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IMG_2782I am working down the Wait List as Dixie delivered last Tuesday. It is probably the reason we are dragging a bit. She opted to have one of those all-night whelp situations. Sadly, we lost one of the ten pups–OwyheeStar mortality rates are generally low, but it is unrealistic to think you can save every puppy born. We were saddened. We quickly focused on the nine gorgeous, healthy pups. They continue to thrive. Click Here to view the photos we took of the pups on Day One.

Typically, all our pups are promised before they arrive. It is not the case this time for a multitude of reasons–primarily, people want what we didn’t get, or it doesn’t fit into their timeframe. There you have it! We know how little control we have. We rejoice in each arrival despite it not being what we might need for our waiters. What can I say?

9 Dixie X Boone 2018 Day1-12At this point we have not promised any pups–but no doubt the two Silver Gray Females will go to someone on the Wait List. We have several families waiting for either a Gray or a Silver Gray Female. Some are hoping for a Gray or Silver Male. It is a process to work through the Wait List and discuss with each person along the way. I will probably be putting out the word that we have Blue pups available, and that we are accepting applications.

I know we will get a lot of requests for a Christmas puppy. Those that know me best, know I rarely think that is a good idea. We won’t go into the reasons, but if you know the breed, then you understand. These pups would be ready to leave on January 1st. I am not sure exactly how the departure will shake out–but probably on that weekend or the weekend after depending upon road conditions and what we can get scheduled. Honestly, I think that is the perfect time to get the Christmas puppy–after the holiday hoopla is over.

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This Week on the Blogweimaraner sign

zeus pup 1

Once again, I find myself ever so thankful for folks who took the time and effort to update us–especially with a story as well as a photo. Did you notice Jeanne’s creations? If not, check out the Zeus and More link below. She can make any breed or put words, names, or whatever sentiment you are looking to get on a sign for you. Her price is very reasonable. Check it out! We want to support our Weimaraner folks, right?

Cliff and Stackhouse got out to hunt and collect a couple of birds along with all too many cockleburrs. (OMG) It had been a while since I had the joy of picking them out of a Weim. Bella made her first trip to Brookings–I am so envious. I love the Oregon Coast–the beach experience. Loki and Moxie delighted us with their fun news. It was all such a blessing to share. Thanks again!

Sunday— November 4 — Pheasant Finally (Stackhouse reporting)

Monday–- November 5 — More From (Bella and Levi)

Tuesday — November 6 — Training Update (Loki)

Wednesday —November 7 — Zeus and More

Thursday –-November 8 — Finds and Whatnot (Bella at Brookings)

Friday — November 9 — Sealed with a Kiss (Moxie)

On a very personal note

Cliff has been busy keeping the Weims tended as well as making a few small repairs. I suppose the big news of the week was that we both had had our annual wellness with our Primary Physician. We have received a phone call about the blood work results. Overall they were good–Cliff’s white cell count is up, but it has been. Nonetheless, it is nowhere near where treatment would be required. We are very thankful for that news. I anxiously await the full results so I can compare numbers. I am like that. (Haha)

You might have read the Facebook comments on the Boise State -Fresno game that took place late last night. If not, I will make a quick comment here. It was a spectacular win for the Broncos–despite being down their long-distance threat and three excellent defenders. If this game is any indication, I see some of these current players will be making it to the NFL. It was an outstanding effort for the younger players to step up and bring home the win. Stackhouse did his usual Boise State Mojo-thing. It was a late night, but a lot of fun.

Pheasant Finally

Stackhouse Reports


Dad and I went out to the Petersen place and tromped around the cockleburrs as some other stickers. I picked up more than a few. If I had not found a bird, the trip would have been a bust. Seriously, it was a little hunt adventure, but there are not all that many pheasants showing up. Oh, let’s not forget about this little quail I retrieved too. It doesn’t show too well, but if look closely and you can see it tucked next to my pheasant. Two birds in the pot are better than one in the sticker bush, right?!?

Maybe I will take the guys hunting again, soon. Tonight I will sleep well. All that fresh air and managing the two guys (did I mention Big Nick was there too?) is exhausting.

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This Week on the Blog


We want to thank those of you who took the opportunity to send us material for our blog. Of course, we started the week (Sunday) lamenting Arleen’s departure, as well as Arliss, being heartbroken.

We appreciated Nancy’s experience with Tikka’s heat cycle. It was good to bring up the spaying and neutering–pros and cons. Jan Magnuson, who has to deal with problem dogs also made some relevant comments on the topic.

