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Settling In

Patos is Thriving; I am exhausted!

 Kelly's Sucia and Patos_4329
Wanted to let you know that tiny Patos is thriving.  She may be small, but she is mighty!  She is rambunctious and fearless.  I think it will take constant vigilance and consistency to get her through the lovable, but exhausting early puppy stage, but I’m sure she will be worth it.

Weimar Disdain turned to Snuggles and Kisses

Big sister Sucia copped the attitude of total Weimaraner disdain when Patos first showed up here.  The looks that Sucia could throw at her, or the haughty lift of the head and purposeful turning away from the puppy were almost comical.  We just let it be and now, a little over a week later, Sucia seeks out Patos for kisses and play and last night for the first time, Patos crawled over for a nap next to Sucia on the big dog bed.  Sucia actually gave a little happy contented Weimaraner groan as Patos snuggled into her.  Yay!!!

The 9-Week Puppy Shot

Patos went to the vet for her 9wk visit last Saturday.  My regular beloved vet is temporarily out with knee surgery, so I went to a new vet for a one-time visit to get the shots done.  Per your education, I made sure she only got the dAPPV as you recommended and nothing else.  Patos weighed a mighty 7lb 5oz!  🙂  Her stool check was negative for worms.

Big hugs to you and Cliff!     ~Meg

Breeder Comment

We are happy that Sucia has turned the corner and realized that Patos is not only staying, but it is an excellent thing to have a sister.
I am glad you are sticking to the vaccine protocol. It has proven time and again to produce high vaccine titer results–in turn, keeping the additional vaccine at bay with the risk of a severe vaccine reaction.

We do encourage folks to worm their puppy on a regular basis. There are certain things we cannot speak to for a broad-based audience. Each person must decide what the real risk is when it comes to Heartworm–is it vital to start the new puppy on this medication. Well, maybe. If so, should you use the Plus version that covers the worming as well as guarding against the dreaded heartworm scenario? The one caution we do have is to not overload your Weimaraner’s system with a lot of chemicals. Be as Holistic as possible–this is even more important with the young Weimaraner; however, some adult Weims can react to various medications. Proceed with caution and do a bit of research–if there are reports from dog owners who have used a product and it caused seizures, we recommend choosing another option–different pain medication, etc. Weigh the risks and just because one person didn’t have an issue, keep in mind a percentage of Weims do have severe (even life-threatening) vaccine reactions–as well as a low tolerance for certain medications. One that comes to mind is the Rimadyl.



Dutch and Molly (my Grandmother’s OwyheeStar Weimar)

This is our Dutch dog. From the very beginning, you could tell he was going to be a great hunter. But to tell you the truth he’s always going to be my kid. When he was just a babe I started him out young training him with pheasant wings and of course ‘the ball.’ Dutch wouldn’t stop..and in his training he became great.
I decided about three years ago to teach him how to swim. ( Oh, he was 2 years old when he first swam.  ) Mind you he always liked the water. Short hairs usually don’t like the water but he’s a mix* because his Dad is a Longhair. I’d thought I’d risk it. We live on some pretty big water in Boring, Oregon along the Sandy River. The day was hot and water just right. I started him off slow throwing him a stick a little farther each time. After a few trial by error and gulps of water Dutch learned to raise his head and use that long whipping tail as a rudder. By that rate I couldn’t stop him from taking the plunge, jumping in and swimming against the strong currents. Dutch is unstoppable. Thank you, soo much for the joy you’ve brought into our lives. He’s really such a great dog!  😘 ~ Bonney

From Bonney’s Mom–Jane

Dutch has been the best of all the Weimaraners that we have owned.  Some of that may be due to our own growth in how to train a hunting dog, but most of it has to do with his personality.
He plays alone with a stick ball or blanket…throwing it up into the air and pouncing on it, tossing it and chasing it on his own while he spins, jumps and prances.
He plays well with other dogs, too and will lower himself to their level if they are small breeds.
Of course, we treat him like a human member of our family, but he has his own dog bed and toys.  Bonney has assisted greatly in his training to hold or stay.  He will allow Sam to walk around the area while he is on point (hold) and Dutch loves to dive into the brush to retrieve.  He does not like to come back empty handed.  He has also been swimming in the Colorado River and loves the water.
Mom’s dog, Molly, was born about 12 days after Dutch.  Mom and Bonney keep me up to date!

