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Earl Gray and Archer

May 8, 2021 Play Date in California

Today brothers from another mother got to meet!  Earl Grey on the left (Clover X Boone February 2020) and Archer  (Bernie X Boone June 2020) had a great time playing together. Earl is bigger but Asher is faster. Both are gorgeous OwyheeStar Weims!  

Breeder Comment

More and more OwyheeStar folks are making a connection and planning meets. It is a fabulous connection. Thanks for the share.

Tikka and Luna

~Resting Up While they Wait for Company to Arrive

~Christina and Shela got us a new ball

Luna claimed the ball–but a game of tug-o-war is looming large.

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Christina and I made a trip west — and we are going to admit that the only Weim clients we planned to see were the Garin family–with Tikka and Luna. That was because they were gracious enough to offer us a bed. (Haha) We needed to keep our exposure to a minimum because some of the folks we were slated to meet, (well most of them) were very high-risk), and we needed to make sure we were not exposed to COVID. We were vaccinated but also took a rapid test. We took every possible precaution –but we did get to play with Luna and Tikka. We bought the girls this tug-o-war ball before we left.


Some exciting news – the weekend before last Casey took Kenai up to Kennewick, WA for a hunt test. He passed his remaining 2 legs to earn his Junior Hunter title! Both judges also commented that they hadn’t seen a Weimaraner run that hard in a long time. Next week, he goes off for some finishing training for a few months. At least he’ll only be at Sauvie Island, so we’ll be able to see him on the weekends, and work on further handling with the trainer. I’m going to miss my snuggly running buddy while he’s gone, but I know it’s the best for his continued development.

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Congratulations! We know Kenai earned AKC puppy awards–click here, but we are happy he continues to advance.

Sunday Photos

~ Bernie X Boone Babies (2017)


~ Olympic Class Chewer

I wanted to send you a few photos of Bisbee. He is such a handsome and comical boy. He also chews up and spits out everything in sight!  The highlights are portions of 3 handmade quilts, a retainer, a section of carpet in the middle of the room, and a small fruit tree in the yard! He is also very cuddly.

We try to get him as tired as we can which helps a lot with the chewing. Our two neighbors have a one year old Burmese mountain dog and a two year old cattle dog so we do play dates every week. He also goes to doggie daycare twice a week and hikes on the weekends. He certainly gives us a run for our money but we love him dearly. 

Breeder Commentary

Thank you for updating us on Bisbee. All we can say is habits take hold quickly with this breed, and once they do, they are nearly impossible to change. What some excuse as puppy behavior become a lifetime of this and that. (OMG) Thanks for loving him and facing the challenges.

A Couple of Days Ago

~Luna and Tikka in Western Oregon

We are getting our first snow of the season and the girls are ready to go play! It never lasts here so we have to enjoy it while we can!

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We always love hearing from our friend, Nancy–many of you also are friends with her and her husband. They have done so much for the Weimaraner community–and before COVID, they hosted a monthly playdate. We appreciate you and thank you for all the referrals.


~Dreaming of Christmas Foodies

Not so long ago, on Thanksgiving–the turkey on the kitchen counter. And if Murphy could talk: “Mahm, can I  has turkey pleeez?”

And what will Christmas bring?

Breeder Comment

We all know how essential it is to have our Weimaraner food-safe. Many foods we eat are not safe for our pets–which is a very strange thought. We recently talked about sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol (very dangerous for our beloved fur family members, but excellent for us humans). It only takes a moment for the Weimar to snatch something they should not have–and none of us want that.

Isn’t Murphy adorable? He is so focused and hopeful–his look speaks volumes. Thanks, Silvia–Merry Christmas. –


~Television Appearance

Fans of Tango may remember how much time we spend at the local dog park. Last week, one of our friends, Lucy the German Shepherd, showed up with “mom”, Beth, who told us that Tango had been on the local news. Fortunately, her husband got a photo of the TV screen, or else we would have missed it entirely. It turns out that at some point, I had commented on one of their meteorologist’s posts with a photo of Tango on our back porch from June, and they waited until last week to use it.

He’s even bigger and more handsome now! ~ Tom

Breeder Comment

Thanks for sharing this with us all–what a fun post. I am sure everyone will love it–and most certainly someone caught sight of Tango and wondered whose Weimaraner that was on the news. I see it shows he belongs to you, but —


~ Dog Park Chance Meeting

Tango arrived at our local dog park on Wednesday, and immediately spotted a long-haired Weimaraner. There are very few Weims in our area, so we took an immediate interest.

We soon learned not only that they were both Owyheestar pups, but that they were the same age as well. As her “parents” described getting her as an older puppy two months earlier, I realized that this was the famous Addie, who had been featured on the Owyheestar blog on a couple of occasions. Now that the smoke has cleared in the Valley, they were in town on a late camping trip, and had made a visit to our neighborhood haunt.

I tried my best to get a good photo, but Addie was very focused on her ball, and Tango was soon focused on one of his gal pals, Susan the Samoyed, who was featured in a prior Tango update. They were just visiting our turf, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them once camping season rolls back around.

Breeder Comment

Hello Tom–thank you for getting this newsy update that included Addie. I know everyone is going to enjoy it as much as we did. We love that Tango is such a friendly boy.


~ At Your Service

I arrived not too long ago–and ever since then I have been working my way into their hearts (It didn’t require much. You Weimars know what I am talking about. I have a lot of other work to do–like any new Weim. The resident Weimaraner had to be won over, you understand.

More Importantly

I have to entertain my hoomans, and their friends. So, here you go–

Breeder Comment

Murphy, it is so fabulous the way you take care of your family–we know your Mama (Sylvia) pours a ton of love on you, too. You are a lucky boy. Well, the truth is you have your Mama by her tail–turning her head every which way. You are a very fortunate boy.