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How It Began

This Fall Marks Two Years

     ~ Here is that first Christmas photo for Cliff and Shela

Meet Up Beginning

Here is the photo captured for Cliff and Shela

Two years ago this fall Holly (unknowingly) arranged an event that would lead to our monthly play dates. Holly & her Mother (who is a professional pet photographer) set out to get as many Owyheestar Weims together to take a Christmas photo for Shela and Cliff.

It was amazing and those of us who came had to have more, to see that many Weims in one place! I would never have dreamed it would grow to what it is now, we had 24 Weims at one of our events!
Some of talked about getting together again, a few months later Holly invited someone to her mother’s house to play. I not only invited myself to go but offered to host as well as arrange a meal to share; thus the monthly play date was born!
Meet Up_0753

One Crazy December

From that day forward we’ve only missed one month (December, due to crazy schedules!). Some times we do Saturday, sometimes Sunday, we always share food and there are several friendships that have formed that extend well beyond the play dates.

Support, Sharing, and So Much More

We’ve lost some dogs, seen several humans go through surgeries or illness, used each other as sounding boards and support. The family that we have formed through the Weimaraner breed is priceless. Our family very open and welcoming, we all come from very different beliefs and backgrounds but we all have Weims in common and that has been enough to support our family!

Play Date turned Camp Out!

         ~August 26 – 27th

If anyone is too far out of the Salem area, you are always welcome to crash at our house.
This month we are trying something different, we are hosting a camp out–Saturday, August 26  to Sunday the 27th. We will be BBQ-ing, roasting marshmallows & hopefully, someone will bring a guitar & will lead us in song! Bill will make his famous waffles for breakfast!

You are Invited to Join in the Fun


If you wish to join in the fun, contact me via text, email, or on Facebook to get the details. We are very excited about the upcoming camp out. ~ Nancy

Nancy Garin, Owner
Garin Maintenance LLC

(503) 930-6226 

Breeder Comment

What can we say? We cherish the photo–all but one of those Weims originated from OwyheeStar. We have been privy to other photos and stories. There have been connections made and Weimlovers helping Weimlovers. Isn’t that grand? Thank you, every one who has graciously remembered us in any way. We truly appreciate the recommendations, referrals, and your endorsements.

We are happy so many of you can participate. Nancy and Bill are gracious hosts. Thank you, every one who has graciously remembered us in any way. We truly appreciate the recommendations, referrals, and your endorsements.


Salem, Oregon

Weimar Playdate

18222225_10209281664579599_7295419611517416256_nThis has been happening for awhile now. Weimlovers gather at Nancy’s place for fun bringing the fur family members. Last Sunday was the May Playdate.

Nancy writes–for anyone who may be new 🙂 Plan to come and be dazzled by all the weimies, it’s kind of magical. The property is completely fenced with plenty of room to run, hunt or wrestle around. The Weimer’s pets typically share a meal, this time we are doing salads, finger foods or desserts. We will provide iced tea, water and we also have a German beer on tap! If you would like anything else to drink please bring it! When you arrive, you can either walk right into the house (no need to knock!) or you can also go straight to the back there is a gate at the back of the garage. I have no problem with dogs in the house & PLEASE don’t take your shoes off, there’s just no need to do that! 🙂 Hope you can join us!!

If you want to get in on the fun, contact Nancy ( ) and she will get you the information on the next event. Hope you join in the fun!

Soaking Up Warm

No Fireplace Needed


Roy FiresideAll winter we found the Weimaraner soaking up warmth where they could find it. Fireside or atop a heat vent they clung to without shame. Of course, others were tucked in a blanket on the sofa, chair, or snuggled in their owner’s bed.

It’s so sweet to have Mr. Sunshine here to take over for the winter heat source. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest and inland could not be happier to soak up the sun.

Today, being the May Weim Gathering in Salem, we sincerely hope this weather holds for the fun event. Friends, fun, food, and the Weimaraner–what could be a better way to spend a Sunday?

OwyheeStar Week Thirty-six 2016

Labor Day WeekendStacking the hay.jpg

The Third Cutting is in the Stack. That speaks of the time of year; autumn is around the corner. I am already bemoaning the barren fields left after the harvest. Nonetheless, the harvest is a wonderful occurrence. Cliff is busy getting some water across the fields. LunaWhile we talk about the irrigated high desert farming practices of far Eastern Oregon, in Western Oregon things are a lot different. The crops for one–a couple of weeks ago the pear harvest was in full swing. 

Luna is busy preparing for her guests. Her Mom does the heavy work required to make all of this happen; of course, Holly (who has Goldee and Maverick) is the cheerleader. Then there is the lover Terri Jacobson, of Terri Jacobson Photography, who deftly captures the moment. Here we see Luna wearing her Batman vest for all to see. Her eyes speak volumes, don’t you agree? Click here to read more about this event, or to connect with the group.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today! National Dog Day is a thing–thank you for all the shouts and photos. We truly appreciate them. We loved hearing how Porsche continues to seek out the water. The lovely Jorga (who lives in Belgium) was passing out kisses. I bet she did well for the cause. If you are looking for kisses, there is no doubt some will be available at the Weim gathering this weekend. Possibly a stolen hot dog or two as well. Roy and his family have been exploring and turning heads along the way. Finally, Darcy has a special friend. Our hearts were warmed and our lips made to smile by the shares. We hope you enjoyed them as well. 

