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~ Sweetest Ever

Photos Compliments of Phido Photography

Happy New Year! I hope you’re doing well! We currently have a nearly 10 year old Weim that we purchased from you in spring of 2011 name Jameson. Yes, the last time we spoke was that spring, I believe. 

He’s the sweetest pup! We are looking to potentially expand our dog family in 2021. Ideally, we’d like a grey or blue weim. Timing would be best in the summer or fall. Sad to hear about Jameson’s parents (crossing over the Rainbow Bridge), but that’s the reality/disappointing aspect of a dogs life never being long enough. 

Breeder Comment

We look forward to working with you again, and are beyond thrilled to hear from you after all this time. Even more–the fact that Jameson is doing so well is fabulous news.



Tucked In 

   ~Ready For Bed


List a Caption for this snapshot in the comments.

I was thinking “Don’t shake the bed.”

What a great photo–thanks Mikelle. I am glad you and your best friend share so much.


Etched on the Heart

      ~of the Weimlover


Where do we begin? For the Weimlover there are inexplicable moments etched in our psyche. There is no ready made explanation to those who don’t get it. We nod to those who think they understand but never have experienced the Weimar. They say, “it is just like my Labrador.” We nod and smile and our thoughts spin. We think something like if they only knew.

20842143_10214275589950551_509192260212099536_nWhat we share extends around the clock. For many, this includes snuggling in the bed and waking to something like ‘Dunkin’ looking at you expectantly. Sometimes the look is more of a seriously it cannot be time to get up look. Or possibly there is the look that says are we going to do something fun–like eating people breakfast together.

Yesterday, we delighted in Tripp’s story. He and Rachel share a special connection. If you were to know the backdrop on both sides, it would bring tears to your eyes. Call us silly, but we believe the Good Lord brings the most incredible people across our path. Sometimes we are allowed to share something extraordinary. It might be that we are afforded the opportunity to help a dream unfold, to bring a little healing, or to take part in a minor miracle. What a privilege it is indeed.

OwyheeStar Meet Ups

You never know whether Tripp and Dunkin might meet up in one of their many adventures. Tripp gets around Oregon. Dunkin (as far as we know) hangs closer to the Bend area. I am sure he makes it to the Oregon Coast and the other major venues. Maybe their paths will cross, or they will connect with another OwyheeStar Weim. We are positive that there is a special look for that experience too! Oh, how these guys delight our heart in ways words cannot capture.

Beginnings are special. The young ‘Dunkin’ enjoyed plenty of snuggles early in life. You might want to check out this very early Dunkin Blog Post–Click Here!



The First Year


Whatcha Looking At?

Our first year with Gus has been eventful! He has the funniest personality and fits in perfectly with our little family.

We’ve definitely had our challenges but these boys are worth it! It was a slow go getting Otis to warm up to the idea of not being the only fur baby anymore but now he loves having a little brother (don’t tell him we told you that)! They’ve become so silly together and it’s hysterical how different they are. They really are the ying to each other’s yang.

 Fun Stuff

We’ve camped, we’ve hiked, we’ve snowshoed. We’ve ran at the beach, jumped through the tall grass, slept in tents, ate snow at the mountain and so much more! We keep in touch with some of our litter mates and sometimes we even get together for big play dates!

 Our Goofball Is

Gus is full of energy, curious about everything, and incredibly smart. He is always keeping us on our toes. He is currently 58 pounds of goofball and eats like every meal is his last. He is pretty petite in stature which only adds to the cuteness factor 🙂 We think he’ll be smaller than Otis (who just turned 5 by the way!!) and have no complaints about that!

We couldn’t thank you enough for another amazing weimy. They bring so much love and adventure into our lives.
We hope all is well with you, Cliff and the whole Owyheestar gang!
Much love,
Jason, Kim, Otis and Gus
 Breeder Comment

It is so great to hear from you folks. Incorporating the second Weimaraner into the family is always an adventure into uncharted territory. You cannot afford to assume that they will be like the first because each is unique. Approaching this journey with patience and letting it unfold is always the right approach. It ‘s nice to have two different personalities–especially if one feels they are in charge. You never want two vying for the top position. If one is content to follow the other and to be a co-conspirator, it is a good thing.

