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Milo and Maddox

~Best buds

Maddox with Milo have a special bond. During Olivia’s diagnosis and throughout her treatment Maddox and Milo spent many moments together. Olivia also talks to Milo but Christine prevents Olivia from cuddling with Milo because of her central in her chest. But they both love him.

Breeder Comment

The intuitive Weimaraner has a way of providing comfort during times when we need it the most. This is very touching. They feel our every concern–and share our burden.


At Nearly 8 Years

Shaub Hank 2017-2It has been ages since we have checked in with you, but our Hank continues to do well. He will be 8 this summer and is finally starting to slow down.

Gentle BabysitterShaub's Hank Babysitter-3

He has been remarkably gentle with our two boys, who joined the family after he did (ages 4 and 3 months). I’ve attached a pic of him inspecting our new addition, as well as one where he is doing what he does best (taking up room on the couch) 🙂


We had a question we wanted to run by you since you’ve surely run into almost everything with this breed. Hank was just diagnosed with a cranial cruciate ligament tear in his hind leg and we are headed down the surgical road. $$$ Is this something you have seen in the past? Just wondering if you had any insight.
Thanks again for laying the groundwork for our fabulous pup!
Regards, Will and Suzanna

Breeder Comment

Sorry to hear that Hank has developed the ligament tear. Although a large percentage of our Weims avoid this type of situation, it is not all that unheard of for the athletic Weimaraner. Nursing such an injury (even with surgery which is costly) requires a lot of patience. They take a considerable amount of time to heal. It begs the question of how you will keep them from running?

With the rising Veterinary costs, surgery can be costly. We suggest investing in Major Medical for the unforeseen situation such as the ligament tear. There are many other situations that could also require extreme care such as bloat. The aging Weimaraner, like the senior human, will most likely face some medical challenges. Who doesn’t want to be able to give them the best Holistic care possible?

Finally, we sincerely thank you for the lovely update. We especially love the photos. We appreciate everything you have done for and with Hank. We are glad he made a good transition as your family expanded. It speaks volumes for the on-going socialization you provided.

Milo’s Birthday Celebration

Hello Cliff and Shela!

We send greetings from Texas where Milo just celebrated his birthday.

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We just wanted to share Milo’s birthday party at his daycare with you. He is doing great! Hope all is well;)

Breeder’s Note: Christine is doctor, and her husband works long hours too. Milo spends his days at the wonderful daycare where he enjoys going. He has important work to do when Mom and Dad arrive home. Day care is not something that works well for every Weimaraner. The right setting can make all the difference. Some professionals need a caregiver while they are engaged at their job. This is especially true when the job requires longer hours. 

Milo has preferences…

Milo  shares his thoughts and life …

Look, I blend in with the couch…this is my favorite spot to relax.Milo enjoys his comfort

They don’t call me the ball wrangler for nothing…….”Woof”


Finally, my favorite ball gives me a special smile that makes everyone laugh! I like to make people happy 🙂Teeth Two Teeth

Featured Weimaraner — Milo

Milo is doing well!photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Christine practices medicine in the great state of Texas, where she lives with Milo (and her lovely husband). When Joe is deployed, her and Milo have each other. While Christine works, Milo spends his days at a local daycare center where he has many friends, and is much-loved. Every Weimaraner has a job of one sort or other. Milo’s grandma happens to be Wolfie‘s Mama. This Weim addiction runs deep, and is very infectious.

Food Question — Head Turning Hank turns 3

Our Hank turned 3 in July and is doing great! He’s still a head-turner, of course.  And he’ll drive you crazy one minute and be the most adorable thing the next…but that’s a weim for you!

Quick question: what food are you now recommending?  We have purchased Eagle Pack since Hank was a pup, but are considering a switch.  He has seemed to have an upset stomach some mornings in the past few months (not as interested in his food, eating grass, etc.).  We don’t feed human food, aside from a carrot once in a while or a little peanut butter as a treat occasionally, so we don’t think that’s the culprit.  Our vet suspects acid reflux and prescribed essentially a Pepcid once a day with his food.  It seems to help actually, but we’re wondering if a new food is in order.  We would transition gradually, of course.  Thoughts?

Breeder’s Comments: First, Eagle Pack brand is no longer made by a small family operated corporation. Eagle Pack corporation was bought out by the Wellness LLC, and Wellness makes some quality dog food. Therefore, the Eagle Pack brand is manufactured by other than soap and candy companies. If you check, you will discover that most dog food is made by these large conglomerates. While this food received a four-star rating on the dog food advisor ( click here), the fourth ingredient is corn. Whether it is the corn or other ingredients, there is a good chance this food is not working for Hank. There is no such thing as one food fits all. We have been using Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice, a four-star food, (not to be confused with Diamond). (Click Here). Prior to using the Diamond Naturals, we have used other four and five-star foods with mixed results. 

Our OwyheeStar clients have heard us talk about do a food change in the right way. Changing food should be done gradually, but also with the consideration that food changes are tough. Be honest, the Weimaraner would prefer the poor-quality food. It is like many of us prefer a candy bar, cake, or pie rather than our green beans. Some Weimaraners will steal another pet’s lesser food, or gobble these junk dog foods. Never let them eat cat food; this can cause serious health problems.

We have had the best luck with grain-free foods. It is hard to know which food to select. Availability, Digestibility, and Affordability can play a big factor is your selection. One clue is that most grocery stores do not carry what you want to feed your Weimaraner. Farm stores may carry a good food, but knowing what you are buying is important. The clerk may try to sell you on the brand that works for them, or nets the biggest profit. The dog food adviser can help you make a better decision.

