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The Honeymoon is Over

~ Surveying My Kingdom

Well, not so long ago I adopted this old lady–her name is Sena, but I think of her as Mine. At first I was cautious and a little put off that Cliff and Shela let me go. I think I ought to write them a thank you note soon.

At my old place, I was one of many. Here (even though there is talk of a brother or sister) I own this place. Anyone coming in is going to adapt and adjust and play along. So, even if I am not young–I have game.

My Mom decided to clean up the yard a bit–burn some castoff branches, leaves, and whatnot. This is when I run wild. Seeing the opportunity, I snatched my Mom’s phone and ran like the wind. (Ruff!) She traded me something for the phone. Who won that round. Well, she was drinking a beer and I was plotting against her–so this time I snatched her beer and the chase was on. (Haha) Catch me if you can. Well, eventually the game ended–me the winner. My Mom laughing in delight. I think I am good medicine for the soul.

~In Western Oregon with Sena–Dazee

Breeder Comment

Well, Dazee–I am speechless, but smiling.


~ With Sena

Tonite. I expected her to wad it up but she didn’t.

I took her to town yesterday trying to get her used to riding. She hated it, stayed pissed at me the whole time. Would not ride in front with me & when we went to DQ for a cone she said up yours lady, & would have nothing to do with it. Even dragged across her nose. Too bad I had to eat 2. Haha.

Breeder Comment

Weims can be weird. She probably feared you would drop her off–her last trip was when we left her with you. Keep trying, as I know you will–she will learn you are not going to leave her anywhere.

Our Weimar


     ~Just Think Pheasants

adam and jags

IMG_7762Are you getting tired of us gushing about Jager?  I hope not because here is another email letting you know how amazing he is!  The two hunting pictures I sent are of their hunting adventure this weekend.  I have also included one of Jags in the snow this winter.  He had so much fun with snowballs!  Not the cold, but snowballs were almost as good at tennis balls.




Look What I Found….


Adam said his hunting skills are getting better and better.  He points so well when he finds a bird.  It sounded like this weekend he was pointing on  4 birds that were hunkered down and wouldn’t move until Adam got closer and then when Adam signaled to him he lunged to get them up in the air and all the guys got to shoot.  Another time this weekend a bird had flown up and Adam shot and wounded it but it took off running on the ground.  Jager was over with Adams friend and didn’t see it. So Adam called jags over and got him on the scent (the bird was nowhere to be seen at this point) and he took off running down the field, every now and then zig-zagging and then continuing on.  After a while, the guys figured it was a loss and called Jager back… and here he came trotting back with a big pheasant in his mouth just as proud as can be!

Adam couldn’t be happier with the hunting dog he got and I couldn’t be happier with the little guy myself.  He still is such an amazing dog and always good for a laugh!

~ Megan (10/31/2017)


Entertaining and More!

Adam said you sent a Facebook message asking for an update. Oh, where do I start?! He is such entertainment in our lives?!?

Adam took him hunting last fall and he did great! 

We have been raising pheasants to help repopulate the area and when we went to release them a few got out in the wrong spot. Jager found them and retrieved them back to Adam, alive. Needless to say, Adam is a little pumped to see what Jags is going to do this year!
unknownWe still get non stop compliments on him. Either for his looks, how fun he is to play fetch with (he is obsessed with tennis balls), or just how sweet he is.
This was from a boating trip we took. He was too exhausted from playing on the beach all weekend to keep his eyes open.
Unknown-1.jpegThis is my view any morning I get to sit down while drinking my coffee. It really is constant entertainment with this little guy!
He really is such a fantastic dog and we couldn’t be happier to call him ours! ~Megan


Did You Notice?

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Grayson is unique. First his father was a Longhair (Duck), and his mother was a Blue (smooth-coat Longhair Carrier). The fact the parents both carry the DNA marker for the Longhair (one a Longhair and the other a Carrier) means 50% of the pups will be Longhairs. There were three pups born to the litter–one was a Longhair. Looking at Grayson you would not imagine that his parents were so unique. There is something else unique about this boy too! He sports a full length (undocked) tail.

