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Featured Weimaraner — Pokey

The inseparable duo

The inseparable duo

I wanted another Weimaraner, and we were delighted to be able to give Pokey a special place in our lives. Like your blog today (To Rescue or Not) all too well reminded me of when I brought her home and the adjustment period and trying to get her and Chester to get along. One who sees them together now would NEVER guess the rough start we all had. Nothing makes either of them happier than snuggling in my bed together or chasing each other around the yard. It’s also not unusual to find Chester in his kennel and Polka following him in to lay with him. Honestly I think they would both be happier if I could connect their kennels together lol

Beautiful Pokie

Beautiful Pokie

Adding Pokie to the fold….

Bringing in an older Weimaraner has its challenges. I loved getting Chester as a youngster, and I, personally, don’t consider Polka a “rescue” but it’s so interesting the different dynamics and challenges that arise from getting either a puppy or an older dog.

I’m a Weimar Addict

One day, probably after, Lord forbid, I lose one of my babies I will be getting another pup to join the family. I have become a lifelong weim addict.

My two happy kids.

My two happy kids.

I am a two-Weim person…

And I will always have two. There’s nothing in the world like seeing two weims that love each other and are attached to each other and at the same time love their humans oh so much as well. I can’t wait for our story to unfold even more. Each and every day I am amazed with something new. They have a way of pulling at the heart strings.

What's that?

What’s that?

I have always love dogs and horses……..

Being raised with dogs and horses, I still have never felt a love towards dogs like I do my babies. They really are my kids. I really don’t think I could ever thank you enough, or truly tell you what you have done for me.

Life is not always fair…

Happy Pokie

Happy Pokie

You know I was having a really rough time in my life before I got Chester. I had lost who I thought was the love of my life, and my first weim. And honestly, Chester saved me. Then Polka came in and made me even more whole and happy. You do amazing things, and hope you know how appreciative I am for having found you and your amazing dogs.

We got off to a rough start, but she really has seamlessly fit in with our family. Hugs and puppy kisses from North Idaho and Jamie, Winchester & Pokey.

Featured OwyheeStar

Cliff, Sr. and Luke make the rounds….

This week’s featured Weimaraner belongs to Cliff’s father. On Monday Cliff, Sr., celebrated the fact that he is ninety-four years young. About a year and a half ago, Dottie passed on, and he needed a new friend.

About the same time, Luke’s best friend found himself transferring to a high-profile, high-demand, and non-dog-friendly new job.  He turned to us for help when his immediate family could not care for Luke. The timing could not have been better. Cliff, Sr. needed a new best friend, just like Luke. 

It was a big adjustment for Luke. He left city life! The day care and the small law office was replace with farm-life. Despite the initial challenges for both( Cliff, Sr. and Luke), this has turned into a win-win situation. These photos were taken last January. Cliff and Luke (just like he and Dottie used to do) ride the four-wheeler. Each evening they make their rounds together, and check on the neighborhood, crops, and the river. 

Winchester the Weimaraner

I feel like it has been far too long since my last update!

Winchester continues to be the biggest blessing in my life.

We have been working on training…

I ended up buying that Don Sullivan dog training system. I got the complete thing, with the command collar, and the freedom training lines and the dvds. It seems to be making a difference so thank you so much for recommending it. It’s not that Chester had huge behavior issues at all. Just little ones, like jumping when someone walked in the house, because he was excited to see them. He never does anything like that to me however, i’m pretty sure i’ve established myself as the dominant one by now 🙂

Chester also has the habit of running full speed at people that he sees, which when I call him he will come back, but I always laugh because he just wants to run up and say hi and give kisses and get some love, but I forget that he is a big dog and people are probably intimidated when he is coming at them. HAHA guess that’s something I need to remember, not everyone knows what a sweet, gentle boy I have.

Recently Winchester has become anxious when we travel….

My mom recently moved about nine hours away from me to southern Idaho. So this past weekend I took four days and went to visit her. I took my boy of course. Chester has recently gotten pretty anxious on car rides. He’s fine in town, but when we get on the freeway he gets anxious. Which is weird to me because he has been in the car since I brought him home. I always take him places with me. Unless going to work, Chester rarely stays behind. Not sure what happened, but I got some seditives to give to him to ease him on the trip. I can’t imagine him being anxious for nine hours. He did awesome. A little drowsy, but not passed out, or even stumbly when walking. Just helped him relax I think.

Winchester is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me…..

I know I have told you that many times but I really mean it. I can’t thank you enough. Also, on a side note. I got a boyfriend. He loves Chester, and Chester also loves him. I remember you telling me the story about the girl that had gotten a weim from you. How she was on the beach with her weim and he like ‘picked’ her husband.  I love that story, and I feel a bit like her. He’s so good about Chester, and doesn’t mind how much I love him and baby him. And he treats him awesome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So my life has been going pretty great as of late. I feel so blessed for not only my dog, but for you to have been brought into my life as well. I can never really thank you for all that you’ve done. Anyhow, I am including some pictures. I only have pictures from my phone. But they are great quality so I hope you like that. Winchester sure is an amazing boy!! Hugs and puppy kisses – Jamie and Winchester.

