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Some Friends You Choose

       ~Others Select You


Davidson's Ellie Shares 1


This darn thing won’t leave me alone!




Davidson's Ellie Stays Warm2


Also, it’s cold outside




Breeder Comment

Dear Ellie, I see your kitty is still stalking you—or more aptly getting in your space in your previous report ( click here to see Ellie and her kitty in an earlier OwyheeStar Blog).

It is hard to imagine how life could be more to your liking even though you share your space. The furniture looks comfortable, the blankets cozy. We know the stove will soon be lite to keep you toasty warm. What more could a girl want?


Lazy Saturday For Ellie

Robert reports on Ellie, “She’s doing well, sleeps in on Saturdays.”

Davidson's Ellie on Saturday_0439

With the weekend around the corner, Ellie shares her typical Saturday look.


Davidson's Ellie resting_0153More Chilling (if the snapshots stop)


Davidson's Ellie cat_0057More resting with the cat


Davidson's Ellie Ignoring_9976if I ignore it, maybe it will go away

Breeder Comment

Apparently, Ellie lives the dream life that many of would enjoy. Thanks for thinking of us Robert!

Remember When?

Last Summer

Mystic’s Mom updated us and let us know they were going to become a Two-Weim Family? Click here to read that blog.


January 4, 2017

Here are a few pictures of our two pups. Mystic is still not convinced that a second dog in the house is a good idea. It turns out she prefers them if they do not live with us.  Sage loves everything and everyone. Mystic was easier in every way. Sage is loving and excited and endearing.  This has definitely earned him a spot in all of our hearts.

Mystic Runs The Show

Mystic actually does a great job, she brings him toys and raw hides except if it is the one she wants. She sometimes knows when he needs to go to the bathroom or needs to eat. She is also teaching him boundaries and personal space. So it goes…

We are finally settling into life after second Weimaraner addition. Thank you. We love them. (*The humans in the pictures are some of the human children.)



At Three Years


I am writing to request an application for a second Weimaraner.  We got Mystic from you three years ago.  She is lovely, gentle, sweet and smart.  I can trust her everywhere we go.  She both protects and relaxes when she knows it is safe.  

Last December, we moved out of the city into the “country”.  We now have 5 acres out near the Skykomish River.  Between Mystic being 3 and well established with us and having more space we have been thinking the time is right for a second dog.  When I saw your email saying that you have a surplus of blues, Juan and I both agreed that this would be a good time to let you know.

Unknown-2We would love a second blue.  I am mostly looking for compatibility for Mystic.  She is neither the “alpha” nor the submissive type.  She will stand up for herself and let her boundaries be known, but quite diplomatically.  She is a peace maker.  She does know how to communicate what she wants and how, but does it so sweetly we all just give her what she wants, unless it is not safe or healthy.  Mostly, she makes us laugh and often just by being herself.

Superficially, she is gorgeous!  We get endless comments about how beautiful she is every time we go out.  

I have been sorry to hear about your health.  I am quiet on this end but watching and sending prayers for good health. I hope that things are getting easier. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer and Juan

Breeder Comment

5 Blue Males-Zula Blue X Blue Week Four-120.jpgThank you for your continued interest. We have followed up with you as you know by now. We are so happy to hear about Mystic and her life with you. Thank you for all you do for and with her. We appreciate your personal comments and prayers as well. They mean the world to us.

New To The Water



I’m a very happy person today. I haven’t found any safe place to take the dogs swimming until today. Willow is 3 and Ruger 4 so I was concerned I’d be dragging dogs into the water and then having them sink. Silvi (my first Weim) refused to swim but could float for 30 minutes. You can be proud and pass this on to Cliff please, their early training kicked in and they were swimming back to shore over and over again. Willow had to be brought in by her collar still but if I was in the water with her, Ruger came in by himself. I think this will happen pretty fast as he seems to like it and she’s fast getting content in the water.

Ruger rested on the way home, Willow watched the scenery. So different but they LOVE each other very much!

Breeder’s Comment

Sunday’s Blog featured Ellie at Quinn’s Pond near Boise, Idaho. This is a littermate to your Ruger. As you might remember, he was captured swimming (or water retrieving). Click here if you missed that blog or want to review it.

At Quinn’s Pond

A  Favorite Local Swimming Hole


Ellie and I spent some time at the pond. As you can see she is quite the retriever.

Dry Land Mushing

Ruger and Willow

I wanted to give you an update on dry land mushing training. They are doing great, Ruger more than Willow. Ruger is wiped out after the run. I’m pretty sure it was less than a mile, but they did great and also jumped right into the creek 1/2 way back. I should’ve taken a picture. Next time… 🙂 I’ve included a couple of pictures of our progress. Today I figured out which side Ruger goes best on. Love my babies; I can’t thank you enough.

In Him, Jenny


Here is a Summer Update

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I didn’t see it till now because I’m trying to spend less time on social media and more with my Weimaraner!
Ellie is doing so great! She is really enjoying the summer (having everybody home). She loves catching mice and gophers. She had grown up to be a wonderful dog. Hope you guys are doing well and are out of the way from the fires.

Breeder’s Comment

We are very proud of what the two of you have done together. Thank you for thinking of us on your summer vacation. We know school probably has started, and things are different around the house. Most likely Ellie is missing you a lot!

A Good Thanksgiving Look

If you are dieting…..

Ellie's Thanksgiving LookEllie was running around after dark and collided with our wood pile (best as we can figure).  The result was a long gash in her right front leg that required a number of stitches.  She’s now a cone head but extremely good-natured about it.  It did cause her some frustration at Thanksgiving, however.

Note: Possibly, some who wished they had eaten less, could have considered this look for the dinner table. Actually, if you tend to miss the loading shut–this would catch the misses.

Ah shucks, it is a holiday–a celebration of all we value. Family, good fortune, and more than enough to eat.

Happy Trails

Ellie’s Adventure ContinueHappy Trails

Note: We think this is a picturesque photo of Idaho, and girl with her Weim speaks volumes. Not so long ago, we received this photo of the BLM rescue with Ellie. The email arrived on Friday, and it reflects our uncanny early Treasure Valley snowfall.

BLM Rescue horse

BLM Rescue horse