OwyheeStar gets quite a few inquiries that specify that they want the tail left intact. The Longhairs always have the undocked tail. The American Weimaraner Breed Standard calls for the tail to be left about six inches long. They suggest it to be a bit heavy on the length–not a shorter stubby tail. Tail docking happens sometime in the first week. Therefore, the person wanting an undocked tail must commit early. It also requires a larger than normal puppy deposit. Nonetheless, many people prefer this option to Show Breeder’s chagrin. Some countries have a ban of tail docking.

Sweet Boy Jager

A Good Disposition

Hope all is going well for you guys! I thought I would write you a quick email letting you know how Jager has been. What a sweet boy he is! I still can’t get over how good of a disposition he has. I have never seen my vet gush over a dog so much. It was pretty funny actually how he was about Jaeger. He (literally) got all the girls in the office to stop and watch him walk back to the exam room one time!)  🙂  Besides his great looks and sweetness, he has been doing great.

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He’s Birdy Too!

My German Shepard Sophie just loves him, and they play nonstop when he is outside.  Adam has been working with him a lot. We have a big pond near our house that Adam likes to take him to train.  It’s perfect training ground for the little guy. He got extremely birdy a couple weeks ago which only made Adam even more proud! We couldn’t be happier with him!

Grayson is a Joy

Here is the Undocked Gray Ghost LookIMG_7081

Grayson is now 12 weeks old, adjusting well and growing fast, currently at 19.5 pounds. The wire crate in the kitchen/family room immediately became his favorite go-to spot, he even self-crates when the humans sit down for dinner, all on his own.

The Cats are Not Interested

Outside the crate he keeps trying to play with the cats but they’re not having it, the occasional swat and some hissing continues if he gets too close but overall they’re coexisting better than I expected…. and he’s figured out the cat door but his days are numbers as he gets bigger. Bedtime is a breeze, he’s happy to curl up and sleep the night away. It’s amazing to watch him grow and change daily,

He’s such a joy. -Steve

Breeder’s Note: For those of you wanting to know more about getting a pup with an undocked tail,please click hereThere are many interesting facts surrounding this pup’s early life. He was born to a litter raised exclusively for the OwyheeStar future. It was an ultra small litter, and yet, there was this one potential male. You might remember Duck–he sired this litter. 

Be Happy

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Our attitude makes all the difference on every level! For that reason, I thought we should share with you that we kept the two females from the Francee X Duck mating. One (Dazee) is a smooth coat; the other (Atti), is a longhair. Yes, these are sisters.

Does the longhair make your heart sing? It may sound silly, but for some folks who have discovered them, they could never be without one. There is something whimsical, but at the same time, all business about them. They are all-Weimaraner. Others of you have no use for seeing or hearing about them. Dazee is a sweet smooth-coat. If we mate her to Stackhouse (who is not related to her lineage), they will produce a percentage of longhair pups in the litter, as well as some smooth-coats. Of course, nothing can happen for a couple of years. They are too young. it might also be noteworthy to mention if either of them are mated to a longhair stud, there would also be a chance that they might produce a Stockhaar–another not so common coat length.

It is hard to imagine frowning at these cute photos. Even, our new assistant took them for us. We have to plan for the future. We cannot breed a female forever, so eventually you must add some new faces, and bloodlines.

Adam and Jager

What a Difference a Few Days Make!

We meetJager Personality Plus Jagerlearned to relax after this first-ever picture with Adam, that  I sent you when we picked him up. He has found a fast friend in Adam. As you saw on Facebook he looks forward to his nightly naps with Adam!  Since his first day his personality is starting to show through. What a sweet dog he is!

His personality is showing..

He is starting to get a lot more playful which has been a blast! He is doing great with housebreaking so far but still isn’t crazy with crate training. I have no doubt the little guy will learn fast though as it has already gotten better in the last day. Anyways I just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know Jager is doing great and we couldn’t be happier with this little guy!

