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Melinda Shares

~Never a Dull Moment

I’ve been trying to capture a few pictures to send. I am doing ok, staying busy with work, Praise God, and our usual activities-walks and play dates with the neighboring Vizla.

Winchester is heading to his 11th birthday in April. Opus is seven (I believe) and Stanley, four.

The older two like the blankets over them now that it’s “winter” in south Texas. Stanley totally photobombed the picture-I laughed so hard as he plopped right in the middle.

Opus is super-nosey; I’ve been getting ready for remodel and he’s into everything. Winchester is my rock. He’s the most intuitive and protective. 

My kids will both be here for Christmas -first time in five years, so I have many blessings to count. 
I think of y’all every day. Stay warm and healthy 💙

Love, Melinda

Breeder Comment

I love that you took time out of your busy schedule to think of us and share how things are going. We truly appreciate it–enjoy your Family Christmas –stay well.


~ Daddy’s Boy (part two)

Indiana has also been spending time going for walks through out our neighborhood where he has grown quite the fan club from other dogs and neighbors. I always get someone commenting on how beautiful he is or try and pronounce the name Weimaraner as we walk by.

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At home Indiana loves to sleep on my bed, under the covers. Any time he gets excited he will grab a pillow, his blanket or something and parade around the house with it. I can’t tell you how many times I would have to clean these things or my shirts and others clothes from his kennel.

Other than that what Indiana loves most of all is to give me kisses and be by my side. Right next to me, no matter where I go! He is such a Daddy’s boy.

Breeder Comment

Rick, thank you for all the effort you put into giving us this update on Indiana. From the beginning, you made him an integral part of your life, watched out for him in ways some fall short. It didn’t go unnoticed. I think you will agree that the Weimaraner is life-changing and somewhat addictive. Here’s to eleven candles–deep breath. May he live on and do well.


~ Daddy’s Boy (part one)

Indiana just turned 12 years old! (Topper/Dusty) 

2020 has been quite the year for our boy. In early march we had to pay a visit to his vet after Indi some how broke open a small growth on the side of his head and had to have it removed. He is not a big fan of going to the vet or having to wear a cone but he pulled through it just fine.

Because of our states Covid restrictions our adventures were limited this year but we did manage to go camping where Indiana liked to spend his time sniffing along the beach, taking long walks and trying to get the squirrels.

He also loves to play ball, climb on top of the picnic table and keep watch over the camp site as well as playing the never ending game of throw the stick into the water! 

Breeder Comment

Rick–we appreciate reading about Indiana. It reminds us of the two great parents–Dusty and Topper, who have departed planet earth and are running wild. What a remarkable life Indy has shared with you–and we are thankful for every moment, knowing how life-changing it was. May he live on for more adventures, and we hope 2021 is kinder.

Out back with

Winchester Opus and Stanley

In the bedroom–Every one kind of has their spot and then they rotate a bit during the night. Stanley has no concept of personal space. As long as he’s touching someone. 💙Now out back it is whole different scenario

Like so many people I am no longer working due to government forced closure of nonessential businesses. I needed to be able to sit outside if I’m forced to stay home, so after two weeks of research,  I splurged and bought a little set for the back porch. We are all enjoying it! Even today, it’s a rather chilly 45’ but the hummingbirds are visiting, the squirrel is taunting and the sun is out. Perfect for enjoying my coffee and my babies. 💙💙💙

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We are all doing whatever we can to keep our sanity. I think we can agree the Weims help us on so many levels.

Sleeping With

~Winchester, Opus and Stanley 

Every one kind of has their spot and then they rotate a bit during the night. Stanley has no concept of personal space. As long as he’s touching someone. 💙

Breeder Comment

I am not sure what personal space means–the ultra Velcro Weimaraner, for the most part, seems to think they are better when touching to or someone they love. Some are more clingy than others.

For all those who only have the one Weimaraner (or might be just starting with their first), can you imagine someone living with three? People do it, and in some cases, they even might have four family Weimars–but it most certainly is not for everyone.

Sunbathing in Texas

~ Winter activities

We’re finally enjoying our “winter” – cooler temps and no humidity. We have cold nights around 40’ and warm sunny days. I moved a bed out to the back porch and Winchester is delighted. I leave the door open because we don’t have flies now. The other two are usually hunting the pesky squirrel and Winchester joins in as soon as he sees fit. 

Love y’all! M

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Well, the warming trend at OwyheeStar pales by comparison–we will take it, though. Daytime temperatures in the high 40s sound delightful to us–whereas our freezing temperatures would not suit your local crowd. We love that squirrel troubles the kids–it is very entertaining.


~ Private Romp with Hudson

Just wanted to share this funny picture of Dexter and Hudson. Dexter is getting paybacks for all the times Hudson sat on him! Dexter will be 10 in April and starting to slow down but LOVES his private romp sessions with his daddy when his weim brother and human brother are upstairs and not there to disrupt!

Breeder Comment

What memories Hudson will have–of his time with Dexter. A boy and his Weim–are forever etched in his heart. Cliff is a bit older but here is Cliff’s first Weimaraner.

Sending Out Secrets Again

~We’re Going Public

Yup –she’s texting something to Shela , again, Stanley

The weather is finally cooling off in south Texas! I saw someone do this for their dog on the internet and I wondered if my boyz would like it…success! It just took a few minutes of positive reinforcement and they trusted the contraption. 😹

Sending love and weim kisses! ~Melinda

Breeder Comment

This gadget is fabulous. I have a little face and ear massage that is kind of similar. Thank you for sharing this with us.


~Opus a saurus — one who mouths everything

Mom loves this photo of me–Haha!

Like most Weims, he is mouthy–I’ve really struggled with this habit of his. He is the reason I engaged the services of a trainer.

Not Gonna Happen

This picture is from one of the visits and from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer–remember. He’s not wanting to work on stuff. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

It’s quite alarming when he grabs you by the arm if you’re not comfortable with 85 lbs of lovin’. Then he nibbles your butt.  Always predictable. Never harmful. We’re making strides. This picture is from one of the visits from the dog trainer. He just laid there.  He’s the reason I needed the trainer. He’s very mouthy, like most Weims. I’ve really struggled with this habit with him.

Ok that’s it for now. I just love them all. Thank you. Can’t imagine belong without these guys.  

Breeder Comment

Can I just say you are the best–thank you, Melinda, for your response to my request. BTW–I appreciate everyone who has already send something for our blog–and those who still plan to do so.

When There’s

~Whipped Cream Involved

I just wanted to share this 🤣 you can’t see Opus in the video I put on FB. I love how he backs up 😂I think he is not impressed with how this sprays out. Whipped cream in my dish please.

Two of Us

Breeder Comment

That you, Melinda–you are always good to share the cute and unique situations you encounter. With three OwyheeStar kids–I am sure you see the likeness and at the same the unique quirkiness. Love to you and Winchester, Opus, and Stanley (the Longhair).