Sunday—August 28 — National Dog Day

Monday — August 29— Water Ways

Tuesday — August 30 — Jorga

Wednesday — August 31 — You’re Invited

Thursday  — September 1 — Traveling or Whatnot

Friday  —September 2 — Friends

On a very personal note

Cliff has been spending lots of time trying to work on the fencing, general repairs as well a the battle of the summer weeds. Then too, we had to get him to Dr. Thornfedlt to have some precancerous situations removed. It is better to do them before they develop into something. He spends a great deal of time outside. 

I’ve been focused on all things puppy-there is little time for much else. I need to get some touch up painting done on the end of the farmhouse, but so far it talks to me and nothing else happens. I see it everytime I drive out or come home. Don’t you love those kind of reminders? (Not so much.)

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. We can fill in a bit when necessary; however, we like to keep the integrity of your writing real. A couple of sentences can go a long way–sometimes it is enough. Those that have sent us updates know we are more than likely to post it word-for-word. 

There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing!Cliff and Shela back to back0134

You Are Invited

Labor Day Weimie Play Date!!

This is LONG overdue!  I wanted to get a post out about our next Weimie play date, since it’s a holiday weekend Nancy and I are hoping for a big turn out =)  Let me set the scene for anyone on the fence about coming or newcomers.

Imagine this, a peaceful drive through the country with your weim panting in anticipation of what’s to come.  New smells, new sounds, and what’s that two acres of fenced space just waiting for a Weimie romp.  This is just the beginning of what you get when you join in on the monthly Weimie play date co-hosted by Nancy and Holly in Salem, Oregon.  As your Weimie makes their rounds, meeting their new best friends and their chauffeurs(that’s us humans), we get to kick back, grab a glass of fresh ice tea or maybe a brewski and chat with fellow weim lovers.  The conversations usually begin a quick run down of who belongs to who, stories of weim crimes(we can all relate), and mentions of your favorite weim quirks.     

Here’s a brief introduction of the regulars:

Luna, our Hostess with the Mostest

LunaParents: Nancy and Bill

Dog Parents: Blue x Elle, 12/22/14

Fave snack: Morning dollop of whipped cream and mom’s leftover egg yolk

Hidden talent: Stay, even when taunted by her BF Rudy

Jaeger, Disco Man Extraordinaire

JaegerParents: Shannon

Dog Parents: Boomer and Bubbles

Fave Snack: Turkey or Ice Cream

Hidden Talent: Take a Bow

Arliss, the Leader of the A Pack

ArlissParents: Arleen

Dog Parents: Dusty x Megan, 12/01/06

Siblings: Big brother to Auto, the Welsh Terrier

Goldee & Maverick, Fluff Masters


Parents: Holly and Joe

Dog Parents: Greta x Stackhouse, 04/19/14 & Sadie x Stackhouse, 12/16/15

Hidden Talent: Mind control over their mom

Weim Crime: “Helping” with the dishes in the sink

Buck, the Big Brother

BuckParents: Beth

Dog Parents: Sadie x Stackhouse, 12/16/15 

Hidden Talent:

Favorite Party Pass Time: Hanging in the sand pit

Kirby, The Snack Sneaker

KirbyParents: Rhonda and Jim

Dog Parents: Greta x Blue (Shela, will you double check these are the correct parents?)

Hidden Talent: Sitting on anyone’s lap

Favorite Treat: Nancy’s Strawberry Cake =)

For more information about the monthly weim play dates reach out to Holly at or find Holly Haffey and/or Nancy Fortune Garin on Facebook!  

Come for the fun, stay for the exhausted weim!!

Crazy 4 Weims

Western Oregon Gathering

A group of Weim-loving fans gathered last Saturday. Since then they have been posting photos and tidbits. No, this is not exclusive to OwyheeStar; however, the founders are tied closely to our Weims.

Wendy (Roo’s Mama) writes

Salem play date w/ Rupert! Mister was thrilled to meet a bunch of other weimers from our amazing breeder Blue’s and Silvers galore, short & longhaired & all the dogs were incredibly sweet!
We held down the senior section being Roo still has to take it easy👵🏻 thank you Holly for inviting us & thank you Luna’s parents for hosting! *Clearly Terri’s pictures are the ones to watch for, I can’t wait to see them! 🐶💕😘👍🏻💛

Breeder Comment

This event was hosted by Nancy (Luna’s Mama) and spearheaded by Holly (who lives with Goldee and Maverick–two Longhair Weimaraners). If you are interested in joining the fun, contact Holly (on Facebook) to make arrangements for a future playdate. Or if you are looking to meet an OwyheeStar and live in the Salem-Portland area, you could probably connect with an event to get a feel for what the Weimaraners might bring to your life. Good news too–there is a variance of coat lengths and colors. You can see firsthand what they look like and talk to someone who lives with one of these quirky quandary producing creatures.

Holly’s Mama Terri has the pet photography business —Terri Jacobson Photography and we are positive there will be some of her professional photos coming soon. Nonetheless, these captures are wonderful. Don’t you agree?