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What Can We Say?

Celebrating One Year


Our girl is 1 year old today😊. Freyja is the best!

We use all kind of positive adjectives –maybe we just say she is awesome. We celebrated her birthday–she is definitely much loved.

Breeder Comment

We are happy to celebrate right along with you. In light of the new Dixie X Boone litter, it is beyond excellent to have this update. Everyone will appreciate it. Thanks and Happy Birthday to Freyja.

A Year in Photos…

In honor of Maggie’s 1st birthday

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We thought we would share with you “a year in the life of Maggie”. From one of her first baby photos, to bringing her home, to the day of her birthday wearing her ugly Christmas sweater. Our lives have been filled with joy and laughter since she has been in our lives. Merry Christmas to you and we look forward to another year of mischief and fun! ~Phil and Gretchen

Milo’s Birthday Celebration

Hello Cliff and Shela!

We send greetings from Texas where Milo just celebrated his birthday.

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We just wanted to share Milo’s birthday party at his daycare with you. He is doing great! Hope all is well;)

Breeder’s Note: Christine is doctor, and her husband works long hours too. Milo spends his days at the wonderful daycare where he enjoys going. He has important work to do when Mom and Dad arrive home. Day care is not something that works well for every Weimaraner. The right setting can make all the difference. Some professionals need a caregiver while they are engaged at their job. This is especially true when the job requires longer hours. 

Happy Birthday Deli

She is 13 Years Old Today!

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Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Deli!

These photos of Deli (and Cliff) were taken last spring. As you can see, she is still spry. No one can guess how long their Weimaraner will live. Deli is doing excellent. We hope this continues on for her. Many of you would find her in your pedigree. For a girl who produced several litters, she is in incredibly great health. We had to have a benign tumor removed in 2012. That was the only hiccup in the path so far. Isn’t she grand? By the way, her actual name is OwyheeStars Special Delivery. “Deli” is her call name.