It was fun to hear about Moxie, Style, Pushkin, and Zula Blue (AKA Zoo Boo).

Sunday—October 28 — Arliss

Monday–-October 29 — To Wait, Or Not

Tuesday —October 30 — Costume, Anyone?

Wednesday —October 31 — Food and Such 

Thursday –-November 1 — Reporting (Style from California)

Friday — November 2 — November News (Pushkin and Zula Blue)

On a very personal note

IMG_2359Cliff has been busy around this old Farmhouse making a few small repairs. He put up our mirror–built a little frame for it–that was one of several projects. Another was the dog door — we have had a new one sitting on the shelf for quite some time. Everything is more involved once you get started working on it. Anyhow, a few little this and that things plus the two I mentioned happened. It is always nice to get things taken care of.

I had my annual wellness check–I have to go back for the blood draw. Nevertheless, the visit went well. Dr. Smith was happy with the improvement I’ve made. Cliff is slated for his visit with our primary caregiver this week too. I am not sure if they will do more blood work or not. We will find out.

Ashley cleaned out the tomatoes–that was all that was left in the garden. Oh, there was a couple of banana squash. Our gardening is pretty much done. Of course, there are a few things we could still do, but they may or may not happen.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

This Week on the Blog

We want to thank you who took the opportunity to send us material for our blog.

Kula Bleu was featured twice this week–thank you, Brent. If you have a long memory, you might remember Kula as a notable standout. Click Here to read about him being featured on the Whole Dog Journal. Each of this week’s featured Weims warmed my heart–and Jennifer writing us from the Sandbox (while deployed) speaks volumes.

It takes quite a few stories for us to keep going. Can I just say that you folks who keep us fueled are the best. Thanks ever so much –we appreciate you more than you could possibly know.


Sunday—October 21 — Cat Problems (Ellie’s Life)

Monday–-October 22 — From California (Enzo)

Tuesday —October 23 — Opportunistic (Pilikia and Kula Bleu)

Wednesday —October 24 — Woof Woof (Bella Blue)

Thursday –-October 25— Time Has Flown (Colby)

Friday — October 26 — Water Anyone (Kula Bleu)

On a very personal note

~look at my stuff I found on the shelf at the TVCC Art Department

IMG_2285They call it Christmas–IMG_2287when you pick up the finished pottery. There are several small bowls as well as the bowl of little projects. I ended up with three bulb forcing pots. There are more in the process, but not finished. I have also made a couple of mugs. It remains to be seen how they finish.

Cliff has been about the busy of trapping gophers. He has been more successful than earlier–I think that is excellent. I can only imagine the multiplication process if he had not caught them. I hope he can capture the one working near our garden.



2018 Weekly Synopsis

This Week on the Blog

Sucia and Patos_4784We want to thank you who took the opportunity to send us material for our blog. Without you, we would be lost. That is not a joke.

Well, the Stackhouse Sister update with Sucia and Patos was the most popular it seems. At least that is what Facebook reports. (Haha) Boone-sired pups are also highly touted. We hope you enjoyed seeing Deja Vu and Boone.


Sunday—October 15 — Do You See It?

Monday–-October 16 — The Stackhouse Sisters (part three)

Tuesday —October 17 — Deja Vu and Boone

Wednesday —October 18 — Our Luna

Thursday –-October 19— The Stackhouse Sisters (part two)

Friday — October 20 — Our Milly

On a very personal note


Cliff and I are doing well. It is typical for us in so many ways. Cliff has been doing a lot of tractor work–clean up and moving dirt. Speaking of clean up–Ashley and I worked on the garden, too. It is relatively bare–except for some tomatoes covered with blankets. I think it would be ideal if we got the weeds trimmed, but it might not happen.

We had two bits of corn–one was the decorative Indian Corn. That is gathered up in a small shock at our front door. The other was the Japanese hulless popcorn. (OMG) There is not much to show popcorn wise; however, I hope to see if we can dry it and pop when the girls are here sometime.

Clean up is the word–inside the greenhouse, we need a bit of cleaning. No, it is not finished–lots of work needs to be seen to get this greenhouse winter-worthy. Nonetheless, it served us well this spring and early summer. Now, we have tossed some of the harvested produce on the counter to ripen–including the honeydew melons.

Well, there is also the pottery for me and the hunting for Cliff. We are trying to tuck in a bit of this and that here and there–mine is more planned. Cliff has to work with Rich to make these trips happen for the two of the grandsons–Nick and Brad. What fun! I don’t have any photos from their bit hunt last evening.

