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Storm X Dusty

Yesterday, we shared some photos of Storm. Today, we share with you Benton, the surprise Longhair pup that she produced in a Dusty-sired litter. It wasn’t the only Longhair in the litter, but it was the only male, and we kept him. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that either of these Weimaraners carried the DNA marker for the Longhair. So, Benton’s tail got docked–early on, you cannot tell a Longhair from a smooth coat. Tail docking happens at about one-week. We do not dock the Longhair by request–nowhere in the world are the Longhair’s docked.


~ Not Your Stereotype Weimar at All

We live in Fontana, CA.  She’s now a fat happy girl with gas that can clear the room since her lunch of a cheeseburger and fries with thousand island is not part of he normal diet.  But we have a few extra days.


Her gas is normally none unless Grandpa sneaks her human food or salmon based food.   She eats Blue Buffalo and loves that the best.  Luckily her lunch yesterday of didn’t too much damage to her tummy.  Thanks you guys for the best pup I could have ever asked for.  I’m not ready for another weim because I would be trying to replace something that could never be replaced.  She is the best tempered, loving, lazy weim a girl could have asked for.  

In her adult days the choice between a walk and a couch cuddle was a 50/50-she was awesome and never had that high energy.  She was just super mellow her entire life sans puppy stage where she tore stuff up (couch-my fault I thought I could trust her outside the crate while I was at work, sunglasses and shoes-again my fault I went away for the weekend and she was mad, undergarments to this day she will eat them if they are on the floor) or get a moment of the zoomies and launch off the couch doing 180s and speed through the living room.  Thank you again as she was always heathy, always funny, and had her own personality that was just awesome.  When people would make remarks about the stereotypes of a weim I just laughed and was like nope my dog is none of those things. Mine loves laying in the sun, playing in the pool, and being a cuddle bug and bed hog. 

Are you planning on having any weim pups, no blues since Gretchen is not replaceable and I don’t want to compare since the pedestal for her is really high and no pup could take away from that.  I think I may be ready for a new family member but not right now right now-a few months away. 

Breeder Comment

Well, for sure, we cannot replace Gretchen. We get people asking for a Weimaraner with this temperament all the time–they are rare even for OwyheeStar. (Haha) My suggestion is typically to plan for the worst and hope for the best–that way, you are ready for whatever comes.
Thank you for your photos and the information you shared with us–and for giving her the best possible life. Storm and Dusty passed over the rainbow bridge about five or six years ago. They live on through their offspring–and some of our girls carry one or both of their DNA.

To get something out of those lines takes planning, and it requires a person to be ready to go when the pups come along—Winnie shares both Dusty and Storm as her paternal grandparents. As time passes, it becomes harder and harder to get back to that same bloodlines, as we have added fresh blood, and we continue to mix the DNA pool with it. So, you might get fortunate even if the new kid doesn’t share that exact lineage.

We look forward to working with you again. A goodly number of our OwyheeStar pups are placed with repeat clients–as you might guess.


~ Our Bailey Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

Today we had to let our sweet, amazing Bailey boy go. Stormy and Dusty we his parents– he was the only Silver Puppy in their litter.

We had 13 wonderful years with him for which we will be eternally grateful. While our hearts are broken, we will always remember the adventures, cuddles and all the love we shared.

Our lives wouldn’t have been the same without him.
Thank you so much for such a special gift, Mandee and Lee

Breeder Comment

Dear Mandee–thank you, for remembering us at time you are grieving over this loss. As I thought about the details, I remember so well you picking him up and a few email conversations we had. Of course, the only silver-gray pup in the litter defined him, too. Thanks for giving him such an outstanding life. We appreciate you!


Can You Believe It?

    ~Last Saturday, she celebrated 11 Candles

Winberry_1850Yesterday was Siena’s 11th birthday. Hard to believe. She shows little sign of slowing down except for a bit of arthritis at the base of her tail. We take great hope that we’ll have her around for a few more years because both of her parents, Storm, and Dusty, lived past their 13th birthday and Dusty is still around.
Siena’s life changed three years ago when we left Whidbey and moved back to Seattle to be closer to our kids and health care providers.  We were concerned about the change on Siena but she adjusted with hardly the blink of an eye.  We still manage to walk at least 5 miles a day, around the neighborhood or at Green Lake or Woodland Park. As a result, Siena has become more social, well-known by many of the people along our walking treks.
Siena’s adult weight, 55 pounds, has varied little and she is still getting yogurt and a probiotic as part of her morning meal. Her favorite treat is the pumpkin cookies that Connie bakes for her.
Thanks for letting our beautiful girl become a part of our life. We wish we could have her for 11 more years but will cherish every single day that we have with her.

