s just a trial and he’s already a proven field dog.  I thought I’d send over some photos we got.  I hope everything’s going well.

Richard and George

Breeder Comment

Congratulations Richard!

Earning any Prize is noteworthy. We always have to remind ourselves even though the Weimaraner has a steady skill set that on a given day any number of things can go awry. Everyone covets the Prize I and some folks travel from NAVHDA test to NAVHDA test to snag one. We don’t have that luxury.

The most important thing is the field performance. He is a young Weim with a solid set of skills. We are positive that competing in the NAVHDA event even though it didn’t net you the top prize helped cement the skill set even more. Thank you, for doing that and reporting back to us. Also, we love the photos you shared. Keep up the good work with George, and we wish you many years of success in the field.

Memorial Day

It is Day When we Remember

Bill Whitford Oct 1943 Denver, Co._2507 11.11.41 AMAs much as we long for peace, war is always with us. We don’t have to look too far to find it. Nevertheless, each generation has their military conflict that its toll. Shela’s father served in WWII. Can you imagine being called to service like this generation of young men and women were? Even those who could not serve were called to sacrifice and to help with the effort on the home front. Cliff’s father was one who was stateside farming. A German POW from the Nyssa camp worked on this farm during the war. My mother followed dad around as much as she could and later while he was deployed she worked for the government in San Francisco to be closer to port.

Our Generation


It was Vietnam that changed so many lives. It left gaping wounds and racked up losses we never imagined possible a short time before. We were busy being young and the things that teens do. It was the sixties, and there was unrest on college campuses and protests against the war. We have those fleeing to Canada to escape the draft. Others waited and hoped their number wasn’t called, while some enlisted in the fight against Communism. To this day, this war is controversial. Regardless, those who served in Vietnam deserve our respect.

A Break From the Norm

This Blog focuses on the OwyheeStar Weimaraner and the Weimaraner in general. Today, we break from that for a moment to pay our respects to those who served and to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Let us not forget those who loved these soldiers and waited for their return. The paid the price too! These are life-changing situations. We cannot sit on this side and guess how it would have been different had the war not occurred. We have to frame the conflict within the historical moment and even then it is impossible to grasp the full extent of what thrust our country into taking action at such a huge cost. So, while you enjoy the good life, friends, and your family take a moment and just remember someone paid the price for your freedom. Thank you!

Memorial Day

Yesterday I borrowed Wendy’s photo of her Rupert at the beach to create this sentiment. I hope you appreciated it and I hope the day at the beach, your picnic, or whatever you are doing is a lovely one too! Anyhow, we could not have the blog without the face of a Weimaraner, right!?!

Memorial Day

Reflect and Remember

Memorial Day

2017 20th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

Evie and the ChicksA snow storm was not in our vocabulary this week. Our weather is warm and temperate for the most part. We did have a rain storm pass through, but overall we have been balmy, and our temperatures are rising to summer-like. The first cutting of hay is off, and the other crops between here and town are growing. I love the lushness of late spring and early summer.

Cliff has his bird-thing going too! He has about 80 Bob White Quail and about 175 Coturnix Quail. It is probably way more Coturnix Quail than we needed. They start laying eggs at three weeks. Soon there will be eggs to gather–they can be food or hatched. Evangeline and River were here for a visit, and they loved seeing the birds. It kind of made up for the fact that we didn’t have any tiny pups.

Cliff is having good luck with the hatchlings. They continue to thrive and to adjust well. It is hard to believe that Coturnix Quail will be laying eggs in a couple of weeks. We may have more than we need.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

Sunday— May 21 — Soaking Up Warm

Monday — May 22 — AKC Trick Novice

Tuesday —May 23 — Insurance

Wednesday —May 24 — Maddy

Thursday  —May 25  — Salem, OR

Friday  —May 26 — Blue

On a very personal note

The farm is keeping Cliff busy. I cannot say everything he is doing because I am busy inside the home. Christina and I have spent the last couple of days painting in the Utility Bath. I cannot believe how long it is taking us to get that done. I long to finish this Utility bath entirely. At least, I want to get my part done, so I am not holding up then process.

Paint_5741It is a sizeable bath with a lot of angles and trim work. The word that comes to me is mind-boggling. That is how I feel about the work to paint this not so large room. And on the heels of mind-boggling, is so-worth-it. this is a photo of the wall behind the washing machine and dryer units. Cliff is working on the trim and setting them back in place this morning.

I had hoped for a couple of raised beds and minimal gardening. Cliff says I am not up to it. He doesn’t have the time to get them set up for me either. It will be another year of buying from the local farm stand. I know they are in business this year. Their health may make it impossible for them to continue another year. I count myself fortunate that this couple will have (for the most part) what I need.

Lastly, the cough is diminishing. I still have a few lesser gut-wrenching coughing spells each day, but they are less intense and farther apart each day. I still cannot talk much–it can bring on an episode. I have hope that soon I can report a cough-free day.

Soaking Up Warm

No Fireplace Needed


Roy FiresideAll winter we found the Weimaraner soaking up warmth where they could find it. Fireside or atop a heat vent they clung to without shame. Of course, others were tucked in a blanket on the sofa, chair, or snuggled in their owner’s bed.

It’s so sweet to have Mr. Sunshine here to take over for the winter heat source. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest and inland could not be happier to soak up the sun.

Today, being the May Weim Gathering in Salem, we sincerely hope this weather holds for the fun event. Friends, fun, food, and the Weimaraner–what could be a better way to spend a Sunday?

2017 19th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


The hay is cut and awaiting the chopper. Yes, it is being chopped and sold. There will be no big baled cubes of alfalfa. The market is soft, and this is the best route to go. We are thankful. If you are buying hay, it is always too pricey. If you are selling, well it requires a good price for the labor and expense. Once the cutting is gone, then Cliff has to corrugate and clean ditches. Winter was brutal on everything.

As you view this mown hay field, just imagine a female turkey running and jumping in bursts. She patrols and plays. She takes the fun to the road but sticks to her field. It is quite amusing.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!)

Sunday— May 14 — Happy Mother’s Day

Monday — May 15 — Coturnix Quail

Tuesday —May 16 — Agility

Wednesday —May 17 — Angelic  (puppy faces)

Thursday  —May 18  — CrateTraining Journal

Friday  —May 19 — The Unfolding Saga

On a very personal note


The uphill battle to improved health continues. It is a steep climb. Many would scoff at the idea of the healing power of prayer or acupuncture. I embrace both. Medicine and medical treatment is something we value; however, on occasion it fails a person. In my case, I believe the treatment caused the issues. Maybe I should clarify it did cause –the original illnesses. The radiation compromised by slightly asthmatic lung thing. Bronchitis set in and reeked havoc in the upper respiratory. The medications prescribed triggered a serious issue in my gut which in turn caused severe acid reflux which got into the lungs. It burned my throat. It took me a while to realize the doctor was wrong–this wasn’t just a virus. The chain reaction set off something that has been difficult to manage–let alone to rid from my body.

I believe the acupuncture stimulates something that helps my body fight or turn back the attack. I tried to get a photo. There were several needles in my right hand and arm. The doctor didn’t realize I was trying to take a lefthanded snapshot using the phone. I got one off just before he got the last needle removed. The targeted areas were very tender, and as I like to say, the needles talked to me. A little needle-chat and some improvement–it is all good in my journal.

Cliff is pulled thin with the farm, the farmhouse update, and the typical Weim stuff. Then too, he has to deal with my health issue. There is no way around it. I wake him up with my coughing. He watches me struggle to try to get better. It is frustrating, to say the least.