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Ann’s Grayson ….

Reports from Bend, Oregon…

Dottie with Granddad!

We are all glad to hear that Dottie and Zeke still doing well. Zeke was Graysons Dad.

Grayson Meets Maryann

Maryann (my good friend who introduced me to OwyheeStar still has her Kona. They are still inseparable !  Her and her husband have Silas and he has become Maryann’s husband’s best friend.  Silas and Kona get along great and we all go for hikes together occasionally.

They absolutely love both Silas and Kona. It was a pleasant surprise when Silas bonded with Maryann’s husband. So all is well in Weim-land here in Bend.

Both Maryann and I talk about you and Cliff and frequently chat about how we wouldn’t ever get another Weim from anyone but you two….We laugh about how much we love our dogs…(sometimes even more than our families) (:- )  How anyone could ever give their Weim up is so beyond me !

Ann's Young Grayson!

I will take some pics of Mr. Grayson (handsome boy that he is) and send them to you.  He still sleeps in my bed, usually under the covers, and always plastered up against me……spoiled, yes…but very well behaved.

He’s such a great dog he deserves to be loved and spoiled !  Cheers,  Ann

Our Dottie above is Grayson’s mother…..

Reports like this warm our hearts..



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