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to get news for both Molly and Dutch. It is so great that they are doing well. Bonney, we thank you for the lovely video of Dutch swimming. 
*Bonney says he is a Mix–she means that Mama (Cindee) was a traditional Silver Gray smooth coat Weimaraner, whereas the litter was sired by Stackhouse who is a Longhair Weimaraner. Although a great percentage of the OwyheeStar pups learn to love the water, Stackhouse most certainly is a strong swimmer. Nevertheless, most Weims swim because a few things happen in the right way. One thing that really helps is getting the strong recall and the love of the retrieve ingrained. This strategy can work in your favor. Some folks who do not want a bird dog allow their Weimaraner too much freedom–they get the idea they can play keep away. They do not retrieve to hand. Achieving these two necessary skills opens additional doors of opportunity for the hunter and the non-hunter. It is important. Believing it is possible also is key. Getting the Weimaraner to swim is doable! Even in the most reluctant of swimmers, it can be achieved, but exposing them to water early on is best. 
Our puppies swim before leaving here when the weather permits. See the first swim of 2017 below.

At OwyheeStar Earlier This Year

The Sadie X Stackhouse Litter

Two T’s

Tobryn and Tallyn

Nelson's Tobryn and Tally_113207

I hope you enjoy this picture a of Tallyn at 8 weeks.  Tobryn and Tallyn are working things out.  When Tobryn doesn’t think I am looking, they play and dig and frolic.  When Tobryn sees that I am watching, he gives Tallyn the cold shoulder…………LOL

Am canning tomatoes, beets, beans, cucs, and so on…….wondering who all is going to eat what I have canned.  LOL

Breeder Comment

The Weims may help with some of what you can–or that which doesn’t make the jar is more likely. We are happy to see that Tobryn is accepting his new Blue brother (Tallyn). You are doing well with them Ron. Thanks for the share.

Sgt. Blue

Happy New Year!

IMG_0181I hope the year has treated you all well. I thought I would send a few photos of Sgt. Blue Gunderson Walker (we got him from you in May of 2013–Cindee’s litter). He has shown to be a very strong hunting dog and wonderful family addition. He had amazing point control. Below are a few pictures of my oldest two children and Blue. The first picture is a picture of Blue and Olive (my cousin’s dog–short/wire hair pointer mix) during the fall of 2014.

The first two pictures are of my son’s first hunt. Earlier this year, he received his license and attended a Jr Hunt with one of the clubs out here in Ca.  The last two pictures are of my oldest daughter. She enjoys working the field with her daddy and would rather go hunting than ride her quad. 🙂
We wish you well from CA and a happy new year!
Kim and Aaron
Breeder’s Note: Thank you, for remembering us and allowing this to share with the OwyheeStar readers. We truly appreciate it, and we are exceedingly happy to see Sgt. Blue is meeting your expectations.

Ghost Tales

Hey Shela and Cliff!
I’ve been meaning to write you with an update for a little while but keep getting side tracked. I know you understand with the puppy and all. (Haha) Ghost has been absolutely wonderful!

Expanding the Puppy Socialization

He’s completed his 100 exposures (to various humans, and whatnot) with a huge margin and ever expanding. Puppy class started this last weekend and is going to do a lot of good I can tell already, he was very wide-eyed walking in, for the most part however, he’s so very confident and attentive. We’ve had the opportunity to organize a good amount of safe play with a few other dogs. He’s been to the barn and met horses and chickens

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He is so great at the barn, he waits patiently without me while I ride, no whining or big scene, and he’s cautious about the horses but not just running stupid scared.
He’s been rock climbing with us a couple times,