If your Weimaraner is on the heavy side and likes green veggies, you could add some to their food without doing them a great disservice. Some foods will unbalance their diet, but many veterinarians recommend adding green beans to the food to cut down on calories. Not every people food is bad, and when used correctly they can help bridge the gap during a food transition. Too many rich, high-calorie human foods can cause health issues. We are suggesting the safer green vegetables, carrots, or a bit of meat broth. If your Weimaraner doesn’t chew their food, you may need to make the carrots bit-sized rather than larger whole ones. Using a grated carrot is even better.

Finally, consider adding cooked whole pumpkin, canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix), or a baked sweet potato to your Weim’s diet. This can benefit their health. This is a very good thing to add during the transition phase, or to use as snacks. It is less expensive and better to prepare your own, rather than buying processed pumpkin or sweet potato snacks. Who knows where these were made, or what happened to them? A single pumpkin or sweet potato can be made to last quite awhile. It can be cooked, frozen, and served in frozen chunks.

Pepcid can help cure tummy upset caused by acid reflux. Yes, dogs get this just as humans do. Fasttrack Microbials have been helpful to many who have found their Weimaraner struggling with an on-going upset tummy. Most Weims like this sprinkled on their food. It is relatively inexpensive, harmless, and for whatever reason helpful; most likely, it is the combination of enzymes, and the good bacteria encourages a health gut.

Note: OwyheeStar clients that have specific food questions are asked to send these to Cliff. Please be detailed, giving him information on the current food you are using, and what you want to use. He is best able to help you. Dog food is complicated, and the ratios are as important, as the ingredients. We regret that we can only post information like this for non-OwyheeStar clients. There are not enough hours in a day to help everyone. 

As always, thanks for keeping us weim-lovers updated on the blog and facebook! Thank You Suzanna!

Hank and Suzanna — August 2009 (remember when!?!)

Featured Weimaraner — Milo

Milo’s mother is a doctor by profession. For this reason, Milo is a daycare Weim. Regardless, he has a big role in their family. At the daycare, he is a star. His daycare celebrates Halloween with a costume competition. Milo is in the running, and you could vote for him on the Action Pack Dog Center Facebook Page. This year Milo is dressed as Yoda! Can we say cute?

Jasper — The Featured Weimaraner

I just thought I would send an update on Jasper (our OwyheeStar) who turned 3 yrs old July 6th. I am sorry that I haven’t been in touch, but all is well in Portland. Actually John and Jasper and I have been living part-time in Northern Washington while John works on the Upper Baker Dam. Jasper is happy there because we go to the river, in fact our rented property is on the beautiful Skagit river, also there are many elk around and Jasper has learned to love Elk poop! He is very good and doesn’t run off, however I don’t allow him outside when one of us is not with him.

Jasper and I are together at all times which seems to be a good thing because it makes us both happy. He makes the long 5 hour drive in the car up North with no difficulty. I can leave him at home alone and uncrated with no problems, he has not chewed or done any damage in the house since he was a small puppy.

I took him to California with me for a month last May, he made that transition easily. I feel that it is good that he is flexible in his environment, he seems to be happy as long as he is with us and is not too bored. We have had a problem where we felt he was getting a bit too  protective, especially around the perimeters of our house and even sometimes at the dog park. We took him to an animal behaviorist which turns out to be the only one on the West coast! The session with him (Dr. Pachel), went very well and John and I felt it was well worth the money spend, however, what we learned was mostly to ignore Jasper. What we had to do was basically ignore Jasper for a couple of days, we are apparently in the process of bringing down his “status level”. Ultimately this will make him less anxious, not only does he have to not worry about pleasing us, but we don’t have to please him all the time. You are probably nodding your head right now and thinking “I told you so… dominate, dominate, yes, now I get it, it is not a physical thing, only in body language, but a purely mental thing. Anyway, it is working really well. Also, we have read a book recommended, by Patricia MacDonald, “Who’s at the End of the Leash”, she is very helpful and informative.

My only worry is how much we love him, and how devastating it would be if something were to happen to him!

Anyway that’s how it’s going with us, just thought I would let you know. Hope all is well on Onion Lane and OwyheeStar.

The Billboard

Today we feature OwyheeStar’s Duchess (Polka Dot X Zeke)! She produced her first litter last year.

As you can see; her mother is our well-known Polka Dot. We are excited to have the Duchess, even more since we are retiring Polka Dot.

Maybe you will enjoy these photos of Duchess romping through Cliff’s hay field, or those of her exploring other locations. 

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The Weimaraner has preferences

Milo has preferences.

Milo lives in Texas, where he has some pretty important work. He must entertain, delight, and snuggle with a doctor and her military husband.

Milo copes with deployment!

Christine’s husband, Joe, is in the military. Therefore, Milo has had to learn to cope, adapt, and deal with deployment. When Joe is deployed, then he and Christine are as close as two peas in a pod.

Upon Joe’s return, Milo must adjust and begin his duties on that side of family; the adjustment also requires Milo to share his beloved Christine. The concrete-thinking Weimaraner does not always handle change graciously, and thus human sensitivity and tact are required to implement the change. Christine and Joe have done well with Milo! Despite the challenges, Joe and Milo have a special relationship of their own. Milo loves to lick Joe’s bald head, and apparently considers it a treat.

Milo has many friends!

Milo’s friends come in all  sizes!

Milo, attends day care, and has his own social life. He is adored at the  Day-Care Facility. (Click here to read more about Milo and day care.) Here we see Milo pictured with a special pint-sized playmate. Isn’t it precious? Scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see them in the yard together.

This family loves the Weimaraner!

We are thankful for all Christine and Joe provide for Milo. You might also note that Christine’s mother, has an OwyheeStar Weim. He has been featured on the OwyheeStar Blog on several occasions. Click here to read more about Wolfie. Quite possibly, our faithful readers might agree that many a person is made better for having known and loved the Weimaraner.