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~My First Longhair

Emmy is doing great!  Emmy and Odin play, rough-house and nap together. Uli is still reserved – but we’re down to mostly growls. I still have to keep an eye on anything Uli determines is high value to her and put it away.  She at least now let’s Emmy chase her in the yard – otherwise It’s like she has no concept of play.  No more blood has been drawn and  just waiting for Emmy’s eyebrows to grow back on the side they shaved – otherwise her torn eyelid healed up fully without issue. 

Emmy has a vet check-up this week and I’ll talk about titer at 16 weeks. So far I’ve held off on any non-essential vaccinations. My vet’s titer  charge is around $240. I called around Vancouver vets and the cheapest is $130 – from those that even offer it. 

Emmy met my parents’ poodle a few weeks ago (at my parents house) and Bentley overwhelmed her – plus unfamiliar environment- so she wasn’t interested in playing with him. They will bring him over to my house today for a bit. 

She still hates the crate (has never spent a night in it). Working on getting her to go to the door when it’s potty time. She at least is good about going in the same spot first thing every time I take her outside.  The trainer in Camas has classes and puppy drop-off (just puppies and trainers so they play and work in basic manners and skills).  We need to enroll. 
Hope all is well with you! Time to get outside, let’s the dogs play and plant some more flowers, vines and shrubs in my yard. It’s a beautiful time of year. 


Breeder Comment

Speaking of the Titer Test — if you just call your Vet office and ask about having one done, in all likelihood, you are going to have a similar experience to Jill. There is; however, a new Titer Test that is doable in your Vet’s office. We are ever so thankful that Dr. Calhoun agreed to order the test. We know that they (Idaho Veterinary Hospital) have done several in-house titer tests.

Download to get a copy of the information to share with your Vet.

Jill, we so appreciate you–your loyalty as well as your commitment. Too bad about the early encounter when Udi lashed out at Emmy–being protective of the bone. Yes, there is always the risk of something going sideways when you incorporate a new fur family member. We are glad that things are working out. Thanks for your hard work to get past this issue.


The Chill is On

    ~ But Rupert Walks his Mama

25073492_10155490225193025_8917464892837504468_o.jpgIsn’t it grand when you get your exercise with a buddy like Rupert.? We notice he is wearing a sweater.

Sometimes they Drive


And Once in Awhile We Snooze Late



There is a theme here. Rupert is sleeping in his blanket. He is wearing his sweater, and it looks as if he has driving attire too. It goes unsaid that he is wrapped in love.

Saturday or Sunday

Makes No Difference

~ There is always time to squeak or bark!


Keep watering human I’m still squeaking away …

20799366_10155169872358025_3346152618852455951_nShould I bark at those people? hmmm yep, I should …

Memorial Day

It is Day When we Remember

Bill Whitford Oct 1943 Denver, Co._2507 11.11.41 AMAs much as we long for peace, war is always with us. We don’t have to look too far to find it. Nevertheless, each generation has their military conflict that its toll. Shela’s father served in WWII. Can you imagine being called to service like this generation of young men and women were? Even those who could not serve were called to sacrifice and to help with the effort on the home front. Cliff’s father was one who was stateside farming. A German POW from the Nyssa camp worked on this farm during the war. My mother followed dad around as much as she could and later while he was deployed she worked for the government in San Francisco to be closer to port.

Our Generation


It was Vietnam that changed so many lives. It left gaping wounds and racked up losses we never imagined possible a short time before. We were busy being young and the things that teens do. It was the sixties, and there was unrest on college campuses and protests against the war. We have those fleeing to Canada to escape the draft. Others waited and hoped their number wasn’t called, while some enlisted in the fight against Communism. To this day, this war is controversial. Regardless, those who served in Vietnam deserve our respect.

A Break From the Norm

This Blog focuses on the OwyheeStar Weimaraner and the Weimaraner in general. Today, we break from that for a moment to pay our respects to those who served and to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Let us not forget those who loved these soldiers and waited for their return. The paid the price too! These are life-changing situations. We cannot sit on this side and guess how it would have been different had the war not occurred. We have to frame the conflict within the historical moment and even then it is impossible to grasp the full extent of what thrust our country into taking action at such a huge cost. So, while you enjoy the good life, friends, and your family take a moment and just remember someone paid the price for your freedom. Thank you!

Memorial Day

Yesterday I borrowed Wendy’s photo of her Rupert at the beach to create this sentiment. I hope you appreciated it and I hope the day at the beach, your picnic, or whatever you are doing is a lovely one too! Anyhow, we could not have the blog without the face of a Weimaraner, right!?!

Who Is Smarter?

This is Winchester and Opus.

