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Leisl and Hank

~ Quite the Pair

Chicadee Ridge

She loves to run: on the trails, next to the bike, and in the park. Most of all she loves her brother, Hank.    

Breeder Comment

I am sure in and around Boise they make a statement–get looks and comments. Thank you for loving them so much–taking such good care of them as well.

Liesl and Hank

My Fur Kids!

Here are some more pics of Liesl and of course Hank. Liesl came to live with us on New Year’s Eve, 2019.

Maybe that’s why she’s such a firecracker! The best word to describe her is “spirited.” She is seemingly not afraid of anything! She’ll chase the vacuum cleaner and her brother Hank with equal energy.

We have other moments, too–such as around the house and at the office.

Breeder Comment

That is very funny that she chases the vacuum. I am sure many a Weim person wished their Weim was fearless. You are busy with the two, thank you for all you do with and for them.

Christmas Wish

~For Hank

Hank has been asking Santa for a little brother or sister, and this year he is going to get his wish!

In a few days, Hank’s little sister will be joining the family. Before she arrives, he is getting ready by watching Mom get the crate set up and messing up all the blankets. Hank will teach his sister everything, like how to hike, how to play, and how to get along with Dagny the cat! 

More Photos of Hank and Dagny

Breeder Comment

It is an exciting time waiting for a new Longhair sister to arrive. We know you have been patiently waiting for us to have a litter. And, it came just in time to call it a Christmas baby. Even better–she doesn’t come home until after the holiday hubbub. Perfect!

We are Expecting

~ Bettee is Due Anytime

We can do nothing but hold our breath until the projected whelp happens–this is the first of two slated for this month. And, more importantly–this is an all Longhair Litter. Of course, we cannot guess what we will get–coat color, sex of the pups, or the number born.

Hank Updated

We’ve Relocated

Hank moved to a new house last summer, only a mile away from where he used to live. But his new house is bigger and it’s only four blocks from the park and all the fun trails in the Boise foothills. He loves to hike and play with other dogs. And he got to swim and hike in Coeur d’Alene this summer, too!

Molitor's Hank_8685

Molitor's Hank_7965
Here are a couple of cute pics of Hank:
Showing off his glow-in-the-dark collar, and (above) hiking in Coeur d’Alene on Tubbs Hill.
Breeder Comment
We are happy to hear that Hank is doing well. I am sure he loves his new roomy residence. We also have your application for another fur family member.
We look forward to working with you again–and hearing about your two-Weim family in the months ahead.
Thanks for everything–your loyalty, this update, and most of all for providing the best of everything for Hank. We truly appreciate you!

Traveling Hank

Boise to North Idaho

~Part Two with Hank


10. Sweet Connie Trail, April, 2016, Boise

Happy Hank—Read Part One

Hank travels a lot, mostly around the beautiful state of Idaho. Highway 55 and 95 have become familiar to him, as we travel frequently between Boise and north Idaho, with many stops along the way.

I am always hoping to do the best things for my sweet pup. That’s one thing I forgot to mention: he is such a sweet, sweet doggie. Thank you!

Breeder Comment

Thank you for all you do with and for Hank. It is great he is well-received downtown Boise and throughout the beautiful state. Making him an integral part of your life creates an atmosphere whereby he thrives.

Sweet Boy


     ~ Part One

10. Sweet Connie Trail, April, 2016, Boise

Out and About


Hank is happiest in the Boise foothills, where he can run off-leash, play with other dogs, and find sticks. We think he is the friendliest dog on the trails. He enjoys going to my office downtown, across the street from the Idaho Capitol Building, to say hello to people in the building, including all his friends at the bank.

At Home

I am always hoping to do the best things for my sweet pup. We have a lot of fun at our Boise home too! Dagny (our kitty) and he bring me a lot of joy; he is such a sweet, sweet doggie. Oh –and he has the when are we going outside look down pat. This photo of him on his birthday last December is also a favorite. Thank you!


Graydon and Eeyore

Not Every Family Is The Same


Scott's Graydon and the Flop-eared Bunny

Graydon asks the question, “Will this grow into a Weimaraner?”

The makeup of a family is something that is entirely unique. There are many factors involved. Personalities, environment, as well as the structure, contributes–even the home’s atmosphere. For some, the critters they surround themselves with are what makes their life special. Here is one family’s new addition. Please read the entire post before commenting. Thank You! Dan writes-


Talk about temptation! Here is Graydon learning how to treat a new “family” member. He’s doing really well! Our bunny is a gray lop-eared one–we call him “Eeyore”. First, let me say this sitting on the rug together didn’t happen overnight.

