Price and FAQs

Price and FAQs
  1. 1. Are your puppies AKC Registered?

Mousse X Blue Wk4 Bonus_1Yes, all our Weimaraners and the litters they produce are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  You pup has will be pre-registered to OwyheeStar; we then sign off on the papers so that you can make the paperwork transfer. 

The AKC registration is what is called a Limited AKC Registration. The Limited AKC registration does not include breeding rights. Please Click Here to read about OwyheeStar Breeding Rights.

2. How much are your puppies?

A_Group_Mousse X Blue WK 6_-44Most of our pups are $ 1500. The Longhairs pups cost a little more–they run $ 1800. Our traditional (smooth-coat) Weimaraner pups are the same price regardless of sex or the coat color. In some instances a pup might be priced higher–for reasons not listed here.

We do not discount our pups. The only exception would be If there were an anomaly of some sort. In this case, we may consider lowering the price on a puppy. It would be difficult to say what we are speaking of until we would see it. For example, if a puppy were born with a cosmetic defect such as deformed ear, a slight heart murmur, or who knows what, we may offer that pup at a reduced price. That would be a very rare occurrence. In our way of thinking, the only fair way to do business is to set to set the price and stick with it. That way everyone pays the same price.

3. Other (than Puppy) Available Weims

This category comes with a broad variation of scenarios. Other than puppy Weims include returns, rescues, retired females, and the occasional started Weimaraner.

  • Returns — The OwyheeStar contract states when you adopt one of our Weimaraner puppies you agree to return them to us in the event that you can no longer keep them. It is a no questions asked policy; however, we hope the person returning them will enlighten us on the reason so we can have insight in finding the right second change home. Prices can vary a great deal. There are many factors that dictate what we need to place a pup–age, investment in training, other expense, and such. Most of these Weimaraners would range in price from $ 250 to $ 500. Keep in mind, that once we get that back there is a considerable investment on our part to get them ready for placement, and to find the right match. We offer the same ongoing support to the client who gets a return as to our puppy client.
  • Rescue — We no longer rescue the other than OwyheeStar Weimaraner. We don’t have the resources and space –time and necessary insurance. In the past, we had more time available. Recent workload has limited Cliff’s available to do this kind of thing.
  • Retired — OwyheeStar wants to retire their breeding females a bit sooner than in previous years because this allows the Weimaraner to enjoy a second career. The later being one where they provide entertainment, joy, and companionship while they live in the lap of luxury. Prices can range a bit here too! A field trained retired female with a proven hunting aptitude (or skill) is a companion that you would expect to pay a little higher price for than the typical household family member. The price for a retired female starts at $ 250 and goes up accordingly.
  • Started Weims — Pricing in this category can vary dramatically. The started Weimaraner has been trained. The type of training and the proven ability will dictate the price. We don’t often have such a Weim to offer.

4. Where are you located?

OwyheeStar is in far Eastern Oregon near the Idaho Border. The drive from Portland is about  6.5 hours. From Seattle, you are looking at a 7.5-hour drive. We try to accommodate everyone — with enough people traveling from the same area we can arrange a regional meet up. Check with us regarding specifics on any potential meet-up arrangements.

Arriving in crate5. Do you ship your puppies?

We can ship a puppy; however, there are usually options that are better for the puppy. We do not ship Internationally. Internationally bound pups must make their journey with a courier or the owner. We avoid shipping to what we consider a high-risk destination. For example, we cannot ship south when the temperatures are too warm even if there is a direct flight. We do not do multiple connections–each connect requires a specific layover. These add to the risk and increase the travel time.

Instead of having their puppy shipped as cargo, many people fly into Boise, Idaho and carry the puppy (as their carry on) for the returning flight. If you are exploring these options, please let us know when you complete the formal application.

6. Does the price of your puppy include the cost of shipping, supplies, etc.?

The additional expenses associated with delivery or the pups transport are the buyer’s responsibility. For example, most commercial airlines require you to have a health certificate. Depending on where the puppy is flying (the destination, and the airline) you will need an appropriately dated health certificate, and sometimes acclimation statement from the veterinarian too. The additional cost of obtaining these documents is in addition to the puppy price. If a kennel or carrier is necessary (and provided by OwyheeStar), these fees will also be added on to the Bill of Sale.

