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Where To Drink



     Jan Reports on Willow


I have multiple water pans around my place for the dogs which I keep filled daily with fresh, clean water. However, Willow’s favorite place to drink is from the watering can on the porch, LOL! Funny Girl!

Haze and Sky Offer Help

“We got you covered Willow!”

We have water pans outside for the pups, but if there is a puddle, they would prefer it. Sadly, puddle water is risky. A bird can track a one-celled parasite in that water, and it will take off like wildfire. That is never a good thing.

Other options for drinking are many. Outdoors is always a good idea when it is seasonally possible. Many the Weimaraner who has holes in their lips–if you get my drift.


Family Affair

Haze and Skye

Haze and Skye_5635We try to take our girls everywhere with us.

This is a trip to Glacier we took last fall. We rented a cabin and the girls liked cabin camping! They love the water and hiking. We take them for rides in the car all the time and they especially like when we go to the coffee hut because they all have treats and Haze and Skye know that we are really there just so they get a treat, and coffee has nothing to do with it-remember always let the Weim think they know who is in charge at least that is what they think well most of the time they are-lol!!




Treasure Valley Tuesday


(Nampa, Idaho) Even Charlie Mae and Murphy are wondering WHY are we getting more of this snow!!

Meanwhile at OwyheeStar

~ Western Treasure Valley–Oregon

Left Behind



smiths-maggie-left-behindThis (Left Behind) novel series tells the story of being left in a world when the rapture occurs. The Weimaraner version is something a bit different. Staying behind is not something they would choose. Learning how to stay alone can be taught.

Severe Separation Anxiety

The Weimaraner (if possible) would crawl under your skin and nest next to your heart if possible. There are independent Weimaraners. They might want their own way, but they also want human compliance. For many, it is a perplexing thought. They don’t understand separation anxiety or how to counteract it. Just Weimaraners have a great article written by Chris ConklinDealing with Separation Anxiety.

We recommend starting early. Use the appropriate size kennel. The den-like atmosphere is preferred by many Weims; remember you want the Weimaraner to settle not be on guard. The open wire kennel is not the best choice for the very alert Weimaraner. This choice is one consideration. Regardless of you kennel decisions, mastering crate training is crucial.

The benefits of using the crate is a longer discussion; nevertheless, it is a valuable tool. The separation anxiety crazed Weimaraner can engage in many unwanted behaviors; some of which are life-threatening.

  • The enclosed kennel provides a security–and feels safe to the Weimaraner.
  • Even if you believe it is cruel and the Weimaraner resists the crate–it can become your best friend.
  • The Weimaraner who is worried tends to nibble and chew (more than usual).
  • The Weimaraner who feels abandoned can dig a hole through the carpet or wall trying to escape to find you.

Avoiding separation anxiety is a good goal. It is what is best for our beloved Weimaraner and all who love them.


Goofing off is Good!

SunnySunny is doing fine.  Spoiled as ever eating roast chicken, and sleeping with his head on a pillow next to me.  He’s certainly not a poster child for a dog training school, but we get along just fine.  Now we are coming to the end of our busy season so we’ll both have more time for the beach and goofing off.

Yesterday we were at the park, and came across a memorial for a man at the park who had just passed away.  This man was a known dog lover.  Sunny went absolutely crazy running in circles around the memorial, and barking with his tail wagging.  It was like this man’s spirit was playing with Sunny…..very very unusual!  Can you imagine?

No wonder he is exhausted. He works–click here!

New To The Water



I’m a very happy person today. I haven’t found any safe place to take the dogs swimming until today. Willow is 3 and Ruger 4 so I was concerned I’d be dragging dogs into the water and then having them sink. Silvi (my first Weim) refused to swim but could float for 30 minutes. You can be proud and pass this on to Cliff please, their early training kicked in and they were swimming back to shore over and over again. Willow had to be brought in by her collar still but if I was in the water with her, Ruger came in by himself. I think this will happen pretty fast as he seems to like it and she’s fast getting content in the water.

Ruger rested on the way home, Willow watched the scenery. So different but they LOVE each other very much!

Breeder’s Comment

Sunday’s Blog featured Ellie at Quinn’s Pond near Boise, Idaho. This is a littermate to your Ruger. As you might remember, he was captured swimming (or water retrieving). Click here if you missed that blog or want to review it.

Where Are You?

A Good Question!


Skye Awaiting Jean's Return

I’m watching for you, Mama. Hurry–please!!!

Skye Awaiting Jean's Return-2

Waiting for You!

Jean went away and Skye doesn’t understand why she must be gone. Who does? 

Skye Awaiting Jean's Return-3

Ok–I will be chilling!


Time For


Murphy Ready for TVMurphy says


Ok Dad, time to watch TV now right?!?!  I’m sitting like you and everything!!!

Charlie Mae and Elle

Charlie Mae Enjoying TV.jpg

Time Watchers

Does anyone at your house tell time? Our Weims know when it is bedtime, mealtime and the general routine we keep. They are not happy about us not keeping on schedule. Evidently there is television time and place too. Murphy and Charlie Mae know their routine. They might know how to work things to their advantage too.


Sacred Kisses

At Son Mountain Ranch

Skye kisses LouLouSkye and Lou-Lou!

Helping with ChoresYou might remember Skye for her previous antics or her achievements. Nevertheless, she is working Weimaraner, who finds plenty to hold her attention at the ranch.

Breeder Comment

What a life this girl has going. Adventures abound. Her lifestyle might be considered idyllic. She brings the usual quirks, quandaries, and varied challenges. There is a dose of the whimsical that the Weimlovers embrace. Why they delight us, it’s hard to put into words. Others might look at some of the craziness and ask why. We say, “Why not?!?”

Clean Up Duty

Searching For Crumbs

Sunny Searching for Crumbs

Sunny has a job–more than one job when he goes to work. If you check out Fun Cat Sailing Catamaran Adventures, you will be able to see Sunny at work. I don’t know if he is considered First Mate. If not, then he is certainly in charge of hospitality.

If you happen to find yourself in or around San Diego, you might want to find time to sailing with Rod and Sunny. Oh — I mean you won’t want to miss this opportunity!