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Max and George (13 pounds) settling in while I teach a class. Best to you and Cliff.

Shane and Jennifer

Breeder Comment

It is good to see they are doing well–thanks for the great effort on this tricky process.


~Fun and exhausting

It’s both fun and exhausting having a puppy in our lives again, but the socialization you provided is evident in his demeanor. 

Eli is finding his way with our 2 year old lab and 11 year old Jake (Rosie x Zee 2010), and the three of them are becoming more connected each day. I think navigating introducing a puppy into our existing pack has been the biggest challenge so far. Constant supervision and intentionally engaging with each dog individually and together has really helped us navigate their relationships. Our 11 year old weimaraner has been more cautious in accepting the pup, and has required more supervision for the safety of both dogs. I’m sure in time they will establish their ranks, but for now it still requires our attention. At one week in, I’m very happy with the progress our little pack. 
Thank you for such an awesome pup. Your care and dedication to the breed shows in each pup. 
-Melissa and Erik Vargas 

Breeder Comment

We met 11 years ago, in a different life. (Haha) We appreciate your loyalty and trust. You have done fabulous with Jake, and now Eli is off to a fantastic start.


~ Weims have preferences, too!

❤️❤️❤️ Here is evidence provided by Kimberly–Maverick’s Mama

Sunday Photos

Sunday Photos

~ Winnie’s Babies at two weeks

Sunday Photos

Winnie’s babies last Monday–

Sunday Photos

The Sunday photos, which are often from our archives, have been well received–in fact, they seem popular. Sometimes, like today, the images will be current ones. Many of these are online on various Web Pages. We hope you enjoy them. The above snapshot was taken with our whelp area WYZE camera –so excuse the green box on Winnie’s face.

Winnie Delivers

~ Her First Born

Winnie and her babies all made it through the night and look good. We have to take their DNA this morning and get it in the mail by noon today. We hope we can also take photos–whew.

She has five silver-gray males, three blue males, three silver-gray females, and one blue female. Manfred is the sire of the litter.