Two Weimaraner are a catalyst for the unknown. They can work together to open a gate latch. We used to watch a couple at work. The one would take the top latch and the other the bottom latch. If the gate came open, there was nowhere to go, but it was a game. We marveled at these and other plots over the years. To live with two is to understand the meeting of the Weimaraner intellect.

Two can become companions of the best kind–inseparable. They can burn energy off each other and then snuggle up on the sofa (if allowed). Typically, we recommend waiting for at least nine months to add a second puppy, rather than getting both at once–ideally 1.5 years to 3 years. The (adding of the second Weimaraner) timeline is a lengthy discussion we will save for another blog.


Hello From Kula and Pilikia

unknown-2Is your life crazier than usual? Do you wonder how you will get it all done–even when you love everything about the Holiday Season? Kula and Pilikia send greetings and talk about their many roles in the household. They have many things they see as the norm.

  • Their dad (Brent) goes away and sails all over the world. They have to wait at home with Mom in the home port for his return. They keep Mama safe.
  • Their Mama goes to work and sometimes they just have to watch the property. That can be a big job with nosy neighbors and whatnot.
  • There is staying in good shape mode in their household too! It involves hiking, running, biking, exploring, and whatever else the folks add to the agenda.
  • Finally, there is the sofa warmer responsibility.
  • We are the come with duo–we love taking the time to get away to our retreat at Downy. “Woof!”


PS: Dad wanted to make sure you knew we were keeping up our end of the deal here in California.


Super Bowl Partee


Dunkin Style

A Super Bowl party might look different at your home. Mikelle’s Dunkin is probably too exhausted after the earlier run to stay awake for the game. Maybe he knows that the Bronco’s were going to take care of business. Maybe he didn’t care. Either way, this beautiful boy turned five a couple of days ago. He doesn’t care about anything but living the good life with his Mom. Here he was when he came home, and on his 5 Year Birthday.

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Otis is 3.5 Years Old

It’s been WAY too long!

I hope all is well with you, Cliff and the rest of the gang (pups included).

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Otis is now 3.5 years old! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I’ve included some pictures of him over the last couple of years. He is such a character! He loves to hike, camp, chase squirrels, play keep away and cuddle. It’s hard to imagine life before Otis. We couldn’t be happier!!

Two Weim Family?

In fact…… we think we want another! With Otis at the age he is at, do you think now is a good time? We want to make sure that bringing a new puppy into the family is the right thing for us and Otis too. And if so, we want to be really comfortable with how best to integrate him into our lives.

~Kim and Jason

Breeder’s Comments

Are you a good candidate for two Weims? There are so many questions one asks. First is the timing right? Secondly, will my Weimaraner accept another Weim. How will we approach this if we move forward?

There are many considerations. There is no doubt that adding a second Weimaraner will change the dynamic as well as the environment. In most cases, there are pluses and minuses. OwyheeStar two-Weim families report the pros outweigh the cons. We always recommend waiting until your first Weimaraner is past the puppy stage. That happens somewhere between the two and three-year mark. A well socialized and balanced Weimaraner can benefit a great deal from having another fur family member. No one will every romp and play with them like another Weimaraner.

The biggest problem most people face is the initial introductory period. Sometimes the resident Weimaraner sulks and makes you pay for disrupting the norm. How dare you bring home another dog? This attitude is almost always followed by them accepting this is happening. On the paws of acceptance comes embracing the idea. Soon they are inseparable in almost ever case. Each has their own personality as well as their unique quirks. The new kid learns good and bad habits from the resident Weimaraner. Bringing home the new Weimaraner needs to be approached with great consideration. You breeder should be invested in this working for you, and help make an appropriate choice. If they are only interested in selling you a puppy we suggest you run. All that being said, here are many successful two-Weim families–explore the links. 