Rosario's Opus and Winchester Training_3700
Honestly, our neighbor’s dog has trained the Boyz to come out and play—and to run the fence. The dogs had trained ME to let them out when he barked. Who is smarter?!
It is Thursday folks, and we can see the weekend from here. ~ Melinda (and her charges)

Breeder Comment

Training happens whether you are actively engaged in the process or not. All too often, hindsight is better than foresight. It makes for comic relief in many cases. It others we find ourselves saddled with an unwanted behavior to our chagrin. (oops) There is no way to avoid every potential issue–quirks and quandaries are a thing. The vast majority of Weimlovers enjoy the process even though they may find themselves shaking their head. Despite the great effort employed, we are often pulled through life in the most amazing fashion. If you don’t laugh, then you are probably not right for this breed.
Many folks find therapy and sanity in the relationship. After a day of being taken out per say, they may come home to something other than what many would consider ideal. Regardless, the absurdity of the antics puts life into perspective. For example, there was the Weim who used to pick all the garden peppers and lay them on the back step. He didn’t eat them, but he got the idea they needed picking. There you have it.

December Means

Wendy, Rupert, and Santa


How cute are these three? Terri Jacobson and your Santa–you work Christmas Magic. It is just fabulous, to say the least. Click on the link to visit Terri’s Photography Facebook Page and get a treat.

Annual Christmas Photo

12244766_1270760769608103_8655584337857133904_oMaybe you are not going to opt for the professional photo shoot. You have your own family tradition that includes the Weim. Charlie Mae (above) indulges her family and poses draped in lights. This was her in 2015. This photo brings new meaning to Weim inclusion. Don’t you agree? We are not sure every Weimaraner would agree to this wrap but this lovely gal does.

Just What We Need

Costume Required

Rupert’ favorite time of the year 🎃🎃 he takes one for the team😂😳🏡🐶 he’s been a ghost, skunk, angel, cowboy AND this year he’s going political ..

Brace yourself it’s cute ….14718741_10154241374138025_7340836497657250150_n

Breeder Comment

No Matter your party affiliation you should consider Rupert’s bid for President. He most certainly would bring more style, is more sincere, and adds class to the position.


Soaking It up

Dear Rupert

We appreciate you enjoying the Western Oregon sunshine and for sending some our direction. At least, who hope you didn’t use it all up.

Only One

Fast Food For Winchester

Fast Food 4 Winchester

Yay!!! Whataburger!!!

While we don’t recommend a steady diet of fast food or even dog treats; however, we cannot speak for the secrets the Weimar holds tight. This one was captured and reported. The occasional indulgence is important–as long as it is not the forbidden and toxic type such as chocolate.

I think if Opus smells your breath there might be trouble. He probably has his own secrets don’t you think?

Opus Has His Way

Opus hug

Big Scare

Indiana is Home Again!

~Recently in the Portland area

My Indiana is back home today after having to stay the night in the vet hospital. We had taken apart an old compost bin in the yard, and Indi found himself a rotten, moldy potato to chew on. After a while he started vomiting and drooling heavy, his body was tremoring, and he was having a hard time standing. I know I broke a few traffic laws when I rushed him to the vet hospital, I was thankful they were able to get him in right away. It turns out he had ingested a toxic mold produced chemical from the mold or fungi. This type of thing causes “neurological and musculoskeletal signs” making for one sick puppy! They kept him overnight on an IV and treated with muscle relaxers to help with the tremors. Indiana responded well to his care. He will still have to take meds for a few days and take it easy but should be just fine. Thank you so much to my sister for helping us out and to all our friends and family for the well wishes!

Crazy For My Indiana

There are so many reasons why I’m so crazy about my Indiana! These photos depict a bit of our life together. Who can explain what this type of relationship means to a person other than someone who has walked the path? 

Indi loves drinking from the faucet, smiling, and he goes back to bed when I leave for work. Too bad I had to go to work; we could spend all day together.

Breeder Comment

We are thankful Rick was so swift at getting Indiana to critical care. Toxins can take our beloved from us in a blink of an eye. Folks, these kind of things are in our environment. There is probably no doubt that your yard holds some beautiful poison. For example, the beautiful Iris is off limits–click here to discover more dangers. Our kitchen counter probably holds toxins like raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, yeast dough, chocolate, etc. The snatch and abscond can happen so swiftly we can miss the theft. Even the sugar-free gum in the car or your handbag can be pilfered; it is toxic as well. Ingested items are not limited to edibles; as you see the compost, the trash, and even rocks are game. Let us not forget the neighborhood toad. The tadpoles and polliwogs–they are leaving a pond near you soon–as frogs and toads.