After Immunity is Achieved

He’s been just so great. I can’t wait until we can start taking him to parks and the dog beach. He’s growing up so fast it’s just unbelievable. Every week he’s like a different dog! We are continuing independence training and as soon as he can he’ll start going to doggy day care once a week to have some play time out of the house and without me.
I’m so happy fate shined the way it did, he’s just absolutely perfect; so handsome and so with it. You can see him last weekend at grandmas house running around –so fast in one of the photos above. Did I say they grow up fast?
                                                                        Best, Alex
Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner needs on-going socialization. 
Yes, it is important to avoid public locations. Nevertheless, you folks are doing it right. You have found ways to help the pup learn to be adaptable, and confident in an ever-changing environment. The concrete-thinking Weimaraner can easily get so set in their ways, that anything different is freaky-scary. That doesn’t mean there are no ‘feat-periods’ when a dog might freak over the seemingly nothing. These are the times when you go on about your business without giving this incident much attention. While we are on the topic, the absolute Repeated Wordworst thing you can do during one of those situations is to console them—them–  poor-baby  is the Repeated Wordworst possible response. You do not want to ingrain the fear; you want to work past it, and not give it license.
These folks are doing all the right things…They are..1. avoiding the risk of contracting Parvo. 2. continuing with a broad-based socialization program suited to his or her lifestyle. 3. Teaching the pup how to cope with their beloved human’s absence. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing your experience with us, and those who read the OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog.

Sargeant Blue News from California

Hello Cliff and Shela–I hope everything is going well for you both. 

Camping with BlueWe are really enjoying Blue, as he has made a lovely fit in our family.  He can’t get enough of the water and loves to go camping with us.  He adores my youngest, Ella, who is three.  He is so very sweet with her and seems to know just how to gently play with her.

NAVHDA Natural Ability Hunt Test

(North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association)

We are beginning his intermediate basic training class and getting ready for his natural ability test in April.  Both, Aaron and my father are very much looking forward to this test.  We are confident that he is going to perform well.  He has shown to be very eager in the water and obeys Aaron’s commands quickly.  When we were camping, Aaron shot my father’s shotgun into a canyon to see how Blue would react.  Blue ran straight to Aaron’s side, at whoa wagging his tail.  It was if he knew he was supposed to do something, just not exactly sure what to do next.  Needless to say, he is not the least bit gun shy.  🙂

This is a picture of Blue from when we went camping up north.  I have to say, he is a handsome dog.  We all agreed the he is much better looking than the Weim we saw in a dog show on TV the other night.  🙂

Breeder’s Note: Thank you for sharing this update. We truly appreciate it. We will look forward to hearing about Blue’s success in the NAVHDA N/A Spring Hunt Test. It is good to hear that he is a great family Weim too! 

Sucia is perfect for me….

The timing turned out perfect…

B Sucia_1542I wanted to update you on your tiny female #3 from the (2013) Cindee x Stackhouse.  I can’t imagine my life without her!  Which is funny, as Shela can recall, given how much I agonized over all the reasons it didn’t make sense to get a puppy yet.

I have had an incredible summer with Sucia.  

Not so long ago

I’ve split my time between working a week in Seattle and then spending a week on Orcas Island at my off-grid cabin.  While I am at work in Seattle, Sucia has been at dog-socialization heaven with my dog sitter, Jan, where Sucia has learned to be a member of the pack of dogs there, playing herself into happy exhaustion.  On Orcas, Sucia goes everywhere with me, except in my kayak.  (Too big for that now!)  She still doesn’t really have much interest in swimming, but I am letting her figure that out at her own pace.

Sucia is popular

IMG_1443We hardly go anywhere without people asking if they can pet her/say hi/have their kids pet her/have their dog say hi.  Sucia is gentle and loving with everyone.  I have met several folks who asked me where I got her, and I have strongly encouraged them to contact you.

Breeder’s Note: Thank you Meg. We truly appreciate referrals. Since we live in a more rural location, and making the connection with us takes extra effort, people find us mostly via referral. People are skeptical of breeders they find online–for good reason. It is only through endorsements like yours that we find our pups sought-after.

Sucia well-adjusted for a Weimaraner Puppy

IMG_1535Sush is just a happy, playful, healthy dog.  She loves to carry her soccer ball around, which is pretty comical.  It is amusing to see how well she can play with her toys all alone, intently stalking tennis balls or squeaky toys, but she is equally happy to retrieve with me.  And she hasn’t outgrown her puppy need to cuddle once in a while, and make contented puppy groans when she is pressed against me for a nap on the couch.

In short, she is a joy.  I am so thankful that she is in my life.