The list of two-Weim families is long; however, this doesn’t cover it. Some folks have three. Others are considering a third. That is a whole different realm of being owned by the Weimaraner. Two are certainly not right for everyone–some folks who long for the experience of living with one Weim don’t understand the implications. Regardless, once you have achieved two-Weim status, it is hard to imagine going back to a single Weim preference. Two Weims can provide entertainment for each other; of course, there will be more antics for you as well. They can also provide comfort and companionship of a special kind. Please check out what others have said. It is the best reference for what is possible. 

Slower Eating Bliss

Our New Food Dish

I just picked up a new food bowl for Bliss from her Daycare.  I’m surprised how much it slows her eating.  It’s made by Kyjen and is called a Slo-Bowl.  New Bowl_1963
Our kitchen looks like dog central as our new GSP puppy “Joy” is still learning to be well mannered like her big “sis!”  At four years old I had forgotten Bliss’ more manic and destructive days.  So for those with a new Weim puppy, take heart.  With some patience and persistence your biting, non-stop Weim can grow into a regal, calm adult (most of the time).
Thanks again for such a beautiful companion, Katherine
Breeder’s Note: We have talked about these type of food dishes before; however, in the midst of raising your puppy you might have forgotten. The habit of gulping food is not healthy; however, for the Weimaraner it can lead to deadly bloat. We also are encouraged by how well Katherine and Bliss have done. She told us she would have opted for another Weimaraner; however, her husband wanted the GSP. That sent her on a search to find a same quality GSP. That is another story. She did, and all is as they expected. 

Hope and Bliss

IMG_0063Co-Existing and Sometimes Friendly

I thought you could use this photo of Bliss (Maggie & Zee 2011) and my cat  “Hope” to show that Weims and cats can coexist.  Since Bliss was a puppy she was told “No” and “Leave it” when she showed any indication of chasing the cat.  Of course she received unequivocal training from the cat too.
Thanks for a great dog!
Breeder’s Note: We would never suggest that everyone can have co-existing Weims, that are friendly to felines, etc. Nonetheless, it is quite common among our OwyheeStar Clients. Here are a few photos that have been sent to us. There are more in our files, but you get the point. This is happening, and it happens on a bigger scale than we imagined.

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The Right Approach

A lot of the success has to do with the pup being raised with the kitten–one they deem as their own. At least, they come to some kind of agreement to leave the kitty alone. It would be rare to succeed at bringing home the adult Weim and netting the same level of success.  On a few occasions the resident house cat, and the adult-Weim will become fast friends. One of our retired females (Cindee) went onto a new career with an Oregon family. She and one of her pups reside with this wonderful family, who has an orchard, and rural lifestyle. Both (Weims) are living in the lap of luxury, and have become an integral part in this busy family’s life. Michael wrote about the experience not long ago. Here is a heartwarming excerpt. 
…much to our surprise and great joy, both dogs seem to enjoy playing with the cat.  It’s very strange to me to see a full-grown Weim, a Weim puppy, and a smallish cat playing with one another, but it’s very nice that they get along so well. ~ Michael (Bend, OR)

It Happens 

We would estimate that more than 60% of our Weimaraner families also have at least one household cat. This is pretty interesting; however, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw the Weimaraner and random cats together with a good outcome. These types of things should be approached with caution, and certainly an old ailing cat should not be put at risk. Many times it is not necessary for the cat to escape to safety, but it should be possible. 


An Update; Healing Thoughts….

Bliss and I wish you the best and hope the “cone-head” days of healing are soon behind you.

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The cone-head photo was taken in Bliss’ first year. She has had to wear it again on numerous occasions in the last three years, but Thank God nothing too serious. She needed stitches after catching a wild turkey that fought back, a run-in with barbed wire, and numerous encounters of poison oak.

While she doesn’t care for the cone, it doesn’t get her down and she uses it to her advantage like a battering ram. Male groins beware!

Thank you so much for all that you do, we would be bereft without our Bliss! She has given us so much joy and plenty of stories of her adventures and antics. I have many pages to write and share another day.

Wishing you cone free days ahead soon,

Katherine and Bliss —  (Maggie x Zee 2011)