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Walking Through the Fire

Arleen Needs Our Support

Many of you know Arleen (who lives in Vancouver, WA). She gave me permission to post a few details. The last few months have been nothing short of trying–first, she required back surgery, and before she could turn around they found cancer. The treatment has not been kind, and there is the potential for additional bad news. Can we keep our fellow Weimlover in our thoughts and prayers? Thank you!

Arleen Writes

Attached are some photos of the boys and some of there friends. We haven’t made it to too many events because of the Cancer issue that has been over my head.  Auto and Arliss always find a way to make me laugh through all of this. Auto loves to run around with TP hanging from his mouth. Arliss likes being the calming big brother, and Auto is never too little for anything.

Was hospitalized this pass week, fluid on my Lungs; Chemo went good, but they sent me for an x ray afterwards and then ended up admitting me overnight. Fluid building up around my lungs, which is something that can happen with this cancer. They drained it, and kept me for observation, then had a CT scan and kept me overnight to make sure all that went smoothly. CT scan showed modules on left lung that could be cancer. Trying to say strong.
Note–Arleen is Jorga’s Aunt. You might remember she has made several appearances on the blog. Jorga resides in Belgium with Arleen’s sister Eileen. Eileen is a cancer survivor. We cannot put into words what bringing Jorga into her life meant but let us say it is closely related to celebrating life after cancer treatment.

Arliss and Company have also been featured many times on the blog. Thank You, Arleen! Here are a few of those appearances.


Cliff and I are confident you want to send healing thoughts and prayers to Arleen who has done so much for others–including the local dog park. She is a part of the Northwest Weimaraner Gathering, and we know all who have met her quickly learned about her big heart. Arleen, we are all wishing you fewer hiccups on the road to recovery. We need you smiling face out and about to make the world a better place. Thank you, for all you do.

Red, White, and Blue

Stylish Arliss 

13557673_1155845984474477_8096827537399678188_nThere is nothing that draws more attention or comments than the well-behaved and sleek-looking Weimaraner. Doesn’t Arliss look great for the holiday weekend?

All of us at OwyheeStar, wish you the best of holidays. Green graphics-fireworks-325975


Young Arliss

Chester's ArlissBlue Runner Duck_

This Blue Runner Duck was introduced to the young Arliss. We can only imagine what he was thinking; both survived the experience. It was a good thing as the duck was a Christmas present.

Ten Year Old ArlissChester's Arliss Birdy

He is still checking out the birds. This time to his chagrin the pheasant has no bird scent, but it appeared on the deck. He did his duty.

The Weimaraner is a Versatile Hunting Dog.

               ~What does that mean? 

Here is the definition of a versatile hunting dog taken from the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) website:

The versatile hunting dog is a foot hunting dog developed for work before and after the shot under a variety of conditions in the field, forest, and water.   Generally speaking, most of the versatile hunting dogs were developed in Europe during the 19th century due to hunting laws which required all game to be recovered after it was shot.  This change in hunting ethics led to the need for a dog that could perform universally at a range of tasks.  Breeders of that time took traits from the best of the specialist breeds and combined them into what are known as the versatile breeds today.  Because of the demands placed on them, versatile dogs must be intelligent, with the willpower to persevere and the ability to concentrate under numerous and variable conditions.  Searching, pointing, tracking wounded game, cold water retrieving, blood tracking and blind searching are all necessary capabilities for versatile hunting dogs.

Since most versatile dogs enjoy a long tradition of selective breeding for highly cooperative and trainable character, they make great companions in and around the home.  Well bred versatile dogs are highly intelligent with a calm demeanor.  These characteristics make them suitable family dogs as they love people and are gentle around children.


My Blue Companion

He is nine years old. Here is a video taken on Thanksgiving!


Happy Birthday Arliss

We do a lot of things together. Yesterday, we celebrated his 9th birthday. Where has the time gone? Here are some photos from our journey.

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Breeder’s Comment

Thank you, Arleen, for the continuous stream of updates. We fully realize how busy life is for everyone. We have been included in your adventures, your travel, and the everyday life. It means the world to us. No, we cannot believe it was nine years ago when Arliss arrived. May he stay with us and continue to do well for a goodly number more. Each day is a treasure. Here is the last year’s birthday update for those that would like to visit it–click here!

Birthday Boy Arliss

My baby boy is 8 today. Dec. 1st, 2014

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Boy I can not believe that it has been 8 years!!!  What a journey.

How soon we forget about the busy early years, he is very content

laying under his blanket and only becomes restless at the 5 pm hour

when he wants dinner.

He has been a joy and will continue on for many more years.   ~Arleen

Breeder’s Note: It has been a joy to share via email, and photos all the things Arliss has gotten to experience. He is having a great life with you. One never knows how many years a wonderful critter will remain with us. We sincerely hope you get several more. Thank you for making each moment special.

Arliss in the News

Bark in the Park


Arliss Bird 2

Arliss and Arlene at another event not so long ago…

Just wanted to share this with you.  This weekend is DogPaw’s big event “Bark in the Park” which is in one of our five off leash parks here in Vancouver.  We have been promoting and was able to get the news to come out and film yesterday.  It was fun, Arliss enjoyed it too.  We are going to have all kinds of games for dogs and humans too.


It’s going to be fun for all and for a good cause!!  DogPaw; All Volunteer non profit that maintain the Clark County’s off leash dog parks. 


