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Capturing Photos



Tell me again why we do this!

The insanity of it all cannot be overstated. Until it is your turn to capture the Weim’s photo, you might not appreciate what goes on behind the scenes. Or, more aptly you might not give it much thought.


No Mama; Not Santa

resized_screenshot_20161211-134443Mia was not thrilled with meeting Santa! 

Merry Christmas   ~Sara 

Breeder Comment

Mia might not have been amazed. Regardless, the photo was captured and will be treasured. Should you attempt a Santa photo with the Weimaraner? That is going to depend upon how well the Weimaraner is socialized. It is going to depend upon the setting. Not every Santa is fur family member friendly. It is hard to beat Terri Jacobsen’s Santa, and he has been captured with a variety of critters. His expressions are priceless. The camera loves him.

Don’t ask your Weimaraner to do something that they are not ready to handle. Things can go badly. Even thought Miss Mia didn’t appreciate Santa, they captured a great photo. Know what you should ask and limit the risk factor. No picture is worth freaking them out and having a scene. Holiday stress and the demands that come with add up for everyone. Our fur family members are not the exception. Can you imagine? They must go along with the insanity.


Weim Accessory Extraordinaire

What’s in your Weim’s Mouth?

15355581_10208115392869290_4427448518422707917_nJust wanted to see what my readers look like on her because she always takes them during the day while I am at work! She has to be reading right? I have found them all over the house! Crazy dog, gotta love her.

Sunday, Day of Rest?

Big Job Here1928263_1037794071816_1208724_n

Raider and LeightonSome of us cannot afford to take time off. We must keep on keeping on as the saying goes. I have faces to lick–the grandkids are the primary targets. I have Mom to entertain with my antics. I save amazement for select moments when it will have a spectacular impact. You know what I mean, “Woof.”

Did you miss that last slice of pizza? I think I did us both a favor–your slender physic gets unexpected help from me. Yes, I ate the sock too! I tasted almost as good as the pizza. In my defense, it had a hole before I started chewing. By eating the whole of it, I helped keep the mess cleaned up. Yes, I do remember you thought something was wrong when it came all the way through. I tried to digest it, but my tummy didn’t like it. I hear you are fortunate because it passed rather than sticking.

I think I do my part around here. When you miss something on the boob tube, I keep watch just in case it is something interesting. I don’t know how to express it so you would know what I saw, though.