7. Do you show your Weimaraners?

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

We do not Show our Weimaraners. Some of our Weimaraners are from a show lineage, but the majority are from hunt lineages. Our primary focus, however, is on the health and temperament. That doesn’t mean that confirmation is not a valuable venue. In fact, we care very much about the structure as well as looks. The VHDF has a conformation component to the hunt test. Having a properly proportioned body structure is as vital to health as well as to looks.

A few of our clients have shown their Weimaraner. The most noteworthy of these would be  (Jan Magnuson’s) Willow who has earned several UKC titles including Best of Show. You can look Jan and Willow up on our blog, or visit Jan’s Facebook Page. If you live near Jan (in Washington State) we wholeheartedly encourage you to enroll in one of her classes. She has had the Weimaraner for more than thirty-five years.

Cliff’s venues are limited to field work. He is a member of the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) as well as the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). This membership extends to both the International as well as the local clubs associated with these great organizations. Cliff also participates in AKC field events when possible.

8. Do you ever have a non-hunt potential Weimaraner puppy?

More than 50% of our Weimaraner pups are placed in non-hunting homes. Another 10-20% are casual hunters. This placement scenario is true despite the fact new people find the breed all the time. There is an increasing number of serious hunters moving to the Weimaraner. The average age of the American bird hunter has been on the rise. Some applicants cite the Weimaraner’s hunting style as the reason for changing breeds.  In general, the Weimaraner doesn’t tend to run big. They tend to check back often, and stay close to their hunting companion.

We believe the OwyheeStar Weimaraner to be true to the breed. Nonetheless, we have a process by which we can determine the most bird-driven pups and then we make every effort to place those pups with our hunters. Other pups are then placed accordingly with families that fit. Our socialization process has been proven. Our pups are ready to learn to adapt to their new. Yes, we still care about the best possible match. Each puppy is tested and placed according to the outcome of our findings.

9. Do your pups have OFA certified hips? 

First, some are misinformed about the hip ratings and what they mean. Puppies do not come with OFA hip ratings. The Weimaraner must be six months old in order to qualify for the preliminary OFA. Normally, parents should get a hip rating or check of some sort before they are mated. We have used both PennHIP and OFA. Sometimes we have done both on the same Weimaraner. The vast majority of our Weimaraners rated OFA good or excellent hip ratings or an average or above PennHIP rating. Some lineages have been in our care for generations and have proven to have more than decent overall hips for the longevity of their offspring–these are not tested. Hip Testing, etc. has not been as easy to get since COVID and the pandemic.

10. How do you pronounce OwyheeStar?

Oh – Y – He – Star

11. Can I visit OwyheeStar?

We would love always to be open for a visit; however, it is not possible. We no longer offer visits and the reasons are multifaceted.

For more information on our current status, please click here!

12. Are both parents onsite?

Yes, we own both the sire and the dam for each litter. On two previous occasions, we used a borrowed Stud that we returned to the owner. We do not foresee doing this again; however, it could happen. By the way, you might be interested to know that the grandparents are in some instances in residence.

13. Do you offer Stud Service? A Dusty Sept 2008_5311

Stud service would be similar to breeding rights. A like-minded experienced breeder is someone we could consider helping in this manner. However, is not typically practical. There are many considerations prior to making such an arrangement–disease and health screening is at the top of the list. There are sexually transmitted diseases that could have the potential to cause sterility. Bringing one of these diseases on the property would most likely affect your entire population–it could wipe out our entire breeding program. Beyond the risk of illness–responsibilities and relationships that come into play. It is a complicated situation.

The female’s temperament and overall stability are part of the equation. The breeder’s program, experience, and status of pups sold are also a factor. We get a lot of requests for Stud Service. It is a rare occasion when we receive anything that warrants a second look. Most requests come with little to no information, and from people who want to breed their pet Weimaraner. Please click this link to read more about what it takes to get OwyheeStar Breeding Rights. It takes time, as well as effort to navigate all the ins and outs of offering a responsible Stud Dog service outside of the OwyheeStar breeding program. Your decisions are vitally important because you are ultimately responsible for the big picture and the impact on the breed as a whole.

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