Breeder Comment

IMG_1387Dear Phil and Connie–thank you for the Emailed update with the photo. It means so very much. Yes, Dusty is still with us, and in a few months, he would celebrate 14 years. We, like you, count every moment a blessing. He likes to hide away in his special spot–where he can see my workstation from the crate. Here is a recent blog featuring Dusty–click here!
Manfred @ 16 Weeks-12We are happy to hear she is doing well. Have you tried the Duralactin — we get ours from It makes a huge difference. Have you seen our new Longhair Stud Dog–Manfred? Like Dusty, he made a recent appearance on The OwyheeStar Weimaraner News Blog–Click Here.
Thank you, for your love and care for the sweet Longhair girl. We appreciate you keeping in touch over the years too! Here’s to hoping for quite a few more years.

Winston & Bennett

Share the Same Papa

Winston and BennettWinston and Bennett are both from litters sired by Dusty. Winston is eight years old; he is always a little gentleman. We always joke that if they were humans, Winston would have a monocle and a top hat, and Bennett would be a frat boy, lol!

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You’ll notice most of the photos are of Bennett with the kids because wherever the kids are is where that is where he is as well 🙂 He is a very relaxed, laid back family dog. Like all Weims, Bennett loves to be with us. He is also a workhorse. This boy will retrieve until we force him to stop. We noticed he was also very birdy by nature. He is a great dog! I have


Duck In Norfolk with Abe

We are making a good adjustment…

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Duck has been adjusting well. Everyone who works in my apt building say he has the best personality of all the dogs that live here. He is very mellow when he meets new people, and pretty good when it comes to meeting other dogs — but sometimes that gets him a little hyper.

I have a  dog park on the water about a mile away and he didn’t hesitate to take a swim, that’s not something that he liked doing before. I got him playing fetch a little bit too, just down the hallway of my building, but again not something he ever really showed interest in at all before.

He really doesn’t like being in the crate during the day, so I’ve started just letting him roam in the apartment. Other than making a pile of my stuff on his bed, he seems to do fine with that.

What did you give him for treats? I’ve tired giving him rawhide bones and he eats them too fast and throws them up. But I’ll like to leave him with something to work on while he is home alone…

I’m going to be at sea for the month of April, but I have several people who want to watch Duck, so I think things will be fine.

 IMG_1649Breeder’s Note: You might remember the blog that featured Duck and Abe not so long ago-Click here to read that blog.

First, we don’t recommend anyone use rawhide bones, or chews. Bits can break off, and once ingested a number of things could go badly. The bits could embed in the lining of the intestine, and cause inflammation. Pieces could cause an intestinal blockage–this can be life-threatening. We know some folks do use them, but we do not have peace about them. Secondly, we hate to see you must deploy again. As we mentioned, it will be so important to prepare Duck for your departure. He needs a second home; someone who understands his needs. Keeping Duck and you both safe during this time of departure will be important. Nonetheless, we are happy that you are back together, and that Duck is doing so well. Thank you for taking time to get these wonderful photos for us to share. Everyone loves Duck. For those that don’t know, Storm and Dusty are Duck’s parent. Here are some recent photos of them below–these were taken by Larry Cleveland (Portland Wildlife Photographer).

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Duck at Home in Virginia

Together Again,IMG_1649

When Abe could not net a great job (despite garnering a Master’s in English from the prestigious University of Oregon) he made the decision to join the Navy. Duck came to stay with us (in Abe’s stateside-absence) for a lengthy period of time, while Abe found himself floating in the Indian Ocean, and working as a correspondent. I cannot remember his exact title; it doesn’t matter. Duck was here, and Abe was where the Navy wanted him to be—serving our country, and the world at-large. We rejoice in the reunion, and thank Abe for his service.

NW Football Fans watch in their Own Way

Remy puts on his Game Face; Game Attire10354673_834463439921296_7895747230022446090_n

Siena Watches Football in her relaxed Mode;

                      Snoozes during the One-Handed Catch

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What’s Up With The Snow?First Snow 2014

We woke up this morning (11/29/2014) with our first snowfall of the year. Siena isn’t sure that she likes it!

Siena 2014Thanks for allowing her to be a part of our family. She’s the best!!

~ Phil and Connie

Breeder’s Comment: Phil and Connie live on Whidbey Island with their beloved Siena. Please take time to learn more about Phil’s recent book by visiting his blog — Click Here!


bone guarding SienaI thought you would enjoy this picture of Siena and one of her bones “guarding” the stairs up to my office.  


Learn more about Phil…