Breeder’s Note: Jager is from a winter litter. This pup was from a mating between Duck and Francee. It was the third attempt (over a period of three years) to get a longhair female that would not be related to Stackhouse. Anyhow, here is a picture of Jager’s father –Duck.In Norfolk

Duck’s second blog appearance showing him in Norfolk, VA with Abe ran not long ago.. You might remember the other recent post in regards to Duck and Abe. Click here to check it out. Of course, by the time Jager made the blog, he is a lot bigger than this photo.

Ruger continues to do well…

Hello Again Cliff and Shela,

Wow….thank you for the sweet words in todays blog. Made me get all teary eyed.  I really do appreciate all you and Cliff do to get us all the best Weim for our family.  It was defiantly meant to be – Ruger is a perfect fit. He is so fun. Sweet and entertaining. BOY oh BOY is he smart.

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The bells are ringing…

By Monday night he was starting to understand the door bells – and now (Saturday) he has is down! “I ring it …my people come running and the door opens! Just like magic!” LOL ! He has done absolutely amazing with the potty training. He rings the bell and out he goes. 🙂 LOVE IT!!! We have had horrible below zero weather so our trips outside are very quick! and then back in by the warm fire.

Food Changes are tough…

We had discussed a different food (with Cliff), and he said it looked good. Regardless, the change caused a very loose stool. We used the canned pumpkin like you suggested. The pumpkin has been wonderful. I took your advice and we fed him just the pumpkin and then mixed it in with his food. He LOVES it! So I think I will continue to do it for a little while.

Shaydee is so great with him…

Back to back....

Back to back….

BTW– he weighs 17 pounds.  I really think that Shaydee thinks he is her baby, and I say Shaydee where is your baby, and she looks around for him. She wears him out and then they both crash for a little while. (as you will see in the pictures) They really enjoy tug a war .  🙂 It is cute!

The first night I had planned on letting him sleep with us – cause Shaydee does (yes I know I am crazy) but he got to hot next to us so we brought in the kennel and he went right to sleep…..and that is where he has slept every night. 🙂 He has really been a blessing – a lot of people knew our Meade and a lot of them say OH a mini Meade! 🙂 Ruger is such a great boy.  He just amazes me. Very smart! (As you might remember) our Meade was older when we got him and so we had our hands full. Don’t get me wrong – Ruger is a handful – but i think those few weeks makes a HUGE difference in behavior (it also helps that Ruger had amazing breeders that only give us the best ! YES I AM PARTIAL!!)

Snow Happens…

On Wednesday we got around 6-8 inches of snow (most we have had all year) and because of our old school building the kids got out of school  for snow days on Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday (Salmon only has a Monday thru Thursday school week) so as you will see in the pictures Haylee and Ruger in the snow. He thought it was all fun and games until he got cold…..then it was back inside with Granney to curl up by the fire place. 🙂 He’s no dummy!

Bath Time; puppy biting, etc

I gave him a bath the other night for the first time…..He was very good…..i put my legs in with him so he wasn’t scared and it seemed to help. He felt like silk afterwards!  We are all working on the puppy nipping (biting) which feels like little pinches! Lol He knows he is not suppose to do it…lol but just can’t help himself. 🙂 I cannot believe it; next  Tuesday he turns 12 weeks!

We are in love, and having a grand time….

Well just thought I would share these pictures and let you know we are all in love with Ruger! I am going to attempt to send a video I took of him – I am not sure you can make it work – I took it on my cell but I can’t get it work right on my computer…..hope you can make it work. Haylee was making a odd noise on the coffee table and Ruger was on the couch giving her a crazy look and turning his head from side to side……I think it is soooo cute 

Breeder’s Note: Ruger (formerly known as Brewster) made news when his family had a crisis at the last minute and could not pick him up. He was featured, and gained an instant following. Hollee wrote to ask about him–the rest is history. (Click Here to read a previous post on Wes and Hollee’s Ruger.) It is a bit confusing, because one of Ruger’s litter-mates is also named Ruger. He lives in Western Oregon. You might also note that Blu (featured yesterday) is Ruger’s sister. When a litter first leaves, there are more updates (as you might guess.)