Sunday Snapshots

He was in the hood this morning and when he saw me he said “…sup dawg”?!?


Happy Holy Days!

psst: We received this just like this in an email from Jeb’s family. To see the more normal Jeb (Click Here)

Diva has a kitty too!

Do you remember Jackie and Huey’s Diva?

It seems like only yesterday she was a young pup. Where does the time go?

Maybe you remember her and the kitty were fast friends, and she was ever so gentle.

She has been amazing! Here and her big brother (Blue) hang out together in places in Oregon. They hangs out mostly on the home-front. 

Diva on her First Birthday

Jackie reports on Diva at One Year.  She is so beautiful!!  I have included are pics of her with her hunting buddy (Sammy the cat).  

She hasn’t done any serious hunting, but she flushes quail and pheasants in the pasture.  Huey has spent most of his time building me a beautiful greenhouse, so I don’t have to have our citrus trees in the house during the winter.  

Sammy and Diva

She still sleeps with us every night and has to lay in Daddy’s lap when he’s watching TV.  At least, she stopped hiding her treats around the house!! Mostly, her and Sammy spend their day hunting. It is pretty amazing don’t you think?

Happy Birthday Diva!

Winchester at One

Jamie & Winchester

Happy Birthday Winchester!

Today my little boy Winchester turned one year old!! He is getting so big and growing right before my eyes.

I love him so very much!

He’s still recovering from his leg stitches and his neutering but he’s getting better everyday. There has been a lot to deal with lately. I know that we will get through it……

Did You Say Ice Cream?

One Year…

Where has the time gone????

I cannot believe all the changes….

I cannot believe Winchester is 1 Year Old!

Nov. 2010

It seems like yesterday I got him, and yet he has always been in my heart!


Anyways looking back on a year from today things have changed a lot, all for the better. I am so very lucky and blessed with the people in my life and the amazing, PERFECT dog that I get to cuddle up with every single night and call my own. He is my best friend.

Yum Birthday Ice Cream

Thank you guys so much for all you do, for all the work you put into these dogs. You are two very special people. Hugs and puppy kissies from Jamie and Winchester in Kellogg, Idaho.

I have included a few pictures of Chester and the other dog that lives with us. They all got doggy ice cream to celebrate chesters birthday.

Note: Jamie raised another OwyheeStar Weimaraner puppy in 2009. That is another chapter in her life, one that appeared to not have a happy ending. Now, she has her very own Weimaraner. They share life on a daily basis and she has been able to train Winchester to do many things. People like Jamie make all our efforts worthwhile. Thank you for thinking of us as Winchester celebrates his first birthday!

Jeb and company

Stephanie and Jeb Load Up!

Jeb sees birds…..

Stefan arranged to meet Cliff this morning here at OwyheeStar to introduce Jeb to gunfire and birds. While Cliff, Stefan, and Jeb were out doing their thing on the back side of the farm, we were busy on the home front.

Puppy Fun Happens!

Stefan brought along his three lovely daughters-Stephanie, Corina, and Susan. They seemed genuinely excited to get to visit the puppies.

The girls were no happier than the pups were to see them! First, they loaded them in the wagon, and pulled the wagon over to the big park-like yard next door. 

Here we go…

It is a huge bonus to be able to make use of Granddad’s park-like setting on special occasions.

More people = Better Early Socialization….

Each puppy received individual attention. It is hard to say what was going on inside them. The girls hooked a specially designed drag-line to each pup’s collar. This was an extra safety precaution.

Zula Blue

So many great moments…

we are hoping the girls will remember this special visit. They left wishing they lived closer. They left wishing they could get another Weimaraner now, rather than later. Eventually, the girls plan to add Alice (the future female Weimar) to the family. How precious is that? We thought it was just as precious as these three lovely assistants we got to enjoy.

Blessings come in all kind of packages!

We here at OwyheeStar offer our heartfelt thanks to Jeb’s family………..

We appreciate how much he is loved and a part of their everyday life. Jeb even participates in prayer time.

Click Here to see Jeb praying…


Hello Everyone…

Winchester is a learning to love the water!

Thought i’d update you on some of Chester’s water training. He is beginning to absolutely love the water.

I have started him very slowly. Since he loves to retrieve so much, I have started just throwing his stick in the water where he can just run into it and grab his stick.

He hasn’t actually swam yet, partially because I want to take it slow so that he really develops a love of the water and doesn’t get scared, and also because the water is too rough and fast still for him to get in deep enough to swim.

I can definitely say that training is going amazing so far. Today we went to play and when we got to the water he just ran right into it, without a stick being thrown or anything.

I am so proud of my little water dog.


Any advice or tips are appreciated! 🙂 Think my technique is an okay one to use?

