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Not Long Ago

Maizie Celebrated Five Years

16999173_672746406243620_8471543683394520493_nThis beautiful girl is “5” years old today 2/28❣ Happy Birthday Maizie‼️💕😍😘🐾 — in Gladstone, Oregon.

Being the Diva


Breeder Comment

We want to wish you (Maize) and all your littermates a very happy birthday, albeit a bit belated. We love seeing your beautiful face and reading about the antics. You are very entertaining but more importantly such a sweet girl. Thank you, and your parents too!

Willow and Jan

How Willow Spent her Weekend

Jan Reports–Willow with her two Altered Reserve Best-In-Show ribbons from the UKC dog shows at Argus Ranch today (October 10, 2015)– Thanks to NWSWS and PSK9’s for the great job on the shows (as always), so much fun!

Willow is a regular on the OwyheeStar Blog. She is very accomplished and busy about the business of life. What doesn’t she do? Regardless, we love to share the OwyheeStar news–big and seemingly insignificant. The everyday routine of a Weimaraner is anything but the canine norm. If your pup’s antics would seem pale in comparison, don’t hesitate to send us something we can share. We need two or three good length sentences to have enough to share. Otherwise, we are grasping to find content. A photo is lovely; however, we need more than a picture to make the blog. Yes, we need at least one snapshot for any blog. If you love reading about everyone else’s Weimaraner, imagine how much they would enjoy hearing of yours and seeing a picture.

Speaking of Willow

She and Jan have brought home three Best-In-Show Ribbons over her short career. The United Kennel Club (UKC) now allows her to continue winning even though she has been altered. Jan Magnuson has thirty-five plus years experience with the Weimaraner. She is an accomplished all breed dog trainer. You can follow Jan as SunStar All-Breed Dog Training on Facebook. We highly recommend (if you live near Jan) you take advantage of her classes. This training opportunity is unprecedented chance to train with an accomplished Weimaraner advocate. We sincerely hope you would capitalize on this opportunity. Finally, we thank Jan and Willow for all they do to promote the breed in a positive manner.

Two Smiles

 Better Than One


Jan and Willow

When you smile it makes other people smile–if not on their lips, in their heart. It is a gift. It can change someone’s entire day. Smiles are a powerful thing. Some of us humans (and Weims) have a better smile than others. Whatever you have (smile wise) use it.

Willow and Jan are always busy bringing a bit of sunshine to others. They work the community events; they visit those who need help, and they are a favorite with the kids. Willow outshines Jan at these events. People know Willow’s name even when they forget Jan’s name–or call her police lady. If you look carefully you might capture another Willow smile.

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Cartwheel-turning, handsprings,  and smiles are Friday events. I think the Cartwheel might be a bit much for us, but we have sent you a smile or two!

Pastoral Blessing

Of Course, Zeus is Blessed!

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A little update for you… today my friend Barb and I took Zeus and her Standard Poodle “Louie” (Zeus’s best buddy) to a church here in Blaine for a blessing! They had a special little service where you could bring any pet and have them blessed by a Pastor. It was really cute!
The only pets who attended were dogs, and it was nice that Zeus got a lot of compliments on being “a really good looking dog”! For some reason, it seems like I get a lot of compliments on him from men! LOL! Everyone always seems impressed by seeing a Weimaraner too. I’m so proud of him and love him so much!

Can You Sing Along?

The Answer My Friend is Blowing in the Wind12076527_1170217196325578_282088048_o

Not a New Concept

Bob Dylan wrote and sang of finding answers in the blowing of the wind. Several artists have done a remake of this popular 60’s top tune. There have been many remakes of that song; some might be better than the original listed here. Nonetheless, it is etched in our memories–at least for those growing up in the 60’s.

Ears–The Weimaraner ear situation can be challenging. Like any flop-eared dog, a person needs to keep tabs on the condition of the ear. Clean them on a regular basis. Zymox makes some good products. Some ear issues are yeast-based and affected by diet. Moisture can contribute to bacterial growth–sometimes a powder ear product can help a lot.Vetericyn makes an excellent ear product; regular Vetricyn by all appearances will work. The ingredients are the same. In a pinch, a 50% cider vinegar and pure water mix can certainly be used. Never probe the ear canal. Clean the outer ear only, being sure not to push wax and debris deeper. After a swim or a bath, the powder can help the ear canal dry.


Captured Looks

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There are few things in life that make us laugh more than our Weimaraner. All this and then there is the kiss.

Daisy and Bella

Two Weim Family

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We have received two beautiful Weims from Cliff and Shela! They were able to match us up great. Bella (3yrs old in November) and Daisy (1yrs old in October). They are truly the best, thank you two for all that you have done for Darilyn and me!

Breeder’s Comment

Dear Friends and Fellow Weimlovers!

We thank you for the endorsement on Facebook as well as the loyalty you generously have bestowed on us. People like you make the work and effort (raising the Weimaraner) well worth it. Bringing joy to others is no small thing. We also realize the effort it has taken to raise the two and to get to this point. Thank you for following through and digging deep to get the job done. 


Wearing a Tummy Saver Vest

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There are various bits of clothing a person might see a Weimaraner wearing; however, the tummy saver vest is more than a fashion statement. Many of these vests sport fluorescent orange or yellow to make them visible. For the hunting companion, this might be life saving. The gray Weimaraner might appear to be a small deer–someone might think they are larger by mistake. Distance can be hard to gauge.

Field Visibility

We would all hope that a hunter would notice the difference, but it begs the question, “Why take a chance?” Nevertheless, if you are beating the brush so to speak, the Weim’s visibility is important. The tummy protection also keeps them from getting scratched or cut. Anytime visibility is important you should consider using the fluorescent vest or collar. Late evening runners might take this suggestion a step further. There lights to add to the collar as well as reflective tape. Being safe is more important than making a fashion statement. In certain circles, this getup is a fashion statement of the best kind.

Bath Time

Willow Sings a Tune

11221629_10207398910114250_2040596050662741774_oI have to brag on what a good girl Willow is- when it is time for her bath, I point to the bathroom and say “go kennel” and she walks in and gets into the bathtub all on her own! While I bathe her, she talks to me, I tell her that she is “singing in the bathtub”! Such a wonderful Weimar!

The finished product…beautiful Willow! 12017609_10207398911434283_6360924067134620583_o


A No Empty Nest

When my kids asked me what I was going to do when they moved out, I said I would get a puppy.

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What a puppy we got!  

Koda is so smart, loving, devoted, conniving, demanding, naughty, talkative, intuitive, protective, beautiful, I could go on, but let’s just say he is the best dog ever!  He has brought more joy, fun, love (and challenge) to our lives than we ever could have hoped for.

Training Happens

He has taught me as much as I have taught him.  He pretty much became a full-time hobby for me.  He does several tricks, including some pretty incredible balancing things on his head acts, but his best trick of all is how he has stolen our hearts.  My grey ghost is my shadow, he’s a leaner, a nudger, a nuzzler, he is as he is named, “friend”.  He helps around the property as well as around the house.  He even brings me my shoes when he wants to go out, which he figured out on his own.  He knew me putting on my shoes meant he might be going outside, so he took it from there.  Thank you for this special boy, who celebrated his 4th birthday today.  He is cherished!