We have been taking a dog obedience class with Jan Magnuson and Willow.Blog Ready

Will my Sucia stay small?

Young Sucia

Young Sucia

Also – I am just curious about how she now compared for breed size for a 5 1/2 month old.  She weighs 30 lbs now.  (I am secretly hoping that she stays on the petite size…..)

Breeder’s Response: Tiny Sucia_1242As you remember, during the application process you shared your profile, which included your desires. One of your hopes was to have a smaller (possibly under-sized) female Weimaraner. (Deep sigh…..) We get a lot of size-related requests. Our goal is to stay within the breed standard, but in the mix of DNA we may get a larger-sized Weimaraner; on occasion we get an under-sized Weimaraner. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the smallest pup in the litter is just small, or going to remain smaller than normal. This was Cindee’s first litter. There were a lot of unknowns. Regardless, we do know that her lineage produces a few under-sized pups. Grandma Deli (now 12.5 years old) has produced some smaller pups, including one that worried us. In the end the midget-sized pup (Minnie) turned out to be fine–no problems other than the under-sized factor. Sucia reminded us of ‘Minnie’. Of course, that was only one factor in the selection process. Knowing the type of Weimaraner you needed, and the fact that this pup in all likelihood would be compact, lead us to believe it was a very good match for you. We probably could not have gotten a closer match to your needs and wants. That being said, if you would have opted to wait longer, we could have gotten you a nice pup. We highly doubt she would have been this small in stature.

We cannot say how much Sucia will grow in the next few months. Growth plates close around 12-15 months. Only time will tell, but our best guess is that your Sucia may never get to fifty pounds, and most likely will stay quite a bit smaller. I am positive that no matter how she turns out, she is a good match for you. As you well know, Willow (Jan’s OwyheeStar girl) is much larger than Sucia. Both are very nice looking, have good conformation (for their body size), and a nice disposition. Honestly, we shudder when asked to guarantee (or guess) future size. All we can do is to aim for what the person is asking, and balance that with the big picture. Often, size is less important than health, temperament, and livability.

Featured Weimaraner — Blue

Is this what they mean by a versatile dog? 😉

Blue is Great All-Around

Versatile Blue BoatsBlue is becoming such a wonderful family dog as well. Tyler and Aaron are taking him to obedience classes. Blue is the eager to please, coming home after each class having mastered the desired skill. The instructor understands the different expectations of working dogs so everything has been easily transferable to working on developing his scent and skills that will be used in the field.

Breeder’s Note: This is the perfect example of a versatile Weimaraner’s life. They take part in every aspect of the family’s life. Versatile refers to the hunting dog who hunts upland game, as well as water fowl. They are both a dry-land companion, and a water dog.

Blue attracts a lot of attention..

It is also amazing how much attention Blue gets from around the neighborhood. Aaron and Tyler took him for his first big walk around the lake and to the park the other day. Blue’s senses were on overdrive as he was walking past quail, geese, and many other wildlife. They walked to the park where many kids were playing on the play structure, and a few volleyball games were ending. Aaron said that they were stopped multiple times by many different adults and kids asking about what type of dog he was and commenting how beautiful he is. Blue was a picture-perfect dog the entire time; sitting next to Aaron on-command when people would approach, letting then pet and admire him. On the way home (from the park) Tyler looks up to Aaron and says, “Oh I get it. You wanted to take Blue to the park to walk past the girls.” We just could not stop giggling. Already, Tyler sees how Blue can attract “cute” attention.

Blue impresses my father too!

As you remember, my father was the president of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America. It means a lot that he loves him too! He babysat Blue a few weeks ago and commented what a well behaved dog and highly intelligent he is.  He said he has a very good temperament and is very birdie.  It pleases me to hear such wonderful compliments from him. 🙂

Thank you for all the other adorable stories that will have with our Boy Blue.IMG_3035IMG_2224

Featured Weimaraner — Sucia

Breeder’s Note: Please understand that Meg is a doctor. She works around the clock on some days. Her schedule varies, and for this (and other) reasons she wondered if she should bring home a Weimaraner puppy. The question was not so much as if, but when. Should it be now, or should she wait until things are more perfect for bringing home a puppy. No one can tell a person when the right time is to move ahead; but we know a lot of people who have put their dream on an indefinite hold. Things have never been ideal. We are glad that Meg could make this happen now. Here is the lovely note we received regarding her new best friend.

