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When in the Southwest

It is Lizards

31189578_818517568340752_8553783899514208256_oDid you know the Weimaraner is a Watch Dog? Of course, you did. All that nose art on your window didn’t come from the goldfish. (Haha)

In the Northwest, it is the squirrels who taunt the Weim window watchers. Or maybe it is a feral cat that walks the fence gingerly out of reach. Bunnies and other scurriers are also fair game–sometimes the watching crew gets after the watched. The chase is on if caught it might not end well.

In the southwest, the lizards taunt the Weimaraner. It doesn’t take much to get their attention–sparrows, blackbirds, robins, butterflies, and sometimes bugs. Some Weims are more attuned to their duty of watching the premises than others. Nothing gets by these two.

Weimar Games



16903455_1181464675256469_144163915201259349_oGracie made this game up as is the way with Weims. She buries the ball under the snow and then surprises herself when she digs it out – every time! She lets me throw the ball every so often so I don’t get bored. Out in the snow with Gracie and our best to you.

Nancy, Tony & Lisa


Not What You Think


The Weimar might bring an occasion rodent, bird, or the found object to the door. Nevertheless, for most of us, there is a limit to our excitement for these gifts.

I am reminded of an adventure Leon, and I had when I about four years old. We came back from the woodsy neighborhood trek with a stick wrapped with a rattlesnake. We thought it was great. We didn’t understand the dangers. We had found this great snake, and it was dead. We just wanted to share our delight which was met with shrieks and a stern warning never to touch another snake. Today, I have no love for snakes even though I am acutely aware of the benefits they provide.

This story ended better than it began. Jessica writes:

Timber brought this snake out of the trees today while we were on our walk. Freaked me out until I realized it was a rubber snake.

It is the truth that this turned out well; however, for most of it, there would have been a certain amount of alarm. We say, rightly so. How on earth would you get then to leave a dangerous snake without getting hurt? There is a scary thought.

Willow Says


Magnuson's Willow-2107322_oWhat the Weim finds is theirs. Right? Sometimes this is true. If they snatch something from another dog or a child, it might not be a good thing to encourage the behavior.

Willow found this ball on her walk. Of course, her Mama has bought her a lot of balls and other toys, but this find is amazing. Don’t you love her expression?

Jagger’s Duck

Pilfered Duck_1110525824_nJagger was hoping for a similar outcome when he pilfered another dog’s duck. Jagger helped himself to the duck, but Warren insisted they return it. It was not such a popular decision.

We believe that the Weimaraner loves finding things. Sticks, rocks, and toys are all good finds. They might also net a dead fish, frog, or mouse. This list is not always welcome in the house. Remember toads are toxic, so if your Weimaraner has one in their mouth it could be a concern. Any toad might cause foaming at the mouth which is scary in and of itself; however, most of the time a rinse with the hose eliminates the worst of the toxins. Keep in mind some toads are deadly–these are not the typical Pacific Northwest toad–click here to learn more.

Another popular find is the shed. Antlers are left for the picking each year, and these magnificent creatures grow a new set. Isn’t that amazing? You can train your Weimaraner to help you shed hunt too! Keith and Kash found a few excellent ones.


Stick with the Weim

Do you ever wonder why you buy the expensive dog toys?

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You might find them shredded, or cast aside for a found object. Many times the preferred item will be a random stick. Another draw would be the clean clothing direct from the clothes dryer. Socks are fun, but pose a danger when ingested. Regardless, the Weim likes their toys. They have their special ones, but all too often they are cast aside for the random find.