Dog Owner’s Group for Parks Access in Washington county  ~Arleen  

 Watch for Arliss in the bowling segment………–268952881.html <==See Arliss on the news!

Note:  Arleen is dedicated to making things better for dogs in and around Vancouver. We appreciate her dedication. 



Arliss with the Blue Runner Duck some time ago

Arliss with the Blue Runner Duck some time ago

Arliss went to Vet yesterday for shots and I asked Dr Burton to look at lumps on his flanks. They have been growing and I’m worried if they get any bigger will they interfere with his leg movement.  Dr Burton agreed with my concern (they can attach themselves to the muscle which could cause a problem).  So sometime this summer he will have surgery. They all seem to be fatty tumor but one he is a little worried about.  Each flank has at least 2 that I see and feel, one is large, but it is above the flank area plus he has a small one on the rib cage.

I was wondering also if it was diet or environment that was the cause. Annabelle (my Terrier) had one in just about the same place as Arliss’s large one. She just had the one and we where keeping an eye on it. It was larger then Arliss’s. With her coat you didn’t see it and her hair was still growing on it. Arliss has lost his hair on his. They do say that the Weim’s are prone to them. Again is it just because they are easier to see on the Weimaraner?

Arliss and the Birds

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Arliss could not take his eyes off that bird, during the Humane Society walk.

Breeder’s Note: Fatty tumors, for the most part,  are not life-threatening; however, there are exceptions. Lumps and bumps should be checked. Cliff and I do not see many of these, but our Weims do not get a lot of treats. They are a modern vaccine protocol–we vaccinate for protection, and that does not require every year. We stick with the same food for everyone, and possibly these measures contribute to fewer of these non-cancerous tumors. Deli is 13.5 years old, and she has had a single growth removed a couple of years ago. There is nothing significant view-able to the eye.

Benign tumors usually require no treatment; regardless, they may need removed for various reasons. Failure to do so (in some instances) can lead to the loss of life. Sometimes benign tumors will attach (unseen) to a vital organ, and in turn take a life. The vast majority of people who have an older Weimaraner, report seeing a goodly number of these on their Weim. We read where another Weim recently had an issue with a couple of fatty tumors. It seems like a good topic. There is a lot that is unknown about the cause.


Arliss celebrates Christmas in California

Look we have a tree too!

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Arliss turns seven

Can you believe that Arliss is 7?   Dec 1st  was his birthday.

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The celebration was overshadowed by a terrible Black Friday loss…

It was a very quiet and sad B Day for both Arliss and I and little Abigail, we lost our Annabelle (Airedale) 11/29 (Blk Fri).

You just never know.  We all went on our walk Tue night after work, and Wed AM I knew something was wrong when she would not eat, by my Vet appointment she was unable to walk.  Urine sample red with blood. (if I didn’t know better I would of thought it was a blood sample)  What was going on was the red blood cells where killing each other (I.M.H.A.)  With the Holiday and all the Vet gave her a huge dose of Steroids plus sent some home with me; as I didn’t want her sitting in the ER over the Holiday, the steroids just never kicked in to stop this process.

They say Airedales are head strong and do not wear their emotions on their paws, they like to hide their true feelings, unlike any Weimaraner that I have had.  You know the minute that they are not feeling good.

The great thing that I have learned out of all this over the Holiday is that their are some wonderful people out there.  Friends stepping in to help; the vet checking in on me daily and a Service called Compassionate Care (in the Portland Area) it’s a team of Vets that come to your Home to help you with your final goodbyes. (Very reasonable) Arliss and Abigail where both with us, so they both got to see her before and after.  Now mind you when she was there trying to get through all this they gave her, her space but in the end they both wanted to get closer, Arliss gave her a little tap with his nose and walked away until she was gone and came back for one last look and left the room.  They are both staying a little closer to me but I think we all are doing good because she was with us in her final hours.  And she didn’t have to be moved in her final hours, all 69 lbs of her.

I’m not the best writer and my words are not doing her justice she was a Very good middle child, loved her brother and sister.

It’s been seven years, time fly’s. ~ Arleen Abigail and Arliss  Missing Annabelle

Breeder’s Note: Arleen, you are so right. A person never knows how long any living creature will be with them. There are so many things that play into the timeline;  (at times) the unexpected creeps up on us. Dealing with this type of loss is hard for everyone. Abigail and Arliss got to say good-bye, and they are sharing the loss with you. It is good you have each other. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Annabelle will be missed, but she left some wonderful memories for all of you. That being said, there are no adequate words to address her departure. Thank you for sharing this beautiful window into her good-bye.

Arliss soon to be seven years old…

This is my Goofy Arliss with his white face!

Whatcha looking at?

Whatcha looking at?

He will be 7 this Dec.  Maybe all the girls in this house give him these gray hairs.

My boy Arliss

My boy Arliss

I have been working lots of hour with Pear season in full swing.  But they all are waiting for me to leave the house, so they can get their treat.

Arliss Running

Arliss Running

Sometimes I can not get my shoes on fast enough for Arliss.  He is always the first one out in the garage waiting for his treat.  It also helps me go out that door knowing I will be gone a min of 12 hours.

Arliss at the beach

Arliss at the beach

Love reading your post daily. Arliss is my Goofy Gray Guy and yet very Striking. My aging boy will be 7 this Dec. Ah, how time flies by….