Look closely, and you will see two girls smiling in the kayak :O)

Look closely, and you will see two girls smiling in the kayak :O)

Shela and Cliff-

Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for such a lovely dog!  Sucia (named after one of the San Juan islands I love to paddle around) has been an absolute joy!  She is playful, inquisitive, beautiful and makes me laugh so many times each day.  She is independent and plays well by herself and with others.  She does have cuddly moments each day, when she seeks out my lap and snuggles into it, burying her nose into my side and making little contented puppy sighs and grunts as she falls asleep.  Very sweet.

She has fit right in at Jan’s (who you met) house where she lives when I work my 24 hour work shifts.  Sucia is being ‘parented’ by Jan’s two sweet pit bulls, and is being socialized by them how to interact with big dogs.  It is a joy to watch Sucia go zooming around the yard at Jan’s, playing with her two big sisters.  In addition, Jan has a 14 yo neighbor girl who lets the dogs out each morning and afternoon to play in the yard if Jan is working.  Mindy is over the moon in love with Sucia and is keeping a puppy journal about what she does every day. Sucia is a great car traveler, and spent 5 days with me on Orcas Island at my tiny cabin last week.  She enjoyed the freedom of exploring my property and sniffing out all the good sniffs there. She loves stalking and pouncing on big pinecones!  She has gone swimming in the freshwater inland lakes there and is a good hiker and beach walker.  Imagine all the good smells on a saltwater beach!

I took her to the Orcas Farmer’s Market on Saturday and she made many new friends.  Everyone wanted to say hi and she was mellow and warm with adults, little kids and many other dogs.  She is getting a great socialization period.  I am thoroughly enjoying her and appreciate all the hard work that both of you have done to breed such wonderful pups.

In short, I am in love.  Thanks, Shela, for patiently waiting for me to realize that little girl number 3 was supposed to live with me. ~ Meg

Featured Weimaraner — Blue

Sgt. Blue Gunderson…or Blue……or Bue

I just wanted to send a little note to thank you so much for our boy Blue.  He has been such a joy to us the past few days.  IMG_3035As you can see from the pictures, the kids just adore him.  My youngest, Ella woke up this morning asking, “Wher bue? Wher Bue?” IMG_2224

Who says you cannot buy love?

He is a very loved pup and is adjusting nicely, only yelping today when he needed to go outside.  I think it is going to be easier house training him than potty training my 2 year old!  We are very excited for each new adventure that comes with our boy Blue.  Our entire family is excited to have him around. 

Turkey Feathers for training

My oldest daughter went searching for turkey feathers at my parent’s lake house up north to make a training tool in order to build his scenting abilities and desire to point.  It is fun to see my dad get excited about hunting again.  He is very much looking forward to helping Aaron work the dog this winter. 

 Thank you so very much again for our Blue.

Breeder’s Note: This wonderful family wrote us the most wonderful introductory note. Here is a portion of that email.

My husband and I are looking to adopt a Weim puppy to add to our family.  We are looking for a hunting dog, rather than a show dog.  Your name came highly recommended. 🙂 (There were names listed, but we deleted them. We are very careful not to share people’s names, as well as their other personal information).We have three children: an 8 year old son, 6 year old daughter, and 2 year old daughter.  We live across the street from a two acre lake that is ideal for training.  We are very excited to bring a new puppy into our family that my husband and son can work together.  My dad is also excited to help with the training.  🙂  He is a former President of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America.  I have many fond memories growing up with quail in our backyard, exploring during field trials, and “helping” my dad train our dogs. I am looking forward to passing down these memories to my children.  

Our Cliff, and his first Weimar -- Doc

Our Cliff, and his first Weimar — Doc

Dreams come true…

Many people who grow up with the Weimaraner, remain taken with them for life. We get a lot of inquiries from people who have wanted to get another Weimaraner for a long time. Often, they cite their first being the one they had when growing up. We cannot help but imagine the impact this pup is going to have on these three children. Thank you Kimberly for sharing the news, and your excitement.

We truly appreciate it.

~ Shela and Cliff