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Arliss & his Terrier Family…

How could I fail to share???

My sister was here on Vacation with her 2 Carin Terries and took the photo of the four legged kids.

Arliss and his fur family --including fur cousins!

We all sing the song which one doesn’t belong, is not like the other every time we take a pictures of Arilss and his Terrier Family.

I think he has to always prove to me that he is NOT a Terrier and not like the others.

Wrestling Anyone?

This is him rolling around with Izzy the Carin Terrier.  This was another that she took of him with a eye on his ball.

Eye on the ball......

Arliss and his family keep us entertained:

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  • Arliss by the fire!

    Note:  Arliss has done a lot of swimming. Annually he has participated in the end of the year swimming pool fund raiser held in Vancouver, WA. He swims frequently in other places. Arleen is a noteworthy swimmer herself and for many years she has participated in the annual event where swimmers swim across the Columbia River. Arliss participates in many events and much of what he has become is due to Arleen’s dedication and knack for getting her fur family to do things.

More Christmas Photos…

Christmas Memories

Christmas 2009 ~ Brynn (Megan X Blue 2008)

Christmas 2009 ~ Brynn (Megan X Blue 2008)

These heartwarming photos show what a joy a Weimaraner can be within a family. We are well aware they can be challenging but the rewards are such as these photos. Long after Brynn is gone this child will have endearing thoughts of their time together.

For now, they share life, laughter, and a special relationship only a child and Weim can comprehend. We recently placed a pup with a woman who remembered growing up with her beloved Weim and how he lovingly placed his paw on her chest while he slept with her. The imprint on her was more than paw pressure. There really are no words to describe such an impact on our spirit.

Wishing You Christmas Memories …

of the best kind!



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