Cliff Note: Jamie—sounds like you are doing great with Chester.  As far as water work goes, you are using the right approach.  You might want to find a pond or lake to start the actual swimming in.  If you do that you can use a retrieving bumper for him.  You  would want to tie a light rope onto it so if he doesn’t retrieve it you can pull it back in.  By using a rubber bumper he will know that when you bring it out it is time to go to work.  He should love it. Let me know how it works out (

I like my sticks....

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and the video of  Winchester in the water. Here is that video……

I love your updates! Seeing the puppy photos makes me want a sister for Chester SO bad. Oh well, it will have to wait, probably in a year or so i’ll be ready to add another one to the family.

Breeder’s Note: Chester, an OwyheeStar Water Dog in the making….is amazing because Jaime has an awesome relationship, a knack for training, and is consistent in her efforts. Thank you Jaime for remembering us!  


Winchester is Amazing!

Winchester cuddles

Sorry for not keeping your more updated, but I feel like i’m always going a hundred miles an hour. You know school, work, and Chester take up nearly every waking moment.

Despite the fact that my life is short on time I wanted to get you some new photos and an update on my incredible best friend.

Chester continues to grow and become an amazing young boy. AND a terrorist 🙂 But i love him so much, he is literally laying across my lap as I write this email to you; with his paws crossed and his head resting on his paws. When I am home we are never far from each other.


Weimar Issues Happen…

Along the way, we have had our problems. He has chewed up a few pairs of shoes [all my moms HAHA grandma was not happy–sorry Mom] but other than that he does great.

Bad Weather Days are not Good…

On days when the weather is bad and we can’t make it out to play you can definitely tell in his behavior. He gets restless and runs around the house and what not. There is a small airport here and before it is a HUGE long stretch of land that is fenced so the dogs can’t get to the road, and there is a river there. That is where a lot of people take their dogs and me and Chester have become regulars there.

Tiny Chester has Grown…

He weighed 55 pounds the last time I took him to get weighed, which has been awhile I should probably take him in there speaking of haha. ALSO some great news. My nearest Petco has started carrying Holistic Select! YAY!!  [An added plus, chester gets to go inside petco with me, so we make it into a little adventure, he LOVES all the attention he receives and the treats are an added bonus] SO i am happy non-the-less.

Winchester is a Show-Stopper Drawing Attention Wherever We Go…

Winchester out and about

Winchester is definitely one of the best looking dogs around here. We can’t go anywhere without being stopped and people oohing and aahing over him and wanting to pet him and asking questions about him. I can definitely see the running taking affect on my boy. He is filling out and turning so muscley and strong looking.

Winchester Lee it is…

Where we going today?

Chester’s registered name. He is known as Winchester Lee, gave him my dad’s middle name. Only seemed fitting for my dad’s first grand baby 🙂 haha                                                                                            ~

Chester and Nova Play

Chester has a “girlfriend”– a black lab named Nova. I love taking photos of Chester.  Some of the better ones I am getting them printed and framed. I am SO proud to say that I am the mom to such a beautiful, amazing, smart pup.

Winchester on Alert

The End For Now…………Thank You I love this boy!


Jan 30, 2011 Nicole wrote:

It is amazing how much time has passed since we took Kai home with us more than 5 months ago!

He is getting so big. Here are some pics of our dog park adventure from last weekend.

He’s growing up!! *Tear…

Half the park was split up into a wooded area, and the other half was an open mud pit because of the melted snow.

Since Kai is our “only child” we are trying to make sure he is socialized with other dogs. So far, so good!


At the Dog Park

Socialization is Important!


Making Dog Park Friends

He did, however, take out that kid to the right of one of the pictures. It was really funny (but we still felt bad, sort of).


Kai was running and ran really close to the kid. The kid got scared, jumped out of the way, slipped in the mud, and fell face first into the mud. The entire right hand side of his body was covered in mud. I looked around for his parents, and they were laughing too. I said that I was sorry, but what else could I do?

It’s a dog park……..

We were expecting to get muddy.

That poodle definitely needed a bath by the time we left!

Oh everyone is so friendly!

And so did Kai. After his bath, he was out for the rest of the day! We are soooo going back. Any chance to tire him out, we are going to take.

Kai and his parents like the dog park!

His adult teeth are starting to come in, and the biting stage has once again entered onto the scene.  Poor thing.  I think his mouth just hurts.  He has also taken up digging even though he goes on two run/walks a day and constant playtime.  And within the last couple of weeks, he has been barking a lot.  We have no idea what to do, but we are trying to not give him attention when he does bark.  We are hoping it will go away!

Besides those minor quirks, he is becoming quite independent.  This is a huge difference from how he was like for the first few weeks with us.  He was so needy!

A funny thing that we have noticed is that he hates when my husband and I are not sitting next to each other when watching TV. He will sit with my husband for 5 minutes, then sit next to me for 5 minutes.  This will go on for a while until one of us gets up, and sits next to the other.  Then, Kai can finally get comfortable and go to sleep.  It is quite funny.

I can’t imagine our lives without him now!