Our Milly

At 6.5 Months

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Milly (Bernie and Boone 18 litter).  She is 6.5 months old now, wow where did time go? She is such a joy and we fall more in love with her every day.  She is in level 4 (out of 4) in obedience training on her way to getting her canine good citizenship certificate.  She does so well in class and we are working hard to enforce all her commands into everyday life.  She is still growing like a weed and I believe is now around 45lbs.  We love this spunky, smart, cuddly girl so much!  Here are some recent photos!
(Milly and her Weim “cousin” Sky are best of friends)
(She is learning to enjoy playing in the rain, she’s a Seattle girl after all! This has taken much coercion but she’s getting used to it)
(Sometimes she thinks she is a cat! Notice her blanket which is spread out that she chose to ignore)
(She has daddy wrapped around her finger)
Thanks again for a wonderful pup!

Breeder’s Comment

Thank you, for your investment in Milly–the work, the training, and all that has gone into her ongoing development. Anyone who has raised the Weimaraner knows the joy and the challenges. Like Milly–there is no dropping the ball. (Haha)
It was great to see you connected with Luna’s family on Facebook. We were happy to hear you plan to get Milly on birds too. All the obedience work will pay dividends in the field–and forward on every level. Again, we appreciate you Emailing us this update.

2018 Weekly Synopsis

This Week on the Blog

We want to thank you who took the opportunity to send us material for our blog. Without you, we would be lost. That is not a joke.

We hope our readers enjoyed these fabulous and funny Weimaraner updates, as much as we did.

Sunday—October 8 — The First Sunday

Monday–-October 9 — 23 Days (Bella Lioness)

Tuesday —October 10 — Reznor

Wednesday —October 11 — The Nose Knows (Skye)

Thursday –-October 12— Our Life With (Azula)

Friday — October 13 — The Stackhouse Sisters (Sucia and Patos–Part I)

On a very personal note

IMG_2098Cliff and I went to the Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI) today. He has a blood draw, and so now we wait for the results. Of course, we hope for this whole thing mysteriously disappear, and if not to stay in a holding pattern.

I have been busy with the pottery project. It is not something I can do production style. I marvel at what I see Lynda and Charlotte make in one afternoon. I am much slower but is nothing short of a miracle that I can come up with anything at all. (Haha) Otherwise, we have been doing pretty much the same thing as usual–the sorting, organization, and clearing out of things we no longer need or want. I feel as if there is a sea of material goods–deciding what is essential to keep is tricky.

Every time Ashley arrives I have another box or something to give her. I have another pair of new-looking jeans from Grandpa. He has lost a few pounds and doesn’t plan to gain it back. I found a box of handbags–those are gone as well. They were all leather bags and again, in excellent condition. Christina took one that seemed to have her name written on it. That is a win-win situation.

Maybe next week I can give you a report on Cliff’s lab work. I hope. Other all, he is busy around the farm. There is quite a bit of non-farming tractor work such as moving dirt. He is trying to get rid of rocks–we don’t need a Weimar swallowing one of those rounds. It can happen all too quickly. We don’t care to revisit that scenario.

Our little farmhouse is still a work in progress. We love it nonetheless!

2018 Weekly Synopsis


This Week on the Blog

20180927_065423Cliff and I are ever so grateful for the updates. It means a lot to us, and to the readers. Fresh material is challenging to get. I know how much easier it is to direct post yourself. Please know how much I appreciate those you who bless me with the blog material.

We had a huge variety this week–our Weims are entertaining if nothing else. I think I will let the posts speak–forgo making additional comments. Please remember we can use an update if you feel you can Email or Message us something – Thank You!

Sunday—September 30 — Waiting (Mesquite)

Monday–-October 1 — Hummingbirds (Pushin and ZooBoo)

Tuesday —October 2 —Is Your Weim (Winston)

Wednesday —October 3 — Duke at One Year

Thursday –-October 4— Say What? (Duke)

Friday — October 5 — Jorga

On a very personal note

2018 Weekly Synopsis


This Week on the Blog

Well, we began with a special memory of Devo’s meeting with the Black Swan. We ended on yesterday with a sweet little celebration of Deja’s three babies. With the exception of Dejah (not to be confused with our Deja), the updates were from pups who just joined their forever families.

Cliff and I are ever so grateful for the updates. It means a lot to us, and to the readers.

Sunday—September 23 — Unusual (Devo and the Black Swan)

Monday–-September 24 — This Happened (Skye)

Tuesday —September 25 — Azula

Wednesday —September 26 — One Year Plus (Dejah)

Thursday –-September 27— Home Safe (Style)

Friday — September 28 — Precious

On a very personal note