We have taken our time introducing Graydon and “Eeyore” to each other. It’s been a slow process as we started with allowing him in the garage with the bunny cage supervised, of course. Then we’ve had the rabbit sitting on our laps with Graydon in the same room, but now participating. Yesterday was the first time we let the rabbit run around the house and Graydon did a great job. He sniffed noses with the rabbit several time over a few hours and would just lie down near it and go to sleep.

When it comes to the Birds

The same can be said of our chickens. We’ve had them with Graydon for over 1.5 years now. Even when they cluck and get agitated he just watches them with slight interest now versus wanting to snap at them as in the beginning. He watches them, for sure, but knows they are part of his “pack” now. Only thing we don’t care for that much is how he likes to “snack” on their droppings.

However, with wildbirds he is all there!

Fire Ember Leave a Mark

Oh. The little groove looking thing on Graydon’s head is from the goof snapping at fire embers and getting one on his head. It just singed the hair a bit and it’ll grow back. No harm done 🙂

Speaking of Bunnies

Spring brings thoughts of new birth and the Easter Bunny. Many of our clients keep bunnies, chickens, and even exotics. We are not aware of any who discard these critters once they are brought into the family. To us, this is unthinkable.

Scott's Graydon and the Flop-eared Bunny-2There are countless warnings about giving your child a bunny for Easter. We consider the commitment to the bunny the same as to the Weimaraner. Unless you are in it for the long-haul, then you should stick to the chocolate bunny.

You might remember that Graydon is being field trained. This scenario means he has to learn when to retrieve and when the critter is to be respected as part of the family. Many multi-pet families manage to integrate their critters. There are farm and ranch families as well are city-dwellers who are crazy for their critters. All that aside, this is no small undertaking and it requires absolute follow through and commitment to the end. Yes, a bunny and a Weimaraner can be friends; however, this is not a choice for everyone. You are equally obligated to ensure the bunny’s safety.



Graydon is a Fun Addition to Our Family

It has been too long since I sent you folks an update on Graydon. He is such a fun addition to our family. The picture is from last night (November 1, 2015). We are going duck hunting next week, and I was getting a neoprene vest fitted to him last night in
case it is really cold. He was none-too-pleased with my efforts, so I had to take this photo of his reaction. His facial expression cracked me up.

Egg on the Floor

Just thought I’d share a funny story from Saturday with you. We have chickens and occasionally we’ll crack an egg for Graydon as extra protein or a treat. On Saturday, I accidentally left a couple of eggs sitting in our sun room where we keep our dog beds. I came back to find only one egg sitting there and Graydon looking a little guilty. I asked him where the egg went, and he just looked even more guilty and hung his head. Upon further inspection I found he had picked one up and hid it on the other side of his pillow on the hard tile floor. Sure enough, it was undamaged and when I picked it up and showed it to him he REALLY looked guilty. 🙂 He sure has a soft mouth.

The Chicken Dilemma 

(Speaking of the chickens) It did us take some time for us to train him to leave them alone. We’ve caught him carrying them around in his mouth a couple of times, but they’ve never been hurt. A couple of weeks ago I found Graydon with a freshly killed chicken. I couldn’t believe it! I scolded him but still found it hard to believe he had done it. Later that day I realized it was our dachshund who was the culprit (caught her chasing the chickens) and that Graydon had probably been trying to “rescue” the bird from our incorrigible little wiener dog.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update! Blessings,~Daniel Scott

The Butterfly Watching Graydon

The Companion Weimaraner

Graydon pauses to watch a Butterfly
Graydon pauses to watch a Butterfly

I’ve been meaning to write for some time now, but as you know life just doesn’t slow down! I have a couple minutes now and thought I’d give you a short update. Graydon, our Longhair Weimaraner, we got from you is turning into a wonderful companion.

Graydon’s Recall

About 2 weeks ago things just seemed to start “clicking” with him and he’s really been learning a lot! Last week we took him over to my grandparents’ house on the beach. Lots of dogs and people everywhere. Just a short whistle or voice command and he’d be instantly by my side, even when he was in the middle of playing with another dog or getting attention from another person.

He is a Great Family Dog

He’s bonded really well with both my wife and me and we both have really fallen for him. As expected he is a voracious chewer, but thankfully he sticks with cheaper items and we haven’t lost anything expensive (yet). 🙂 Hard to keep such a smart dog from getting bored at all times!

Barking Obedience

We did end up getting a bark activated collar because we just couldn’t get him to stop barking with the neighbor dogs that first week. It’s pretty much a non-issue now.  Also, the training collar is only rarely needed now and even when we feel we need to use it, the slightest reminder and he responds immediately.

Anyways, I need to get going, but will send more in the future. Maybe even get a short video of him. He’s growing like a weed too!

Blessings, ~Daniel (Green Acres, WA )